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d100 Ruined Street Trash & Treasure

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There is something about Chagrinspire that preserves material goods somehow so many items survive. This is for looting Chagrinspire ruined streets. 

Any found item should often be with other smashed and spoiled goods

d100 Ruined Street Trash & Treasure
01 Steel or cast iron pot
02 Knife d4 1=pewter table knife 2=dirty shank 3=stilleto 4=pocket knife
03 Crockery jar with flour or beans
04 Tinned cans of nutritious alchemical slush
05 Fruitcake or biscuits in a tin
06 Small mill with ground valuable spcie
07 Broken taps and pipes
08 Jar of spread for bread d4 1=chutney 2=butter 3=jam 4=vegemite
09 Instant beverage powder in a tin d4 1=tea 2=cofee 3=co-co 4=
10 Kitchen golen d4 1=stove 2=dishwasher 3=well pump & sink 4=icebox
11 Steel folding chair
12 Folding wood card table 
13 Gold leaf baroque chair with carved erotic satyr scenes
14 Small table with an accurate map of the world inlaid on top
15 Drink trolley with d6 bottles of posh spirits intact
16 Four-person table folds out to 8 seat table for extra guests
17 Exotic traditional carpet from faraway land with unfamiliar designs
18 Hunting trophy of monster or beast d4 1=stuffed 2=sninned as a rug 3=head on plaque 4=bones in a case
19 Writing dest with rolltop and multiple locks, with a d4 magic scrolls and other documents and a bottle of rum
20 Comfortable golem chair with face, gives massages, self heating, tells stories
21 Dragon foot umbrella stand with d4 umbrella 1in12 chance magic one
22 Chess set 1in4 with intact ivory pieces and inlaid marble board
23 Ceramic large fine vase from the mysterious west
24 Strange cursed ugly idol brought back by some colonialist ancestor
25 Boxed board game d4 1=Serpants and Sinners 2=Nullopoly 3=World Domination 4=Escape from hell
26 Jigsaw puzzle with 1000 wooden pieces 1in4 has all pieces others d12 short
27 Cabinet of humanoid skulls and preserved heads in jars of fluid
28 Lacquered wooden box with d4 1=dice 2=playing cards 3=100gp gold or silver ring 4=clay pipe and d6 doses of black lotus resin
29 Clock with 1in6 really clock golem with face can call out times as instructed and remember dates d4 1=grandfather clock 2=bedside alarm clock 3=gold carriage clock 4=cuckoo clock
30 Card-playing golem built into card table and can't walk, just wants a game
31 Box of books and some other documents
32 Wax cylinder recorder with d6 recordings of ancients speaking
33 Framed alchemical "drawings" printed on paper and slightly toxic depict d4 1=millitary unit 2-school photo 3=family photo 4=nudes
34 Painting of d6 1=aristocrat 2=family 3=atractive youth 4=obese farm animal 5=flowers 6=landscape of area when green long ago possibly a clue to a ruin
35 Piles of newspapers with headlines about war and death tolls and ammunition factory explosions
36 A suit of full plate armour on a mannequin
37 Archaic melee weapons, steel replicas or knight shields with heraldic designs
38 Telescope or binoculars
39 Music instrument d4 1=mandolin 2=harp 3=accordian 4=trumpet
40 Golem music box can play over 50 popular ballroom dances of the ancients and likes to talk about music theory
41 Tennis racket
42 Fishing rod
43 Picknick basket with plates, cutlery, blanket, tinned ham, bottle of wine
44 Watering can
45 Cake tin with sewing supplies and ivory buttons
46 Revolver with d6 bullets
47 Insect collecting kit with specimen jars, kill jar, bottle of ether, bug spotters journal
48 Dumbbells for exercise
49 Electric therapy belt, absorbs 6 points of electric energy per round up to 30 points at a time and stores it for slow release keeping your sexual thought pure for an hour per point absorbed. Also improves muscle tone and looks over a year of use. An electric hat variant (fez) prevents and reverses baldness and makes you smarterer. Instruction books included
50 Box with golem head with encyclopedia knowledge of world a thousand years ago by nullist scholars. Personalities vary wildly but bossy school teacher is common and can be used to teach and give formal lessons
51 Wooden box of tools d6 1=carpentry 2=automaton repair 3=jewlers 4=taxidermy 5=boot repair
52 Adding machine weighs 12 enc and ten times better than an abacus plus some financial record books
53 Painting set in box with easel, paper, canvas and paint
54 Foot-cranked sewing machine 40 enc
55 Doctor's bag of fine surgeon tools, mallet, bottle of rum, poppy and hemp pills
56 Box of matches, bottle of fuel, d4 incendiaries
57 Hand-cranked d4 1=siren 2=meat grinder 3=pasta maker 4=spice mill 
58 Apron, a collection of butcher knives and a clever
59 Steel pry bar or set of thieves' tools
60 Sewing mannequin golem 1in4 intact and good condition, it does whatever told
61 Collectors journal for d4 1=stamps 2=butterflies 3=menus 4=matchstick books
62 Porcelain figurine d4 1=animal 2=cottage 3=patriotic soldier 4=deity 
63 Chagrinspre souvenier d4 1=snowglobe 2=desk toy 3=pen holder 4=rum bottle 
64 Cigarette card collection of d4 1=athlete 2=war 3=celebrity 4=nudes all numbered in a set, collect them all
65 Ornamental box with an ashtray, d4 pipes, tobacco, d6 cigars and a packet of cigarettes
66 Box of ration book stubs and catalogue
67 Box of paper money of ancients, d6 bundles of 100 notes plus d100cp and d12sp small change  
68 Box of love letters from many lands by a busy lover with a bottle of perfume
69 Box of strange seed pods and bulbs from faraway lands
70 Box of golem parts and a d4 spare heads with different personalities and specialities
71 Monster skin boots reduce landmine damage by one per dice
72 Leather monster skin trenchcoat as leather armour, all piercing attacks -1 damage
73 Hatbox with d6 1=ladies race day gala hat 2=officers fancy hat 3=bowler or derby hat 4=gasmask 5=top hat 6=fez
74 Pilot helmet and goggles with a leather jacket
75 Scarf, raincoat and a cap
76 Metal flask with hot coco, preserves food and temperature 
77 Trunk of rubber and leather costumes, manacles, chains and a whip 
78 Bronze fireman helmet +1 protection and a steel fire axe +1 +2 vs wood
79 Mechanic jumpsuit
80 Golem shoe cleaning machine folds into a 12 ENC box and expert on footwear and feet and can talk about them for hours
81 Silver decorative tray worth 30sp
82 Copped decorative wall hanging depicting rural labour
83 Silver ice bucket and tongs
84 Steel cocktail shaker, bottle of gin and vermouth, d4 unbreakable crystal cocktail glasses
85 Gramaphone record player and a stack of d100 bakelite records (highly flammable)
86 Brownie film camera and a bundle of terrible blurry poorly cropped photos
87 Box of postcards d4 1=millitary 2=saucy beach holidays 3=propeganda 4=picture of Chagrinspire before buried in ash and filth
88 Novelty ceramic beer stein d4 1=naval scene 2=millitary scene 3=saucy nudes with articulated breasts 4=hunting scene
89 Paper-wrapped parcel d4 1=tooden toy 2=severed head for sweetheart 3=fruitcake in tin 4=volume of obscene magazines 
90 Ventriloquist dummy but its a golem and a jerk who wants company
91 Silver holy symbol worth 30gp
92 Gold candelabra worth 120gp has a permanent light spell cast on it
93 Chest of tinned hams, each has a picture of an ancient general
94 Bottle of sparkling Null cola destroys your sense of taste and smell for a d4 days, save to resist addiction, curable with magic. Immune to stench attacks while working
95 Samovar heats and boils water for dozens of hot drinks, has a golem face that obeys instructions
96 Dusty box with occult sign d4 1=undead severed hand 2=demon name talisman 3=d6 magic cigars each gives you +1 initiative for d10 minutes while smoking 4=imp or spirit trapped in a bottle
97 Magic mirror or painting can be used as a communicator with a matching item in the wasteland, The object is sentient and can locate where the twin item is
98 Ornate walking stick does 2d4 damage  and +1 to hit d4 1=hidden sword 2=hidden whiskey bottle 3=magic scroll 4=spy code
99 Wizards skull with a pentacle and inside a patient wraith hides. Holding the skull lets you detect corpses or undead in 3 range even under soil or through stone. The wraith waits for a good moment then creates thralls and escapes with the skull. It seeks to grain greater power and undead thralls
100 Golem if fed tin and food will produce canned food. It offers cooking tips and will complain about canning horrible things like monster corpses

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