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Call of Cthulhu 1st Edition
Oh What a lovely War
6-players Mature Audiences

It is France1916, the great war rages and the sacrifice of millions is underway on the battlefields of Europe and at sea. It is a battle of the minds of men pitted in a struggle for the dreams of mankind. Strange things are happening in no man’s land. Between the lines among the muck and ruins and remnants of death there are tunnels. Figures have been seen and the Germans have had similar sightings. Is it deserters or something incomprehensibly stranger? Members of the party have been recruited by the commonwealth experimental exploratory forces from a variety of fields. Find out what is happening in no mans land and report back?

Captain Don Southern an American pilot who has joined the Canadian air corp, he is a able flyer, mechanic and boxer. Has performed roles gathering intelligence and piloting spies across lines and a expert camera man. Command already concerned he knows too much and is a liability. He carries a lewis gun with 32 round drums, a browning 9mm and a camera. Wants to get home to Canadian bride.

Lt Horton Saxonby an officer has worked with military intelligence and has been training insurgents in German-African colonies and the middle east. Expert in demolitions and a mining engineer before the war. A bit pompous but he follows orders and destroys his objectives by any means. Carries two .44 service revolvers, dynamite, tools and a Arab sword.

Sargent Matty Harper Australian farmboy turned soldier. Tough larrikin experienced in raiding enemy positions. He gets through mine fields and barbed wire like a snake and is reputed to be a thieving lazy bastard. Uses his rifle with a short cut barrel and uses as a club up close. Also uses a huge knife and a garotte. Has a gruesome home made trench club with barged wire and nails. His brawling experience made him a deadly trench fighter and people put up with him. Has been busted down to private and imprisoned.

Corporal Jerry Black a former English miner who has been serving with sappers and tunnel fighters in various fronts. Veteran of many gas attacks. Experienced with respirators and a browning automatic rifle, a browning 9mm and a custom trench knife with spiked handguard.

Infantryman Danny Thompson was a truck driver and has got to drive lots of military vehicles. Has seen a few tank battles and bailed a few burning wrecks on the line only to keep fighting with infantry an rescuing other men. He now wears a rigid chest plate and a brace of captured german stick grenades and is deadly with his trenching tool or pump action shotgun

Infantryman Eric Fastbottom a fishmonger from up north. Has been serving in trenches and excelled at stealthily killing and intruding into enemy trenches. Since being involved in war has become connected to organised crime and hopes to go gangster full time when he returns.  Uses a Tommy Gun with 50 round drums, and lots of grenades.

Signalman Steven Peters a rail engineer who now has extensive forward observations skills, trench communications and command tank radio operator. He is pretty good at sneaking and hiding but very good at running and dodging. While not a sniper he uses hidden positions and maximum rifle range. Ok with a bayonet up close. Carries flares, flare pistol, smoke grenades, several rifle grenades field telephone and hundreds of yards of cable and has used a captured German anti tank rifle.


TSR's Marvel Superheroes Expert Set
The Avengers Vs The masters of evil: Avengers Under Siege
Up to 12 players
In the late 80s the largest assembly of villains ever attacked the Avengers mansion destroying most of the above ground levels and crippling the likes of Hercules and the Avengers butler Jarvis. While the good guys win was costly, it was one of the 80s greatest comic book superhero battles. Come and play a battle-royale of good vs evil. Choose your favourite hero or villain to play and replace them when they fall.

Avengers and Friend's Include:
Wasp, Ant Man, Hercules, Thor, Black Knight, Dr Druid, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Jarvis, Paladin and she Hulk

Villains Include: 
Baron Helmut Zemo, Absorbing Man, Blackout, Black Mamba, Fixer, Goliath,Grey Gargoyle, Mister Hyde, Moonstone, Screaming Mimi, Tiger Shark, Titania, Whirlwind, the Wrecking Crew (Bulldozer, Piledriver, Thunderball and Wrecker) and Yellowjacket, 

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