Saturday, 8 August 2015

Human Mods

Human Mods for my roadwar game, i can always add more

Nueralware: Cyberlink or interface jack
plugs d4 SAN $6000
contact pads d3 SAN $30000 cleaner

Nueralware:App Chip Hub
brain implant with variable chip apps 1SAN per slot, new chip apps cost more SAN
1 slot jack $4000 mostly second hand dated models
2 slot jack $9000 mostly second hand dated models
4 slot jack $16 000 current standard, max of 3 apps stackable
6 slot jack $30 000 deluxe model, max of 4 apps stackable
8 slot jack $62 000 top model, max of 5 apps stackable
10 slot jack $150 000 R&D research unit, max of 6 apps stackable
12 slot jack $1000 000 officially doesnt exist, max of 8 apps stackable
Standard install requires brain surgery to change app chips $1000 fee most keep same apps on all the time
External jacks install slightly less safe but can self instal app chips +100%
Variable jacks install double empty chip slots, but select normal amount actually running +200%
Universal jacks as variable jack but can switch at will instead of manually +500%

App Chip
Older chips apps may stack 1/2 the modern versions and may contain malware but are cheaper
Reflex booster app chips +1 DEX each $2000 may cause paranoia and over reactions
Adrenal booster app chips +1 STR each $2000 may cause rage and paranoia
Immune booster app chips +1 CON each $2000 may cause fevers and halucinations
RNA booster app chips +1 EDU each $2000 may cause introspection and indecision
Language app chips $1000 +25% on a language each - one chip tourist phrazes, two plus is fluent
Common skill app chips $1000 +20% First Aid, Drive, Repair, accademic skills, fire arms, martial arts
Uncommon skills app chips $2000 +10% specialty tech, athletics, melee weapons, medecine, dodge
Rare skill app chips $5000 +5% psionics, cthulhu mythos, any interpersonal communications
Slave app chip makes a willing compliant slave to chip set defined master $4000 illigal
Parole app chip makes commiting crimes painful and reports to authorities $4000 used by law
Bootcamp chip makes user familiar with protocols of a organisation like police or army $4000
Ganger chip makes user a loyal gang member familiar with protocols $2000 illegal
Zombie chip makes user a zombie, slave or combat or cannibal beserker versions $4000 illegal
Comm chip acts as a radio $2000 or a phone $1000 or both $4000


Basic Eye d3 SAN $10 000
One function eye d4 SAN $12 000
Quick change mount eye d6 SAN $20 000
Two funcion eye d4 SAN $16 000
Three function eye d6 SAN $24 000
-low light vision $3000
-thermographic vision $4000
-HUD display $1000
-dartgun three shot $2000 illegal
-laser three shot d6+1 -d3SAN $10 000 illegal
-laser targeter/range finder +5% to hit $5000
-telescopic vision $2000
-micro grenaide eye $3000 traceless explosive illegal
-disguise eye displays false retinas or cosmetic fun $5000
-digital camera 10 min high res film or 2hr lo res or 100 hi res stills or 10 000 lo res stills
-xray eye $10 000 takes up to 12 images

Basic Hearing Implant 1SAN $2000
-Enhanced Hearing Implant 1d2SAN $4000 +20% listen
-Anti shock hearing implant 1SAN $3000 protects ears, reduces sonic attacks
-Long range hearing 1d3SAN $6000 for spying, hear through window 40m away
-Parabolic hearing 1d3SAN $6000 detects sounds and location thy came from
-Sonar Implant 1d6 SAN $16 000bat like sensory ability

Basic Nose 1SAN $4000
-Enhanced tracking nose +20% track 1d3SAN $8000
-Chem analyser taste and smell poison 1SAN $6000

Hands d4SAN $4000 5 up to 5 digit and 1 palm apps
Hand realistic d3SAN $10000
-pistol palm d6 san $2000 plus a compact pistol 1/2 ammo sost
-palm radio/phone/mp3 player $100
-Strength booster palm STR21 -d3 SAN $3000
-Shock touch palm acts as shock gloves -d4SAN $2000
-Detachable grenade hand (palm) -d4SAN $1000
-basic finger $100
-realistic finger $250 can add to cost of modular fingers to disguise
-explosive finger -1SAN $400
-dartgun finger -1SAN $600 3 shot gas powered
-bug launcher finger with 6 bugs - audio bugs $50 each or video bugs $400 each tracker bug $100
-tool finger (various) cutters, soldering iron, lockpick, etc $600
-claw finger 1SAN each $500 ifinger d3 2fingers d4 3+d6 dam
-one shot pistol finger 1SAN $1500 typically a low cal round +$500 if silent
-giger counter finger $400
many other fingers about market

Arms 1d6SAN $6000 two app spaces 21STR
-storage space 2 litres good for first aid kit, batteries, small gun, a few clips, drugs
-ammo hopper fits 100 rounds or 30 shotgun shells $1000 can feed into gun illegal
-hand gun plus ammo d3SAN $1000 a standard pistol or a lighter silenced one illegal
-rifle or shotgun no ammo d6SAN $3000 requires ammo hopper of put clip in arm socket illegal
-blade 1d6 blade d6SAN $1000 or a mono blade +3 dam $6000 and/or +1d6 vibro blade $4000 illegal
-Hammer punch d4SAN $3000 +1d6 damage and +4AP illegal

Legs 1d6SAN $8000 each most with two app spaces 21STR +1move each
-Rocket boots require two dedicated legs for boosters and fuel $36000
-Sprinter legs x2 speed requires two dedicated legs $24000
-Claws lower leg space d6SAN d6 damage
-storage space good for first aid kit, batteries, small gun, a few clips, drugs 2k lower leg 3kg upper
-ammo hopper fits 100 rounds or 30 shotgun shells lower leg double upper $1000 can feed into gun illegal
-rifle or shotgun no ammo d6SAN $4000 requires ammo hopper of put clip in arm socket illegal
-RPG one shot or extra 3 if upper leg space included d6SAN $6000

Dermal plating (can buy per location 10-20% cost)
2AP 1d4 SAN $6000
4AP 1d6 SAN $12 000
6AP 1d8 SAN $18 000
8AP 1d10 SAN $24 000
10AP 2d6 SAN $30 000
12AP 2d6+2SAN $40 000

Partial reconstruction
1AP +3HP $25 000
allows strength of bionic arms not to tear body apart

Total reconstruction
2AP +6HP $100 000
allows strength of all bionic limbs not to tear body apart


Plastic Surgery
Fingerprint change or removal $4000 illegal one hour
+1 APP $1000 one hour
+2 APP $4000 four hours
+3 APP $12 000 one day
+4 APP $20 000 one week
+5 APP $150 000 one month
+6 APP $1000 000 three months

Skin coverings for cyberwear and more!
Plastiflesh conceal cyberware $1000 per location except $3000 for face +1SAN back
Bioflesh conceal cyberware $10 000 per location except $20 000 for face +1SAN per location
Ablative plastiflesh one per 4SIZ each $1000 +1HP per location
Disguise plastiflesh mask $120 Novelty $400 $800 Custom $2000 Artisan
Bio mask $4000 pirate vat job, $9000 FACE Clinic  $2200 Cloned from targets own face!
Digital tattoo $800 spot graphic $2000 half a limb $10000 chest or back %70000 bodyjob
Chameleon skin $16000 +40 Hide if naked
Thermal Mask $4000 reduces heat signature for CON minutes per day
Morphic cyberderm mask $35000 actually looks and touches like target
Morphic cyberderm bodyjob $250000 full body can appear to add mass by inflating, simulates hair, defiantly not for weapons like claws 1 min per SIZ to morph

Exiting New Organs!
Anti toxin organ +10 CON to resist poison $10 000
Immune booster +6 CON to resist diseases $10 000
Adrenal booster +2 DEX for reactions +1 STR $10 000
Dermal weaving +1AP $10 000
Bone weave +3HP $1000 per SIZ
Arterial weave +2HP $10 000
Healing booster recover d4 per day d4-2 if not resting $24000
Low Light eyes $24000
Pheromone Caster +2APP $10 000 +4 $20 000

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