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Chargrinspire: Notes and d100 tactical locations

I envisage rings around the Chagrinspire of trench systems, ruins and no-mans land battlefields. I want a hex map with some stuff planned but areas the DM could pre make or do on the fly at the table as players explore it. It might work for solo or minimal DM style. There are dead forests on the fringes and roads to civilisations on the coasts.

I want to have tech tainted by law or chaos so we get chaos cult mutants with strange-looking chaos vehicles and weapons players might not want to keep. This taint is a weapon of chaos that attacked the infrastructure of the Black Sphere makers and their troops at the peak of their technology.  

Lots of the tech has faces and is kind of golem-powered. Household tap might have a golem face you command to pour water and instruct. The spirit bound into the body by alchemists obeys within its limited capacities and works like a machine. Golem ovens that self-heat on command, cold rooms, and doors. elevators, fans, pumps and more. Many vehicles, buildings and even the crudest automatons have faces, it's part of the magic of autonomous intelligence. 


These are locations you can drop on a potential battlefield as cover, strategic points to capture or as the entire battlefield. If you see the enemy approaching and quickly want to see what places might be good to seize as defence. It is not really for adventures like some others in this series. I can also see large battles vs 1HD hoardes in this setting. Gangs of freaks with muskets whi fire and charge with bayonettes will be commonplace. Players might have to lend a hand to some large battles as artilery or destroying enemy heroes and leaders.

You could put a few in a hex or roll whenever you need landmarks for adventurers exploring. They are not intended to be populated but could be and might have evidence of past use.

1 Geographical
2 Earthworks
3 Infrastructure
4 Defences
5 Industrial
6 Residential
7 Infrastructure
8 Camps
9 Garbage
10 Monuments

01 A steep hill with three sides are loose rubble and cliffs
02 Creek has worn a steep gully with surrounding steep cliffs
03 Craggy mound of rubble with only two paths to the top
04 Steep sloping hill with a flat top and some foundations
05 Area pocked with craters one is higher than the rest and forms a circular wall for cover
06 Canyon or crack in the earth 1in6 have a crude crossing d4 1=d3 ropes 2=log or beam or lamp post 3=safe walkway with handrails made from cables and trash 4=several beams make a strong bridge for wagons 
07 Trickling stream through a natural trench, has eroded through layers of soil through the wars eras of interest to archaeologists
08 Area of mesa and bute-like formations where floodwaters have eroded channels between rock formations, each like an island surrounded by cliffs above the plain. Some show signs of past habitation
09 Huge open-cut pit mine covering vast area with a sloped pit of rubble with vast rusted mining machines among the rubble
10 Area riddled with collapsed mine tunnels and chambers resulting in a churned up maze depressions almost like a trench system but with part buried mining equipment and tools 
A series of hills once a hill fort with several easily dominated paths through earthworks
12 Trench and earth mound wall for several kilometres 
13 Huge steep earth slope with a road at the top difficult to reach from most directions 
14 Huge mounds of rubble moved by huge machines long ago as a barrier to vehicles and made from ruined building rubble. Has provided good nest sites for creatures and shelter from winds
15 Stepped earth terraces once used for agriculture before soils were poisoned by war, some areas still hold water and are choked with mud and weeds
16 Canal with mud and garbage in the bottom runs for several kilometres
17 Artificial plateau with remains of airstrip on top and some simple metal structures and fencing
18 Drystone wall 1m high, several kilometres long, possibly from ancient farm
19 Mounds covering burial trenches some still open and flooded with corpses floating in them
20 Earthern mound with simple tower from the ancient signal beacon, once was powered but then just used as a fire and smoke based signal lat
21 Shattered bridge with prylons supporting section still erect, possibly fortified 
22 Tunnel with road or tracks into hill or mountain
23 Train carriages on a section of line or parked in a field used as homes once
24 Junkyard for scrapped rusty vehicles and automatons, some are intelligent and cry for death 
25 Underpass road has trapped damaged vehicles from some past ambush to block road
26 Crashed skeleton of an airship ad gondola
27 Several damaged rusty trucks in a line and remains of a road
28 Ruined checkpoint on road currently blocked by damaged vehichle
29 Remains of supply train of baggage carriers destroyed from air by some ancient weapon, remains of burned vehicles, bones and craters on a ruined road section
30 Section of muddy road with landmine warning signs in ancient text
31 Winding trenches with barbed wire
32 Concrete artillery bunker with defensive and observation trenches
33 Exploded concrete bunker surrounded by craters and wrecked defences 
34 Observation tower built of metal scaffolding with sandbags and a ruined radio on top
35 Vast field of concrete tank traps usually 2m high concrete pyramids forming lines
36 Concrete bunker doorway cut into a granite outcrop
37 Concrete bunker entrance and damaged remains of gun emplacement 
38 Airconditioning plant with working turbines replacing air in some subterranean complex or tunnels
39 Wooden log stockade camp built by some faction from long dead trees
40 Concrete fortress with gun turrets and anti-aircraft guns
41 Huge power plant complex with chimney stacks. Metal towers radiating from the complex once carried arcane power
42 Huge steel frame power pylons forming a line every 500m connected by cables, some used as nests or turn into fortified camps above the ground 
43 Huge refinery with vast vats, pipes, cooling towers and control towers, often burned out and bomb-damaged. Once processed fuel or food or other materials and operated by alchemists   
44 Factory built to make weapons, vehicles or automatons on the front line and often movable
45 Huge factory farm complex where chickens and swine were kept intensively in sheds and slaughtered and processed into army rations
46 Alchemical factory complex with vast rows of glass vessels where monsters and humanoids were grown for battle, poorly equipped and educated and sent to die
47 Alchemists tower made to produce one alchemist material with various vats and pipes and occult insignia
48 Wire fenced field of deco machines and metal pylons for managing the vast arcane power array used by peak ancient war machine
49 Concrete dam holding back a lake of water and a trickle of water leaking. Once part of the arcane power system of the ancients
50 Koboldium Reactor complex made as ultimate power source using koboldiums dangerous properties for arcane power. The process was quite dangerous and many exploded poisoning area with toxic dust and magic burning aurauras
51 Cluster of small shacks built from scrap
52 Remains of a small village of mud cottages abandoned
53 Remains of a village surrounded by a damaged wall with signs of an attack
54 Street with intact houses among rubble filled former suburb
55 Row of damaged townhouses surrounded by rubble and craters
56 Apartment complex of four-story buildings connected by various paths and roads
57 Highrise crumbling housing tower
58 Army barracks with parade ground, mess, garage surroundedby fence
59 Remains of battered tents from a abandoned camp
60 Intact cottage with wall and garden
61 Mausoleum complex for receiving dead by train, inside bodies were prepared and made into undead soldiers and labour. Vast surrounded graves and headstones are all fake graves
62 Former multi story hospital with several connecting roads and rail
63 Airship Hanger, vast open space inside most often airships are wrecked
64 Fire station with wrecked rusty vehicles, vast cistern and connecting roads
65 Police Station with rusted riot truck and equipment for riot squad. Multiple skeleton-filled holding cells make up half the buildings. One area for extreme interrogations and torture underground
66 Train sub station with service sheds and parked trains and carriages
67 Airfield with wrecked airships and mooring tower, runways and a traffic control tower and customs building. Hangers for smaller aircraft and warehousing surround the feild
68 Sewerage plant turning human waste into fuel, overgrown with strange vegetation and creatures
69 Factory where human bodies turned into raw materials like calcium, leather goods and ration packs
70 Water refinery where toxic water was treated and also canned for distribution to the front lines
71 Training camps for political prisoners and clone education, barracks with wire fencing, automated voices constantly chant slogans and propaganda posters of the ancients are everywhere
72 Prison camps with office buildings and fenced areas with tents for long-gone prisoners, intended to be temporary holding sites 
73 Large fire pit here and sign of regular camp site for some hoard who leave scraps and rubbish
74 A tent and some baggage by some cover of land or a ruin 
75 Badly damaged ruin someone camped in for a while and fixed room and walls with garbage and a chimney
76 Fenced campsite of tattered tents and first aid insignia on portable admin buildings and checkpoint gate. Camp for keeping plague victims now all skeletons inside
77 Collection of hastily built crude shacks from rubble and scrap around a fire pit
78 Shattered buildings mostly rubble with small intact interior area used by survivors in the past
79 Fenced open pit building foundation site with ruined building machines on site, sign promises to open soon. Several portable work buildings housed workers once 
80 Slavers camp kept prisoners in a semi-intact ruined area they force the slaves to search for valuables. There are chains and cages and a post and stage for auctions hastily built from scrap  
81 Hundreds of drums of used alchemist chemicals have been dumped making strange coloured pools and magic auroras around the area that cause mutations
82 Gigantic mounds and partly filled pits of garbage and broken everyday items. Scavengers come here to mine treasures of the ancients  
83 Huge midden heap used for trash for centuries with broken items from many eras. Older layers of more flint and bones and shellfish, then through various ages of technology to a layer of bakelite, scrap metal and busted machines
84 Scrapyard where wrecked machines are broken apart by scrap machines and stacked as crushed ingots and sorted into materials. Sometimes a machine comes to collect some. May be operated by machines or a cult
85 Graveyard of outmoded vehicles possibly flyers or tracked war machines, been scrapped and covered in dust and mud
86 Ruined tower of some kind on closer inspection its a nest for giant bugs like ants, wasps or termites 
87 Mound of discarded slag from industrial metal output and ash heaps
88 Yard with stacks of lamp posts, drain pipes and road repair materials in bins with some rusted trucks and trailers
89 Discarded test rockets fuel tanks of vast size and possibly still usable or could be used as a building or storehouse
90 Yard with stacks of rail tracks, sleepers, sections of fence and some rusted work vehicles and trains 
91 Statues of heroic soldiers raising a flag defiantly
92 War memorial shrine four stories high with deco artwork scenes carved in relief, inside are lists of names of dead soldiers. It makes an excellent solid lair or fortified camp 
93 Statue of a demon or evil deity, possibly damaged and vandalised with graffiti
94 Statue in bronze of an alchemist a grey gnome and an outer void wizard united overlooking a black stone sphere together in triumph
95 Statue of a wizard or a row of them often battle-damaged
96 Retired cannon on a stone plinth dedicated to a war god
97 Memorial shrine made from skulls wearing helmets built into a pyramid structure
98 Memorial wall with names and relief stone carvings of enemy soldiers attacking Chagrinspire all made to look evil and moronic brutes
99 A great stone arch with steps to the top side to a teleporter pad part of a network around the mountains to travel quickly for elites
100 Statue of a god with a weapon looking fierce, inside base is a shrine where people leave offerings and make oaths

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