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d100 Strange Memorials

Recently on my Gothic table compilation project I found I had repeated some stuff so now taking a while to check my past blogs. It is a bit time consuming - normally i churn out as fast as I can. Id rather write 3 or 4 blogs imperfect than spend a few days editing and still get things wrong. At worst tables that over lap can just add diversity. I started d100 stuff because I don't like repeated results of smaller dice so being able to use another set occasionally or a Judges Guild book. I like my own stuff because it is nastier and grittier than stuff on market.

This is for graves to find in a sandbox to springboard adventure or exploration

I wish i did this - fits in well

Good for rich bodies
coffins and common bodies
funery urns to smash for loot
more graves more oriented for barbarians
Graveyard generators and basic guardians
Older crypts table and extra grave guardians- i would class these as tombs more now
Spooky stuff in graveyards

Some Definitions
In older post I had crypts as smaller structures, tombs as larger or more elaborate and mausoleum as a built graveyard. By some definitions Crypt has a surface opening and is mostly underground but mist must have a surface entrance.

Other tables described graves to loot and kickstart adventure or provide distractions. This table more about curious memorials which might just be curiosities, local colour or inspire adventurers to loot them. It's a different approach to same problem but more about decorating grave plots with interesting stuff than leading to adventure.

d100  Strange Memorials
01 Headstone with names of a family sharing a large grave together 
02 Headstone with names of a patriarch and many wives
03 Headstone with names scratched off and witch hex marks added 
04 Headstone with name, rank and military insignia, relief carving of a heraldic shield
05 Headstone with old names scratched off and a new one engraved over the top  
06 Headstone with engraving of gloomy underworld scene
07 Headstone with symbols of a guildsman
08 Headstone with symbols of a obscure cult
09 Headstone with images of owners business
Headstone with a dragon or other monster carving
11 Headstone with images of saints and religious stories
Headstone with symbols of wizardry or alchemy
13 Headstone with relief engraving of town or city
14 Headstone with carvings of skulls and skeletons
15 Headstone with landscape scene
16 Headstone with engraved large leaf patterns 
17 Headstone with carvings of laurel wreathes
18 Headstone with skull and crossbones
19 Headstone with engraved national flag
20 Headstone with urn filled with flowers (1in6 fresh)
21 Headstone with sundial
22 Headstone with carving of woodland animal
23 Headstone with astrological symbols
24 Headstone with relief art of grim reaper
25 Headstone with carved flowers and love poem
26 Headstone with carving of helmet and war poem
27 Headstone with engraved crescent moon and possibly stars
28 Headstone with sheaf's of wheat
29 Headstone with carved bowl of fruit
30 Headstone with a weeping angel 
31 Headstone with carved gargoyle on top 
32 Headstone with carved books 
33 Headstone with carved doves 
34 Headstone with carved triumphant eagle 
35 Headstone with engravings of instruments
36 Headstone with carved urn for lighting a fire in 
37 Headstone with carved human hands
38 Headstone with carved cornucopia with fruit and grain 
39 Headstone with carving of a holy templar knight
40 Headstone with carving preying monk 
41 Headstone with script in unknown language
42 Headstone with carving of winged hourglass
43 Headstone with carving of scythe or sickle 
44 Headstone with carved lantern or oil lamp 
45 Headstone with carving of a dog or cat asleep
46 Headstone with carving of a bell 
47 Headstone with carved embracing skeletons  
48 Headstone with carved gloomy face
49 Headstone with carved hands holding carved memorial scroll
50 Headstone with carved winged skull
51 A statue of deceased in fine clothes
52 A statue of a shrouded figure with hidden face 
53 A statue of an angel
54 A statue of a cherub
55 A statue of a holy person or saint
56 A statue of a naked woman
57 A statue of a equestrian 
58 A statue of a sleeping couple
59 A statue of a sleeping knight holding sword
60 A statue of a grim reaper playing a bone organ
61 A statue of a sphynx
62 A statue of a wise and wizened old person
63 A statue of a wizard with a distinctive hat
64 A statue of a devil with a trident
65 A statue of a woman with a baby
66 A statue of a terrified adventurer with equipment
67 A statue of a woman holding snakes
68 A statue of a warrior on guard holding weapon
69 A statue of robed woman holding a brazier bowl
70 A bust on a pedestal or block
71 A stone pyramid
72 A stone sphere
73 A stone archway
74 A stone fountain
75 A stone horse trough with plaque
76 A circular or square pedestal
77 A ornate column
78 A large stone skull
79 A stone engraved cylinder
80 A stone table with inscriptions on surface
81 A large obelisk carved with many names, memorial to war or plague
82 A very tall thin pointy obelisk
83 A black obelisk with a angel holding a sword 
84 A tall grey obelisk with circular base and metal sculpture on tip
85 A obelisk surrounded by headstones within a iron fence 
86 A squat obelisk with a funerary urn on top
87 A obelisk with a statue of a bare chested woman holding ritual implements
88 A large obelisk with sphinx statues
89 A tall green obelisk engraved with arcane symbols
90 Twin obelisks side by side
91 A featureless ancient worn black monolith
92 A crude box of sheet slate from ancient times
93 A black monolith with elder sigils scratched out  with modern symbols
94 Iron cage over a sarcophagi to keep robbers out or something in?
95 Statues of gladiators or soldiers in battle on a stone slab
96 A crude dolmen, three menhir support a horizontal slab 
97 A cluster of prehistoric menhir, some toppled over
98 A huge boulder with patterns engraved on surface
99 A worn squat stone figure thought to be a gnome or dwarf, actually a ancient god 
100 A huge tree grown over a sarcophagi visible between roots

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