Friday 22 May 2015

Games currently on and Prep

Ive been run down this week watching vids again but will get more stuff done this weekend and next week. d100 magic umbrellas coming soon. Domain tables for FRP being researched. D100 Requests as ever welcome. Thanks for guys who rated me top10 of late again. Remember ive done plenty of road war theme posts last year if your going mad max.

Real True Detectives
Ive been running Call of Cthulhu 1920s again - as I did no prep I just ran adventures straight from Robert Chambers The King In Yellow which I did in the past. Has been very enjoyable and players flinching at doors being slammed with pretty much nothing happenind. On player finally got King In Yello manyscript and locked in a safe kind of stone walling story a bit. Basicly players are poor detectives investigating a artist who has been seeing the clients daughter and detectives paid to research him and look for potential scandal. Players have developed enough side sub plots to not even need adventures. Had a squabble about players mortgage for 10 minutes which ive never done in CoC. As a major player leaving on trip soon I will probably cut this game soon and reschedule later. Next session will turn up heat.

Crikey i need to get roadwar design process done today (mostly done). MADMAX fever might renew interest in the game as im a few players short. I have collected 130 toy vehicles and now have lots of modern 172 scale terrorist and special forces minis. Some more terrain and tokens for mines, oil needed. Will compile all my roadwar stuff shortly in a PDF - only a few more d100 tables.

Exiles DnD
I find high level dnd more tedious - more rule book checking, more dice rolls (30d20 hit rolls in big combats for the monsters sides) more paperwork for treasure and harder to kill. 10th lv party but i still get to kill some followers regularly. Mostly anything they fight lasts under 5 rounds - trying to challenge without killing all or making easy gets harder. Gods will be getting involved more. Subjects for my d100 is getting harder to find. Looking for more monster minis for my 1/72 minis and looking for tiny octopus minis to put weapons in tentacles.

Just read Gurps Rome - a lot more readable than BRP one. BRP one is awesome but heavy. Will be reading more history and im reading and looking at mass tactics more. Will get a big set of 1/72 roman army I have plenty of ancients and germans and celts and gladiators. Im thinking of setting in either Augustus/nero/trajan period. Oddly all the gurps and BRP books both slowest items i bought online both took 3months.

Viking Rus 920AD
Have had two sessions will blog soon. Have two big hardcovers of fine line art of everyday life and settlements of Vikings and Slavs - very good guides. Enjoyed the history research. Some reason my rare copy of RUS game from 80s australiam missing. Think last landlord chucked some of my stuff while i was moving out. Had great magic and folklore. Have several sets of vikings now and more coming - got some Rus peasant militia too all 1/72. Running as kids of last game and hope to use lots of modules i never used. Also a LOTFP module set in a monastary i might use.

Weird War One
I have ordered airfix german/french/british/american infantry and will get extra sets of germans and russians later. Have a diecast tank and plane and will get more. A7v german tank ive seen at ok price. Hat brand pack of 2 small french tanks a good price too. Will start game as seemingly historic and get weirder. Sucker Punch ww1 sequence was nice (only babydoll was good looking rest were dogs). Will be a bridge between steam punk age and diesel punk. Was a PC wargame that did ths too but i dont rememer name - so many building/tech tree wargames around 97. players will be pilots. Possibly will muster out for global adventures by time martians defeated. Lots more reading and digging up stuff from popular mechanics and other sources. WW1 seems much more horrible to me - everything crude and ill conceived. No idea when I will run possibly will do a con game in NOV. I got Dawn Partol TSR gam a while back and was inspired - I was a big fan of WW1 biggles as a boy. Shame hard to get cheap diecast SE5 and albatross fighters.

I was a big plastic plane kit fan as well as 1/72 mini fan as a kid but kits too fragile and harder to store. My family big plane nuts and another branch train nuts (trains suck withou guns on them). My moms family from a long line of techies with flat feet who dodged war but got medals for making better guns. Carpenters on wooden ships and fitters and turners most of 20thc and lots of mining middle managers and tool makers. Guns were family sport for generations but all got out now as hobby full of dickheads.


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    i am kinder when people are not anonymous


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