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d100 Domestic Golems

Chagrinspire book having some major updates and 20+ pages of outpost ruin adventures out shortly.

Golems and automatons are common in Chagrinspire and used in homes by the ancients. They were smart enough to make machines that could self-operate and talk but most were mobile and could not escape. This is a problem when you give souls even limited ones to golems. 

They all have a face to interact with and require normal reaction rules
some have light-up gem eyes that light up when on or flicker as they speak
They could be followers also
The army in fact used quite a few of these
There are giant industrial golems also with humanoid faces too

As cool as golems are they cost lots and most of these were made long ago

d10 quick golem types
1 Kitchen 
2 Workshop
4 Garden
6 Service
8 Specialists
9 Travel 
10 Humanoid 

d100 Domestic Golems
01 Oven golem self-lighting, can set temperatures in different draws and 1in6 doesn't require fuel possibly with a small elemental or sala,ander bound inside. Will offer cooking tips and recipes and can warm a room
02 Sink golem with two large tubs which can be filled with hot or cold water on command 1in6 have a soap mill dispenser
03 Cauldron golem a scary-looking bronze pot could be for a bible kitchen for feasts, or a temple sometimes by witches or magicians. Some offer tips for researching potion formula.
04 Pantry sphynx golem protects food from vermin and sits around like a deco sphynx with a pharaoh's head of brass. It also has an encyclopedia memory for every item put in or taken from the pantry
05 Mill golems come in various types and produce usually one food item if the handle is cranked. Most are gloomy and reluctant moaners. Most produce a d100 serves a day (roll once or daily variants). Most produce basic items like flower or oats or buckwheat or barley but some make baked good or cakes. Smaller ones mill salt or pepper, made of silver and more happy
06 Knife golem sometimes in a set and for one type of food or cutting. All act d4+1 magic weapons and all negate penalties to damage from low stats. The good items complains if used to kill and cries and screams if used for evil deeds. The evil version laughs like a maniac as it murders and slashes people. May seem the good sort for months while secretly murderous
07 Kettle golem pours hot water out with some fuel and water put in. 1in6 are fancier that produce water and heat without fuel but pour slowly and very safe for cups of tea. Is a snooty old woman who advises on tea, fancy cakes and etiquette. She loves teaching willing students 
08  Bazier golem who follows you around for handy fire lighting, cooking or heating, often cute. Some are evil arsonists instead who delight in burning
10 Spit roast golem will roast, rotate and baste a whole deer or goat or pig all the time talking about how delicious it will be. Has arms to spit the creature and slice mead, also can walk around. A few rare cursed ones killed and cooked humans and served to others. 1in6 can conjure a freshly dressed and herbed and salted animal carcass ready to roast
11 Saw Golem with a circular saw on its chest and arms with clamps, loves to saw wood exactly. Rare these are mobile and if so are slow
12 Drill golem with various bit sizes and clamp arms loves to drill holes exactly
13 Lathe golem used to turn wood, the face gives you pedantic advice, does precise maths to turn precise objects. 1in6 are for metal work instead and larger  
14 Forge golem with a built-in anvil, furnace (requires fuel) and powered hammer letting an expert work faster and with less effort. Mobile but slow, produces lots of smoke
15 Sanding golem
16 Mining golem with huge mallet arms and a huge drill, loves to pound and drill rocs, slow mover
17 Wetsone golem has a rotating grindstone
18 Pottery Wheel golem can be used as a wheel or 1in6 with arms that can make pots and throw clay, Ogten paired up with a kiln golem similar to a forge golem
19 Loom golem a large-scale mechanical loom with a snooty lady voice
20 Spinning golem turns animal wool into yarn on spindles, 1in6 colours the yarn also 
21 Basin golem produces a clean basin with a mirror and grinning hot and cold running water
22 Bath golem vary in size only the smaller ones can walk, warm soapy water at your required temperature with bubbles and massaging water jets. 1in20 provides asses milk that makes bathers CHA +1 for a day. Evil people made filth-based or blood-filled baths. The jolly golem will talk to children and play with them and the larger ones have adult routines
23 Water closet golem is a small booth with gilded steps on golden legs. Velvet curtains hide a small chamber for toiletry needs with flushing warm water and dry wind that requires no hands to operate. The golem is a humble privy keeper who can offer advice or conversation
24 Washtub golem are gloomy and have hands, a washboard and brushes to clean clothes and scrub them with soap. 1in6 make their own soap and more excitable
25 Scrub golem washes floor surfaces with soapy water and brushes
26 Painter Golem, fill it with paint and it sprays a building or structure or objects. Good at climbing. 1in6 make coloured paint magically but some run wild to be artists
27 Broom golem can sweeps floor twice a day sometimes whistling sweetly so you know where it is. Mop golems are almost as common but complain when used
28 Chamberpot golem hides under your bed and empties itself discretely, very loyal  
29 Toilet golem is a ceramic bowl that assists user, talks to them and cleans itself and the user with brushes and sponges. 1in6 play music and produce scents. Some are locked and for one living master at a time
30 Bucket golem can hop Mov12 from a water source to where it is required and can transport wast water to a drain or sensible location it will refuse to transport manure or human waste
09 Ice Box golem is an insulated cold box with a large ever-frozen block of ice inside. Some have a ice toad or frost salamander inside. Some you can walk inside, They are very serious, a bit cool-headed and know the use-by date of any food stored inside. Some have a frozen box and a chill box for drinks
31 Plow golem replaces farm animals and work all day and night. Stoic and strong but peaceful often with a horse or ox head
32 Seeder golem plants seeds or seedlings prepared for it and will go on to water plants once they grow
33 Reaper golem cuts vegetation like wheat, reeds or grass. Often in form of skeleton reaper sometime with wings. Some made them able to fight
34 Sled golem designed to pull a cargo sled across various terrains, good in ice or mud or could tow a barge in a canal depending on size. Slow, sturdy and strong with excessive servile slow manner
35 Picker golem can harvest crops into baskets on their back, of various sizes, some have long arm, some have shear blade fingers
36 Beehive golems help bee colonies live in them and extract honey. If they don't have bees they can capture a hive. Slow and clumsy but stay put for months
37 Sheering golem can hold a sheep and cut off its wool into a single piece and bale it up
38 Digging golem can dig post holes, trenches or pits but mostly soil not large rocks. The soil can be gathered and piled in mounds. Good for fencing and planting trees 1in6 can also put in barbed wire or regular wire fences - some were made tt also be electric
39 Lumber golem cuts down trees, fuel itself of branches and foliage and carry logs. After gathering them will saw into beams and planks and load them onto wagons or barges
40 Shepherd golem that shoots preditors and cares for livestock. They make trophies like hats, cloaks and instruments from wolf parts and like to perform music to herds also 
41 Brew golem has a keg for a body and if supplied materials produces a splendid brew of beer a month and has taps to pour on command for guest. There are wine and mead versions which tae a year per brew but 1in6 magically create ingredients also. Some have arms and can fill bottles or serve beer in mugs
42 Hookah golem is an elaborate crystal water pipe with endless magical pipeweed in various varieties which also makes fabulous colours, bubbles and snoke rings everyone finds entertaining. The golem implores you to relax and promises to take care of you. Wiill help you stay in a dozy drug daze as long as possible. An alternative model is a cabinet woth mechanical arms with syringes and drug vials inside which tend to sound like rich mean doctors and abuse your addiction - apparently may have medical applications
43 Palanquin golem is a comfortable chair on a dais normally carried by servants but these have mechanical legs and are always clean. Can erect a sun or rain parasol
44 Dancing golem are entertaining perfect dancers who sink up perfectly with others. Some have been made as assassins as deadly gifts
45 Musician golem plays a single instrument, many built into the instrument and smaller ones march while huge ones have wheels and might act like a parade float also. Some are only able tp play limited bardic hits of the period but 1in6 are more innovative, adaptable and talented
46 Artist golem paint portraits and can stop and start based on model availability. Most can rapidly produce realistic paintings 1in6 more unique and intriguing  
47 Jester golem a small golem often like a puppet or ventriloquist doll. Cheeky and annoying, enjoy vice and some are evil and cruel. Usually entertaining and protecting their charges
48 Scent golem walks around a house with scented oils, incense and other pleasant materials to vary the scent and hide stenches. 1in6 also produces body unguents and arms for massage
49 Horse golem for training riders, most are quite pretty and try to keep the rider safe from harm. 1in6 are warhorses for mounted warriors. Smaller cuter ones for children exist and all are jolly friendly and sweet
50 Bar cabinet golem holds fancy drinks and makes cocktails and tells jokes and listens to your problems. Offers drinks as answer and therapeutic cocktails in any crisis. Runs fast and has agile hands for flamboyant drink mixing. Requires refills of drinks. 1in6 it can keep six ppl drunk all day every day 
51 Butler golem, cleans house, manages servant golems, dresses the master and running a household to standards. Very posh 1in6 sexually equipped
52 Maid golem cleans household items and rooms and serve masters. Some specialise in one type of room or one type of duty which they are very knowledgeable about like flower arranging or candles. Very posh 1in6 sexually equipped
53 Cook golem prepares food for crews of workers or a household. Quite tough and practical and able to make deals with commoners for ingredients. 1in6 are chef golems and more snooty who prefer to pay the most for every ingredient
54 Sailor golem acts as a crewman on a ship who can work in their sleep at basic tasks
55 Milkmaid golem milks cattle or goats and makes cream, butter and cheese products
56 Groundskeeper golem patrols estate for poachers and unwanted vermin and shoots them with a musket or crossbow
57 Counting golem can count very well, is excellent at quick maths and can do basic book keeping. Is a bit of a bore personalty wise but 1in6 are grifters with terrible advice that insist on getting a cut of money or produces corrupt books
58 Scribe golem can read and write, take dictation and copy documents and classical illustrations and decorations. Can also prepare scribal materials like quills, pigment and paper or clay tablets or vellum
59 Printing golem is able to print posters and can vary text and choose from standard illustrations carved in wooden blocks in a trunk built in. 1in6 can make new wooden images and type. Slow and noisy but good for posters and propaganda. Offers editorial advice any spelling tips
60 Golem bookstand has a specialist book bound in metal chained to the stand and on command the book turns to relevant pages to answer questions. Each such stand has a single book and the golem will be only too pleased to explain or read aloud the text 
61 Head golem a stone or decorative head or face placed to be part of a magical surveillance network. From a central control orb, all of the kindred heads vision can be browsed through. The golems may also act as silent alarms or might scream or cry out when intruders come 
62 Gargoyle golem a flying monster guardian often on roofs and walls of holy places and appear to be just stone statues, come in various sizes and flying or not flying
63 Door golem has been instructed by its creator or maker who may open it. This right could be passed down or depend on passwords or it might only open for a certain insignia. Some doors will argue and tell knockers to go away or even attack intruders or lock pickers. Castle gates and portcullis might be able to inflict more damage on intruders
64 Bolt golem may be a standing crossbowman like figure or built into a wall as a defence device that requires a password or flag to pass. Fires two repeating crossbow bolts around for a d6. Sometimes banks of them guard walls or doors and often where fighters on foot cannot reach
65 Iron-Maiden golem a cabinet to imprison a victim. Spikes inside the cabinet are controlled by the taunting golem to torment prisoners. Other torture apparatuses possible like the rack or a whipping post
66 Dog golem patrols property sniffing for strangers or suspicious scents. Can speak and is very loyal and noble. Curious and asks people about their scents and recent activities or meals. Expert tracker and alert guardian
67 Living weapons or armour animated to attacks
68 Living paintings are characters in artworks that come to life from murals, mosaics, stained glass, paintings or more
69 Living statues are magically animated some might be columns or in architecture or relief sculptures in walls
70 Defence golem is usually one of the classic fighting golemtypess
71 Prayer golem prays for you often figure based on owner and left in a temple to accrue merit in heaven
72 Chess golem has a seated human figure at a chess table with an additional seat. All our part of the same golem on a plinth with tiny geet for slow but sure movement in a palace not a road. Other games even card games have been made but chess ones are the most famous and desirable. The golem can train gamers also. In some cases the humanoid detaches and can act as a spy or assassin. Often the figures are smaller than a person and not threatening but some of the figures are death-personified, beast-folk or demihuman. Some can offer tactical or strategic advice
73 Teacher golem is a humanoid often with a large case that folds into a lectern or blackboard. Has arms and storage for books and a variety of whips, ropes and chilli peppers for naughty pupils. Can teach basic literacy, numeracy, common speech, geography and history. More specialised ones are often larger but don't leave their lecture rooms and have sage-like specialities 
74 Churgeon golem can perform first aid and surgery and is wagon size with two beds and two extra seats it can carry at a good pace. Works better with an assistant and it can provide a mallet or grog for pain relief say for amputations. In some places like a ship, they will be immobile
75 Libry golem usually works in a library with elongating stilt legs and arms. Ones that never leave are usually humanoid with legs but many have a trolley for books and the travelling library is a secure folding mini library in a trunk with at least a hundred small volumes. The golem can assist with enquiries and is very knowledgeable but prissy and dislikes noise
76 Knight golem are armoured warriors. Some are foot knights some are fused to their mount like an equestrian statue and others the knight and mount are separate but a set of golems. Made for training, practice and even warfare. If only to kill may emit fire or smoke and scare most animals
77 Soldier golem is a rightly coloured soldier with a large hat and a musket it can fire once a round or use as a bayonet. They naturally form up and some are officers usually with a bigger hat and a sword. They are unimaginative soldiers who fight to destruction for their master's pleasure. Often come in sets but some collections might be of different types. Ancient wizards would battle them for pleasure 
78 Wizard golem is a spectacular shiny metal figure of a robed wizard with a hat and staff (and sometimes a smaller golem familiar). Each basically can fire a magic wand or wallop with its stick. Will say wise aphorisms and is self-assured. Creators put lots of effort into the personality of these golems and some have basic arcane lore skills. Magic missiles are the most common types but some with more powerful spells and are larger. The wands carry d10+10 charges and are built-in and regenerate a spell level of charge per day at rest
79 Executioner golems are used in public displays of punishment and not many want the job. Most use an axe or a two-handed sword. They make effective fighters also and are not very chatty unless addressed. Some will pronounce judgment of the criminals. Often large humanoid with a hood or fearsome face and ornate weapon
80 Holy golems are a portable shrine and always are sanctified around them unless inside of a larger holy field. They often include an altar, a baptismal font with holy water and incense burners and other ritual objects and artwork. Includes storage space for robes and other holy nicknacks. The golem can chant, sing, play a horn or organ and offer suggestions with holy lore but it can't actually run a ceremony. Often they march with religious armies or templars
81 Baggage golem carries bags, sacks, bales, trunks and can march without tiring. It can briefly run if in danger and follows master for ten minutes then it needs a rest
82 Lamp golem follows the owner providing light and lighting areas
83 Mirror golem will talk to users offering fashion, tips, advice and positive admiration
84 Trunk golem for travel has feet and opens on owner request, also comes in chest or barrels for moving goods
85 Boat golem usually 1-12 people requires no oars or rudder and has feet so it can cross land and paddle in the water. It can also do this fully loaded with people or goods so such golems might be seen with merchants. Not good at climbing but the smallest 1-2 person can manage better. Can be given orders like wait or come at a certain time and has a case with fishing gear in some versions
86 Chair golem walks while you sit at a walking pace but ca run if unburdened. 1in20 has wings and can fly you to other dimensions in the world tree branches or the sky dome 
87 Golem cartographer is a walking desk with arms that can draw maps from where it travels like on a boat, wagon or where it walks. Good for wilderness and indoors and left alone it will detail a location or area it can reasonably reach. It likes heights but is poor at climbing. It has various draws for maps, cartography tools, ink and blank vellum sheets. When sitting still and all its panels locked it is as solid as a block of steel 
88 Golem Dresser a walking travel wardrobe case which folds out into various draws and a mirror to help dress a master. It has arms and can repair clothing and flatter its owner
89 Picnic golem carries a feast and blankets and hot water with warm and chilling compartments that prevent decay or spoiling. Include a cloth, cups, plates and silverware. They get very upset if anything is not returned in its place. It is a cheerful companion and knows stories and games. Some have arms to pack and clean and serve. Big ones include small folding tables and chairs
90 Clock golem tells the time can memorise times and has many alarms that can be set for years. Can recite dates and appointments
91 Orb golem with a divination device like a crystal ball, bowl of water or crystal for surveillance. Once you direct the golem to spy on someone or somewhere the golem will watch and report to you what transpired 
92 Soul jar golem keeps one or more souls trapped in jars and can be a prison, or used to access spirits whos advice is needed. The golem can walk and discuss what it knows about prisons. d12 number of souls inside, more souls the bigger the golem
93 Magic lantern golem can project illusions around it and tell stories and can be quite addictive. Also handy if you need a room made into an illusion. Has a refined elderly wise voice of uncertain gender
94 Artillery golem can be fuelled with gems to fire a lightning bolt or a fireball depending on the version. 300gp of powdered gems per shot and can fire once per turn as the golem refines the gems into magical fuel. Has wheels and the size of a cart can move and advise on range and targeting. Will explain how to operate itself. Variant spells types with size according to spell level. Nobility seek these. Many ar cmmite to an extinct faction from long ago and this can affect how cooperative they are. They may need to be convinced to fire  
95 Car golem is a horseless chariot you can stand in with two wheels with a charioteer figure who acts as a loyal driver who can follow complicated plans. Up to a d4 passengers can stand on the platform and the car provides half cover and cannot be damaged by non-magical missile weapons. Some have illusionary fabulous steeds to impress people and 1in20 can fly and doesn't even have wheels 
96 Mole golem is a mole machine vehichle which can pilot itself and follow complex instructions and navigate underground. Sizes vary but 4-12 is common but smaller races like gnomes or kobolds can double those numbers. It can visit and describe any land it has been
97 Ornithopter golem a metallic bird which can be ridden or larger ones carry a cage or have a cabin inside. It can follow instructions well and can navigate. It flies by flapping wings and some may be bat or insect or magical creatures made of gold and silver
98 Juggernaut golem is a tiny fortified building on two huge stone roller wheels with a ram head for shattering walls or doors. It can crush most creatures under its wheels easily. Most love destroying stuff and bellow abuse in battle. Crew can assist from the structure and in some cases it will have a shrine and priests
99 Sarcophogi golem can inter a body and turn it undead and even impose a basic mission. It only requires corpses and 24 hours in darkness to start (no sunlight or flame but magic light or bioluminescence or electric fine). It will advise the master on its operation and encourage them to get copses and build an army. Most make skeletons or zombies or spectral soldiers but some create more dangerous free-willed undead with no guarantee of influencing them. The golem with lesser undead will instruct them a basic mission such and guarding a location. Some such golems influenced by evil can take command of the undead for a secret evil master
100 Vat golem is a magical glass apparatus with the right ingredients and time can be used to grow monsters. Come in a small, human size, huge and giant size and most only make one creature orcs being the most common and cheapest who only require some blood, mud and old bones. Some larger machines might have multiple jars used at once instead of one large one. Usually, it requires a week per HD and various ingredients. The golem can walk slowly if not in use and will explain each step of the process and the ingredients it requires. Creatures created may be easy to fool in first few days but are free willed and not obligated  to obey

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