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d100 Gruesome deaths and punishments

This is for those saints and martyrs stories, tragic travesties of justice, family tragedies and other occasions a painful end is required. Also good for threats to rescue people from or escape from. Tame stuff like hangings are for sissies. I would like to thank world religions for some of these. Government for the rest. Trigger warning if you were executed in a past incarnation!

a interesting book

The last 10 entries are magical
d100 Gruesome deaths and punishments
01 Sealed alive in wall or bridge or room
02 Tied to dead rotting bodies in publicly visible location out of reach
03 Tied up and left for wild dogs or other animals to eat
04 Eyelids cut off while forced to stare at sun till dead of exposure
05 Forced loved one to kill them
06 Torn apart by wild horses or oxen
07 Legs tied to bent over trees which are then released tearing body in half
08 Locked up with plague carriers 
09 Red hot iron egg inserted in body
10 Impaled with stake hammered through body, die slowly over a few days 

11 Crucified with nails on wooden post or tree
12 Covered in honey and left out for ants or animals

13 Rolled in blanket of stinging nettles or thorns
14 Legs weighted while forced to sit on giant stone spike, body slowly impaled
15 Exposed in a cage or gibbet until death
16 Burned alive at the stake
17 Roasted slowly inside of bronze bull with a furnace inside
18 Boiled alive in water or oil
19 Heart cut out and corpse thrown down huge stair case
20 Torn apart by angry mob
21 Thrown from a tower or cliff
22 Hot lead poured down mouth
23 Cage over stomach or face full of rats forced to burrow through victim with fire
24 Fired from a catapault
25 Dragged repeatably under barnacled boat keel and torn to shreds and/or drowned
26 Forced to eat self with torture till dead
27 Force fed suspended in septic pond then eaten by bugs over days
29 Trampled by large beasts like ox or elephant
30 Thrown into pit or arena with hungry carnivorous animals like lions or wolves or bears
31 Thrown into pit of scorpions or snakes
32 Back broken with mallet or apparatus 
33 Breaking ribs and pulling lungs through cuts made around spine (viking blood eagle)
34 Tied to mouth of cannon or balistia
35 Tied to wheel and broken and crushed to death as it is rolled
36 Dragged by frightened animals
37 Buried alive in coffin
38 Cooking in a great oven or furnace
39 Slowly crushed by great rock or tree trunk or adding more rocks slowly
40 Disemboweled with intestines attached to a hand crank 
41 Flayed alive removing skin, for added touch nail skin to wall
42 Forced to consume poison
43 Drowned in bog or tar pit by hand or apparatus
44 Slowly cut over days
45 Shot at while tied up as sport, made to last as long as possible
46 Bound and smothered in mud, ash, worms, dirt, sewerage or whatever
47 Stoned by mob
48 Thrown in well or hole
49 Mallet blow to head then throat slit if brains not dashed out
50 Tied up and mutilated with hooked implements, face saved for last
51 Tied to wheel on platform then spun and beaten with flails
52 Throat slashed then tongue pulled through hole
53 Tied over bamboo shoots that grow rapidly through body over days
54 Tied facing loved one, thrown into river or run through with sword as marriage parody
55 Cutting off body parts leaving head for last if they survive
56 Forced to lay on bed of spikes
57 Nails hammered into body parts till death
58 Spherical apparatus inserted into body then opens inside body as operator turns screw
59 Torn apart slowly on rack apparatus
60 Forced to drink water till death
61 Forced to eat loved ones then beheaded
62 Holes drilled in skull till death
63 Exposed for vultures to eat
64 Limbs broken with iron club, then body smashed till dead 
65 Impaled with hot iron rods
66 Have a wall collapsed on them
67 Sleep deprivation by being tied in chair or upright with water dripping on head or spikes
68 Buried under foundations of church or state building
69 Hurled into volcano (or something dangerous like lime pit)
70 Hurled into pit of spikes and left to die
71 Thrown unarmed into arena with expert well armed gladiators
72 Whipped to death tied to post
73 Hooks attached to weights dug into flesh which tear off shreds of flesh
74 Suspended from height by flesh hooks till bleeds to death
75 Deliberately cut so slowly bleeds to death
76 Tubes or baskets fitted on to victim heaad, limbs or body filled with insects
77 Eyes torn out and then hot irons inserted
78 Tied victim attacked by mob with burning torches
79 Boiling metal poured over victim
80 Covered in flammable oil or tar or costume then set alight
81 Cut up by mob who eat victim before their eyes
82 Covered in wet rope or vines that constrict as they dry strangling victim
83 Impaled and spit roasted
84 Explosives inserted in body and ignited
85 Dissolved in acid from head down, can be quick or slow
86 Chopped up or decapitated by apparatus with blades like pendulum or guillotine
87 Slowly tortured over months using all the torments of a dungeon
88 Hung from neck by rope till dead using gallows, tree or crane
89 Bound and exposed to sun, possibly enhanced with lens or reflective metal till desiccated
90 Weighted with rocks tied to feet and thrown into sea or lake or bog
91 Blasted by wizard using a spell
92 Flesh boring grubs inserted into body
93 Bound in pit then otherworldly monsters summoned
94 Thrown in gladiator arena, pit or dungeon full of monsters
95 Turned into zombie or undead in ritual then used as labour
96 Exposed to magical slime, mould, fungus or ooze possibly in glass coffin
97 Turned into stone by spell or monster gaze
98 Bound to post and left as food for dragons or sea monsters
99 Dropped into pit with forgotten prehuman god who only wakes to eat
100 Hurled through a gateway

I could probably do horrible non lethal punishments

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