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d100 Childhood Tragedies for High Barbarians

Starting VIKINGS2 game Sunday. Will prep minis - make ship cut outs.

Got some chinease made cheap soldiers on ebay with half figures are space marines in 4 poses - a running guy with gun, a squatting guy with bigger gun, a weird big gun with a cable connected to mans belt and a guy who could be a battlesuit or heavy space suit. All in sealed suits and good to have rare SF units. 4 poses of USA retro guys  handy for boilersuit goons in volcano bases and wargames with kids. About 80 space guys and 80 army goons in green for under $20 on ebay. A lil crude, but cheap green army man vibe some kids will like. I might paint space ones into factions.

This is for the more advanced barbarians who may not write but practice a advanced degree of culture and are not nomadic or primitive. Barbarian of this type might innovate some technology over civilized city states or empires.

d10  Childhood Tragedies for High Barbarians
1 Near Death

2 Battlefield horrors
3 Feast hall drama
4 Wilderness tragedy
5 Raiding enemies
6 Clan law
7 Clan and court life
8 Will of the gods
9 Spirit world
10 Magic problems

d100 Childhood Tragedies for High Barbarians
01 Terrible sea accident or weather killed everyone but you
02 Interclan blood feud warfare killed your family
03 Monsters from the hills came and killed your family
04 Your nation was conquered and most of your kin killed
05 Strangers bought a terrible plague wiping out your village home
06 Winter was relentless and many died in harsh long cold
07 A kinsman became a monster and killed all in your home
08 A kinsman started a feud with a non human who killed your clan
09 A terrible invasion of your clan land exterminated you all
10 Families land sloughed off hillside and into the sea or crevice killing all
11 Saw your family murdered in front of you by invaders
12 Your home has burned with your clan inside by enemies
13 Enemies abused and killed your loved ones in front of you 
14 Your clan wiped out attacking a well prepared clever enemy
15 Your clan tricked into suicidal charge you were too wounded to join
16 Spells destroyed your clan in a great destructive attack
17 Clan leader by taboo act then cursed and fell in battle, whole clan butchered
18 Cursed treasure seized by kinsmen doomed whole community
19 Clan all murdered by enemies d4 1=impaled 2=burned 3=torn apart 4=beheaded
20 Clan backed loser in a tribal feud, picked off one by one and you were sent away
21 Family stabbed at noble dinner table for some error of manners
22 You were tortured for entertainment at a feast
23 Mass poisoning at feast you survived, others suspicious it was you
24 Your poem offended wrong person and you were publicly thrashed and beaten
25 Banished by ruler for your unwelcome comment at a feast
26 Met attractive lover at feast then stabbed by their family who hate your kind
27 Leader cursed by god feast hall attacked by monsters
28 Enemies spoke falsehoods about you at feast and lord had you tortured
29 Enemies attacked feast and killed all but you who escaped badly burnt
30 Ruler offered you marriage deal you refused, now your lord wants you dead
31 While crossing mountains you were separated and lost for months alone
32 While crossing mountains your friends were all killed only you returned
33 While following a valley your band were kidnapped by bandits for 1d4 years
34 Found a great treasure but guardian monster came and killed you band
35 Found a lost dungeon but only you got out alive
36 While camped in ruins cultists caught and killed your friends
37 Monsters eliminated you band d4 1=dragon 2=giants 3=trolls 4=ogres
38 Lost in a cave for years tormented by horrors of underland
39 Trapped in lost valley of d4 1=dinosaurs 2=undead 3=cavemen 4=goblins
40 Chased across distance by monsters for days, lost many allies
41 Raiders killed and maimed many of your kin and nearly got you too
42 You were raised by invaders who stole you from your own family and killed them
43 Many of your clan and loved ones were carried away into slavery by a foreign king
44 You and your mother were stolen by raiders and you were raised by horrible clan
45 While raiding a village you were separated from your war band and lost in foreign land
46 While on raid you were captured and lived among your enemies for years
47 While on raid you were captured and imprisoned and tortured by your enemies
48 While on raid discovered villagers were actually cultists, demons ate your war band
49 While on a raid you were turned into a farm beast and were used by farmers for years
50 Raid on monster lair, band betrayed by wizard who stole relic and left you all to die
51 You killed enemies in self defence, you were bankrupted in court as you struck first
52 Your father and brothers were killed by clan leader after being found guilty in rigged trial
53 Jealous neighbor lied in court, seized your land, and made your family wretched paupers
54 A enemy lied about you in court and you killed them illegally and were exiled
55 You had a trial by combat and won but foes clan made trouble for you and clan
56 You were accused of witchcraft and survived trial by ordeal, you hate your tribe now
57 A lover claimed you promised to marry them in court and you had to flee
58 Your family disowned you in court  after you failed to save several siblings
59 While clans met to solve legal disputes you were accused of murder and had to flee
60 A noble wanted your clans land so bribed others to make lawsuits against you
61 Fought with a sibling and killed them, family curse you
62 Lost a duel, your reputation was ruined and land robbed and family left you
63 Lost a bet at a animal fight and lost everything, you sure fight was rigged
64 Family sold into slavery due to bad debts
65 Your clan were resettled into a new land, all tragically tormented by unwelcome locals
66 After father killed mother re married a rich man and sent you away to live with kin
67 A parent had a scandalous affair causing divorce and leading to bloodshed
68 You were given to enemy clan to ensure peace, one of theirs was raised in your place
69 You were secretly adopted, your family were killed after failing to take a leaders power
70 A noble claimed you as their property and you were enslaved and mistreated
71 You offended a wandering god in disguise and they cursed you to never return home
72 Your kin broke out with cannibalism and then wendigos, you managed to escape
73 A kinsman worshiped a bad god or spirit in disguise, other suspicious of your kin
74 A god struck down your clan leader sending you all down into ruin
75 A god saved you from a calamity that killed your clan, they may require you one day
76 An ancestor had a great relic and your male kin all died trying to find it
77 A god is said to be your ancestor but most don't believe it and heckle you
78 A parent angrily uttered blasphemy and were killed by the god, others disdain your clan
79 Clan said to have worshiped blood thirsty forgotten gods and mated with beast men
80 Your family changed faith and became hated by clan so moved away to new land
81 Shaman gave bad prophecy about you and you were exiled
82 Wise woman said at birth you would attract trouble so family left you exposed to die
83 Ghost of wronged kin constantly torments you for justice which made you a outlaw
84 A forest spirit almost killed you as a child for using bad language in the woods
85 Ghost has taken several of your kin and friends and made them suicide in front of you 
86 Ancestor spirits seek ancient wrongs righted, would cause problems for your clan status
87 A bad shaman sent disease, madness and hungry spirits to your family for some wrong
88 Bad shaman demanded a consort from your kin, since has tormented them for refusal
89 Spirit animal constantly causes your clan trouble for some strange deed
90 Family barn troll saved you from horrible murder of your family
91 A bad magician robbed your clan graves, now they serve him as living dead
92 A wizard betrayed your family and stole one of your siblings as a lover
93 A witch seduced a parent, later your family were killed by mob looking for witch
94 Enemies paid a sorcerer to fireball your family home killing many kin
95 Faerie folk lured away or kidnapped your kin away leaving you alone
96 You were left family cursed item and you are now it's bearer
97 You spent d4 years as a wild beast in the forest before being restored to human
98 A wizard led your band to a dread ruined island of the elder gods, most died horribly 
99 You slept in a sacred place and dreamed of horrible pre human times and lost ruins
100 One of your parents or step parents was secretly a evil spell caster

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  1. I like that the forest spirit frowns on cussin'. What are the barbarians getting high on?


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