Friday, 5 February 2016

Stuff I Want: Gangbusters New Edition Plus

Gangbusters was a TSR classic and like oldschool tsr boxsets you could use maps and components to solo play a bit. I got a copy for a good price last year and i had all the modules for a buck thirty years ago to use with cthulhu as i never saw game in shops. Id been wanting to run trouble brewing as a con game for a whole but cons cockblock older games. If I ran as cthulhu cops and robbers would be fine. Now all my versions of BRP dated will see what happens there.

A few years ago the creator of Gangbusters had his rights returned which is something you dont hear about often enough. So a bit later Mark Hunter has been cranking out new modules numbered sequentially from original series and many new things like npc cards using actual retro mug shots. A box set is on the way including the same 1/72 cop and robber minis I use in my cthulhu games. We have had a few exchanges and I have encouraged the projrcy. Marc has a huge output of good looking stuff. Possibly after I recommended he post on some oldshool TSR FB groups it seems someone called IP infringement and halted this stuff for a bit till he satisfied the WOC guys was legit. I hope they try and make up for what must have been a effort for Marc or at least apologies (my gripe not his). This new improved edition has lots of love and also has supplements on including pulp and supernatural elements. I hope to run a con game later in year and might have a go at writing some stuff for it.

This link is to the weird tales book but you can find more of his stuff through this

These picks include the same brand of 1/72 minis in the new box set - cops and civilians, gangsters and Boxer rebelion Volenteers. The cars are a mix of Hotwheels hotrods and other toy cars (blue one i found on street as I was wishing for vintage cars). The pre 1920s models are readers digest collectables on ebay alot - mine in a blister pack (they look better in pack). I think my grandpa had these in late 70s. You can get trucks too similar set but ppl want $5 each, mine were $20 for six and i found a few in antique stores for$2. One shop abused me for being cheap. One shop I found 70s brit made matchbox cars for 50c worth $20-30 to collectors.

Minis on amazon and ebay alot so shop around

But Reviews here handy

boxer rebellion set - bowler hats and armed civilians



1/72 scale making a big comeback - all shops in several states sections have grown


  1. I was surprised to hear about this but excited. My first thought was to grab it for use with Call of Cthulhu but now I'm thinking I'd like to run it straight.

    1. me too - but i have ported the stun damage and record system to make fist fights more usable and less lethal

      wiretapping a basic skill in gangbusters
      ive had investigators turn into hit men in games vs cult aphiliates


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