Sunday 26 May 2024

d100 Ruined Street Features


I guess i will think about mech and kaiju for this game.

Crossroads roll d3 features
Village d4+6 features
City d4+2 features per block

d12 Ruin Occupation
d4-1 of these in a cluster of ruins or 1in4 chance per building

1 Scavenger hideout
2 Murder hobo adventurers resting
3 Monster lair 
4 Traps (or 1in6 cursed)
5 Mutant gang hideout
6 Cultist's secret temple
7 Ogres or trolls
8 Orc or barbarian or beast folk tribe camp
9 Faction outpost
10 Faction soldier
11 Hidden killer lair
12 Haunted by unhappy spirits, the dead and possibly worse supernatural beings

d12 Quick Ruin Plot hooks
1 Hidden faction secret documents
2 Underground transit tunnel access
3 Sealed underground vault
4 Basement connected to other passages
5 Wanted criminals hiding here
6 Found remains of ancient magical machinery or vehichle
7 Ruin is a source of poison and a contamination hazard
8 Tower projects mind-altering auroras must be stopped
9 Hidden treasure cache of ancient artefacts
10 Weird mutant clan of farmers growing chaos crops
11 Cult holy place for seasonal pilgrim visits
12 Ancient documents or artwork reveal the location of an artifact

d12 Ruin Damage
1 Flooded with water or mud or sand or ash
2 Craters from artillery barrage or explosion
3 Fire damage
4 Bulletholes everywhere from firefight
5 Remains of barricade vs a seige
6 Contaminated by vermin and disease
7 Covered in garbage
8 Overgrown with mould and fungus
9 Overgrown with nasty plants
10 Earthquake or stomping kaiju damage
11 Fortified and repaired in past
12 In good condition

d10 Quick
1 Roads
2 Fences
3 Poles
4 Park
5 Hospitality 
6 Resident
7 Retail
8 Civic
9 Scholarly
10 Magic

d100 Ruined Street Features
01 Remains of a trail covered in dirt from ages
02 Animal tracks 
03 Muddy tracks in silty muck 
04 Deep muddy ditches
05 Muddy with wooden walkways
06 Scattered stones and weeds
07 Weed-filled cobblestone
08 Battered cobblestones and scattered garbage
09 Blood-covered cobblestones
10 Cratered cobblestones
11 Iron rail fence d3 metres high 
12 Wooden slat fence d3m high
13 Log palisade wall d3m high
14 Trench for shelter 1in6 with dugout shelter
15 Moat a flooded trench
16 Sandbags d3m high
17 Wire fence d3m high 1in6 chance electrified d3 damage
18 Wooden steaks limits vehicles and cavalry charges
19 Landmines
20 Barbed or razor wire
21 Iron lamp posts with permanent magical light
22 Telegraph poles
23 Radio antenna
24 Windmill
25 Watchtower 
26 Hidden sniper post 
27 Iron bollards to stop vehichles
28 Flagpole with tattered flag
29 Airship landing mast
30 Checkpoint with shack and boom gate
31 Small patch of weeds with damaged heroic statue
32 War memorial arch or plinth or stelae
33 Small park with weeds, bench, pond and rusty old vehichle
34 Small park with rows of trees
35 Small park with now muddy damaged fountain
36 Small park with rotunda shelter on hill
37 Small park with dangerous children's playground or fitness machines
38 Garden beds of thorny flowers overgrown
39 Park with slow stream and pond  and remains of small shallow bottom boats
40 Maze garden 
41 Small brewery and sly grogshop
42 Small seedy tavern 
43 Fancy tavern with grade, stables and beergarden
44 Roadhouse Inn
45 Coach house with stables
46 Large hotel for caravans
47 Music hall 1in6 with pipe organ
48 Theatre
49 Guest house
50 Feast Hall
51 Small hermit shack
52 Thrall hovel
53 Poor house
54 Quaint cottage
55 Boarding house
56 Rows of worker cottages
57 Orphanage
58 Townhouses 
59 Convalescent home 
60 Apartment building of flats with penthouse suites
61 Pushcart stall
62 Small wood retail stall 
63 Market square
64 Specialist market
65 Shopping centre
66 Bank
67 Workshop
68 Warehouse
69 Caravan base
70 Retail mall market
71 Mayors house
72 Townhall
73 Guildhall
74 Barracks
75 Prison
76 Noble manor
77 Post office 
78 Custom house
79 Clock tower
80 Secret Society Hall
81 Schoolhouse
82 Shrine
83 Temple
84 college
85 Healer or scholar townhouse
86 Museum
87 Monastery
88 Hospital
89 Cathedral
90 University
91 Necropolis
92 Mausoleum
93 Wizard tower
94 Reliquary vault
95 Rail station, possibly underground
96 Alchemical Factory
97 Power plant or power transmission depot for magic energy
98 Portal Station
99 Auruara broadcast tower
100 AIrfield for flying machines with hangars

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