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Chagrinspire Map & Encounters by Terrain

Chagrinspire so far...

 a reader compared to Phil Tippet's Mad God which a friend showed me after the first few posts and yes it is probably good imagery for this setting. Turnip 28 was an influence and probably my previous work on ww1 and post-apocalypse stuff.

To do
d100 Mutant Maniacs
d100 Wasteland Weirdos
d100 walls of the star fortress

I will probably have a break for other projects I'm recalcitrant of after these done and later will work on dungeons and character classes.

classes - alchemist, mutant, automaton, mystic/shaman

The Map
The grey box on the map graphic has a mistake I will fix but ready to print and make your own hexcrawl map - should say higher numbers are rarer. The mudlands are the no-mans land areas of battlefields and are surrounded by inward-facing trenches. Chagrinspire is surrounded by a star-shaped fortress full of ruined artillery. Like post-medieval cities.

These give you an alternative way of generating encounters by terrain and also provide an idea of suitable creatures for local flavour.

d12 Shattered Woodlands
Woodlands with limbless mostly dead trees and mud
1 Mutant deer
2 Mutant wild boar
3 Mutant wolves
4 Terror birds
5 Carnivorous apes
6 Mutant lion or panther
7 Mutant bear
8 Carnivorous plants
9 Mutants tribe
10 Abhuman plant folk
11 Abhuman beast folk
12 Elf scouts

d12 Grasslands
Stubbly grass on ashen grey soil
1 Mutant bison or auroch cattle
2 Wooly rhinoceros
3 Deer or kangaroos or goats
4 Mutant hunters
5 Scavengers
6 Orc warriors
7 Refugees fleeing tyranny
8 Slavers
9 Zombie troops
10 Bandits
11 Berserkers
12 Templar crusaders

d12 Marsh
Black marshes and bogs and a sea of reads
1 Ooze or slime or jelly
2 Swarm of carnivorous flies or leeches
3 Mudhogs
4 Mutant crocodiles
5 Giant salamanders, toads or frogs
6 Giant insects
7 Giant reptiles
8 Carnivorous plants
9 Shambling mound or algoid
10 Dinosaurs
11 Shoggoth
12 Cateoblas or basilisk

d12 Broken Lands
Blasted rocky rubble, craters, cliffs, mesas and buttes
1 Mutant goat
2 Cannibal clan
3 Scavengers
4 Bandits
5 Goblinoid warband
6 Giant vultures or bats
7 Berserkers
8 Harpies
9 Wyvern
10 Mutant warband
11  Manticores
12 Chimera

d12 Wetlands
Lakes, ponds and rivers
1 Mutant fisher folk in canoes or rafts
2 Giant carnivorous fish
3 Mutant crocodile
4 Swarm of carnivorous flying fish
5 Giant octopus
6 Giant salamanders, toads or frogs
7 Riverboat crewed by bandits
8 Marine ghouls
9 Plesiosaur
10 Fish or frog folk abhumans
11 Hydrodaeomon
12 Grey gnome submarine

d12 Mudfields
Blasted muddy wasteland of ancient cratered battlefields and no-mans land
1 Scavengers
2 Mutant soldiers
3 Orc warriors
4 Mud hogs
5 Swarm of flies or giant flies
6 Swarm or rats or giant rats
7 Zombie soldiers
8 Ghoul clan
9 Neo-otyg
10 Bog mummy
11 Automaton soldiers
12 Automaton war machine

d12 Salt Flats
Salty dried-up remnants in vast salt lakes
1 Mutant tribes
2 Zombies (salt encrusted)
3 Shadows
4 Skeleton sailors
5 Giant leeches
6 Giant vultures
7 Giant scorpion
8 Orc raiders
9 Wight soldiers 
10 Bog mummy
11 Crystal animals (made of salt)
12 Salt elemental

d12 Grim Woods
Living but foul forest of thorns mazes, giant fungus and thick brush
1 Dire wolves
2 Sabretooth tiger
3 Cannibal halflings
4 Dark elves
5 Abhuman plant folk
6 Abhuman beast folk
7 Carnivorous plants
8 Goblinoid warband
9 Goblin wolf or bat riders
10 Dinosaurs
11 Treeant
12 Banshee or Hag

d12 Toxic Zone
Toxic mineral and volcanic wastelands with boiling mud, sulphur and lava pools
1 Alchemists gathering gunpowder materials 
2 Kobold hunters
3 Ooze or slime or jelly
4 Scavengers
5 Zombies (scavengers)
6 Mineral Abhuman folk
7 Orcs
8 Elemental
9 Fire salamander (day) frost salamander (night)
10 Crystal Animals
11 Living statues
12 Stone Golem 

d12 Radiant crystal fields
Strange glowing sands with fields of glass and crystal fragments and monoliths
1 Kobolds
2 Spectral minion soldiers
3 Shadows
4 Zombies with crystal shards stuck in them
5 Mineral Abhuman folk
6 Bullette
7 Willow-the-whisp
8 Crystal statue
9 Crystal Animals
10 Psionic monolith
11 Xorn
12 Dragon

d12 Ruins
Remains of ancient buildings and urban areas
1 Zombie soldiers
2 Bandits
3 Cultists
4 Orc raiders
5 Scavengers
6 Crusading templars
7 Mutant dog pack
8 Ghoul pack
9 Giant lizards or insects
10 Grey gnome grenadiers in vehichle
11 Adventuring party
12 Lesser outer planar being (demon, devil, daemon)

d12 Mountains
Salty dried-up remnants in vast salt lakes
1 Dwarf warriors
2 Grey gnome grenadiers on foot
3 Orc soldiers
4 Berserkers
5 Mutant chaos goats
6 Trolls
7 Ettin or hill giant
8 Giant vultures
9 Automaton soldiers
10 Automaton war machines
11 Grey gnome airship 
12 Golem


  1. Good stuff! How come no undead in the Shattered Woods? It's a small thing, but I wondered on your reasons.

    1. hmmm

      lets say the faerie folk allies all work to keep out the dead/death cults and hope to revive the woods or even smother the waste in woods when they work out the curse keeping the land rotten

  2. Looking at the map, I realized that somehow, despite the literal first words of this series being "Chagrinspire is a mountain..." I had mis-conceived the titular spire as a sort of Tower of Babel fortress.

    Realizing my mistake, I am now picturing a Mont Saint-Michel crossed with an Atlantic wall bunker.

    I'm any case, it's absolutely firing up my imagination. I'm so eager to work this into my game!

    1. I originally conceived as a hollow mountain but perhaps it was a citadel complex covered in ash and dust over time or deliberately buried

      wishing i had map of clerist tower in dragonlance i could reskin

      i guess will make my own mega nega dungeon

      all started from doodles of a plateau on a mountain with some ruins and a broken aqueduct and has occupied my imagination space since

  3. Replies
    1. cheers- all this is helpful
      more lore gaps i can fill the better


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