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Magic Weirdos - reprising old 2012 stuff

Ive been posting and sharing some old posts of late to look back at my project and see how much I've done. So I thought I would revisit this for Chagrinspire. If anyone wants me to look at some past incomplete thing or idea let me know. Had over 7k hits one day this week which is nice. 

Origional post:

I was probably just trying to be weird here originally but I do like the idea of weird alien magic beings of uncertain origin. The battlefield wasteland there are remnants of the previous ages and even far-off lands all coming here to fight for a millennium. So any weird stuff from the multiverse might end up here. 

These guys are good as weird magic assassins that can be sent after characters. Maybe they are the last of their kind so when you kill them their kind is gone forever.

2nd version of Chagrinspire book up on patreon now 124 pages

Wizard of Nekhaba
Lesser outer void being CE (not a hag or faerie)
AC +5 HD 4d8   MOV 15  
Att fire two d4 magic missiles per round or two silver knives d3
Spells as a 4th Lv Wizard
- no spoken words are required for charm or illusion spells only dance
- can disguise blank face with a mask spell and clothing at will
- ESP as spell at will (they communicate to each other using this)
- scares under 4HD creatures who fail a save for one round if they see reveal blank face 
-their location cannot be detected with magic or divination. 
Usually in disguise, they will reveal their true forms when close and casting spells. They act silently and in unison dancing to cast their spells. Each wears a d4x 100gp gold or silver jewellery. Their real form is blank-faced, with pale yellow and golden tattered robes and bandages covering their skin. They may adopt the face of one they intend to kill, especially sinister if several share the same face.

They seek some sinister quest for a magic relic or knowledge for some mysterious reason. They also seek to destroy some knowledge often by killing.  Some believe they serve some outer darkness entity. When they die they shatter into smoking fine porcelain fragments. They often have a magic ring or jewelled item or a magic knife. For years they battled adventurers at the ruin of Nekaba, but found what they wanted, and now sought some new treasure or secret elsewhere.

d12 Plot Hooks
1 A spellbook or relic found by adventurers is coveted by the wizards 
2 A scholar wants to see them so has found a book they want and needs adventurer bodyguards
3 A locked book on the secrets of Nekhaba is found and the wizards don't want any to read it
4 Wizards of Nekhaba are trying to steal a corpse from a church and have besieged it intending to kill occupants with minimal loss to themselves
5 Brothel a mile from a city has become popular thanks to the exotic foreign prostitutes who are said to be from far away ancient Nekhaba
6 Mysterious silent strangers have been following your party 
7 Street performers doing tricks with fire and juggling get in the way of the party 
8 Witness a stranger killed in an accident with a wagon shattered into smoking fragments. Then other witnesses start being killed
9 Dream about a mysterious white and yellow and gold stranger rifling through your dreams searching for something. Someone else in the inn says this and locals warn them they are marked by the Fiends of Nekhaba who dwell in local ruins
10 Someone is killing apprentices of a wizard. Turns out one found them mentioned in a book and tried to do some divination about them and showed some other students
11 Strangers keep drawing magic sigils and signs in places you visit
12 A stranger in your room is going through your belongings searching for something

Hag of Gerberrack*
Lesser outer void being NE (not a hag or faerie)
AC +4 HD 5d8   MOV 12 Jump 2 Fly 12 (if on broom)
Att 2x punches d4 or grab and 1x tentacle grapple if quit human appearance
-each round held by a tentacle save to resist being implanted with an egg
Spells as a 5th Lv Wizard
- no material components or spoken words are required for charm or illusion spells
- can disguise tentacle face with a mask spell at will if not attacking with it
- three or more can generate a fog cloud 1km across if they chant for ten minutes
- requires magic or silver weapons to hit and normal fire causes minimum dice damage
- plane shift twice per night under any single full moon

Any victim implanted notices nothing for a d4 months before bursting open and releasing worm-like larvae which tries to flee. Mostly this is fatal or save to survive with half HP lost. Larvae AC+3, HDd8, d4 bite, Mov15. When they die they explode into a sticky protoplasm. 

Robed shrouded figures as they get closer appear attractive and friendly needy pilgrims who need food and comfort. Really they came to this world to use humanoids as part of their alien life cycle then return to the outer void beyond the celestial dome. The hags were most frequently seen near one village Gerberrack where a cult summoned them once allowing them to visit this world when the stars were right. Some sensitives feel the mist the hags produce is evil and alien. Some tales say they come to deliver messages to those damned by the outer gods of the void. They aid cults in trouble but take a member as a sacrifice each. They also appear to rescue larvae

d12 Plot Hooks
1 As cultists are killed one calls upon the hags for revenge
2 On the road or in an inn peaceful pilgrims ask if they might travel with you
3 A desperate cult sacrifices three of their own and call on the hags to destroy the witchfinder and local officials including mayor, magistrate, bailiffs, sherrif and chapel priest
4 A sick travelling companion dies horribly at the dinner table and the larvae feed and hides. As people hunt it mysterious-robed pilgrims arrive who are of course nursmaids for the spawn
5 A cult disguised as merchants have larvae in jars and accidentally break them so they escape
6 After the funeral of a local man who exploded a fisherman caught this hideous worm and is trying to sell it to adventurers or evil wizards or cults
7 An old tome "The Gerberrack Chronicle" has been found which holds secrets the hags think are best forgotten. Local sages and wizards and cultists all want to read it
8 Each full moon by a standing stone several hags appear and terrorise the locals and eat pets, mutilate livestock and whisper horrible threats to residents through walls
9 A stranded hag awaits a full moon to escape but is a bit hungry so killing a local daily
10 A knight is guarding pilgrims who are really hags who stir up trouble for the knight constantly. He has killed three strangers accusing the pilgrims of evil deeds
11 A theatre is putting on a play about the "Hideous Hags of Gerbarak" and some real hags come to see the show to see if the performers and audience need to be killed
12 Isolated rural people have folk dolls and woven fabric depicting hags all over cottages and say the hags protect them. In reality this is a giveaway the village is a cult and will call hags for help by sacrificing prisoners of cult heretics in their under village cult tunnels

i will do some more of these soon

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