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Flatspur and Shankheim - Home Bases for Chagrinspire


Flatspur and Shankheim
These are the two closest settlements to Gharginspire. Both terminate trade routes and inhabitants of each dislike the other. Lots of my Murder Hobo shanty town posts work for Shankheim. Some of my other village tables work better for Flatspure. My hellish portal village might fit in this region.

This village begun as a place for scrappers to trade and rest before taking goods to civilisation. About thirty years ago refugee farmers from the Empire civil war came and began growing crops here. They domesticated the mudhogs and have made the village grow. There is a scrapyard and a well-established market for traders to come selling civilisations luxuries for relics of the old world. Locals are neutral but recognise the law and light cults help keep away local evil. The village is walled with scrap and rubble and rusty iron slabs, 

Town Hall with courthouse, sheriff's office and cell
Mayors House with 3 servants and a coachman
Church of Light where a holy healer preaches
Shrine to lost scavengers and graveyard
Village Store with trader family
"Scrappers Arms" Inn where traders and travellers stay and locals drink
Scrappers Guild operates a junkyard and evaluates treasures
Barn for mudhogs for when the weather strange or enemies threaten
25 farmhouses with their own mudhog sheds

Local Prices
Hog Jowls 3cp
Hog Feet with turnips 2cp
Jellied Hogflaps 3cp
Pork Pie 3cp
Steamed Turnips (2) 1cp
Cabbage soup 1cp
Cabbage & Pork 3cp
Turnip & Bacon stew 2cp
Cabbage Beer 1cp (causes flatulence)
Imported Beer 1sp
Turnip Wine 1sp

The best Mud Hog meat goes to merchant caravans making return trips
Cabbage Beer gets sold to Shankhiem
The smith can repair weapons and armour and make basic items
If Mud Hogs are brought to civilisation they will become feral and live in sewers happily

d12 Local Rumours
1 Mudhogs are the only survivors from the old times here 
2 Wizards and cults for ages have tried to discover the mountains secrets
3 More settlers here will only bring doomsday closer
4 Digging scrap is dangerous and always be ready to hide or flee
5 Many old magic items and relics of ancients are cursed
6 If mutants capture you they will turn you into one of them
7 Things found buried are best left alone
8 Cultists hide among visitors quite often and are up to no good
9 They say the mountain is full of gnomes
10 If you awaken an ancient machine don't run back here so it can follow you
11 The wasteland is crawling with strange undead by night
12 Strange poisons and weapons salvaged from the mud are best shunned

d12 Local Complaints
1 Orcs are out there watching us preparing for a great charge
2 Beast folk greedily want our village and eat us
3 Outsiders can never be trusted
4 Civilised people are weak and demanding troublemakers
5 Undead will eat us all one night
6 Someone among us is a monster in disguise
7 Beware the mark of the mutant among us and the wasteland marauders
8 Shankheimers are all criminals and wicked who are always plotting to rob us
9 Secret cults are everywhere and even among us now
10 The world is ending, the mountain will awaken to destroy everything
11 Nobody really knows what happened here long ago, its all lies
12 Gnomes caused the apocalypse, everybody knows it

d12 Flatspur Encounters
1 Guards on patrol for suspicious characters
2 Merchants selling goods from civilisation
3 Former scavengers begging for food
4 Preacher warns against cults of chaos and darkness
5 Mudhod herder with several hogs
6 Drunken scavengers spending their earnings
7 Mercenaries looking for work
8 Villager informant of bandit gang looking for victims
9 Elderly gossip keen for new material  
10 Elderly jobless offers services
11 Young scrapper offers to be a local guide
12 Shifty stranger watching new arrivals
A seedy village operated by a crime guild here to scavenge ancient scraps of metal and other relics. They also work with local bandits and criminals who prey on scavengers based outside Shankheim. The crime guild is a branch of a gang operating through Auldwood to the west and the north. The guild also welcome cults who pay well for their depraved requirements. The local scavengers breed giant rats for food andthey don't require much labour. As villagers are all trained thieves they perform well at their looting. The people of Flatspur are considered weaklings. Most victors notice the seedy nature of Shankheim and use the Ouroborus Inn or they leave. There is no open scrapyard like Flatspur, all scrap goes into the guild hall for study and shipped away by the merchants affiliated with the guild. There is also no defensive walls as the Guildmaster has made deals with monster factions. 

Guild Hall used by merchants, mercenaries and criminals
Guildmasters House with 6 servants and a coachman (all thieves)
Witch House where a village healer lives  
The Guild Store is operated by the guild master
Rats Arse Inn where shifty strangers come to stay with a fighting pit for brawlers
Ouroborus Tavern where traders stay, run by a bard unaffiliated with the guild
Five Fingers House of Sin a gambling house and brothel owned by the guild
Huge rat shed where giant rats are bred for food
16 farmhouses with their own giant rat sheds

Local Prices
Rat Jerky 2cp
Roast Giant Rat 3cp
Smoked Giant Rat 5cp
Rat Kebab 2cp
Crow Pie 4cp
Rat Stew 2cp
Rat n Cabbage Wrap 2cp
Carrot Soup 1cp
Cabbage Beer 3cp (causes flatulence)
Imported Beer 10cp 
Radish Wine 1sp (nasty stuff most cant swallow)
Horse Bread 4cp (for horses or poor)

Local weapons and armour are battered and worn with hasty repairs, many are found in excavations and rusty. They are more likely to import or make bad repairs.

d12 Local Rumours
1 Strangers all stay at the Ouroborus Inn and mind their own business
2 You should talk to the guild master strangers, he will sort you out
3 Visitors to town don't last long, especially if they ask questions
4 Best return to where you came from stranger 
5 Careful you ask to see a rat before you eat one, mutant ones taste bad
6 The old witch can cure your ailments and remove curses
7 Damn the guild they take everything and give us nothing
8 Dont cross the guild master, any who do get fed to the rats 
9 Big rat harvest coming soon, the smoked ones are best
10 If you need money the guild will lend you money or make you earn it
11 There are some gangs in need of strong silent violent types
12 Get out of town, just go now while you have a chance
d12 Local Complaints
1 The guild master says I've barely paid off the interest for the food I owe
2 I am so sick of eating rats, nobody has propper food without a fortune
3 I thought I'd be able to trade my way out of here but even the merchants are in the guild
4 Those cultists have the strangest demands but they sure do have money
5 There is a plateau on the mountain with ruins, I've seen them
6 If I never see mud again it will be too soon
7 Flatspur folk are so weak we should just go and take them all as slaves
8 I thought I'd get the freedom to do as I wished but the guild own everyone
9 All the weird bodies I've found in the bog, still they make good rat fodder
10 They say you can have any pleasure at five fingers but who can afford it
11 You would think with no law we could do as we please and stab anyone but nope
12 The guild master's servants, all killers of the worst kind 

d12 Local Encounters
1 Wary merchants arrive and head straight to the Oroborus Inn
2 Shifty man stabs a local in the neck then guards beat him and throw them in a rat pit
3 Locals screaming at each other and throwing dead rats at each other  
4 Robed weirdo gives a strange gaze 
5 Guildmaster giving a speech beseeching loyalty to the guild or else
6 Scrappers with a load of stinking corpses for the rat farms
7 Scrappers bringing excavated relics to the guild 
8 Sickly scavenger sitting by path dying of a disease
9 Traveller asking about missing friends last seen here
10 Robed cultists being sold supplies for a wasteland treck
11 Slavers selling labourers to a scrapper gang
12 Farmer selling top quality breeding giant rats

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