Saturday 30 March 2024

Marvel 1952

Managed a long game of dudes playing my retro super hero games where we hop years at least monthly.


Dr Kronos the time travelling scientist called the team together and even more heroes arrived at the meeting spot in Civies than expected. Recently battled the Rogue Vatican time traveller and helped the operation sending Nazis to their doom on Mars following the doomed to faim Von Braun colony mission,.Wants to visit the former base for clues. 

Stretcho the rubbery detective adventurer really a woman and part alien. On way she checked out a haunted house on her street.

Shadow Shot the super soldier sniper with futuristic technology
Has been hunting a man size preying mantis that can hurl cop cars

Digger a nationalistic super soldier who is actually not really a human and alien powers more visible 
Fighting slime mutant creatures in industrial swamp

Blackjack the mystery man who knows men's minds and is a living supernatural shadow. Was helping a thinktank develop a a safe atomic power supply

The gang had own cases to resolve but Dr Kronos insisted they go to Danger Island and search the base as he was sure was responsible for everything,  Went to see two mummies being studied in university library and Blackjack scanned the auras of the lab crew and discovered a Lemurian spy from an underground mutant civilisation. Trapped him in time bubble and party inside managed to get some info about a Antarctic Nazi ww2 base. Shadow Shot pointed out there was some stuff outside happenings dropped the field and saw two reptilian mummies attacking lab staff. They held a lab tech and drew violet energy snakes from his eyes and ate the, 

DrKronos ran for his time sphere at super speed to see if he could go back in time to help the techie, There was a long scary fight with soul draining skeletons nut turned out the power was finite per person per day and heroes were life force enables well. It was a vicious fight and the Lemurian was handed to APIS agents. Managed to revive mummy victims but was impressive and had heroes scared.

Flew in a plane to Danger Island near Antarctica and dropped the Time SPhere for final trip through the storm barrier to the monstr and mystery filled Island. Found the German war bas where one of their five 60 times a Saturn V size rockets was launched. The base was meant to be destroyed by somehow vast ruined factories 120 layers deep exists still. Heroes went down and found trails of a human and robot soldiers marching.

Managed to kill some robots and rescue a tortured mind from a machine body designed to feel pain. Used it to help research and it begged to be saved from the base of torment. Removed the brain and broke into a observation tower to jack into the computer. Discovered more mummies were in this base in deeps and information on them. Wentto investigate after destroting robots and used the brain to break into the cryovault. Inside had all the b-list brains the nazis left behind on their doomed trek to mars. Six vaults with mummies and data lab was found and they managed to snpershot a human scientist in lab with a boomerang from digger and a laser blast.

As they were looting informed intruders coming by the rescued brain. The visitors were three comunist Russian metahumans. Commisar, Soviet Super Soldier and Iron Curtain. Heroes hid except DrKronos who told the sovits off and declared this site in the name of River CIty University. He then sensing they didt take him seriously he used his cone effect time ray to slow them. The heroes beat on the frozen commies and punched Soviet SUper SOldier out of the time field and he injured a few heroes. Stretcho destroyed the commisars gun and Shadow shot with his hige ray rifle stunned the Iron CUrtain then seemingly killed him with a head shot. Doc eventually dropped the time field and they calmed Comisar down. As the fight started the vaults began to open from the inside. Docfroze a door, Blackjack tried to hold one, STretcho and Digger held two more. Managed to open doors briefly and shoot or punch mummy inside then throw in grenaides and shut the door. Managed to kill most of mummies but 4 and fled with damage packs after badly wounded commies fled. 

Demolitions trapped the mummies and crushed them. Once in complex they set of caches of solid rocket fuel and demoltions charges and grenaides they captured. 
Managed to shut down all the robots and ustomated tanks then destroy many of them and take tank shells which helped destroy the base.They let Russian Helicopter escape and they cot out the complex to the Time Sphere. Base was heartily destroyed and they had plans for german flying saucer prototype, a ruined city location in Antarctica and notes on managing the vampire lizard mummies. 

Back home the Lemurian was broken out of a secret APIS prison by MIB who walk through walls.      

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