Saturday 18 November 2023

Beware the Under-Hippo

Neutral Animal Move 9 Swim 6 Infravision
AC +4 HD8 Att Trample 4d6 or Bite 3d6

Hippos were crossed with demons and used as domestic animals before the sky fell on the underland trapping everyone. Some say the hippos living in alchemist waste are weirder. Most live in caves or underland swamps and fungus forest waterways and help spread wetlands. Similar to surface beasts they have more bat-like ears and pallid flesh with some variations. They are able to be trained to carry goods in wetlands and rivers but sometimes eat handlers. Some are bred for meat and milk.

Sub Species
Necro Hippo - transparent flesh and glowing bones, if killed arises as a zombie in d4 rounds
Narco Hippo - 3 range 90-degree cone narcotic cloud save of confused for 2d4 rounds, once a day can haste self for d4 rounds. Mostly they are busy having narcotic visions from eating magic marine herbs all day. If hurt or surprised sets them off on a d4 round berserk rampage
Spider Hippo - extra spider limbs and face with poison bite and climb and spin webs
Rock Hippo - AC+7 eats delicious mud and rocks and works well in mines and quarries
Muto Hippo - caries d6 minor mutations and a d3 major ones immune tp poison & disease
Shock Hippo - electric horn shoots 3d8 electric bolt range 4 every second round, save halves
Gas Hippo - inflated with gas if edged weapon hits attacker gets a blast of stinking cloud, can float and propel by flatulence Mov3 but prone to wind and weather
Phase Hippo - can slip into an ethereal plane if predators approach then pop back to ambush, can reach food inside barrels or inside a storehouse without leaving a trace
Bat Hippo - has set of huge folding bat wings and hollow bones and pointed fangs
Vege Hippo - formed from vegetation and swamp somehow and it defends plants from being harmed by animals, some have two plant tentacles that can grapple and lift a victim into the hippo mouth
Cave Hippo - Blends into rocks in water and on banks attack anyone medium size getting too close or if it wants a snack. Can spit rocks size of bowling balls range 6 3d4 damage, need to eat a stone to shoot again. Families play catch or weaker ones may supply front ranks with fresh stones in a fight


  1. I've known several murder hobo's that certainly deserve to end their days after meeting an Under-Hippo.

    1. the hidden underworld killers nobody mentions


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