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d100 Wasteland Weirdos

Possibly some Charginspire leaked onto our new album.

Sampler short

My Gunderholfen solo play has gone well im doing Lv 4 sub levels and realised id not been including rival parties who might be a good source of magic items. Im ruling as our fame increased more rivals appearing and even trying to kidnap party members when alone in streets of city. The encounter pack is good for any city. Party have a wizard patron and know of the cults possibly in the city and dungeon.

I will put up all chargrinspire table on a PDF on Patreon shortlyas I have almost finished the table and hexcrawl part - rule expansion and mega dungeon will be later. Fair warning will have place holder art that wont be used in any possible sale version.

These are people you might meet in settlements or wastelands or prison cells. They could be alone or in charge of followers or a gang or a party. They might meet in a tavern and be available for your party for a share (we do a share per Lv and pay our personal followers from our share)

As usual, feel free to change gender or make NPCs alchemical hermaphrodites or whatever - its a easy to fix thing with a polymorph spell

d10 Quick Types
1 Adventurers
2 Merchants 
3 Criminals
4 Scholars
5 Hermits
6 Bandits
7 Scavengers
8 Cultists
9 Mutants
10 Non Humans

Wasteland Weirdos
01 Farnby Klungus - former merchant turned thief and now a bonafide adventurer looking for wealth. Fancy landknight ripped velvet, a sword and several flintlock pistols
02 Perri Mortungle - adventures started as a prostitute who robbed customers, now a dashing heroine and duelist for hire. May be tempted to grab treasure and flee to civilisation or make someone rich marry her so she can rob them
03 Padpur Gofferil - here to rob and steal and willing to murder. Discovered killing sleeping adventurers who trust you is easier than monsters. Carries poison
04 Madlub Porkerson - mercenary warrior seeks glory and magic weapons. Selfish thug but will grow loyal to any who save him
05 Panten Florablub - bard looking for adventurers to inspire songs. Bit of a coward but also very curious
06 Mala Kezchwan - lady thief and spy for a distant guild that wants to know opportunities here and about local gangs. No interest in heroics or trusting weirdos in these parts
07 Panja Volorian - swordswoman out for fame and glory and looking for lady adventurers to crush on
08 Vanjar Mahabjeeb - Templar in secret here to see if Chagrinspire is a threat and gather rumours, follows a war god and hates undead with a passion
09 Sir Digory Panhablar -  brave knight seeks people to save, monsters to kill and glory. Knows he needs help to survive 
10 Mahger Velapian - mercenary out for money and dreams of starting own mercenary company when rich
11 Pilbert Klanghort - here to buy magic metal goods to take to civilisation for profit but the business is sewn up and wants to gather items from wastes in person to make more money 
12 Gamlet Pliskerman - money lender who was robbed and needs cash to get home and get revenge
13 Mober Gilklam - avoiding sea due to a strange urge to dive into the sea and never return. Has funny dreams about sea demons. Is a fish folk hybrid with no idea. Hopes to find some relics or distraction from dreams of the sea
14 Camrod Bellend - sells trinkets and adventurer supplies and has a cache of goods in the wilderness they want back but too weak to go alone
15 Margen Vasleek - wants to buy and sell magic and books to sell to wizards back home and sure local scavengers too thick to find the good stuff. Keeps a detailed journal and maps also to sell
16 Abert Morninglum - sells drugs and addictive healing potions and was a student alchemist. Seeks certain minerals in the waste to make incendiaries and gunpowder to sell but doesnt trust locals not to steal recipes so sources ingredients in person 
17 Valmart Mortgen - arms dealer out of good stock and willing to join adventurers for big share of goods they can sell
18 Ahmet Klorgenmight - sells maps and lenses he grinds from the glassy wastes of chargrinspire. Can't trust local scavengers to find the best stuff
19 Plorbian Muskdung - gnomish trader of gadgets and mechanical contraptions. Wears goggles, a fake beard and makeup as is a grey gnome spy for the cult of the Black Sphere spying on visitors to the region
20 Mulhwan Fadgrip - blacksmith who wants exotic metals found in region. With a good relic hopes to give to a noble to gain fame and status
21 Archie Felchlard - thief who is in trouble with guild and needs friends to keep away assassins
22 Porger Bulgehump - a thief who is a spy for guilds and bandits who watches for adventurers to infiltrate and inform criminals friends
23 Mayneen Vaspatan - bandit leader who lost her gang in a recent encounter and needs funds and contacts to rebuild. Knows a great dungeon her former gruberhole hideout is now overun with orcs and undead so she cannot recover alone
24 Georgie Plukett - child gang member keen to serve adventurers and nab any stray goods while relying on their protection
25 Milbert Gudofin - drunk with outstanding debt desperate for cash and to evade money lenders so wilderness crawls with profit are just what they want right now
26 Puta Mingle - young lass pretends to be a servant but really a veteran assassin looking for an adventurer hiding in the waste and her usual cohorts will not go
27 Vada Pelapian - a serial killer who needs to get away from civilisation and temptation. Figures becoming a murder hobo will solve urge to kill and keep away from law and assassin contracts
28 Malad Sardon - snarky bard specialising in gossip and slander needs money fast and will do anything. Desperate to by a fabulous organ but other magic instruments might satisfy their urges
29 Trelbert Daskinbrule - former bandit who wants to escape the crime lifestyle. Is a drug addict but sure a few weeks in the wilds will help them recover the shakes and sweats
30 Pascal Vager - a colourful thief who lost friends in an incident with trolls and a bridge. Keen to find new friends for glory and adventure. Addicted to risk but not keen on death either
31 Proctor Glubduel - astrologer keen to prove a secret astrological theory about Chagrinspire. Offers free daily horoscopes and card readings in return for booze or a chance to explore the dread Chagrinspire ruins 
32 Madlow Spastan - convinced everyone who dies in the region helps fuel the black sphere apocalypse engine. The best way to see this is to see lots of people die so adventurers might be good companions. Claims just here for authentic documents of ancients for library
33 Valdern Pune - scholar interested in ancient secrets and banished from university library so doing "field research". Lies and claims to be supported by academia
34 Padrak Erstinkline - Desperately wants to see the Black Sphere and has been studying magic to get close and accepted by adventurers. Has been dreaming of the sphere for years before the game here and read about it in a blasphemous tome in fathers library
35 Hroblast Pentacule - looking for spells and alchemical recipes of powerless gunpowder so they can sell secrets for warfare
36 Mingus Ravelthron - sacked by the master and wants revenge with some artefact or magic found in these cursed lands
37 Mugbun Burnit - fire mad arsonist has come to a place where magic and pyrotechnic alchemy will be appreciated. Hopes to find a portal to the plane of fire and to learn the language of fire elementals or meet an elemental noble
38 Malika Badenzorn - tired of the lack of respect at home she has come here to make important discoveries from the ancients to make a name nobody can belittle 
39 Vorma Draldor - Wants to meet grey gnomes who seem to be unchanged since the apocalypse war. Possibly too willing to get to speak to them and learn their ways
40 Porbert Blinklog - pretends to be after alchemy recipes and history, really wants to join the order of the Black SPhere if only they can find it
41 Gregor Mongarv - driven from society for black magic, cannibalism and writing blasphemous books, swears he knows where a good dungeon is
42 Exbert Mogen - seeking signs of non-cursed life and wanders wastes planting seeds and searching for signs of hope
43 Mikon Vabslor - lives with a giant vulture and a talking snake and spouts maxims and gossip  
44 Pride Kemlar - forsaken the world awaiting the apocalypse and sure it will be soon and wants a good view - can guide you to good viewing spots
45 Larister Barglow - philosopher seeking to match wits in a debate with a philosopher of the Null Sphere or a gre gnome
46 Kilbert Snarg - bitter old man disappointed world still exists and wants to help the universe end. Not even the cult of the Black Sphere wants him around so he is miserable
47 Morag Thunker - a witch who has lived here for centuries and seeks evil people to be her slaves. Good people she will test for corruption and if pure she rewards them with cursed items with delayed effects and many petty properties making identification tricky
48 Haber Tumwablet - has been chased from all civilisation even the underland for a scheme to save the world by bringing the outer gods to stop the Black Sphere cult so they can harvest human souls forever. COllects various books in a cave and happily tries to convince others of schemes. "Its the best hope we have"
49 Eamon Klorg - Busy measuring the distances between stars with a sextant and telescope and making calculations and sure the universe is contracting. Gave up warning people who don't want to know or care
Barjet Gongwumbler - sits alone laughing and won't say why. Keeps popping up in taverns, the wilderness and dungeons to laugh at people's misfortunes. Some swear they killed him
51 Veeber Tan - wanted killer and robber especially likes to spy on or infiltrate adventurers. The great dungeon he recommends is the gang's robber cave
52 Avra Popscorn - famous bandit in disguise as a wasteland guide who works with slavers to capture adventurers and she gets their belongings as part of the deal
53 Mika Plibkin - a bandit fugitive who used to rob the rich and give to the poor. Doesn't think anyone in the waste deserves or needs help and is bitter. Might be inspired if met some actually good people though dislike rules and government
54 Hestor Khemlo - bandit who kills aristocrats and helps peasant villagers who meet his ideal standards of egalitarianism. Hopes to spread his movement and form an army with salvaged technology and vehicles against civilisation
55 Penhag Zuula - slaver who sometimes pretends to be an adventurer to facilitate kidnaping gladiators and slaves. Even sells victims to the cult of the Black Sphere
56 Mother Cragna - old woman some say is a witch and her gang are humanoids and lycanthropes, some are her children and grandchildren. May pose as a wandering healer and secretly curses people and uses slow-acting poisons. This helps her gang get easy kills and dinner
57 Veber Knargent -  bandit trying to get a new gang and selling addictive healing potions to recruit. Claims to be an alchemist but only knows minor potions (d4 healing, +1 initiative) that are also addictive drugs. Adventurers could be the core muscle of his new gang
58 Kiber Lortan - wanted bandit on the run after killing noble hostages from impatience. Wants adventurer friends who can keep away assassins
59 Mrada Vantagran - has heard about murder hobos as just bandits who prey on murder hoboes so sure joining a party he can get them to rob some safer targets. Will lie and claim people are chaos cultists or doppelgangers to instigate fights
60 Varan Barda - agent of the Black Spere cult who raises bandits to rob and kill merchants and supplies aiding invaders of the waste. Sometimes he gest missions like to spy on adventurers so will join parties. Once he has learned of their secrets and made some interesting discoveries in the waste will summon his band of orc bandits to exterminate his new "friends"
61 Padra Morten - scavenger and refugee from the empire. Family is killed but learned peace with scavengers but they were killed by adventurers. Now he is looking for them and will join parties to judge them and if wanting gives them hit tips into dangerous dungeons
62 Habran Fandril - lost a cache of treasure when trolls moved into the case he hid them in and now wants to trick adventurers into fighting the trolls so they can grab the loot and flee
63 Papa Scrap - knows many good places to loot and fields to find loot but too old. Will offer advice and stories in return for booze. Maps he sells for gold
64 Old Nora - woman with hand cart picks through wreckage and looks so unwashed and wretched creatures leave her alone and she can blend into mud and garbage expertly
65 Colan Boreler - Old scavenger who has built several communities in the past in the waste for scavengers which have been destroyed. He would start a new colony but people say he is cursed to fail
66 Matan Boglor - former scrap merchant who thinks this place is paradise and hopes to get rich
67 Eber Kunflap - Has a family in a ruined shack in wasteland and picking ruins has become harder of late as life and conflict return to the wastes. Keen for money as a guide or with adventurers so can help family leave the wastes forever
68 Arder Hringus - Has several parts of a machine they are repairing in a secret ruined bunker. Looking for the last few parts to start the machine and some gems and a few sacrifices. Possibly a monster generator 
69 Abra Gorebon - has secret patrons seeking certain parts and magical fuel of the ancients. They don't care who the patron is but want help from adventurers to search some locations on an old map the master gave them
70 Fanglub Pogrun - bloated greedy pig hopes to get wealth and become a big shot merchant or crime lord. Has killed some adventurers and stolen their maps and uses them to join new adventurers
71 Arfang Zarger - daemon cultist seeks to create an eternal global wasteland of torment rather than the nullification of everything by the Null Sphere cult. Reports interesting discoveries to the cult and planar secret masters
72 Vogbert Krumplenak - poses as a merchant who buys magic scrap while keeping an eye on adventurers. He leads a secret cult with members over various settlements who gain demon powers in return for helping demons reach the world via summonings
73 Japer Noll - cannibal cultist who kidnaps strangers and loners to eat them. The rituals gain them monstrous powers but some have to hide from the public after years because of mutations
74 Horper Glopper - has an invisible imp instructing him on recruiting agent of the infernal crusade against the black sphere. Will join desperate adventurers and tries to tempt them into devil pacts for new spells or rescues from tight places
75 Kazeeran Bradlash - necromantic cultist who runs a funeral business. Bodies he buries he uses in experiments secretly in an underground crypt. Hopes to find lost necromancer spells in the wastes
76 Doctor Feelix Strabel - cult leader who poses as a scholar really serves an entity from the outer void who grants the cult strange powers. They hate the cult of the Black Sphere who seek to deprive the hungry beings of entropy from beyond 
77 Kala Zurex - barbarian serving a chaos cult and hopes to convince his tribe who exiled him that daemons can save them from eternal non-existence from the Back Sphere. If exposed as not just a willing hireling will gather the chaos warband under the care of his mutant brother
78 Hebara Gozwonker - saucy barmaid bard secretly serves the cult of the Black Sphere and is keen to learn about what adventurers are up to
79 Janger Krotwinkle - a craftsman with a small shop really is a public supplier for a cult hiding in the ruins
80 Zeela Tranwarg - daughter of a respectable merchant who has been in the service of hell and studied wizardry in the black library. She helps her father and draws customers to his business and he is loathe to marry her off which she approves of being single. She helps visiting cultists as a mail drop and has her own Imp in a secret ruin under the community
81 Hadger Scune - a pathetic shy scarified mutant with a knack for sneaking who steals food from regular folk but knows of several dangerous cult lairs if only people listened to him
82 Eeba Hoe - a bandaged musket-wielding freak who wears a respirator and heavy coat to hide his sores. Scouts for community and observes travellers. May even enter normal communities to trade but won't press luck too much 
83 Porgle Glamfert - tentacled and bulging-eyed hunchback who is kept in a fake cage by a travelling showman. He could escape but the regular food is good
84 Arber Kamlent - has strange mind powers and preaches warnings against deformed mutants he denounces as unclean heretics. Uses influence on to form angry mobs and is loved by bigots and angry intolerant folk who don't realise the unnatural charisma of the fiend
85 Pandran Vould - hides a second face and things moving under skin with a large tattered trenchcoat. At some point they will burst and smaller versions of Pandran will scuttle away 
86 Lundran Vor - hiding mutations just wants drinking money and possibly a cure so the voices end. At some point will scream and skin will split as they transform into a shoggoth 
87 Knorak Pasvar - has yellow gleaming eyes and unatural hypnotic powers used to rob and abuse people. Will try to befriend people to get them alone
88 Heemak Granskel - has a second face on chest they keep covered the whispers evil advice and bullies them  
89 Brunkmar Vod - constantly in pain and highly flammable. It hurts but causes pain. Has been used by cannibals to cook other people and by villagers who locked them in a kiln or used in a forge. Escaped these terrible fates and burned all over and suspicious of everyone. Knows where evil settlers have started on new villages
90 Mikos Butlag - a hidous huge obese idiot, has been adopted as a mascot by villages and adventures for good luck they say follows them 
91 Gool Blortag - grey gnome spy for the Black Sphere cult. Sells maps to adventurers which are deathtraps and sells cursed and poisoned gems  
92 Ebork Klanker - grey gnome from the Underland come to see what naughty stuff the heretics of their people have committed on the surface. Quite shocks but wants proof gnomes are still involved before reporting home
93 Pislar Longwood - elf scout looking for signs of life returning and planting seeds they hope will grow. Believes until plants return the Black Sphere is still consuming life force and will detonate obliterating all life and time
94 Palk Ublar - dwarf here to find metal goods and guns of the ancients for his dwarf city deep underground
95 Hemak Grudstik - orc mercenary just wants money. The wastes of Charginspire are all they know and it seems fine. Doesnt believe human stories of safer nice places
96 Urblat Stankleg - derro pretends to be human here really to position a tracer crystal where it can do the most harm. Once placed underground brethren will project their hate ray to start people squabbling and perish. Should return home after mission but wants to watch and perform some sadistic acts first. Pretends to be a regular dwarf but real dwarves and gnomes will know the lie
97 Shiart Mansplen - a cheeky halfling here to see if the ancients had the secret of alchemical food packed in tins. Wants to try local dishes and record in case the whole world ends up as bad 
98 Kumlo Spurge - a bull headed abhuman berserker who gets mercenary, guard and executioner jobs. Thinks the wasteland is hated for no good reasons 
99 Brodnad Milkspleen - a teenage giant reached 6 foot tall and thrown from town. Seems to be a strong hardy brave lad and has worked for a few parties. Still will rapidly gain height
100 Slune Triskal - half diabolik changeling mostly appears as a thief looking for work away from guilds but can assume devil form with horns, wings, red and jet skin. Actually just wants friends so wont talk about true form. Occasionaly visited by disguised or invisible imp which they hate and try to get rid off


  1. Heya, big fan of your blog and I'm always checking it for new posts. Do you recommend anything on your blog useful for an early-modern setting?

    1. hmmm well this current series is a mash of napoleonic to ww1. There is a ww1 weird war book under my cthulhu page. My recent marvel tables are just post ww2. There is far more sf and d%d genre stuff. There are a few one offs like quatermass post for Cthulhu


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