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Subterranean Entrances in Chagrinspire

Played Gunderholfen solo up to 4th level sub levels. Had a few close near TPKs, lost a follower and blew 20% of all cash made on a raise dead for them. Blew every potion. Currently fighting undead which is a bit tedious now cleric turns used up. Cleric also has diseases but has a scroll - waiting until really need to use scroll as might face more undead that cause this. AC of cleric and fighter have helped them do ok. Helping to test new rule mods before next game and new character sheets. Currently running Marvel and it needs very little prep with tables i made this year and player-driven choices. Playing Ravenloft 5th ed and long time since i was a cleric. Feels like i can do cleric and fighter and wizard stuff well by my old-school wired brain. 


There are dirty holes all over the wastelands. This is to help generate on the fly. Some might be where monsters they meet as encounters call home. Some might be dungeons or underground transit tunnels. 

I will start on the Chagrinspire region map soon. The innermost defence ring around the dark spire has ruins of cities mostly drowned in mud or warped by Chaos hoping to subvert the Black Sphere mechanisms. They will be slow to find worthwhile undamaged goods and have to weigh it up with the risk of encountering mutants and creatures living in the ruins who hate outsiders. Once im satisfied with this outer region stuff I will work on the Dungeon Proper. All this started from a dungeon doodle and the urge to make a a exrta grimy filthy post-apocalypse fantasy world.

Will be working on post about the walls of the star fort around chagrinspire with vast walls with huge cannons and signs of past damage.

d10 Quick Subterranean Entrances in Chagrinspire
1 Burrows
2 Caves
3 Tunnels
4 Sapper holes
5 Homes
6 Lair
7 Ruins
8 Dungeons
9 Bunker
10 Colony

d100 Subterranean Entrances in Chagrinspire
01 Burrows of giant insects with various specialised chambers d6 1=ants 2=ankheg 3=beetles 4=insect abhumanoids (mantis or locust folk)
 Burrows of giant worms d4 1=giant leeches 2=carrion worms 3=purple worms 4=worm abhumanoids (leech folk)
03 Land shark burrow with a huge chamber where it sleeps and a chamber or faeces and remains of victims, possibly metal items 
04 Giant toad burrow with flowing water and many large bugs and worms they feed off
05 Giant killer mole burrow often with many giant earthworms inside. The moles have paralysing bites and carry victims to their larder chamber which might have other victims trapped
06 Trapdoor spider burrow with a concealed entrance with a chamber of husks of victims
07 Giant scorpion burrow with some huge smaller babies inside
08 Giant Lizard burrows, various breeds possible
09 Moist slime hole full of slime and jelly creatures, possibly was a ruined structure buried
10 Burrow of a sleeping kaiju slumbering for centuries. giant ticks crawl on its body
11 Great cave system with huge gate and wall built inside entrance. Once traders from the Underland came here from the deep to trade and the gate was built to control the passage to prevent traders from working with allies against Chagrinspire
12 Sinkhole drops to the depths revealing ancient caves with prehistoric art depicting tribes and gods finishing the age of darkness and monster kings long before Chagrinspire
13 Cave leading to an underground river connecting various underground lakes and vast subterranean oceans
14 Cave where corpses were dumped for centuries and crawling in undead in ancient soldier's kit
15 Cave with bones and huge faeces piles by entry. Terrible odours waft from there and the smell of sulpher. An ancient dragon lives here and is guarded by servants and dragon cultists
16 Cave complex inhabited by troll or giant family
17 Cave with ancient marine fossils. Occasionally certain scholars seek these fine examples from this cave petrified long ago. Some have been revived and some species like trilobites returned from extinction from this very cave 
18 Cave grotto where an ancient immortal hermit lives. Reluctant to admit age and talk about things they saw and did in the apocalypse war. Cursed by the gods and cannot leave the region
19 Cave complex full of webs and mage-spiders ruled by a demon spider queen who remembers the Apocalypse war and loves to eat elves. Likes to chat to dinner guest captives
20 Cave with a portal to another plane guarded by denizens of that world
21 Concrete stairwell with metal hatch, goes down to subterranean train tunnels
22 Metal hatch with ladder into pipeline tunnels for water or power or gas
23 Train tracks into a tunnel system in a hill 
24 Crack in earth exposed ancient storm drain tunnels
25 Semi-flooded concrete tunnels open on the surface with barred entrances releasing flow on the surface
26 Rough rock-hewn tunnel where someone carved a hiding place to escape persecution with various levels, chambers and round stone doors that roll into place to block passage 
27 Ancient narrow rough-hewn mine shaft into a labyrinth complex with warped and sagging beams. Occasional miner remains and shrines. Possibly kobolds or undead
28 Wide mine tunnel with tracks and machinery scattered by evidence goes into the deep
29 Emergency tunnels for hiding from bombs and artillery with large shelters and tunnels to other locations
30 Millitary tunnels for secret vehicles transit, may have automated defences 
31 Tunnel in trench dugout winds under no-mans-land to enemy lines
32 Tunnels in the trench flooded with water with a non-functional pump
33 Tunnel from trench to under a distant hill where there is a chamber full of ancient unstable explosives ready to blow
34 Trench tunnels of sappers, meet enemy sapper tunnels and remains of combatants with respirators and spiked clubs and trench tools
35 Trench tunnel semi-collapsed but could be unblocked. Leads across no man's land and remains of sappers trapped under rubble
36 Sinkhole opens into partly collapsed sappers tunnels where undead trench fighters wander aimlessly
37 Tunnel system into an enemy bunker. The breach shows signs of battle and damage with corpses everywhere
38 Sappers tunnels from a trench filled with traps and past victim's remains
39 Sappers tunnels semi-flooded with areas overgrown with fungus and rafts of floating mould
40 Sappers tunnel under trench with store room including explosives, digging tools, lamps, 
41 Old trench dugout now a home for mutant scavengers
42 Sinkhole with a rope ladder leads to a ruined subway where a clan of inbred scavengers live who trade with other tribes. Has other secret entrances
43 Partially buried train now home to a gang of orphan children whose adults never returned
44 Hangers once concealed from air now mostly buried are now a colony of pilgrims who have made a marketplace for scavengers. They seem to be trying to trade for something specific
45 Ancient drain pipe leads to an underground junction occupied by a gang of bandits
46 Badly damaged surface ruins with service tunnels connecting plant rooms now occupied by a family of halflings who welcome strangers to dinner
47 Crashed airship semi-buried some to a scavenger family living as best they can having escaped tyranny in their homeland
48 Underground road tunnel entrance home to scrapper clan with goods to sell and several salvaged automatons to guard them. Various vehicles serve as homes and hotel rooms and the deeper tunnel has a barricade to stop undead living deeper
49 Apartment block ruin, upper levels broken and exposed, lower levels buried and occupied by a cult. Upper levels pretend to be scavengers and invite strangers in to trade and stay. Lower levels include a demonic temple
50 Former underground prison complex. One wing is occupied by mushroom farmers who grow food in B wing. Other wings are sealed off and crawling with giant bugs and undead
51 Creek has exposed a buried ruin where a family of ogre siblings have a lair 
52 Orcs have made a shelter by burying various vehicles connected by tunnels made of scrap metal. A cargo plane makes up the central communal area
53 Goblins have occupied service tunnels under a ruined army training camp
54 Roofless remains of old theatre and pipe organ on surface badly scavenged. Under the theatre trolls live often wearing remains of old theatre costumes like powdered wigs, capes and costume jewellery
55 Ancient cathedral badly blasted, catacombs occupied by undead kept in check by the gargoyles on the upper cathedral. Without them undead would spread over the region
56 Under the remains of a dead forest of limbless tree stumps and trunks is an elf scout base from the Faerie lands. Tunnels among dead roots are here to watch developments around Chagrinspire and search for a way to stop the anti-life curse over the land
57 Giant fungus-filled sinkhole where dark elves and goblin thralls live. The dark elves seek lost knowledge of the ancients but this has gone poorly so survival has taken over. Normally they would be for malicious pranks on outsiders but mostly they hide now in a castle of fungus in a central cave chamber
58 A broken-down mole machine in a tunnel from the surface is home of a melancholic grey gnome crew stranded on the surface. They are defended by automaton guards and muskets
59 Stone gatehouse in a hill with iron doors where dwarves live. The gather arcane steel from battlefields to ship to their home kingdom
60 Broken pipe breaks the surface and has been fitted with a locked iron gate with steam leaking out. It leads to a Derro lair where they recycle ancient trash to build their own steam machines. The smelt metal into ingots or new weapons 
61 Ruined underground train station entrance to multi level rail platform and small shopping arcade. Home to a variety of occupants
62 Ruined school buried in mud and occupied by various factions who made it into a base
63 Ruined hospital built underground to resist aerial attacks, some sections guarded by automatons others overun by wasteland creatures and survivors
64 Ruins of university mostly buried, once for training alchemists and machine makers for war effort, scavengers and factions fight over scraps of forbidden knowledge inside
65 Ruined meat packing plant buried in mud, used by factions for same purpose but smaller scale and cruder
66 Mausoleum complex with vast catacombs underneath. Necromancers took over as base to make undead armies. Priests and paladins killed most of them long ago
67 Factory ruin on surface with underground storage and freight rail tunnel hub
68 Underground base erected by allied factions to prepare an attack in secret. Once deployed the base was abandoned but attracted mutant vermin
69 Water purification plant, badly damaged but underground cisterns, plants and service tunnels are crawling with creatures. Some areas semi flooded and a source of purified water
70 Remains of airfield with ruined hangers and tower with service tunnels and bomb shelters 
71 Goblins dug this dungeon complex as a base and orcs took it over
72 A wizard came here to seek lost knowledge and built this dungeon but was betrayed by apprentices
73 Dungeon built by grey gnomes with automatons, muskets and magic
74 Dungeon was established by alchemists guild centuries ago to seek knowledge in secret about Chagrinspire. They were killed by invading monsters but secrets here would shame the modern guild who claim to be unrelated to the builders of Chagrinspire
75 Dungeon built by wizards to capture and vivisect creatures and abhumans of the wastes in hopes of recreating more. The creatures killed the wizard and took over
76 Dungeon built by dwarves as a base taken over by evil faction of dwarf heretics
77 Dungeon built by Chaos cult where the endowed cultists and animals with mutations
78 Dungeon of Law cult who placed themselves into perfect stasis. Other creatures moved in and live among the crystalline frozen-in-time original inhabitants 
79 Dungeon built by church as a base for crusading paladins all killed by gre gnome automatons and poison gas that attacked by mole machines breaching all defences
80 Dungeon complex used to summon demons to attack Chagrinspire in the apocalypse war
81 Concrete bunker with broken cannon on the surface. Monsters have taken over after all the ammunition out and the gun cult fled
82 Command bunker used by allied command for local battlefields. After failing officers committed suicide monsters moved in
83 Communications bunker with antenna and telegraph poles radiating. Base used for communications and intelligence. Inside are remains of spies and documents in safes
84 Concrete watch tower ruined with remains of a famous cannon. Past the sad spirit of the gun now without a cult od worshippers is an entry to the underground supply depot usually left with traps or occupied by some faction or humanoids. Surrounded by trenches and a dugout for troops
85 Concrete frontier fort destroyed by bombardment, under the rubble is a long sealed dungeon complex with undead prisoners and stores of weapons
86 Concrete temple bunker ruin dedicated to Zardan god of Guns, with remains of an airship mast. Underneath is a secret intact grey gnome complex with war machines and are ready for action 
87 Land leviathan wreckage, once a tracked land battleship was trapped due to loss of parts and turned into a bunker with scrap and rubble. Underneath from lower ship levels are tunnels used by defenders 
88 A series of concrete gun emplacement bunkers linked by tunnels in an underground complex. Usually pointing towards an ancient enemy and facing mostly one way. Was taken n fierce fighting
89 Vast valley area smothered in garbage from the industrial age of magic late in the Apocalypse war. Under the garbage mine tunnels and past the scavenger settlement level is a secret bunker of the Cult of the Black Sphere here to complete the project of Cagrinspire
90 A crude fort made from wrecked vehicles where settlers once lived. Underneath is a Morlock operated bunker where the surviving settlers are now lobotomized farm animals 
91 Tent village colony surrounded by 6m high thornbush wall, inside are herder who are also slavers. They run auctions and unsold slaves they trade with smarter undead, cults and monsters for ancient treasure. Underneath the village are catacombs for cultists and cannibals privacy 
92 Tent army camp guarding penal colonists, surrounded by trenches in an old ruined agricultural factory. Settlers in inner areas report an underground transit and service tunnels full of monsters
93 Tradingpost set up in a underground train station by criminal gang and bandits, also smuggle drugs across the continent and fugitives who come here end up in debt to the mob. Something in the tunnels below are murdering gang members and collecting heads. Bugbears and goblins live in mushroom caves below and trade magic potions. They also make shrunken heads into grenaides with fuses coming from the mouth 
94 Vast concrete vault with evidence of past failed attacks. Below is a hidden colony of ancients of the Cult of the Black Sphere frozen asleep in time by alchemical apratus. They are guarded by orcs on the first few sub levels who also do dirty jobs. A secret door sends out orc scavenging parties 
95 In a cave in a well-trod gulley is a huge fungus cavern of faerie folk who make magic from fungus grown in the alchemical tainted soil. Some have a fungus citadel occupied by some Underland species mixed with one type ruling all
96 A colony of prehistoric reptilian folk and their vat grown war dinosaurs have awoken and want the world back. From their underground colony vault they plan conquest with their alien technology  
97 In a vast alien underground cyst, an invasion force carry a part of Xor the world eater to save the multiverse by eating this universe. Hairless flesh people and monsters await to burst free to help their parent-god devour this world to save it. The complex is all flesh and bone structures
98 A strange crystal ruin. It is the remains of a celestial crystal chariot of the star people. Their changeling descendants live underground in a hidden colony. They kidnap wasteland travellers to disect them and replace their identities
99 A star fell here from the stars and was buried in mud, leaving just another huge crater, Inside star-spore fungi beings live in secret. They harvest organs and skins to adapt to the world and disguise themselves in their underground labs. They are on a mission to stop the Black Sphere of Chagrinspire so their outer god masters can feed on souls for infinity
100 Black Science Colony of ancient scientists working on new weapons for the next war. A military, science and abhuman worker class live in the underground complex working on transport machines to allow mutant brains in vats fight and live for centuries 


  1. I'm a huge fan of all this Chagrinspire stuff you've been posting lately! I love the grimy vibe.

    I imagine the setting looking a lot like Phil Tippet's Mad God.

    1. cheers - its been fun and made me drop everything else - will finish up tables soon and have a break and do some adventures

      ive been getting 2-4k hits daily since i started and its been encouraging

      thanks for the comment it means alot!

    2. my friend showed me Mad God after i started and its pretty perfect - Turnip28 a wargame probably set me off

      been healthier than my ww1 stuff to write


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