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2024 Projects

From my secret frog bunker of solitude

Recent Stuff
One stalled project i need to kill. One drama of trying to make publishable books is making them resolved and usable and sometimes complete-ist because i don't wanna make splatbooks based on works id rather just revise them. Though a second Broken Hill book is possible and i have lots of art I paid for ready for it.

My players actually asked for me to expand my hilarious tpk alignment system and tie it into the leveling-up system more. One player uses them in their game and Has various oaths in different shrines you have to find and choose which is pretty interesting. One suggested quests for oaths. This might tie up game time a bit from my stories and would shift the dndn dungeon looting for power towards RuneQuest finding subcults for power. It could make campaign mythology more important which is nice. Im considering this as I prepare to re-write my basic rules system bit by bit and may incorporate these ideas and mutate away from D&D as is the fashion of the Zietgiest.

Chagrinspire has had lots of hits and the most comments this year. I will compile it all but no hurry. A new setting was the furthest in my mind. Extra comments and feedback have helped me make more so thanks. It is designed to plop into a setting but i do refer to Auldwood to east, the remains of the Empire to the south east and Exili Island to the north. Exilon was north west and predated Chagrinspire like my Stone Age setting which is in far north and has not changed. My setting has always been a post-apocalypse one like the Bible and Middle Earth. My WW1 horror book might end up having content adapted for Chargrinspire.

Chagrinspire was born from a game of Turnip 28 and a thought experiment of can I make a more grimy more horrible setting that makes other "grimcore" clones wet their pants like little pathetic babies. Maybe some more metalhead retro-clones might enjoy it. It's also influenced by my previous work on Hell and WW1. I've mixed in my retro-clone with science fantasy like Psychon before. Psychon made all magic is science and wizards and priests have brain implants. My Broken Hill stuff is a bit more explicitly science over magic but has typical Gammaworld & Hiero's Journey tropes. It does have my Psionics spell list available though. These settings used mutants and robots as a class which Chagrinspire is making me update. Alchemy will feature lots too.

Upcoming Chagrinspire
D100 Magic Crap
D100 Subterranean Ruins
D100 Dungeon Decor for Chargrinspire
D100 Hazards 
for Chargrinspire
D100 people to meet, kill or eat

Hex map - fill in as they go around the Mountains you can dump on any poor campaign world. Pregenerate your own wasteland hexes or roll them as you play.

Hexcrawl - encounters and ruins d12 tables for each terrain type

Alchemist Class - I might strip all my alchemy skills from my current rules

Mutant Class Revision - I cracked up editing my last effort at a mutant book and came away unhappy with the results and I stopped making books for a long time after doing one a month for a while. I'm feeling better I guess and feel I need to print out my d100 mutation tables and compile them into a database to compare or print them side by side on accordion folding paper like the 80s so I can lay out all side by side. More mutation tables I could do but as the system grows you need to cross-reference with all prior work and that gets slow and more like work. Maybe a setting mutation table mashing up the Xor Psychon and Plant tables or something. Mutations let you mess up normal monsters too.

Robot Class Revision -
will be renamed Automatons so you can be a golem or a scarecrow instead or a 50s wind-up toy. If you cross class with a robot you're possibly a cyborg. Or maybe cross-class automaton with mutant for those tech mutations. 

A series of 10 surface-based minidungeon 3folds

A megadungeon project - level by level

EMO Elfmaids & Octopi retro-clone homebrew revision
I hope to start running Chagrinspire later this year and have some new character options. While I stupidly have shotgunned my readers with choice I also have been working with quickstart options so players can jump in when they arrive late to a new game. I could make a version with less classes and levels to start but its intended to reach 20th level. I have jumping years in my Marvel games recently too. Maybe something like level training a week per level from a school or a master to level up too. As I don't use xp maybe this could all work smoother than I think. Maybe only zero level noobs can level to One in the field everybody else needs time to be committed. No dragonlance epic railroads on the move constantly would work

Some ideas and consequences

Oaths linked to level gain? - no instant level up in the field which changes the flow a bit of game. I do like the Pendragon approach of one adventure a year. At high level some new followers are your children

Tweaks to spells and descriptions especially the higher-level ones, slower progression for spell gains for some classes. Possibly my average civilian priests more like sorcerer than clerics.

I have arms & arts skills and possibly magic skills might be separated from arts as a category and it could include more class-specific weird skills. Fighters would have to be the worst at this type

Level titles are cool but in a crappy world where untalented people might get best jobs through nepotism, inheritance or murder they wouldn't work so well. I think of more your hiercahy better acknowledge you as this just from your power level. Maybe important people shouldn't have free power levels and die from a knife. A fresh from military school captain doesnt get a high rank and levels in his diploma bt maybe helps the possibility the get to a high level. Im more leaning to the ideas characters are heroic standouts and most people are zero level. Some with experience like a green trooper going to vet get to level one. The slightly tougher career guys and sub-boss types might get to second. Elites might be 3rd and CHampions 4th which is pretty close to your orc management style. A king who fought wars and struggles might have levels, the too busy having poetry orgies and cake parties types might be zero. In my game at Lv20 you must actively resist being deified which can hurt and remove all your agency.  

Recalcitrant Corner
I'm late on a review and two scenarios gigs and other stuff
Plus I have all art assets and unfinished book mostly ready just trauma made it hard to work on from other peoples goal post and ethical shifts. It should be the sort of thing I could put on drive-through but Im much less competent than I was at Publishing (I ran several small culture newspapers and done DIY press since I was 10). Maybe some of my Latin speaking chums in america's might help me resolve this.

Long Lost Projects
(I would consider trying to finish if there is interest)

Hell - an adventure to escape hell with built-in eternal recursion - it's replayable again and again and a great way to mess with High-level players. Possibly could play as a Solo or DM-less. It's a bit of snakes and ladders so you can wind up back at the start. Maybe reaching demigod status Lv20 is a way out.

Revise Stone Age sorcery a bit - just add some content really

Revise Broken Hill or do a Volume 2

Xor Book

Frog Book

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