Monday 6 April 2015

Otherworldy Relics pt 1

Ive last 2 years gone from being bedridden 16 hours a day to currently having 3 jobs for 36 hours a week. A temporary promotion and nice words from boss ay moment.  Have 3 art gigs this fortnight and scrounging a deposit a studio. Next weekend is a con im running 3 games - space Cthulhu (need to make character sheets), road war game (characters and car sheets and vehicle hit locations) and tsr marvel fall of the mutants (Print out lots of character sheets and this time bring several copies of the one table needed in game). So some entries on that after the weekend art gigs over.

I wrote a catalog-zine essay for Anything goes sticker and paste up exhibit. Was in show and helped out show a bit. Was good fun show with great new and old talent. Good rehearsal for huge PASTE MODERNISM no.4 show this year.

I have 2 week holiday season work coming up instead of term programs I teach. I will try to do a magic item and treasure compilation from this blog during that time.

So his is another type of magic thingy.

I'm kinda mean with magic items in my Exiles settings and all the weird curses has players wary to test stuff in the field with one identify per property not enough info to test on the fly. But I do like items that can grow with a character.This is another type.

Basically the items have two power settings one mundane and other unearthly. When you find most items they are in mundane state with one roll on the d100 Mundane Effects and d100 Mundane powers. They have remained hidden, depowered and lost to their origin plane. When mundane property used or in the presence of cross planar activity like a monster or gate or portal or god the items mundane effect may activate.

When origin plane crossed, or in a gate and a period after or in presence of certain planar beings the weapon will reveal it's d100 Unearthly Effect and Unearthly Powers when in use and possibly when gates, planes or certain beings near. When a character reaches name level noble status of the objects unearthly and mundane abilities are usable while the name rank character wields it.

Some affects might suit a certain alignment so feel free to re roll. Possibly a negative effect could be removed by some deed or feat. Negative effect could be a taint from mortal world or a divine being. Instead of rolling on unearthly effects you could increase a mundane effect to a greater extent.

Part of the point is you get items that grow with you and are intriguing enough to generate plot.

the Items should have some personality, a name and a striking appearance.

The Items history should be unveiled level by level and as new abilities are exposed. (Why not play magic items dependent on living pawns and their level for Item to fulfill destiny).

Instead of getting new items, these items will get new abilities and effect and triggers as wielder grows in power. By name level at least one greater powers should be always on.

These items are jealous so only one each.

Typical Lv Features
(This is a yardstick, DM could introduce a one off power, or add due to in play events like uncovering item history. This might even be a guide for character as item game. Work your mortal to near god status then reveal you true status as the puppet master and you are claimed by the gods). Make you own version or improvise on fly for your campaign.
0 +1 Mundane Effect & 1 Trigger
1 +1 Mundane Effect & 1 Mundane Power & 1 Trigger
2 +2 Mundane Powers & 1 Mundane Effects & 1 Triggers
3 +2 Mundane Powers & 2 Mundane Effects & 2 Triggers
4 +3 Mundane Powers & 3 Mundane Effects & 3 Triggers
5 +3 Mundane Powers & 3 Mundane Effects & 4 Triggers & 1 Unearthly Effect
6 +4 Mundane Powers & 4 Mundane Effects & 5 Triggers & 1 Unearthly Effect
7 +4 Mundane Powers & 4 Mundane Effects & 6 Triggers & 1 Unearthly Effect
8 +5 Mundane Powers & 5 Mundane Effects & 7 Triggers & 1 Unearthly Effect
9 +5 Mundane Powers & 5 Mundane Effects & 8 Triggers & 2 Unearthly Effect
10 +6 Mundane Powers & 6 Mundane Effects & 9 Triggers & 2 Unearthly Effect
11 +6 Mundane Powers & 6 Mundane Effects & 10 Triggers & 2 Unearthly Effect
12 +7 Mundane Powers & 7 Mundane Effects & 11 Triggers & 2 Unearthly Effect
13 +7 Mundane Powers & 7 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 3 Unearthly Effect
14 +8 Mundane Powers & 8 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 3 Unearthly Effect
15 +8 Mundane Powers & 8 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 3 Unearthly Effect
16 +9 Mundane Powers & 9 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 3 Unearthly Effect
17 +9 Mundane Powers & 9 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 4 Unearthly Effect
18 +10 Mundane Powers & 10 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 4 Unearthly Effect
19 +10 Mundane Powers & 10 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 4 Unearthly Effect
20 +10 Mundane Powers & 10 Mundane Effects & 12 Triggers & 5 Unearthly Effect

You may not need to be so mechanistic about it but might help with some players. Give item to everyone in a starting party and use to lead them about your sandbox.

D12 Things that might trigger effects

(oh just use them all when you want)

1 Approached by race or planar beings akin to home plane
2 Approach a gateway to other plane
3 Approached by deity or powerful being akin to home plane
4 Touched by magic akin to home plane
5 Contact with certain natural things like moonlight, fire or blood
6 Used in battle with enemy of creators
7 When close to a planar traveler
8 If contacts something from unfulfilled quest or tragic dilemma of past
9 If covered in wielders blood
10 If approached by relic of home plane
11 In presence of certain being or beings like spirits, faeries, gremlins, elves, goblins, demons, etc
12 When wielder gains levels and temporary power ups of affected by magic of home powers

d100 Mundane Effects
1 Shimmer in air
2 Faerie fire around object
3 No shadow
4 No reflection
5 Musical score accompanies action
6 Glass like
7 Sings
8 Bleeds
9 Coins vanish d10% per day carried
10 Trumpet sounds
11 Cymbal clashes
12 Whip crack
13 Item Glows
14 Puff of smoke
15 Sprout a flower by daylight or shroom by dark
16 Hair grows 1d6 inches
17 Flash of pyrotechnics
18 Sweet harp or savage drum music
19 Horrible scream from hell or sweet laughter
20 Attracts flies by day and mosquitoes at night
21 Paper, cloth, leather, paper goods age by 10% if carried
22 Releases delightful or foul odour
23 Hair grows longer and more luxurious when in use
24 Aurora of sparkling light
25 Attract butterflies or moths
26 Eyes become metallic coloured
27 Eyes glow in dark
28 Protected from rain
29 Dry instantly after being wet
30 Sparkles
31 Children shun or are attracted to
32 Wild animals are curious
33 Wielder exhales sparks
34 Wielder exhales smoke
35 Wielder exhales chilly fog
36 Hair stands up when in use
37 Hear voices offering alignment advice
38 Metal items of wielder sparkle
39 Eyes and teeth sparkle
40 Glass nearby vibrates
41 Wood nearby creaks
42 Item becomes chilly and frost covered
43 Item glows with heat that does not harm
44 Item sparks in use
45 Breeze starts when used
46 Distant animals howl when used
47 Veins inside users body glow briefly when used
48 Glowing sigils appear in air when used
49 Item seems to drink light
50 Item seems to drink darkness
51 Other worldly voice shouts
52 Skin changes colour while used
53 Bestial features emphasised when in use
54 Birds or bats attracted when used
55 Skin becomes pale when used
56 Voice changes in use
57 Attract gentle bees or vile flies
58 Wielder sings while in use
59 Sexual characteristics look more impressive
60 Bathed in shadow
61 Seeds and leaves sprout when in use
62 Worms sprout from earth or dead nearby when used
63 Astrological star sign in glowing light appears when used
64 Seem several inches taller when in use
65 Seem more musclebound when in use
66 Wielder becomes more androgynous from using
67 Vapour comes from body of wielder
68 Wielder grows more or loses body hair
69 A bird of prey cries when readied for action
70 Clothing becomes clean and crisper when used
71 Nosebleed whenever item used
72 Feels pain when used
73 Feel destined for greatness if wielded
74 Vapour rises from object when used
75 A small pet creature attracted to user
76 Noticeable pressure wave emanates from user if used
77 High pitched sound comes from wielder when used
78 Halo or crescent horn aura appears above users head in use
79 Candle flame ignites on item or wielders body when in use
80 Fingernails and eyebrows lengthen while in use
81 Wielder appears to be incredibly light
82 Wielder fades away for a moment when used
83 Tattoos appear when used
84 For a moment seems 2D when activated
85 Small objects in area rattle when item used
86 Wielder appears plant or fungi like when used
87 Wielder tears up when item used
88 Wielder laughs heartily when used
89 Item appears bejewelled wen actively used
90 Hear whisper sounds of spirits or faeries or gremlins
91 A glowing symbol of a god or planar being appears on item or wielder
92 Use attracts spirits or faeries or gremlins
93 Use attracts undead
94 When in use user perceives screaming phantoms of the void
95 When in use a being of great power notices wielder
96 When in use wielders non magic metal goods rust and tarnish on surface
97 Sounds of swarm of flapping wings when in use
98 Skin gains metallic hue when used
99 Insects and worms crawl from users clothing
100 Small creatures and plants die near wielder when in use

d100 Mundane powers
1 +1AC
2 +1Save
3 +1d4 MOV
4 +1STR
5 +1CON
6 +1DEX
7 +1INT
8 +1WIS
9 +1CHA
10 +1 HP per HD/Level
11 +1d4 HP
12 Re-roll one failed dice roll per day
13 -1 per die DAM from fire
14 -1 per die DAM from cold
15 -1 per die DAM from lightning
16 Resist Sleep
17 Resist Charm
18 Resist Hold Person
19 Resist Magic Missile
20 Protection from evil/good/law/chaos spell (one) once per day
21 Half damage from cold one hit per day
22 Half damage from fire one hit per day
23 Half damage from electricity one hit per day
24 Half damage from darkness one hit per day
25  Half damage from acid one hit per day
26  Half damage from fire one hit per day
27  Half damage from poison one hit per day
28  Half damage from edged wound one hit per day
29  Half damage from blunt impact one hit per day
30  Half damage from unarmed or animal attack one hit per day
31 Identify spell once per day
32 Spiderclimb spell once per day
33 Web spell once per day
34 Mirror Image spell once per day
35 Monster Summoning 1 spell once per day
36 Magic Missile spell once per day
37 Knock spell once per day
38 Purify food and Water spell once per day
39 Detect Trap spell once per day
40 Feather fall once per day
41 Slow Poison spell once per day
42 Darkness spell once per day
43 Light spell once per day
44 Create food and water spell once per day
45 Cure light wounds once per day
46 Bless once per day
47 Levitate spell once per day
48 Sleep spell once per day
49 Magic Missile spell once per day
50 Charm Person spell once per day
51 Animal friendship spell once per day
52 Silence spell once per day
53 Comprehend Languages spell once per day
54 Animal speech spell once per day
55 Feign dead spell once per day
56 Charm Animal spell once per day
57Item makes 20 shots for a sling or bow or musket a day
58 Item makes a copper piece per day or something of that value
59 Resistant to natural hot weather
60 Resistant to natural cold weather
61 Visions of relics mysteries fill wielders dreams
62 See spirits and non corporeal dead normally invisible on border to normal world
63 Night vision or Infra vision or other odd sense
64 Repair damaged mundane item up to 4 square inches once per day
65 Alerts if attacked in sleep
66 Every kill of certain beings heals you one HP
67 Preserves your corpse perfectly helping revival process
68 Empathic link to spirit of item, get sense of emotion from it when in use or activated
69 Item twitches and moves of own accord at times and tries to communicate and aid you
70 See lay lines, faerie circles and invisible gateways
71 Speak or read one human language past or present
72 Speak one planar (or alignment) language
73 Speak one monster language
74 Speak one animal language
75 Speak one monster language
76 Knowledge of one type lore non weapon proficiency
77 Knowledge of one type craft non weapon proficiency
78 Knowledge of wilderness or exploration non weapon proficiency
79 Knowledge of one type lore non weapon proficiency
80 Knowledge of one type lore non weapon proficiency
81 Detect Magic 1" per level
82 Detect secret doors 1" per level
83 Detect Poison 1" per level
84 Detect Enemy 1" per level
85 Detect Life 1" per level
86 Detect Corpse 1" per level
87 Detect other worldly beings 1" per level
88 Detect water 3" per level
89 Detect copper 1" per level
90 Detect invisible 1" per level
91 Detect silver 1" per level
92 Detect gate 1" per level
93 Detect Draconic beings 1" per level
94 Detect elemental beings 1" per level
95 Detect chaos 1" per level
96 Detect law 1" per level
97 Detect evil 1" per level
98 Detect good 1" per level
99 Detect Lycanthropes 1" per level
100 Detect Undead 1" per level

unearthly powers for otherworldly relics later

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