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d100 Terrible Encounters For Charginspire

I will make sets of d12 encounters for the terrain types of terrain around Charginspire and the mudland wastes. These are probably worse, being dangerous foes that make locals worry and are distinct to the regions. Previous posts in this series should help you customise equipment and stuff.

My players realised in this setting you don't need to be good or worry about innocent non scum being heard. If everyone agrees on the mission alignments wont matter and maybe that is one of the doomcore elements of this setting/

The previous post was more to cover a wide weird range of possible gangs. This is more for a wide variety of threats and more detailed. Undead, devils, angels might all use muskets.

I would roll for a 1in12 chance per hour in the wastes but that's probably too mean so once in 4 hours is more reasonable if travellers are careful and quiet. There in a 1in6 chance another encounter is in the area also. Perhaps both are fighting or stalking each other. This is a weird location and you might see a paladin, a devil cultist and a dragon all fighting the forces of the Null Sphere then turn on each other. Might be a good lesson for a party to see. On a roll of 2-3 you might want to roll here.

d12 Close Call to an Encounter
1 Fresh footprints
2 Distant screaming or roaring
3 Distant flying monster or flying machine (best to hide)
4 Hear gunshots in the distance
5 Hear clanking machinery in the distance or underground
6 Fresh chewed up corpses
7 Trail of blood or slime from injured creature
8 Hear the distant sound of vehicles
9 Hear an explosion in the distance
10 Lone scout of a larger group carefully investigate for enemies
11 Trap left by creature as an alarm to alert them
12 Trap left by creatures like snare or landmine with bait

d10 Quick Types
1 Beast abhuman warbands
2 Humanoids warbands
3 Demihumanoid warbands
4 Human warbands
5 Cult pilgrims
6 Vermin
7 Animals
8 Biohazards
9 Mechanisms
10 Monsters

d100 Terrible Encounters For Charginspire
01 Ape abhumans riding mutant horses with muskets and armour, if they see weaker targets they will attempt to capture slaves with nets and lassos. They may try to make humans come peacefully but most like being violent to damned dirty humans
02 Hyena abhumans with a shaman with undead servants. They laugh and howl from a distance when they see you and just want to kill and eat you or make undead portable larders from your corpse. Leave diseased and cursed treasures in front of enemies paths. They make stone tools but steal anything they want including muskets
03 Frog commandos well camouflaged and lurk near water or mud. Sometimes they fake sound of a screaming person to lure enemies into quicksand or traps under the waterline. They will use missiles and flee long before any risk of being harmed. Flooded tunnels they easily squeeze through with false trapped passages makes them hard to catch
04 Rat abhumans will scavenge any tech from stone and to common human or muskets. Will have a boss, a priest to the plague gods, an alchemist and other specialists. These include trench fighters, scouts, snipers, sappers or others. Often have a pet rat swarm and giant rats and in rare cases riding rats as big as dire wolves and quite clever. All carry disease and some leave plague-tainted food and treasure for enemies 
05 Vulture abhuman warriors with great composite bows and swords. The boss will also have a vulture wizard or changeling who will in turn have several student magicians. These arrogant cursed creatures are widely hated and known to seek power over Charginspire. They find ancient bog meat for provisions and will experiment with ancient technology and firearms 
06 Worm abhumans lay in the earth and ambush enemies. They may even burrow under a campsite and attack with short blades or chains. They are wary of situations that cannot burrow or squeeze out. They dine over bog meat of the midlands but like the variety of fresh food or anything edible. Some have trained giant war beetles or riding rhinoceros beetles. Worm alchemists control many giant insects with alchemical scents. They often lair inside giant monster carcases and move on when eaten
07 Wasp abhumans are greedy nasty winged insect folk who kidnap victims with paralysing stings and use to feed their young in a clay cell with an egg. They are interested in any food for their colony but also gather mud or water. Their demon wasp god teaches all the universe is their food bequeathed to them by their ancestors
08 Mole Abhumans dwell under the wasteland and inside the mountain and were made to mine and build by alchemists to labour for them. Now they have occupied many buried dungeons but send expeditions to the surface to kidnap slaves or kill any worm-related creatures. Each has a veteran leader usually a priest and some pet creatures like bugs or worms. They burrow under sleeping people and snatch them 
09 Reptilian abhuman adventurers with various lizard, snake, turtle and draconic humanoids with specialisations like warriors, scouts and wizards. Dragons and snakes tend to quarrel and specialise in magic and shapeshifting. They are here to investigate reports of increased life in the cursed lands, kill monsters for glory and find magic lore or items. They may communicate with humans 
10 Raven abhumans serve a death god and enjoy the well aged carrion of the ancients in the midlands and bogs. Their god has bidden they kill alchemists and any who know of the alchemists of the null sphere in the forbidden mountain. For decades they assumed humans were all cultists here to finish the apocalypse. They have adapted to modern equipment and will use ancient weapons on the provision they use them to kill their enemies off forever and then destroy the weapons. Normal birds often swarm around them carry messages and scout for them. Priests ride giant birds and drop banes and blessings from above. The older and more powerful ones can even fly unaided 
11 Brotherhood of Black Orcs a strong breed of grey-skinned, all-male orcs that don't shun the sun. Were made by alchemists to wage war long ago from pits of exotic materials and rituals. Even other orcs hate them and nobody is spared their sadistic delights. Many wear horned helmets and carry spears, pikes, falchions, crossbows or muskets. They are imperious and martial and may have some goblin thralls who are bat or wolf riders as scouts. They are very rigid dependent on their boss and sub-boss to keep order
12 Chaos Orcs came here long ago and thrived in the mutagenic muck breeding and growing more hideous. These greenskins have minor mutations and worship violent demons who grant wishes for more mutations. Leaders and their supporters are berserkers and they prefer to charge with no plans or tactics. They love the swampy or polluted wastes the best
13 Kobold Swarm a mobile clan of hunters who travel in large amounts and are infamously vicious. They will use bows, javelins and incendiaries to attack foes. They will feint a withdrawal if attacked and then swarm. They willingly will sacrifice half of any group against an enemy and 90% if a blood enemy they already hate. Their thriving demon god hates humans. They leave egg clutches everywhere and easily replace themselves from hatchlings or recruit feral children
14 Goblin Riders from a wolf or bat clan who sweep over the area raiding and harassing enemies but avoiding losing numbers. They live in caves with fungus gardens and grow magical fungus for medicine and war. They came here long ago as scouts but liked it
15 Goblin gang, a mix of regular, hobgoblin and bugbear types who use their strengths against enemies. Goblins are more scouts, animal handlers and magicians. Hobgoblins will be the bulk of warriors and uniformed formation fighters. Bugbears are for heavy support for the others via stealth or information. All carry bows and use sound tactics
16 Gremlins are tiny mischievous unlucky pests that will swarm from tiny burrows to attack. Will use traps and crude mechanical siege-like weapons to entrap victims they can torment and eat slowly. Some colonies keep swarms of rats or flies or ferrets as allies they can even ride. They may sneak in packs and try to sabotage spell components, holy symbols and magic items or weapons
17 Zvardt are bluish ice-loving goblins of the north who come down from the glaciers and sometimes stay a few years. They come to worship the Black Sphere of the mountain. Their wizards may use various elemental cold powers. They are hateful of all life and may be impressed by alchemists or wizards who promise to take them to the Null Sphere or help the Apocalypse hurry up. They wear horned caps and love spears 
18 Norkers are brutish throwback goblinoids extinct in most lands. Here they survive by brute force with stone tools, wooden clubs and throwing sticks. They are larger and tougher and may even nip foes in melee. 
19 Boggles are creepy creatures who live in swamps, some say they are moon creatures, and others say they are faerie and mature willo-the-whisp. They creepily like puppets and stare at people with their googly eyes. They repeat phrases with their creepy sleepy voices and might even be brave enough to kill and rob strangers
20 Nilbogs agents of the lords of chaos provoke violence and march backwards and randomly. Their unnatural condition is from a mirror universe a wizard discovered and now they lie here. They talk backwards and occasionally work with real goblins
21 Dark elves, bored and in need of torture or an orgy or both to cheer up. When they detect foes will try to use ambush and magic and some of their awful pets including monsters or giant animals. They prefer to win with magic and archery if possible and will flee if anyone hurts them
22 Bright elves here to kill any life they find in the cursed lands. May have a unicorn, winged horse or griffon for their leader. They come every century to see if the old evils have returned. If you can convince them you won't trigger the apocalypse or aid the alchemist cult of the Null Spherethey might talk
23 Morlock dwarf clan from the deep seek slaves and machine parts. May have a war machine for transport and some repaired automaton soldiers. They regard other races as cattle they can take to their home base 
24 Derro dwarf clan who served the Null Sphere creators and sought to activate it and start the end times. They use many spells and ray weapons that derro uses to paralyse or control victims or make people fight each other so derro can crush the survivors. They have secret elevators to a secret tunnel network all over the wasteland. Captives are tortured or face dissection or lobotomized for slaves
25 Dark Dwarves were hateful and spiteful but loved to hate and didn't want the apocalypse. They came to kill any they felt might be smart enough to help the forces of the apocalypse. They will utilise the ancient mechanised vehicles and muskets as familiar to them but they often have their own golems and self-propelled abelasts
26 Mountain Dwarves here on a quest to kill chaos and evil for glory. Anyone in the region they assume are cultists or evil but they could be convinced otherwise. They have no plans on returning if they do not have enough glorious battle
27 Halfling spies live in a secret burrow but will follow strangers in the region to see if they are cultists or other enemies. Cultists they ambush and murder, others are ignored or may be contacted if they seem to be allies. If you perform a task for them they will offer local knowledge and how to find caches of food and water
29 Changeling loner (an animal spirit or planar hubrid) who visits to kill local horrors every few decades in revenge for loved ones killed centuries ago
30 Grey Gnomes in a mechanised vehichle or airship, with automaton soldiers and small fighting machines. They are interested in curious strangers and recovering lost treasures. Mostly they are indifferent and ignore others and don't want to talk. They serve the Black Sphere of the Apocalypse and were part of the Alchemist alliance of old. They are gloomy and melancholic and sure the end is coming to the universe soon. They casually use ancient technology with a few living meat or crystal items
31 Battered knights on a quest with servants and pack animals. Mostly they have met enemies so far and are wary. They may make enquiries about their quest and offer some aid if it does not risk their goal
32 Barbarians here to kill chaos and spell-using witch folk to save the world. Even literacy is too dangerous and believe city folk are weak and prone to chaos. Burning and decapitation are too good for wizards. May have dangerous pets or mounts
33 Ranger band scouting area for signs of evil returning. Will question strangers after spying on them for signs of evil first. Will have various pets and possibly some monsters or faerie allies who may be hidden 
34 Crusaders with templar priests seeking chaos, cultists, witches, undead or any evil they can destroy. If convinced a party is worthy they may aid them 
35 Adventurers here to plunder and murder for profit. Possibly might be tempted to rob rivals or at least yell abuse and insults at them. They might attack a weaker party or beg for help from a stronger one
36 Scavengers from a local community looking for valuables in the mud, wary of strangers and want to avoid fights, might even scatter in a panic or hide if they see you first
37 Bandits of most desperate and despicable types who take no prisoners, some are famous c
criminals with bounties on their heads that even regular criminal guilds hate
38 Berserkers are kill crazed maniac barbarians here to fight to the death for glory. May be friendly at first offering to cooperate or buy beer or meat
39 Cannibal mutant gang starving and vicious, know normal people hate them
40 Mutant soldiers still serving ancient orders with scraps of ancient uniforms and tech but cobbled together and poorly repaired, mostly wear rags, leaky bandages or hooded robes that easily blend in with rubbish
41 Devil cultists here to sabotage the null sphere cultists from destroying the world. Will appear as adventurers but most have imps and pacts with devils
42 Daemon cultists here to help the apocalypse start again but also want to prolong it to last forever so suffering is eternal. Want the war of the wasteland to cover the world. Appear as adventurers but with daemonic pacts 
43 Necromancer cult with death templars and wizards here to raise an undead army then return home. Hostile to the forces of Charginspire and the black sphere alchemists who will make even death die. All in black adorned with skulls
44 Chaos cultists, mutated violent maniacs often led by a champion with wizard or priest allies. May have pet slimes and oozes or mutated creatures. Here to kill the forces of Charginspire who plan to flatten all probability to zero 
45 Demon cultists here exploring, curious about the powers of the ancients but masters are wary of their abuses to demon kind in the past. Each cult has its own patron demon and varies and many will fight each other. Wear robes but each sect has other decor and colours preferred. Some have normal clothes to get supplies from non-cults 
46 Machine cult here to restore ancient vehicles and weapons and restore lost technology. Despise those afraid of the powers of the ancients and keen to take discoveries back to civilisation. Desperate to understand the power source used that polluted and despoiled the wasteland
47 Fungus cult here mostly to eat and establish fungus forests. Many are infected by exotic spores with fungal mutations like mushrooms growing from their bodies. Some have mobile pet fungus monsters of goblin spore masters to help manage these monsters and plant new fungus forests. Not very interested in fighting but are interested in corpses left on battlefields to make spore zombies
48 Alchemist guild masters with mercenaries here to recover lost secrets of alchemy and hope to explore Charginspire. WIll parley and trade with civilised people but know even the most despicable groups in the waste hate and fear them for their similarity to the ancients. Will used guns, grenades and incendiaries and other alchemy weapons and ancient tech
49 Cult of the Black Sphere Alchemists with uniformed thrall mercenaries, automaton troops and some grey gnome allies to work on machines. May have an armoured vehichle. Looking for materials needed to repair the Null sphere to destroy everything that ever existed. DOnt want to jepordise mission with risks but if they think adventurers have ancient fuel cells or useful tech will attack
50 Black Sphere Assassins who serve the ancient alchemists of Chargrinspire but more secretive, pretending to be scavengers and adventurers to spy on communities. May be friendly to gather information and then betray new contacts if they cant get useful information. May give away free poisoned food or addictive healing potions
51 Swarms of rats or possibly just lots of giant rats carrying disease
52 Swarms of flies or possibly just lots of giant flies
53 Swarms or ticks or possibly just lots of giant ticks carrying disease
54 Swarms of beetles or possibly just lots of giant insects, varieties vary
55 Swarms or worms or maggots possibly just lots of giant ones
56 Swarms or harmless toads or possibly just lots of dangerous giant ones
57 Swarms or centipedes possibly just lots of giant ones
58 Giant scorpions hunting or possibly whip scorpion or solifuge
59 Giant spiders d4 1=black widows 2=tarrantulas 3=trap door 4=crab spiders
60 Giant mantis well camouflaged to life in trenches and fly well
61 Pack of weird d4 1=dire wolves 2=winter wolves 3=devil dogs 4=hell hounds
62 Pack of scavenging d4 1=dogs 2=wolves 3=jackals 4=hyenas
63 Pack of mutant hounds d4 1=scorpion tales 2=hairless and scabby 3=tentacles and slimy 4=infested with maggots and swarm of flies
64 Mutant bear covered in sores, tumours and parasites. Often have tentacles or other unatural features or hybridisations 
65 Giant lizards or newts are often good at hiding in the waste and ambushes
66 Trench Cephalopods are menacing land suid and octopi a kind of undersea faerie being that has adapted to land life. Wear steel helmets, carry guns and  crossbows swords and spears and follow an ancient cowardly code on combat teaching ambush attacks, hiding and disguise. WIll use missiles and spells and flee if anything looks dangerous. There are also ammonite tribes, nautiloids, cuttlefish and other tribes have quarrels since before land was a big deal
67 Manticores, most are pathetic flightless type but some have bat wings or scorpion tails with poison darts. They can talk but are horrible human eaters who delight in tormenting prey with abuse
68 Chimera (various hybrids possible) horrible murderous hybrids who hunger for untainted human flesh
69 Rust monsters busy eating old scrap but might be tempted by other metals. They wont risk too much harm as easy meals everywhere. Possibly eating some valuable item of interest to adventurers
70 Cateoblas love the corpse-filled midlands and thrive, often may have children near
71 Slime-infested zombies spreading their awful condition 
72 Slimes or jellies eating corpses but moving living bodies are delicious also
73 Zombies overgrown in roots and plant matter, where they die vegetation grows including possibly deadly musk flowers that make more undead
74 Ghoul clan live in some buried trench out to feast on the dead, usually to busy eating ancient battlefield corpses and ignore the living, but will attack any who threaten them
75 Wight warriors from some barrow killed in ancient war, now crave living to kill and enthrall as minions to wage war on the living
76 Mobile fungoid humanoid zombies in ancient uniforms spreading spores over the dead to spawn more of their kind
77 Strange trees with hanging rotting corpses in branches, will release these as zombies to bring new unholy fruit to the tree to be reanimated as servants
78 Pod plants are defended by emotionless fake humanoid plant creatures who seek to capture and replace humans with more pod plant people. Sometimes will follow people and wait for them to camp and leave some pods close to replace them. Some locals trick the plants and eat them and the pod people for food
79 Flying burning skulls stretching and looking for victims or intact skulls that can carry to their creators lair
80 Undead animated by colonies of worms which they fling or vomit up on enemies
81 Crab Mines are walking iron crab automatons that explode when a target is in range and can hide in mud
82 Iron Warhounds are iron automatons the size of dire wolves that can track and fuel themselves on meat or any organic material. Some have heavy weapons mounted in them or room for a passenger inside its body. Some act as mounts or guards or scouts. Understand complex orders and descriptions of targets
83 Clockwork Soldier with a musket and a bayonet, officers instead have a cutlass and may have drummers, cannons and cavalry riding Brass Warhound automatons. Serve some ancient faction here to wage war and very Lawful and just following orders given centuries ago
84 Iron Soldiers, musket wielding infantry like a walking potbelly stove also armed with swords and sometimes a pistol. Each has a functioning furnace and requires fuel like oil or coal or shale. They produce smoke which is dangerous to allies in a confined space and helps enemies target it. May explode if killed. Simplistic and follow instructions of creators or their nominated delegates 
85 Iron Pillbug a giant bug shaped automaton scuttles across battlefields harvesting recyclables but also have build in self losing muskets and come in small, medeum or large. Good at sneaking
86 Battle Sphere a one man gyrostabilised monocycle in an armoured sphere with a light machinegun that can be operated by a person or an undead or automaton driver 
87 Thrasher a large slow traction engine with a rotating drum with chains on the front to flail mine fields and the back has a dozer blade. Many are covered in improvised scrap armour and operated by a crew of up to six wasteland maniacs of a machine cargo cult, Armed with d4 1=black powder harpoon gun 2=abelast on swivel mount 3=rack of six muskets on a mount can be swivelled and fire one at a time or all at once, slow to load 4=small blackpowder cannon or swivelgun
88 Scrap Miner, machine size of several houses processing solid and digging and making an efficient patterned mess. Will fire light machineguns at intruders or crush them. May have automaton or humanoid crew
89 War Machine a sentient tank automaton with light machinegun and small artillery piece. Crew can be 2-14 depending on size and purpose and additional weapons. They are gross inside and has choking fumes. The crew are veteran trench fighters or sappers and might belong to various factions. May try and intimidate for information or food or fuel. Often has regular soldiers with it as support who ride on outside 
90 See a moving magic megastructure in the distance, a citadel with locomotion d4 1=walking 2=wheels or tracks 3=levitating 4=on monsters back inside it
91 Undead dragon, skeletal or zombie, mindless killing horror, sometimes has necromancers or death templars as escorts or controllers
92 Basilisk territory, area is corrupted and foul by the basilisk poison nature and it rules over the area killing any life it can. Cockatrices are a good substitute
93 Shoggoth digging a trench or other task may react to intruders or might be too busy
94 Doppelgangers pretending to be adventurers to get close. Will take their time to betray victims and spend time forming perfect identities to delude companions using their ESP powers. They serve the Black Sphere cult and bring them documents they find on victims
95 Wyverns in a pack attack from air and will do flyby poison tail strikes if cautious and curious but if hungry will land to use all attacks or may try to snatch a victim and fly off with them
96 Guargantuan Vulture by day or bat by night keen to gobble up tasty people
97 Giant with troll and ogre followers here to kill alchemists and eat little people 
98 Gargantuan giant insect or other invertebrate digging up corpses to eat. Often ignore people by carrying parasites like giant ticks or stirges
99 Dragons, of all kinds might fly through here just to kill anything that might be connected to their ancient enemy the alchemists of Charginspire. Some may bring draconic templars and reptilian troops to assist them
100 Planar being usually demons or daemons often bound within an area by warding stones or a circle to guard a location or just to stop them escaping. Some may make bargains for freedom. Angels, arkons, elementals and other beings can be encountered like this also and some may be warped by their bitter experiences here and have different personalities than you might expect like evil angel or a demon who wants revenge on the cult of the black sphere


  1. Wow, this list is incredibly detailed and imaginative! The variety of creatures and factions in Charginspire and the mudland wastes is impressive. It really adds depth to the setting and provides endless possibilities for encounters and adventures. I especially like the inclusion of different types of abhuman tribes and their unique characteristics. Can't wait to see how players navigate through these dangerous territories!

    1. oh cheers thankyou
      this table will be core for developing gangs and factions in dungeons


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