Wednesday, 29 April 2015

d100 Hitch Hikers of the Badlands

Horrible inflammatory pain for my 45th birthday as rain on roof got worse so did pain

So here is more wasteland Australia - will compile a pdf when backlog published here

Dedicated to Kolchak the Road Warrior

d10 Hitch Hikers of the Badlands

1 Teens and kids

2 Vagrants
3 Nomad travellers
4 Serial killers
5 Gang member
6 Stranded driver
7 Fugitives
8 Cultists
9 Refugees
10 Strange

d100 Hitch Hikers of the Badlands
01 Angry teen runaway heading to city or anywhere but here
02 Cheerleaders escaped sleazy ride seek lift home
03 Chirpy kid off to big city to become famous celebrity, upbeat and delusional
04 Kids who have lost family (possibly dead)
05 Teen drug addict thieving liar, will do anything for drugs or cash
06 Orphan girl on the way to grandmas house to live needs a ride
07 Monster child with terrible powers will punish those who dont comply
08 Child witness perused by d4 1=cult 2=gang 3=mob 4=black ops
09 Teen confused by new bodily changes d4 1=deep one hybrid 2=psionic 3=mutant 4=undead
10 Child actually abandoned replicant gone crazy, seems nice early on
11 Wandering homeless person looking for work and a lucky break
12 Wandering mental patient turfed out after health cuts 
13 Wandering cyber psycho war vet, killing spree easily triggered
14 Witness of sanity blasting horror from beyond hints at terrible things they have seen
15 Jolly swagman looking for odd jobs and spinning tales of travels
16 Refugee fleeing a crisis that destroyed home
17 Victim of memory loss, someone is looking for them
18 Sagely wanderer with homespun wisdom helps sooth souls then returns to travels
19 Wandering preachy musician tries to earn keep with performance
20 Wandering mutant if angered becomes monstrous berserk killer
21 Farmer looking for missing family, lost everything
22 Road nomad clan member will try to help those who show kindness with skills
23 Road nomad warrior survived destruction of his car limping on highway
24 Wandering priest actually debauched deviant out for thrills
25 Plague carrier wanders wasteland and others die around them while they remain alive
26 Homeless war vet cant stay put anywhere and in need of medication
27 Bleeding person needs medical aid for stab wound, passes out quickly if picked up
28 Feral kid hungry and in need of medical attention, poor language skills
29 Nomad with his dog trying to escape gang who killed his clan
30 Nomad woman left no good husband and his clan to make it on her own
31 Woman in nurses uniform with hard luck story, seductive serial killer
32 Rural labourer seems handy with tools, actually a cannibal
33 Hippie guru offers free drugs and enlightenment so can murder others easier
34 Mining town prostitute seeks to remove mens genitals in intimate moments
35 Highschool girl on run after killing whole school with her pyrokinetic or telekinetic powers
36 Woman in bridal gown snapped when her wedding destroyed by gang, now on killing spree
37 Crazed feral youth thinks he is a were dingo doomed to kill and eat men
38 Kindly plump bespectacled ex teacher actually a cannibal killer
39 Man with noose scars claims to be on run from lynch mob, actually a escaped serial kille
40 Tattooed war vet seems handy friendly guy but can't stop collecting human ears
41 Gang member tries to hitch ride while buddies hiding nearby try to carjack any who stop
42 Gang member flags down ride but has radio link to gang who he informs best time to attack
43 Gangbanger escaped a big fight seems ok but flips out if disrespected
44 Mutant supremest gang member likes to kill normals foolish enough to give a ride
45 Militia man stranded after battle needs to get to civilization before gang find him
46 Battered gang member grateful for lift, starting to turn undead
47 Gun wielding nun in habit who smokes and drinks, looking for her sisters
48 Thieving gang harlot looks for a ride so she can rob a vehicle
49 Failed gang initiate fleeing gang who need to silence them
50 Ganger with explosive vest tries to hold up anyone kind enough to give hm a ride
51 Suit been stranded in motoring tragedy survived somehow needs help
52 Wandering stranded motorist near death has more friends stranded nearby
53 Postmans van hit a landmine and walking to get help
54 Truck driver escaped gang ambush and needs help
55 Pilot bailed out after gang shot them down now stranded
56 Desperate woman needs help, rest of family being tormented by gang who ambushed family car
57 Drivers car battery died walking to get help
58 Stranded driver in tree surrounded by dingos
59 Stranded cop who survived a gang battle demands he be driven to nearby town
60 Aboriginal family stranded after engine exploded, need lift to reservation
61 Fugitive women outlaws use sex appeal to flag down a ride
62 Bush ranger tries to hitch ride as ruse for gang of killers nearby hiding
63 Escaped mental patient tells inconsistent and unbelievable stories, also a canibal
64 Escaped convicts handcuffed in uniform request help
65 Wanted robber on run after rest of gang killed by cops
66 AWOL zone trooper wont go back to the war on the run
67 Wanted corrupt suit needs a ride, tries to hide face and avoid eye contact
68 Last surviving gang member hunted by cops and witness to unlawful executions
69 Illegal immigrant on run from authorities, carries exotic strain of undead plague
70 Killer hobo wanted by law for executing local business men who exploit homeless
71 Attractive hippy girl offers stay at her friends commune, actually a cult brainwashing centre
72 Fishy quiet guy actually a cultist will call monsters if near body of water
73 Crazed cult doctor seeks hearts of fearless men to summon dark gods
74 Nazi cultist at right time calls god from overspace to occupy his body which explodes from pressure
75 Troubled artist reading King in Yellow pursued by weird bloated walking corpse
76 Tall young farm boy hiding mutations, can call his invisible amorphous brother from beyond
77 Handsome Egyptian man warns party of future failure, if harmed becomes maddening space demon
78 Attractive musclebound she cultist looking for mate, children rapidly grow into hideous creatures
79 Undead wannabe cultist seeking immortality wants to infiltrate group and contact intelligent undead
80 Faux Christian actually seeks return of the old ones sent to spy on enemies of the gods
81 Escaped gang slave on the run desperate to never be prisoner again
82 Farmer on run from disaster d4 1=wild weather 2=bushfire 3=gang attack 4=drought
83 Ferals ill equipped for survival, beg for foo & water but are thieving scumbags
84 Townfolk running from undead d4 1=being followed 2=infected 3=hunted by black lab 4=insane
85 Foreigners! d4 1=sweatshop slaves 2=near death 3=foreign spies 4=hybrids from plateau of Leng
86 Aboriginals driven off land by d4 1=mining companies 2=gangs 3=rednecks 4=dreamtime horrors
87 Humans modified into beastmen animal hybrids in black lab d4 1=native 2=feral 3=farm 4=prehistoric
88 Strange pale non speaking people, alien hybrids escaped a bunker, telepathic group mind
89 Accidental time travelers d4 1=pre white contact 2=colonial era 3=ww2 4=future disaster
90 Starving artists and performers driven from commune by miners
91 Ghost will keep appearing on road d4 1=sexy killer 2=murder victim 3=occultist 4=dreamtime spirit
92 Odd bald person in silver suit d4 1=lost alien 2=future traveller 3=psychic 4=cosplay SF fan
93 Attractive person is a rogue replicant targeted for termination, dangerous if confronted
94 Person infected by weird alien or mutant parasite that bursts from them
95 A zombie with feeble memories of life habits tries to hitch, harmless but stinking creepy mess
96 A intelligent malicious undead seemingly human with unearthly powers
97 A cute killer android that uses appearance to lure prey close
98 A horrible human size mantis like mutant uses a human skin as a disguise to get close to food
99 Hulking huge person with stitches all over and medical robes with no memories
100 Cruel being from overspace in human form d6 1=demonic 2=angelic 3=reptilian 4=tentacle thing 5=grey 6=fractal horror

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