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d100 Features of the Star Wall

The star wall or Star Fortress is the name of the walled fortifications around Chagrinspire. A third are mostly destroyed rubble or buried in mud. The lakefront wall is partly flooded and badly damaged but occupied by fish folk and worse.

The wall is not just a circle but made of star point projections allowing the cannons and artillery in the walls to overlap in fields of fire. The walls have watch towers, gatehouses, cannon towers, artillery bunkers and trenches surrounding them. Some parts of the wall opened into awful traps like courtyards with mazes, minefields with no cover and safe shooting positions for defending 

Most of the apocalypse war was fought in no man's land between two lines of trenches, AT the end the Black Sphere soldiers withdrew and as the allied powers poured in they were largely wiped out by new war machines and guns and gas.

Actually, it's all a bit murky at the last battle who won and how but both sides were heavily depleted of basic resources, materials and willing fighters. People like to think the Black Sphere was stopped and is now non-functional. There are books about it being stopped but they cannot be verified and it is uncertain who really wrote them.

These are for exploring the outer walls and some provide entrances, hazards or defences.

The wall is 60m tall and 20-40m wide. In many areas is fused into the mountain where cliffs have collapsed or been buried by rubble and mudslides.

These are quick handy tables for exploring the wall perimeter

d12 Wall Defenders of the Black Circle
These are the kind of creatures attacking from the walls
1 Orc soldiers with bow, spear and sword
2 Clone soldiers with muskets and bayonets
3 Rabble of filthy commoners, mutants and beast folk 
4 Lycanthrope mercenaries d4 1=bat 2=rat 3=wolf 4=apes
5 Zombie and/or skeleton troops led by a more powerful undead, 1in6 with cavalry
6 Mutant berserk soldiers with mixed equipment of any epoch
7 Abhuman beast folk troops d4 1=dog 2=hyena 3=lamprey 4=ape with muskets and bayonets
8 Troll or ogre gang wearing iron helmets with maces
9 Hill giant with a pet or followers
10 Gargoyles
11 Wizard lord with magical students and d4 1=elemental 2=undead 3=demon/devil/daemon 4=land-knight mercenaries 
12 Gnome grenadiers with automaton soldiers with muskets and bayonets 1in4 have a vehichle or heavy weapon golem

d12 Creatures living in rubble
These are creatures living in rubble and holes in walls
1 Stirges or giant bats
2 Mutant dogs
3 Ghouls led by a ghast or a wight with thralls
4 Goblin gang with pets d4 1=giant bats 2=wolves 3=
5 Giant toads or lizards
Giant beetles or carrion worms
7 Giant spiders or scorpions
8 Owlbear or hook horrors
9 Manticores
12 Chimera
11 Shoggoth
12 Shadows led by a wraith

d12 Patrols outside
1 Barbarian warriors on horse slaughter any magicians they can
2 Orc berserk warband
3 Crusader knights and templars led by paladin on horse scouting
4 Harpies or perytons
5 Manticores or wyverns
6 Pack of intelligent mutant dire wolves 
7 Cultists hunting rival sects
8 Scavengers looking for loot
9 Goblins looking for food
10 Mutant scavengers and cannibals
11 Chaos warriors mounted on mutant horses
12 Autonymous machine d4 1=tripod with heat ray 2=armoured hover car with black powder swivel guns 3=drone golem flyer that drops cast iron grenades with lit fuses 4=

Roll for on-the-fly explorations and hex crawls around the wall.
Roll to prep a section of the wall in advance for characters to explore.

d10 Quick Features
1 Defensive barriers
2 Defenders posts
3 Entrances
5 Living matter
6 Monsters   
7 Damage
8 Occupied
9 Propaganda
10 Weird

d100 Features of the Star Wall
01 Trenches for defenders to man or an obstacle
02 Earthern ramparts are steep slopes of earth
03 Spiked steaks stop charging cavalry and formations
04 Concrete tetrahedrons stop siege machines and break formations
05 Moat d4 1=poluted filth with mutagens 2=murky bog of dangerous wetland animals 3=undead and rancid water 4=
06 Thorn hedges or barriers of other dangerous plants
07 Minefield of explosive or magical traps
08 Pipes that release d4 1=choking smoke 2=stinking clouds 3=disease miasmas 4=poison gas
09 Colonies of giant critters live here d4 1=ants 2=wasps 3=worms 4=leeches
10 Vermin swarms common d4 1=wasps 2=ants 3=worms 3=flies
11 Sharpshooter skirmishers team with spotter and marksman with bow or crossbows or guns 
12 Observers from scouts signal that enemies in the area attracting an encounter of wall defenders, often in a tower or high window
13 Archers or musket or crossbow troops defending from wall cancellations, usually a squad 
14 Extension from wall overhanging possible attackers where attackers can use to attack under cover d4 1=drop rocks 2=boiling oil 3=slime 4=shoot arrows. Often manned by a d4+4 troops 
15 Cannon in tower or walls still works and has a clumsy inexperienced crew that needs target practice
16 Catapault or trebuchet with crew flinging d4 1=rotten corpses 2=rocks 3=burning pitch 4=garbage
17 Patrol on top walkways throw abuse and cruel personal attacks
18 Mob of mutant rabble hurl faeces off walls and relieve themselves 
19 Defenders throw nests of wasps or carnivorous flies at intruders
20 Grenadiers hurl crude cast iron grenades with fuses, incendiaries and smoke bombs
21 Blasted section of wall partly collapsed reveals an opening
22 Several floors up stone cannonballs are lodged in walls and in one place have made an entrance
23 A structure on the wall has collapsed leaving a crudely barricaded hole several floors up
24 Portcullis gate closed
25 Double huge metal gate
26 Drawabridge with moat currently in the up position
27 Heavy door on the narrow walkway well covered by wall defences
28 Small gate to a tunnel that goes under the wall well secured
29 Secret door in a location used for espionage
30 Several stories up is a huge hole now a lair of winged monsters
31 Huge tattered banners of the Black Sphere and allied powers
32 Giant gloomy serious human face or figure in the wall
33 Giant text in the wall of a Black Sphere maxim or epitaph
34 Mural of heroic soldiers fighting for Chagrinspire
35 Walls with names of thousands of soldiers and death tolls of ancient battles
36 Graffiti left by defenders and enemies
37 Warning signs about free fire zones or hazards
38 Relief hemisphere in the wall a reminder of the black spheres promise to destroy everything soon
39 Bodies nailed to the wall, some flensed, some old, some just heads on poles others are in gibbets or partly bricked in walls
40 Pyramids of skulls wearing helmets of ancient alliance against Chagrinspire
41 Vines and vegetation growing up walls 
42 Slimey dripping algae, moss and growth make wall harder to climb 
43 Stream flowing has cut through building leaving alluvial deposits of mud and silt with some vegetation growing in it and slimy algae over the walls. Cutting through the wall may opened an entrance into the structure. Can be hard to climb but also has cover
44 Thorn bushes have grown over the wall inconveniencing defenders and attackers. It is hard to cut and burn. Fire only damages leaves and gives off poison gas clouds. Will damage siege monsters but skilled climbers can use to reach top swiftly
45 Covered in swarms of slimy slugs, snails or worms some giant and menacing 
46 Carnivorous monster plants of various types that compete to eat meat
47 Fungus including giant mushrooms which attract various creatures to eat them like bugs worms, or lizards. Goblins might encourage these areas to grow food and craft materials
48 Slimy gelatinous protoplasm from some dead god or kaiju, possibly jellies and slimes thrive here and covers walls
49 Flesh grows all over the wall with tentacles, eyes and mouths that attack anyone who gets close. Maybe some idiot chaos demigod or an ultraterrestrial alien of the outer void or could it be Xor the world eater entering our world to eat it 
50 Fused mass of humans covered in grasping arms and screaming heads which seek to draw humanoids into their mass covering a section of the wall. A horrifying living monstrosity will be attacked by automatons
51 Gargoyles live in colonies on wall tops and defend the walls they live on
52 Mimics often pretend to be stones in the wall or fill in cannon ball holes pretending to be an intact wall. Some might pretend to be something shiny in a crack between rocks a short climb above ground out of reach
53 Shadows come from the cracks in walls where their cursed ashes were interred in the wall
54 Giant geckos like cracks in walls and other holes and they are good at camouflage and pack tactics
55 Huge beetles or spiders or scorpions live in cracks in walls which feed larger monsters or bigger relatives
56 Swarm of critters live in cracks in the walls d4 1=rats 2=wasps 3=bats 4=ticks 5=flesh eating maggots 6=carniverous flies
57 Giant ants live in the walls and will defend their home. Some only 30cm to a metre but can be up to 3m for the fighting majors
58 Crawling swarms of hopping undead body parts like hands, intestines, feet, hearts and so on that live in the cracks of the wall
59 Gremlins live in cracks and love to torment or even eat big folk. Often they just smuggle their babies into traveller's luggage to grow into mischief-making saboteurs. Will eat rations, foul blankets, shit in your pants, cut cords, undo stitching, tear book pages, misplace tools and worse
60 Living statues of ancient heroes are usually relief sculpted into walls and will activate if they don't see the right uniforms, hear a password or have a Black Sphere millitary banner or flag
61 Wall semi-collapsed leaving a pile of rubble and exposing multiple interior floors reachable by a sloped heap of rubble
62 Stone cannonballs some enormous stuck in walls and in some places leaving holes in the interior
63 Mud and alluvial deposits of ash and filth on the Charginspire mountain have overrun the wall from the inside burying the interior and making the wall passable up a muddy steep slope. Earth elemental creatures lurk here and there is a berried portal to the elemental plane of death that burrowing creatures can operate
64 A huge siege machine or land leviathan or juggernaut has crashed into the wall in the final stages of the apocalypse war. The destruction makes climbing wall or entering it easier
65 A stumbling kaiju attacked a wall and died here breaching the wall and its remains are buried in the rubble of the wall. There may be some taint of chaos or divinity remaining
66 Thousands of skeletons piled into a gentle ramp burying many of the the lower levels of the wall and breaching it. Anyone doing the maths here will be depressed and necromancers will be mining this for millennia to come and have pilgrimages here
67 Volcano has erupted under a wall leaving a bubbling volcanic vent releasing smoke and ash. It can be used to breach the wall or enter it. Fiery beings live here and there is an elemental gateway node that heals and sustains such creatures and provides reinforcements
68 Water pours from the wall forming a small lake that drains into a channel that reaches one of the many rivers coming from Chagrinspire. Water elemental creatures and bitter nymphs frolic here and there is an underwater portal to the plane of elemental water. The wall interior levels can be reached behind the waterfall 
69 Wall is split open and pounded by fierce winds making movement tricky. Air elementals here soar around with glee and protect a gate to the elemental plane of air. Sylphs will greet strangers to determine their intent before letting any being pass
70 Some god or kaiju walked through the wall here leaving a channel of rubble and footprints tainted by their essence. Thousands of bodies lay scattered of both sides
71 Occupied bastion held by orcs d4 1=cyclops obsidian skinned with lightning bolt wielding heroes and magical smith 2=blood red skin swine faced serve devils and demons 2=green chaos berserkers born of gods blood 4=grey skin cave tribe use no metal or fire
72 Occupied tower held by clan of elves who establish their own ecology of dangerous pet animals with mixed goblinoid lower caste who do most of the fighting working and dying and are most of the population d4 1=wood elves grow vegetation over the area 2=dark elves grow fungus everywhere 3=bright elves place magic lamps, holy wards and seals everywhere 4=moon elves leave invisible protoplasmic monsters and series silvery light
73 Dwarf bastion where a clan have taken and continued to hold with reinforcements from home. Also, they make money here recovering ancient relics. They are wary of strangers but good dwarf manners will get you in the door to be tested
74 Overun by trolls who have made their own doors, windows and scaffolding structures. Most are in same gibbering idiot but their king claims to be of the kind long thought extinct who were as mighty as the faerie 
75 Goblinoids have built their own civilisation with a ruling council of various goblinoid peoples. Leaders elected by elders include the monarch, the war chief and the boss shaman but all available to bugbears, goblins or hobgoblins. Other exotic goblinoids are ineligible. They have made a magnificent dense mushroom filled gobloinoid town of traders and crafters. Goblin markets are most nights but other feasts and festivals keep them lively.  Wary of elves or other faerie
76 Ogres have taken over the area smashing new openings and making various ramps. They smashed open structures exposing many floods and tearing the place down. These are chaos ogres with axes and clubs opposed to the black Sphere Cult. Occasionally their former kin attack, Black Sphere allied ogres in iron helmets, iron cuirass, a blunderbuss and a halberd. They now believe this heap of rubble was always here and they are rulers of the centre of the universe on the primordial heap of rubble. Forgotten the mission of their ancestors mostly
77 Mutants occupy this bastion complex and are overcrowded and smelly. They collect scrap and spread contaminated alchemical waste to keep away everyone. They have a monarch and a chaos wizard preacher
78 Beastfolk have taken over this area modifying it and adding entrances, windows, burrows and places to climb and leap about. They have a monarch and a shaman. Tribal allegiance to d6 1=chaos 2=demons 3=druids 4=monster kings 5=hell 6=faerie 7=cosmic law 8=black sphere cultists
79 Gnome airship tethered to a citadel surrounded by intact walls. Grey gnomes include paratroopers with gasmasks, supported by aerial bombardment of poison gas and smoke. Automaton soldiers and fighting machines guard their walls
80 Black Sphere Cult barracks, still occupied after a thousand years and now just patrol the wall and skirmish well-established other faction-occupied zones. Have advanced firearms, some automatons and an artillery wizard
81 Covered in chaos and demon cult insignia 
82 Relief sculpture in the wall has been vandalised or defaced or painted with obscenities
83 Thousands of names of pilgrims who visited here and a well
84 Walls gruesomely covered in impaled corpses of hundreds of Black Sphere Cult soldiers
85 Huge phrase painted of a Black Sphere Cult maxim, visible miles away 
86 Wanted posters for various maniacs of the wasteland someone pastes all the way out here from many lands. How they get here nobody knows. Being listed here is a matter of pride among warlords
87 Statues and relief sculptures have been shot to scarify beyond recognition
88 Propaganda posters and murals
89 Loudspeakers exhorting Cult of the Black Sphere maxims loudly cut with music and news of the glorious war on the front
90 Cults paint huge 3d embossed gothic script demon names and demon portraits and their lewd rites and tag demon sigils to mark gang cult turf
91 Cut stone walls melted by some terrible force long ago with petrified remains if inhabitants in the rock. Possibly turned into mud then back to rock
92 Burned rubble with a crater of some terrible burning impact long ago
93 Wall is imprisoned in ice with frost creatures from some elemental subplane. Unnatural cold radiates from the area and doors are surprisingly brittle 
94 The forces of hell have warped this area and features decorated to hellish decor fashion with fiery pits, chains, screaming prisoners and pools of burning lava. Doorways here may actually portals. Imps offer you spells for contracts with hell
95 Walls are bleeding some strange substance d4 1=blood 2=slime 3=poison 4=oil
96 Automated artillery piece with a golem face fires shells up to a mile per ten minutes with a team of loaders and a hundred workers melting scrap and making ammo. The gun is their god 
97 Recently exposed bunker elevator doors containing a complex of the ancients to survive the apocalypse war that ended a thousand years ago
98 A tower hurts to look at. It broadcasts an aura of fear that also prevents plants from growing. It is part of the Black Sphere doomsday apparatus that may inform factions how to beat the wasteland
99 Crystalline region frozen in time by law in the final days of the apocalypse war entrapping a fighting force of ancient veterans. Some groups want to free them
100 Pristine Black Sphere citadel complex surrounded by a dome of defensive darkness. Inside there are hundreds of outer void cult wizards doing some huge ritual 


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