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d100 Highway Murder Menaces & Moon Mission Madness

Today started team on astronaut training and sent to moon by the Lunar corporation (many companies, governments and the Vatican). Sister Uriel, The mutie and the Sheriff with tag along therapist arrived at the Tycho crater city. Mutant got into bar fights, Uriel investigated signs of evil and sherrif looked up missing astronauts and search protocols on the missing astronauts the party were sent to find. Most importantly the team mascot Dorothy the midget raptor dino pet of the sheriff looked adorable in her space suit. The company suspected there was a extra terrestrial intelligence directing the zombis on Earth. Team were worlds foremost zombie hunters and expert death racers were selected (not the cyber psychos). Aparently the lunar comunity expected party to put on moons first death race. So they left the pristine white Tycho City and went to their next base for the alien hunt, a mining town who had flattened a square kilometre of the moon for the deathrace. Uriel refused as did sheriff - they only wanted to kill undead. Base was a shabby industrial dirty hell hole. Commander explained death race was a cover  and if they would put on a demo show vs automated rigs the public would be sated and forget about them. Also they would get the chance to arm and armour moon vehicles for their search after the moon murder motor sports.

Uriel fitted a moon truck with powered sawblades on a ram plate with cone rifles and a turret with a industrial rivet bolt gun. The therapist would act as her gunner. Mutant got a truck with ram plates. Both got rocket boosters. Sheriff got a buggy with bolt gun and three cone rifles. Military arms were supposed to be banned. They did get recoiless ingrams, gyrojet guns and cone rifles as personal arms. The deathmatch let the team destroy the three enemy construction tracked vehichles and the audience loved it. Karumi the ninja girls arived from earth to join team and while base celebrating they broke into Seabourne foundation office and discovered deepone dna, drugs and occult secrets. Party next got ready to go looking for missing astronauts and find the alien intelligences relay beacon where the attack on Earth was directed from. All look keen on building new vehicles when back on Earth with big fat paychecks.

Anyway here are more encounters for the outback. These are more direct threats not just hazards or obstacles or curiosities. These things are out to mess you up. 

d10 Murder Race Road Encounters

1 Pedestrians

2 Cycles
3 Road Gang
4 Wasteland Trash
5 Death Racer
6 The LAW
7 Death from above
8 Sanctioned Ops
9 Wasteland Horror
10 Weird

d100 Murder Race Road Encounters
01 Rural militia with sandbag machine gun and mortar emplacements
02 Armed highway gang desperate to get wheels again after mishap
03 Heavily armed uniformed vigilantes d4 1=scouts 2=nuns or priests 3=park rangers 4=postal workers
04 Rednecks with dynamite, caltrops and pit traps
05 Sniper team working with looters or militia
06 Organised crime with mined road and armed gangsters wanting car parts
07 Armed family men farmers with kin, overprotective and overwary of roadgangs
08 Teenaged gang looking to kill boredom by attacking motorists with parents guns
09 Gang of highway wreckers with trapped road, earn a living off looting
10 Medical team with ambulance trigger happy after being attacked and stranded
11 Cyclegang looking for trouble and turf to carve out by violence
12 Nomad cycle gang looking for easy victims and fuel
13 Military veteran bikers, some cyborgs looking for adventure
14 Mutant cycle gang out to rob and destroy those not tainted
15 Militia patrol cycles willing to skirmish and drive away outsiders
16 Automated cycle drones will engage any armed vehicles, who sent them?
17 Cycle gang paid to hunt and kill team by old enemies
18 Organised criminal mobsters on bikes looking to hit someone looking just like you
19 Farmers on cycles looking to avenge who killed their kin, trigger happy and enraged
20 Teen gang out for first blood and unaware of their fragility
21 Road Gang of outlaws in old vehicles looking for victims to rob
22 Major gang chapter seeks victims for fun and fame
23 Militia in armed utility vehicles  looking for trouble makers in turf to kill
24 Gang chapter paid to prevent anyone using this road for some reason
25 Gang chapter seek to eliminate your team, paid by your old enemies
26 Nomad clan often with a bus or van or truck will attack any they think is a threat
27 Motor vehicle sports club of rich youths from city looking for thrills in newly armed sportscars
28 Mob limo with escort think team look suspicious and open fire on sight
29 Rednecks happy to kill any fancy city folk or suspicious types in area
30 Convoy of paranoid refugees who have had too many surprise attack today
31 Wasteland Trash psychopaths looking to murder any outsiders who dare fight against entropy
32 Mutant road gang at war with humanity
33 Cultist gang looking for sacrifices open fire with motley collection of vehicles in cult colours
34 Offroad renegades in armed buggies, crawling with crazed gang members
35 Gang cult terrorising area in name of murderous religion
36 Mutant gang in buggies out to cleanse world of normals
37 Rogue trucker with gang goons happy to destroy anything in way
38 Cannibal horde 1in6 infected with zombie plague or other bioplague
39 Warlord of the wasteland with fleet out to purge the wasteland of the weak
40 Battered and wounded gang chapter trying to get home, anything in way assumed a threat
41 Wanabee death racer fans using cars stolen from parents
42 Road ahead with multiple death racers in kill crazy combat
43 Lone death racer, jumpy and wary shoots anyone who looks funny
44 Veteran deathracer up for a challenge to kill anything in path
45 Death race team in combat formation looking for blood
46 Anti death race action group out to destroy who they think are death racers
47 High speed high tech death race vehicle coming through from behind
48 Death race fans think you killed their hero and have armed their cars to hunt you
49 Road covered in dropped weapons like mines and caltrops, wrecked death racer in area
50 Death race team crews and media vehicles with media corp security
51 Police cycle patrol wary of hostiles, call for help and engage
52 Police patrol car squadron looking for gangs to eliminate
53 Riot vans and command truck loaded with riot armoured cops with road block
54 STAR force police in armored cars looking to destroy unlawful travellers
55 lone battered interceptor on killing spree thinks you look like lawbreakers
56 Police roadblock with car traps, caltrops and patrol cars
57 Sheriff patrol cars in formation looking for someone to blame for local murders
58 Prison transports with police escort think your crew are trying to free prisoners
59 Police sniper team and spy drone guard highway from troublemakers
60 Puritanical religious zealots out to purge deathracers, gangs, mutants, undead and other unholy scum
61 A drone is watching racers d4 1=man deployed spy 2=military recon 3=kill drone 4=laser drone
62 Ultralight, cheap scout used by farmers and gangs, can be packed and stored easily
63 Light civilian probably prop plane or even, used by gangs and farmers
64 Helicopter, mostly old bubble dome ones used by gangs and farmers, some high tech ones
65 Jet d4 1=civilian transport 2=passenger 3=corporate 4=military, most will not react to racers
66 Missile from d4 1=space 2=anti tank squad 3=automated sentry 4=sniper guides from over horison
67 Airship 1=automated spy 2=passenger 3=cargo 4=sky gang
68 Satellite 1=part time spy sat 2=spysat network 5=media satellites 4=kill sat
69 Air troopers 1=paratroopers 2=jetpack rocketmen 3=rocket powered gliders 4=drop pod from orbit
70 Monster d4 1=mutant bird or bat 2=giant bug 3=flying dinosaur 4=spore ball
71 Sanctioned Ops fleet of green agents want to test combat maneuvers on some saps
72 Famous sanctioned op has been given bounty on team members
73 Famous sanctioned op has been given kill contract on team members
74 Agency fleet instructed to wipe out party, if defeated agency seeks vengeance for years
75 Agency ops operating roadblock - none shall pass!
76 Agency armoured car and escort wipe out any suspicious threats in way
77 Semi trailer with humourless escorts assume anyone a threat to cargo
78 Sanctioned op drone opens follows and directs ops after team
79 Exotic sanctioned op vehichle d4 1=GEV 2=hover tank 3=Vector thrust van 4=APC
80 Agency AI high tech car d4 1=insane on rampage 2=test unit 3=turned evil 4=hacked by enemies
81 Wasteland horror mutant beast d6 1=lizard 2=toad 3=scorpion 4=spider 5=jelly 6=bug
82 Escaped lab monsters d4 1=triffids 2=dinosaurs 3=pleistocene megafuana 4=cyborg mutant freak
83 Bus or truck full of zombies seeking on homicidal quest for brains and blood
84 Rogue robots d4 1=military 2=security 3=modular drones form monster 4=industrial
85 Road train of plague carrying horde of refugees some becoming undead without realizing it
86 Cyborg gang of psychos on killing spree, intent of inflicting pain as they feel none
87 Insane replicant about to shut down on last killing spree to feel truly free from programming
88 Assassin android in well armed car out to kill team as a test
89 Replicants of team with copy vehicles out to replace you for unknown enemy
90 Huge Kaiju monster rampaging across area d4 1=bug 2=reptile 3=mechanical 4=giant ape
91 Vampiric fiends in racers d4 1=aliens 2=undead 3=weird cult 4=genetic engineered monster race
92 Wizards or witches attack with strange powers while road gang attack
93 Non humans with strange cars and bikes seek to kidnap you and take to hidden kingdom
94 Something falls from space d4 1=deranged Venus probe 2=alien weapon 3=thing from beyond 4=alien kill borg
95 Cultists have called on monster to kill team d4 1=fast shoggoth 2=demon 3=petty outer god 4=elemental
96 Undead driver symbiotically linked to part undead biotech car on a dreadful mission with no witnesses
97 Cult of martial artist assassins with cars and bikes, leader with paranormal powers
98 Ghost haunts road d4 1=headless cyclist 2=phantom hitchiker 3=ghost death racer 4=spectral truck
99 UFO buzzes car 1d4 times 2nd time=car loses power 3rd=radio communication 4th=memory blackouts and strange dreams of alien abduction
100 Alien operated vehicle out to kill witnesses d4 1=angelic 2=reptilian 3=goblins 4=greys

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