Monday, 4 May 2015

End of Babylonian game the Pix

 Kull and Ariana on dragon supporting troops

 Babylonian Chariot corp (Im using Assyrians for Army with Auxiliaries and Sumerians for armies  called from the city states of the south) - no horses as this in 1700 BC

Both sides represent - every civilization on the Mediterranean is Cockblocking Babylon!

 Good guys ready to kill all the foreigners in one swoop
Managed to bribe local Canaanites and Arab nomads to help them

 The crew waiting as each few inches moved and long range missiles fire turn by turn before anything exiting happens

Evil cultists are working behind lines! These serve Cthulhu but Ariana has had seashore cultists killed.(actually druids from HAT brand celtic command plus ladies from HAT's Warrior Queen Chariot set - presumably they are Boadicea and her daughters). These will be cultists in all my games.

Dragon destroyed lots of chariots and broke the enemy elite

You can see enemy elites up to something

Here is Hittite Wizard and his demons. Dragon flame and arrows and Javelins from flying heroes stopped him but pets managed a message to a weaker form of He who must not be named!

Oops Hastur is here and he is eating the faction that called him. I dare not let you see him with his face turned.

Nyarlathotep grew from someone among Egyptian standard bearers and observers

 A phantom mind sending from the house he lies dreaming in - heroes stopped the real thing coming

Ninurta in distance after Nyarlathotep and the dragon vs Hastur. 3xd100/d10 SAN checks

 So yes I have Cthulhu Wars which I could have gotten 70 bux cheaper but Ive been dreaming of this for ages. At least many amies good in my Rome game. Statue supposed wise man from nativity set I nicked. More like Sennacherib or some other Bastard king.  Big fun and awesome apocalyptic end for party. So my 1/72 mania got to flex its muscles and i got some pix.

A few more here

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