Sunday, 10 May 2015

Gamma Dungeon One Mod

Based on this and letters column

Mod based on some discussion of ending xp systems which went further to mess with level system. Replace uniform level gain with random mod or extra ability. Gammaworld status level did is this in old versions. Levels are status thing you earn by doing what culture or secret society or faction expects. Yo get to roll a benefit each level.

This is my terrible version of idea pushing further for gonzo power gaming.
Chuck standard adventurer progression. Everyone starts gross and randomly progresses

Basically this is for one short campaigns of 10 games or so or one off.

Players are a semi divine hero but most are zero level mooks

1HD per CON Point

Warrior 1d10 HD 
+5 To hit Use any weapon or armour
10 WP 4NWP 1d4 Languages
Priest 1d8 HD
+3 To hit Use cult approved weapons (mace, crossbow, sling, dagger, staff) and medium armour
5WP 5NWP 1d6 Languages10th Lv Preist Spells
Rogue 1d6 HD
+3 To hit Concealable weapons (dagger, staff, bow, sword) and light armour
4WP 10NWP 1d8 Languages
Wizard 1d4 HD
+0 To hit Use Dagger, staff, dart or crossbow, no armour
2WP 10NWP 2d6 Languages 10th Lv Wizard Spells

As you go up a status level by donating stuff or killing for your cause you get a roll here

d10 every time you go up a status rank
1 +1 on a choice stat, class required stat can exceed 18
2 +1 level on spell casting ability or pick a new spell class/list
3 +1 to hit
4 +1d3 languages
5 +d3 WP proficiency slots
6 +d3 NWP proficiency slots
8 +1 WP, NWP and 1 language
0 1d6 followers each with a d4 HD
9 1 follower with 6D
10 Mutation or other random power

Also ad to mix lots of random magic items - wands are like firearms and magic stuff is common but dangerous for zero level types to touch. Aim dungeons at 10th level even use gammaworld monsters. Deities and demigods has lotsa useful monsters too.

XPs if used gained for donating cash or relics, sacrificing enemies in battle, resolving story and plot threads, especially if towards the characters chosen faction - a cult, church, knight order, secret society, criminal gang, country, wizard school whatever. The below status table below used for head over one faction of a cosmopolitan city. If settlement totally dominated by one faction then would be counted as a next size up locale and would have factional sub groups with own leaders.

Status 3 head of local or village chapter or band of disciples
Status 5 head of town chapter or extended clan
Status 9 head of knight or wizard dominion or city
Status 13 head of a kingdom
Status 18 one of known heads in world

I might do this for a short campaign or a one off or as a hothouse for heroes on planet Psychon or next time I run a heroes in hell day (Post 10th lv vs hell one offs).


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