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Lost Cargos of the Murder Highway

This is for helping determine loot in wrecks or discarded cargo dumped in the wasteland
Cargo from human size to international shipping container used also by trucks

d10 Goods Condition
Handy if condition needed for goods

1 Rubbish almost no value
2 Poor condition some salvage and repair needed
3 Old prone to failure without maintenance
4 Second hand but unreliable
5 Second hand but serviceable
5 Second hand customised
6 New cheap knock off or pirate
7 New at typical value
8 New but unpacked and customised
9 Experimental
10 Experimental black or weird science

d10 Goods Owners
Handy if goods found and owners unclear

1 Local folk
2 Long distance freight from individual owner
3 Local government
4 Local business
5 Local gang
6 Local cult
7 Organised crime
8 Large business
9 State government
9 Federal government
10 Global megacorp

d10 Container
1 Tool box or Backpack
2 Cardboard boxes
3 Wooden shipping crates
4 High density foam crates
5 Plastic crates
6 Plastic barrels
7 Wrapped in bundle with plastic cable on palettes
8 Wrapped in plastic sheets into bales
9 Metal shipping crate
10 Refrigerated shipping container with electronic security

d10 Container condition
1 Corroded or a bit rusty
2 Reused packaging covered in stamps and freight dockets
3 Covered in graffitti or spattered paint
4 Punctured b something
5 Slightly leaky
6 Smells of animal urine
7 Vermin infested
8 Blood splattered
9 Burned patches
10 Opened by someone else by force

d10 Common Cargo

Can roll a d12 then use either of next tables for a 11 or 12 result
d100 can be used but has better odds of weirdness, specific outcomes and adventure seeds

1 Food stuffs - water, rations, grain, fruit and veg, bread, eggs, meat
2 Livestock - poultry, cattle, pigs, horses, goats, lab rats, lab apes, rabbits, puppies, emus, kangaroos
3 Passengers - school kids or orphans, gang, farmers, convict work gang, bus service,
4 Freight - persons household  belongings or a business office or branch goods packed as freight
5 Power - flammables, radioactive, alcohol, exotic fuels, power packs, generators, solar cells, rockets
6 Vehicles - new or used or wrecked vehicles or salvaged parts
7 Construction Goods - wood, gravel, wall panels, metal frames, crane, bulldozer, sand, cement mixer
8 Industrial goods - farm machines, machines, tools, robots, coal, fabric, metal sheets, paper
9 Emergency Supplies- medicine, quarantine dept biohazard crisis team, tents, sandbags
10 Vice & Crime - drugs, stolen goods, tobacco, beer, gambling machines, sex androids

d10 Quick Exotic Cargo
1 Law - undercover sting, bait for looters, swat team ambush, documents, prisoners, fresh arrests
2 Luxury Goods - food, fur, opals, fashion, sportcar, sex androids, cryogenic pods, electronic goods   
3 Hazardous - flammable, poison, fuel, nanite reconstructors, nerve gas, hallucinogens 
4 Weapons - armaments some legal for police, militia, military or the mob or a gang or cult
5 Undead - coffins, undead gang/kids/farmers, zombie-biotech car, vampires, wights, wraiths, mummy
6 High Tech - drones, robot, space tech, androids, replicants, space age guns, drugs, space test apes
7 Exotic Biology - clones, zoo animals, dinosaurs, ice age megafauna, alien, mutant, shoggoth
8 Faction goods - government, corporate, private, secret or criminal org records and office stuff
9 Black Science, ufo wreckage, cyberdragon, evil AI vehicle, mad super android, psychotic cyborgs
10 Strange - relics, alien goods, altar, great old one statue, bigfoot clones, ghost, imprisoned god

d100 Murder Highway Lost Cargo
01 Tins of SPAM or other processed meat in a can
02 Ice cream melting in the sun - grab it quick
03 Microwavable burgers and pizza
04 Military ration packs
05 Refugee food aid with water bottles, rice, flour, milk powder and other food stuff in sacks
06 Cages of puppies and kittens being delivered to restaurants
07 Genetically modified food animals d4 1=poultry 2=sheep 3=pigs 4=cattle
08 Mobile slaughter yard and animal carcases 1=rabbits 2=kangaroo 3=horse 4=wild boar
09 Pornographic magazines and VHS cassettes
10 Highly addictive new wonder drink or snack food possibly alien organism or full or drugs
11 Containers of tobacco and marijuana cigarettes or bales of raw plant matter
12 Alcoholic beverages like wine or beer in bottles or vat, 1in6 fuel grade overproof
13 Zoo transport with rare and valuable animals
14 Biohazzard supplies with tents, suits, life support, medical hardware, samples and patients
15 School age children d4 1=juvie hoodlums 2=cult fanatics 3=slave workers 3=local school
16 Prisoners transport d4 1=state prison 2=refugees 3=convict workers 4=arrested protesters
17 Persons home or office packed up as freight d4 1=Individual 2=family 3=corporate 4=nomad property
18 Dangerous waste d4 1=radioactives 2=chem weapons 3=chem waste 4=old munitions
19 Roadkill, corpses and rotten food crawling with bugs and rats for a biofuel slurry plant or food factory
20 Emergency housing supplies for disaster, building materials and tools and sandbags
21 Fencing supplies for a huge ares d4 1=dingo proof 2=roo proof 3=refugee proof 4=prison camp grade
22 Fuel for refinery plantation d4 1=coal 2=shale 3=algae 4=feces
23 Fuel for vehicles d6 1=gasoline 2=kerosine 3=alcohol 4=bio fuel 5=liquid gas 6=diesel
24 Car parts d4 1=garage supplies 2=nomad gang supplies 3=death race team 3=corporate or mob
25 Drugs d4 1=police seized goods 2=criminal org 3=medical aid mission 4=corporate personel
26 Machinery and supplies d4 1=mining 2=agriculture 3=construction 4=manufacturing
27 Machinery and supplies d4 1=fuel refinery 2=power plant 3=printing press 4=clone vats
28 Robotics d4 1=agricultural 2=Industrial 3=personal assistants 4=security 5=military 6=applicants
29 One armed bandits and casino supplies, 1in6 have mobile one armed bandits that harass customers
30 Sex Industry supplies d4 1=prostitute transport 2=sex androids 3=sex machines 4=sex toys
31 Cash in bales possibly with other valuables including gems, furs, antiques 1in6 are fake
32 Valuable goods tagged by someone as bait with radioactives, dye bomb or locator beacon
33 Assorted stolen goods owned by mob or gang and being moved for sale or being used as bait
34 Armed combatants in ambush d4 1=gang 2=police 3=corp kill team 4=desperate refugees
35 Documents or data d6 1=police 2=corporate 3=government 4=cult 5=mob 6=academic
36 Vehicles d6 1=wrecked 2=second hand 3=new 4=recalled units 5=in fleet colours 6=damaged
37 Ammo d4 1=old 2=new 3=specialized 4=dummy d4 1=bullets 2=rockets 3=grenades 4=mixed
38 Weapons d4 1=civilian & hunting 2=militia supply 3=gang supply 4=police or sheriff
39 Packed full of rats d4 1=mutants species 2=lab rats 3=biological weapon system 4=undead
40 Collection d6 1=comics 2=action figures 3=plushie trolls 4=VHS tapes 5=CDs 6=sports memorabilia
41 Imprisoned exotic undead transported for research purposes or to be destroyed
42 Bagged corpses to be disposed of 1in6 zombie infected
43 Coffins transported to family cryovaults or burial 1in6 infected by superior undead
44 Frozen trilobites and sea scorpions sold as new style lobsters
46 Dirty portable drug lab owned by a gang
47 Steam engine and parts intended for collector or museum
48 Rocket boosters to be strapped on vehicles as used by space test centre
49 Meteorite samples gathered by scientist or collectors 1in6 has strange phenomena
50 Soft drink can dispensing machines, units call for help if violated
51 Treasures of a unknown lost civilization older than history says possible
52 Shed kits of various sizes
53 Human traffic d4 1=sacrifices for cult 2=sweatshop labour 3=slave traders 4=children
54 Top secret documents that attract kill teams d4 1=government 2=corporate 3=cult 4=mob
55 Police evidence lock up transported for court case
56 Bags of cement and tools, possibly a mixer
57 Theme park androids dressed in theme 1in6 defective killer units
58 Cyborg war vets in stasis, back up program ready to awaken these kill crazed war heroes
59 Automated vehicle d6 1=gang 2=police 3=corporate 4=commercial 5=cult 6=space exploration
60 Drones d4 1=civilian 2=police 3=corporate 4=military 1in6 operate on back up mission program45
61 Human corpses but from black science lab 1=vivisection 2=test subjects 3=hybrid horrors 4=mutants
62 Musical instruments, speakers and band tour equipment, possibly a stage
63 Satanic shrine and paraphernalia including font, blades, banners and tents
65 Refrigerated blood bags d4 1=medcorp 2=vampire gang 3=undead 4=cult
66 Frozen organs and limbs d4 1=medcorp 2=organ leggers 3=cult 4=black lab
67 Freak collection usually traded like slaves or in circuses, mutants, fakes, freak animals
68 Cyborg limbs and body parts d4 1=stolen 2=bootleg 3=black market 4=corporate medical
69 Valuable old treasure horde belonging to cult who can track it and punish unholy who take it
70 Clone pod transport 1=medical organ donors 2=Insurance policy 3=soldiers 4=sex slaves
71 Undead operated necrobion tech vehicle taken to black lab for study or destruction
72 Automated evil AI operated vehicle(s) 1=death race car 2=military 3=space center 4=corporate
73 Uplifted space test apes wary of humans and seeking to be free
74 Mutant humans in stasis pods mostly resentful being transported to a black la
75 Mutant monsters in stasis pods being transported to a black lab
76 Cryptozological specimen d6 1=bunyip 2=yowie 3=mimi 4=bigfoot 5=lake monster 6=wild people
77 Humanoid simulacra  in pods 1=sex androids 2=defective killer replicants 3=military 4=corporate
78 A bloated humanoid mostly nutritious body fat plumbed into life support system
64 Torture equipment d4 1=serial killers 2=sadistic gang 3=government agents 4=mobsters
79 Medical equipment from paramedic supplies to portable operating theater tent with generator
80 Whale blubber and body parts or other protected anomal trophies and meat
81 Brainwashed cult victims starving and helpless and left to die
82 Dirty germ warfare lab abandoned after lab crew died
83 Black documents d4 1=doomsday warning 2=conspiracy theory 3=plot evidence 4=UFO casebooks
84 Triffids bound and packed for market, some might escape in a crash and will help others
85 Unexploded shells stolen from firing range or found, very dangerous
86 Prisoners in gimp rubber suits in cages bound and gagged
87 Undead prehistoric creature d4 1=wooly mammoth 2=T-rex 3=giant tassie devil 4=giant wombat
88 Zoo transport with exotic life 1=dinosaur 2=pleistocene mega fauna 3=mutant 4=alien
89 Human prisoners plumbed into array farming them for blood, neural peptides or medicine
90 Frozen shoggoth or other liquid alien horror
91 Haunted antiques with spirits inside that curse whoever steals or collects them
92 Cult relics d4 1=ritual paraphernalia 2=caged monster 3=slumbering god in statue form 4=evil books
93 Alien in a stasis pod being transported to a black lab asks for help
94 Aliens transporting selves to secret base d4 1=greys 2=reptilians 3=goblins 4=insectoids
95 Wreckage of UFO with inexplicable materials 1in6 with biological samples or alien bodies
96 Alien transport with hostile being inside with advanced weapons, and holographic mask field
97 Alien transport with hostile being inside with hypnotic stun beacon able to paralyze minds
98 Strange alien coffin from archeological dig 1in6 alien mummy comes to life
99 Kaiju eggs long dormant on way to d4 1=cult 2=black lab 3=military base 4=radioactive waste vault
100 Experimental drugs 1=Psionic enhancers 2=mutation inducing 3=nanite healer 4=turns undead

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