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d100 Tavern Entertainments

d10 Quick Tavern Entertainments
1 Games Night
2 Fresh Talent Night
3 Local Talent Night 
4 Travelling Carny
5 Story Teller
Bard of the week
7 Big name bard + door fee
8 Beastiary Night
9 Freak Show
10 Magicians

d100 Tavern Entertainments
1 Target shooting often darts, daggers, slings, hatchets
2 Bar knuckle fight or wrestling matches with judges
3 Physical feats mostly of strength or agility
4 Drinking games, contestants must pre-pay for booze and cleaning
5 Card or dice games often for money
6 Fortune teller or soothsayer or card reader in colourful costume
7 Board games like chess, backgammon or some local game 
8 Riddling contest
9 Singing contest
10 Jacks or knucklebones or conkers or shell games with reflexes and sleight
11 Musicians with folk tunes D4+1 in the band up to a d4 of them are talented
12 A dwarf comic just breaking into the field, hoping to get into jesting
13 Fancy guest cook of a seasonal traditional meal with singing and dancing
14 Local dancing groups and musicians
15 Old person tells thrilling tales of horror to melt your brain and keep you awake
16 Choir of local children directed by a strict elderly religious teacher
17 Farmer and miracle goat that understands human speech!
18 Farmer with performing d4 1=goat 2=donkey 3=duck 4=chicken 
19 Young shepherd plays d4 1=acordian 2=spoons 3=flute 4=pan pipes
20 Bardic student sings part of an epic they have learned since childhood but needs to home performance
21 Puppetshow, if loses the crowd will start his erotic adult show for bucks nights, involves parodies of important historic figures and implausible deeds they did with monsters like dragons
22 Saucy old sex worker sings songs, makes lewd jokes and puns in a colourful outfit
23 Talented child sings and always has some family watching them in public, the child is starting to get lucrative offers and scholarships
24 Old murder hobo for beer tells rambling dungeon adventure games, well in my day we killed their children to so yeah we got chased quite a bit by orcs for years
25 Local labourer sings songs about workers rights and fighting the man with folk musicians
26 The village idiot for a few beers and a pie or stew will put on a show
27 Oldtimers shadow puppets with lewd jokes and innuendo for all ages to enjoy
28 Oldtimer sings and plays tunes and tells local folk story or horror and adventure 
29 Cringy creepy sweaty local sings odd folk songs from former home in an isolated rural area
30 Large jolly singer sings saucy drinking songs and the innkeeper loves it
31 Traveling medicine show with singing and music and colourful potions
32 Juggling and some other tricks d4 1=fire eating 2=tumbling 3=jokes 4=farts at will
33 Exotic carnival dancer with gimmick d4 1=snakes 2=tatoos 3=swords 4=nudity
34 Strongman performs feats of strength and wrestling with crafty manager
35 Musician with dancing pet d4 1=small bear 2=monkey 3=goblin 4=dog
36 Sample of carnival performers giving a sample for an upcoming show
37 Performer with tiny pets d4 1=teeny dogs 2=burds 3=rats 4=ducks
38 Carnival mystic with a bed of nails, a bucket of hot coals and swords to swallow
39 Snake charmer with flute, carpet and baskets of deadly but friendly snakes
40 Grifter drawing a crowd with shell games and other rigged contests to scam money
41 Old druid tells of ancient ancestral heroes of the local people and before
42 Elf bard plays the harp and sings of the old elven age of perfection and peace
43 Old woman tells crafty fairy, ghost and witch stories that chill the souls
44 Former herald tells tales of the old court life and sings some bawdy songs about former peers
45 Mysterious cloaked bard tells of some strange inhuman species lore in hushed tones
46 Old mercenary tells of his days with the witchfinder and werewolf hunters
47 Old person tells spicy crime and gang stories from a faraway exotic city
48 Bard tells of the kingdoms rulers ancestry back to the gods, this message paid for by the kingdom in part and is part of a network of bards spreading news and slandering crown enemies. Tell tall tales of masters enemy and how their enemy clan bloodline has the orcish taint
49 Attractive widow tells lurid stories about the secret sordid lives of clergy and aristocracy, but if any of them present she just does folk songs and bawdy stories about the next village
50 Old hunter tells tales of fantastic prey, spirits seen in the woods and encounters with wild people, lycanthropes and beast folk
51 Hot young bard from the city on hastily arranged tour, lots of youths from rival areas to see a disaffected dandy bard show how cool and lazy they are
52 Exiting young bard makes allusions to bandit life and rebels hiding in the woods in songs
53 Popular bard with war stories enjoyed by older veterans and survivors for decades 
54 Rude popular bard shattering taboos, on tour to avoid noble youths who want to murder then, wary of strangers and sudden movements
55 Popular bard with band often attracts lots of dancing in the early evening then on to sad sagas 
56 Old court bard out of fashion but well regarded and knows many many stories and songs full of sagely titbits
57 Foreign bard on tour and local youths find them attractive and them 
58 Halfling bard sings songs about food that make crowd hungry
59 Changeling nature or animal spirit bard in human form wants attention for their songs
60 Nomad shaman sings the songs of the wastelands outside civilisation
61 Famous bard who wrote a popular recent epic and has performed before royalty and is rich
62 Famous attractive bard stalked across the kingdom by fans and rich admirers
63 Famous bard singing songs of a famous hero they accompanied in youth
64 Famous bard bastard from a noble house, notorious but loved scallywag 
65 Famous elven bard whose songs have magical powers of the faerie
66 Famous old bard known for horror stories of haunted places
67 Famous bard with magic gem-encrusted instrument, in reality without it they are mediocre
68 Famous bard sings of tragedy and doom, plays a leg bone flute and seems quixotic but in reality, a graverobber using necromancy in service to a vampire noble lover
69 Famous bard composes humourous slanderous songs and is feared by the nobility, some pay them to never mention them in public and they have become rich
70 Famous band of elderly bards who still dance and drink hard and abuse forbidden drugs and performance-enhancing potions. Sometimes on a good show, one of them dies and the rest start fundraising to have their bandmate raised from the dead at a temple
71 Animal fights d4 1=cocks 2=dogs 3=bear vs dogs 4=giant bugs
72 Amazing dancing goats who perform various amazing feats as if they were secretly intelligent beings and the trainer does very little but incompetently present them 
73 Race small animals for bets d4 1=snails 2=crabs 3=frogs 4=rats
74 Trainer with several attractive singing birds few have seen before
75 Trained apes in costumes perform various adorable tricks and hurl poop at hecklers
76 Trained tiny dogs walking on hind legs, pulling each other in tiny carts and doing coordinated leaps and yaps while trainer makes jokes
77 Druid changes into animals and translates for audience pets
78 Snake cult wizard puts on a show in disguise as a common entertainer but really looking to recruit and kidnap people with snake changeling allies in a secret temple 
79 Wrestling friendly bear who drinks beer with attractive nature loving trainer
80 Talking parrots that swear and deliver punchlines for jokes, dance and wear tiny costumes with family of travelling trainers
81 Mutants in cages come out for display from local carnival with their owner
82 Fake mutants and freaks using makeups, props and costumes, some are pathetic some look plausible. The boss wants to find a way to make them real mutants
83 A doctor presents patients from a hospital for incurable afflictions and madness, some in costumes and body paint while doctor tells stories
84 Doctor to perform a monster vivisection and explains the creatures strengths and weaknesses and puts best bits in jars
85 Trainer with several acrobatic goblins who are also expert pickpockets
86 Trainer with bugbear who demonstrates strange squeezing through gaps ability and feats of strength and wrestling. The bugbear was raised by humans and knows more than they let on while a show. Act uses fake chains, whips and shrunken head necklaces
87 Tatooed sailor carny with mermaid in a tank on wheenls,for extra fee you can touch the mermaid but look out she bites
88 Person with talking witty cat in tiny suit, funny but can say awful possibly true hurtful things about audience. Actually its a hell cat and it has some soul contracts for fabulous prizes from hell
89 Proffeser Peabody's Curio cabinet shows collection of petty strange magic items he hypes up with exiting stories
90 Former murder hobo with pet mimic assumes various forms and rewarded with tablescraps
91 Low level wizard uses cantrips to amaze and for a finally casts a basic illusion
92 Magician with attractive assistant performs lots of prop based illusions like sawing assistant in half, and vanish from a cabinet. In reality the assistant is the caster who hired the fake magician actor to throw off attention
93 Magician puts on a show with tiny elementals doing tricks
94 Fire magician eats fire, juggles fire and uses firecrackers
95 Wizard using illusions projects scenes of live adventurers in a dungeon he can visualise from a magic clairvoyance necklace that an evil overlord also uses to spy on the mortal world
96 Rural wizard with scarecrow golem, does some tricks and dances but if going slow they offer audience to stab the scarecrow for a fee
97 Wizard projects a wonderous land they visited d4 1=underland 2=undersea 3=branches of the cosmic tree 4=faraway exotic human or demihuman kingdom
98 WIzard puts on flashy show including fighting summoned creatures which seems harsh but he insists they are just from another magical world and not real
99 Young necromancers tasteless ventriloquism comedey show with his zombie grandfather
100 Changeling puts on a show and if audience don't appreciate it or complain he goes into a angry tirade and stomps off to the wilderness to complain to local spirits about the terrible venue and the mean audeince 

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