Saturday, 11 April 2015

d100 New Road Hazards

Did one table like this but it went a bit off track. This will be standard one for a while.

d10 Road Hazards
1 Road surface

2 Amospheric
4 Pedestrians
5 Battleground
6 Ambush
7 Personal Vehicle
8 Heavy Vehicles
9 Creatures
10 Strange

d100 Road Hazards

01 Wet roads
02 Pot holes
03 Creatures
04 Craters
05 Tires
06 Garbage
07 Pit
08 Roadworks
09 Corpses of animals or persons
10 Empty drums
11 Smoke
12 Fog
13 Bushfire
14 Rain
15 Storm
16 Hail and sleet
17 Acid rain
18 Dust storm
19 Strange auroras
20 Meteor shower
21 Quake
22 Crumbling cliff
23 Flash flood
24 Rubble
25 Fallen tree
26 Animal crossing
27 Geothermal vent
28 Sinkhole
29 Mudslide
30 Contamination d4 1=radiation 2=plague 3=mutagen 4=poison
31 Women with prams
32 Children off to school, church or on a field trip
33 Old people, some with wheelchairs and canes
34 Militia group ready with heavy weapons
35 Scavenger gang out looting
36 Workers on the way to or from work
37 Legal authorities like police, tax, council inspectors, parking inspectors
38 Delivery person usually couriers or postal service
39 Accident scene with emergency vehicles
40 Refugees with belongings seeking to escape a crisis
41 Oil slick
42 Paint slick
43 Mines
44 Burning pools of napalm and wreckage and bodies
45 Caltrops
46 Broken glass
47 Deployed car trap destroys tires
48 Wreckage of vehicles
49 Sandbags and barricades
50 Armed wounded hidden and paranoid
51 Neck high mono wire for decapitating cyclists
52 Auto gun emplacement in high position
53 Sniper team watching road
54 Machine gun nest with sandbags
55 Heavy weapon team in bunker d4 1=grenade launcher 2=mortar 3=anti tank rockets 4=
56 Vehicle with gang on ground
57 Militia in trenches
58 Biker gang
59 Police speed trap or checkpoint, concealed with car traps
60 Military with tank traps and mined road
61 Broken sedan with stranded driver on road
62 Camping vehicles of refugees or nomads or hippies
63 Gang having a break by road
64 Gang blocked road with support vehicles for toll
65 Fugitive crazies in broken vehicle try too stop you
66 Wreck on road now air of a creature
67 Wreck on road with dormant zombies
68 Mutants living in wreck on road
69 Upright family in stranded car, well armed and trained, on way to church
70 Car lef on road with bomb as booby trap
71 Train wreck blocks road
72 Truck wreck on road, popular gang ambush point
73 Burning truck on road, attackers still nearby
74 Airship wreck partially on road, attracts looters, some survivors
75 Plane wreck near road, survivors and looters near
76 Construction vehicle on road abandoned and no fuel
77 Ag vehicle blocks road, dead farmer near, possible killers near
78 Nomad town camped on road, wary of strangers with guns
79 Remains of road train of semi trailers possible looters nearby
80 Fuel or water transport on road, dead crew nearby
81 Pet animal with owners nearby
82 Stray dog pack eating roadkill
83 Farm animals and protective herders d4 1=sheep 2=cattle 3=triffids, 4=horses
84 Native animal herd crossing possibly being hunted 1=giant goanna 2=bunyip 3=kangaroos 4=emus
85 Mutants blocking road 1=fighting 2=eating roadkill 3=attacking travelers 4=camping
86 Swarm covers road and sky d4 1=locusts 2=flies 3=moths 4=birds
87 Swarm covers road d4 1=mice 2=cane toads 3=rabbits 4=scorpions
88 A genetically reconstructed dinosaur or ice age megafauna blocks road or ambushes
89 A black lab made monster loose adopted this road as home
90 Lone native animal crosses road in front of vehicle d4 1=wombat 2=emu 3=kangaroo 4=goanna
91 Weird lights chase travellers
92 UFO fly over, power and memory loss
93 Ghost hitch hiker, keeps appearing till picked up or reach destination
94 Cultists on road awaiting sacrifices
95 Undead in cars with smartest ones driving seats, await dormant near road
96 Dreamtime spirit haunts road cursing travellers who dont appease
97 Bodies on road and car wrecks actually zombies
98 Lone lost grey alien on road tries to flag down human help he expects
99 Evil child waves for help d4 1=psionic brat 2=demonic offspring 3=mutant dominator 4=serial killer
100 Ghost car blocks road and hunts down those who drive through them

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  1. I thought I was done with autodeuling 15 years ago but these road war posts make visions of Mad Max films playin my head to thne soundtrack of spy hunter.


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