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d100 Magic Mountains

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Here is a nice picture of a donkey battle wagon. In my current game these and oxen pulled are the normal chariots but barbarians use some strange animals like terror birds. These wagons are heavier and less manoeuvrable. Possibly some of the civilisations in my setting might have more. I need to get my bronze age minis out again.

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d10 Magic Mountain Types

01 Fantastic peaks
02 Isolated community
03 Secret caverns
04 Strange Ruins
05 Nonhuman stronghold
06 Dungeon complexes
07 Prehistoric traces
08 Hidden peoples
09 Haunted peaks
10 Mythological magic

d100 Magic Mountains
01 Snowcap Mountain - tall frosty mountain nobody has ever climbed and returned is the home of frost elemental beings around an elemental node that affects local weather systems
02 Stonetower Peak - a great peak ith an exceptionally tall and narrow stone tower commonly swept in clouds, long ago giants built this as a secret landing post for their sky castles and there is a secret stairwell that goes into the depths into a magically guarded place of a lost race of lawful giants
03 Burning Mountain - once was a coal mine here but it caught on fire and it still burns. Cultists come here as most people avoid it to various abandoned mines. The mines were built by gnomes and dwarfs long ago and were shipped out by vast underground tunnels to kingdoms of the Underland 
04 Twinspire Mountain - a double-peaked mountain with trees and several climbing routes. Of three routes two get to the lesser peak, one with less climbing and more steps. The third is a famous challenge that has killed many. Climbers mostly the privileged or wilderness guides seeking fame
05 Stonefist Mountain - a knobby odd shaped mountain people imagine looks like a dwarf fist. Actually, a dwarf fortress was destroyed and overrun by the undead then sealed away. Undead dwarves have been seen in the area 
06 Gloomfire Mountain - a black twisted cave filled volcanic peak often. The fire within was killed by a god long ago but goblins and cults crave the mineralised and crystalline remains that have formed in this dead fire being
07 Storm Mountain - storms shrouded and lurking with monsters and a trail to the top with a barbarian shrine. Barbarians used to come here for initiation tests. The barbarians knew how to not be eaten by the griffons there
08 Red Mountain - eroded and windswept with cave art in the cliffs shelters. Strange sea fossils are found here and have attracted tourists, scholars and cultists. There are many hidden warn sinkholes and squeezes that lead to caves inside. A long lost tribe of albino fish folk live inside  
09 Sun Eagle Mountain - a terrific peak with barbarian shrines and dolmen and barrows surrounding it. Giant eagles make climbing here hard by day and there are various cliff tombs of old barbarian nobles in many hard to reach places
10 Rockbridge Mountains - two mountains with lower reaches linked by a huge stone arch over a river built by giants long ago. One mountain has elf graves and the other dwarfs. Treasure hunters have long looked here but goblinoids make it risky
11 Grey Mountain - has a secret monastery studying an exotic secret fighting technique craved by assassins dwells. They shun strangers but may help those in trouble. Some monks are more suspicious and paranoid than others
12 Gallows Mountain - a secret village here train in the arts of assassination serving regions nobility and few know they exist. Discovering their hidden cliff fort is a bad idea. 
13 Chrystal Mountain - amazons led women of a doomed city here long ago whose men had died in wars. Now the fabled city of women is here an enclave against the outside world  
14 Stag Mountain - wooded mountain humans seldom visit and hunters shun. A village of shapeshifting animal spirits live here but pretend to be human if strangers come
15 Star Mountain - a secret school of magicians lives in secret here some frozen for thousands of years, the deepest caves have wizard lore from the oldest times humans did wizardry. A hidden mountain citadel is surrounded by a labyrinth full of traps and monsters to keep outsiders away and to dump unwanted monster lab experiments
16 Amber Mountain - a village of elderly people who fled a corrupt ruler decades ago they say. Actually, they are immortals and sterile. They do know obscure lore and another regional history and once they trust you they will share. A powerful mountain spirit protects them from violent strangers
17 Pearl Mountain - often snow dome peaked and shining, well thought of by local people. 
18 Green Mountain - home of the famous outlaw robber clan made up of outcast families and failed dynasties united against the current kingdom. They even get some money and support from rival kingdoms
19 Devil Mountain - contains several tomb and dungeon complexes guarded on the surface by an evil cult fanatically defending it from adventurers who might find what they seek before they do. They pretend to be harmless villagers but the cult temple and training hall is hidden underground. People have been lost for months under the mountain
20 Saphire Mountain - a village of wizards that has lived here for centuries, originally exiles from the Rcane empire long ago. They hide their nature but secretly have petty wooden golems working, carrying water. Local ruins have golems thousands of years old working some are fixed in place like pump, taps, mills, saws and other machine like uses 
21 Monster Mountain - a huge cavern of sleeping colossal monsters awaiting the apocalypse. Occasionally someone awakens the small ones and all humans in the area vanish
22 Goblin Mountain - once a mine complex of elves and dwarves until goblins took over and broke the demihuman alliance against goblinoids. Many assume it is empty but thousands of toiling goblins work in unsafe conditions with terrible scaffolding
23 Witch Mountain - where a star fell it left a mountain with a crater peak of strange coloured rays that some can see at night. Most mutant animals and people live here because most hunters avoid the mountain. Unknown to most a monster empire citadel is built under the city containing the captive star. Mutants bathe in its glow and become strangers. Witches are sick of this name and call it Mutant Mountain
24 Bleak Mountain - caverns inside the mountain are ruins of a deep gnome city left with traps and mechanical automatons and other strange magic, some magicians desire its secrets  
25 Blue Mountain - a famous wizard lived here with her bound demon lovers and monster children. Adventurers seek the lost caverns in hopes of plundering her secrets
26 Troll Mountain - ruins of the ancient troll civilisation and some say in the deep cave city ruin is where the current trolls we know come from. Some experiments created the insane cancerous trolls we know and spread across the world and destroyed troll civilisation. Perhaps some original art of the old trolls can be found and proof of this pre-human civilisation
27 Iron Mountain - once a great entryway and trade city of the dwarfs were inside but this civilisation fell and undead keep blocking this former trade route with underground kingdoms. Inside the caverns are great underground highway tunnels around the kingdom
28 Gem Mountain - has spectacular crystal caves but dragons are very fond of these caves and cooperate with a dragon cult to monopolise the semiprecious stones
29 Hellcap Mountain - a mountain with several volcanic vents and strange mineral springs that make it smell of chemicals like sulphur and acid and salt. inside great caverns are many old mines used for alchemist ingredients. Red gems found here turned out to be a ploy by hell that was thwarted and the caves and mines abandoned. Recent visitors say the mine is full of cultists and petty devils who seek a Hellgate in the deep 
30 Auroch Mountain - a craggy mountain with grazing land protected by aggressive giant prehistoric cattle who systematically hunt and kill anything that might bother their children. Inside the mountains are many caverns with spectacular art galleries of prehistoric rock art and other trinkets. Albino cannibal ape folk live here eat intruders and occasionally raid camps in the area
31 Darkenbrow Mountain - sinister ruined castle of a vampire lord slain by famous heroes and the domain abandoned since. Vampire cultists come to visit here in hopes of receiving the curse still and holy heroes visit the mountain to slay them
32 Grimwall Mountain - great walls and ramparts around the mountain and are half-buried and wrecked from long ago. The mountain was a major citadel destroyed in a great war against evil. The dead walk the peaks moaning about the war that killed them
33 Stone Mountain - a great decayed prehistoric Ziggurat where the outer surface of mud bricks has crumbled and turned to mud and since covered with vegetation. Within some say the fired brick supported spaces inside is a forgotten temple citadel of a long lost kingdom
34 Stoneface Mountain - includes on the sunward sign defaced and warn reliefs of ancient kings and text in four recognised old languages. On the other side, seven monster king reliefs have been carved and partly buried. Apparently these faces have entrances to complexes under the mountain
35 Potion Mountain - magic pools and streams are common here as the alchemy god spilt his bag contents here and a fire started and burned a thousand years before being doused. Mutants, alchemist prospector agents, golems and elementals are common here. A sprawling blasted ruin of an abandoned alchemist school is scattered by the peak but all the monsters here make it hard to reach
36 Blackrock Mountain - a great dwarf mining complex riddled mountain abandoned to goblinoids and secretly the home of a mighty goblin kingdom with underground links to other secret civilisation. The goblins are troubled by stories of a great flaming demon in the depths 
37 Pine Mountain - with ruins of elven buildings amongst it shunned by locals who believe the land cursed. Many supernatural animals and faerie folk are seen here. Scholars crave any information about what doom ended the pin elf kingdom
38 Golden Mountain - burial site of a famous king inside the mountain and other lesser tombs of courtiers, his wives, descendants and later imitators built tombs here too. Many monster tribes moved into the plundered ones and many tombs connected underground 
39 Arkon Mountain - great stone faces of the Archons of law are carved into this mountain and monks used to care for them. The faces remain but the monasteries are all ruins now but locals shun them in fear of hauntings
40 Ghost Mountain - once a thriving mountain population dwelled here but all died in the mountain plague. The area has been shunned ever since but some say the common village ruins are remarkably intact  
41 Giant Mountain - has several complexes and great deep caverns where clans of giants dwell. Normally they would not cooperate but all have united against invading humans and demihumans. Humans who go in the vast mountain doors never return, either enslaved or eaten
42 Iron Mountain - a great dwarf citadel barely known to humans where great forges make weapons to stockpile for the war they believe will end the war. They don't want to share with humans who stole fire and iron and black powder from them and seek to steal more
43 Flint Mountain - a great gnome citadel burrow. On the surface many trees have secret doors to the undergnome city. Some are friendly, most are shy some are spiteful and take human captives by treating them with shrinking potions
44 Weird Mountain - haunted by elves and faeries and tree spirits on mist-shrouded slopes that are shunned by mortals. WIthin the mountain is a fabulous kingdom ruled by an aspect of the faerie queen and her brother the king. This land is forbidden to humans whi will be taken as slaves, pets or toys for elven courtiers
45 Kalador Mountain - a wizard built a complex here and made many races of beastfolk who still dwell in the area. They don't get along unless humans intrude on their holy mountain
46 Darktree Mountain - famously haunted by dark faerie powers and the surface entry of a vast dark elf metropolis that trades across the inside of the earth selling drugs and erotic furniture and spider-silk. Humans keep well away as the darker elves are sadistic 
47 Crag Mountain - a rough to climb mountain full of gorges and cracks and some surface ruins. Orcs lived here since they overthrew the mad wizard who made them long ago and today they see humans as fearsome slavers
48 Windspire Mountain - frequently cloud-covered peak has a community of spirit folk of the earth and air. Humans rarely reach the peak where cloud islands dock to trade. The locals are friendly to elves but wary of humans who seek to plunder and conquer
49 Troll Mountain - an ancient troll city ruins are inside the mountains but now the only remaining trolls are the cancerous insane ones mad for war and turned on the high troll civilisation. Evil beings come here to recruit trolls and everybody else avoids it bar a few risky scholars
50 Hollow mountain - long ago a people fleeing disaster discovered a ruined goblin city and hid for decades. Most left when the world was safe but those who remained are a strange albino people who are cannibals. Goblins have started to return and the sub-folk more and more leaving and colonising other caves 
51 Demon Mountain - riddled with tunnels and ruins from an ancient demon cult, the cult was destroyed in a war but other creatures and new cults have moved in
52 Ruby Mountain - a mostly sleeping volcanic vent but the peak crater has a pool of lava. Getting there is hard as it is a fire elemental portal. Ancient tunnels and lava tubes inside the mountain are home to planar fire creatures and cultists who go on pilgrimage here. 
53 Stonedragon Mountain - scholars for aeons came her to dig because great petrified monsters and strange fish and trees of the dawn age and older are preserved in the rocks. Scholar tourists and artists come here to see the wonders of the distant aeons. Some came here to dig up elder beasts to revive them for war. The mountain is riddled with mines and dungeon labs. There are ruined and new tourist villas too
54 The Blue Mountain - a great volcano crater with a rarely seen spectacular blue lake. It is a portal to elemental water and many creatures live in the vast depths of the lake and the mountain is riddled with dripping cave tunnels. Some are flooded but eerily clear with magic light almost like air. Some have come to loot cave clam pearls a risky affair but they are the best divers, Some wizards have hired them as guides to seek elemental secrets. Fish and frog folk in the tunnels consider it taboo for fur or feather people to come here (except cetaceans, sea lions and penguins maybe)
55 Green Mountain - various sylvan folk dwell on this elemental earth node especially gnomes, talking animals, land spirit folk, tree spirit folk and extraordinary giant beasts with strange powers. Strange monoliths and caves are all over the mountain and some say inside a great cavern is the portal to the plane of earth protected by rings of fungus and crystal caves
56 Skull Mountain - a gloomy mist and storm shrouded rough mountain covered in caves they say are connected to the Sunderland kingdoms and to the underworld where the dead are kept. Quite a few strange rare undead roam the peaks as well as death and demon cults. Some come to plunder the underworld or save someone who the gods withhold from resurrection or eternal life. Bat and hyena abhumans dwell here to for various reasons
57 Skybourne Mountain - windswept mountain difficult to climb but riddled with windy caverns and cliffs. Some peoples dwell in cliff villages, wizard towers and precarious monasteries of strange mystic sects linked to the outside world by rickety rope bridges and difficult climbs. The elemental invisible air spirits here make such climbing more dangerous. On the peak is a portal to the elemental plane of air 
58 Grey Mountain - a gloomy weather-worn mountain, actually a civilisation was buried under this mountain and over the ages, things have survived and burrowed within. Where the mountain is most eroded are entrances to this subterranean eldritch ruin. Alien beings from beyond dwelled here until driven away by the gods who dropped a great chunk of the celestial firmament which made a new star. Cultists are the least of your worries. Many strange magic relics can be found but they are different and more dangerous even though common here
59 Frostpeak Mountain - an ice-capped peak surrounded by chilling winds, frost giants have been living on the peaks and the great ice caverns riddle the mountains and attract planar bings of frost and ice. Cultists come here believing they can engulf the world in the snow with a lost relic rumoured to be in here that the giants also crave
60 Grimforge Mountain - where a past dark lord build a subterranean citadel where he made millions of orcs and abhumans to wage war on the world which ran out of ffod and fell to starvation and disease. Cursed by undead and forbidden land to the orcs who guard the mountain. Inside are the forges of the Blue Blades of Grimforge used by evil heroes that used demon blood quenched magic steel. Many seek the knowledge or even remaining metal or weapons and adventurers have waged war on the ruin for centuries. You find lots of dead and surviving adventurers lost in here 
61 Stone Egg Mountain - inside this harsh mountain cone is a crater with remnants of a stone egg a kaiju once hatched from that grew into a city-destroying horror. The mountainsides are clawed and scratched by a giant badger that tried to get the egg from all around. You hear rumours of some huge thing seen flying near the mountain sometimes
62 Stardrop Mountain - a mountain dropped on a demon of the outer void in the dawning age from the firmament of heaven leaving a star. The mountain is luxurious and green with spectacular rock formations. There are strange animals and plants here and the people say they are descendants from sky people who came down with the mountain by accident
63 Elder Mountain - inside is a great cavern of sleeping giant warriors waiting for the return of their king so they can be ready to fight the God of the Well in an even deeper cave. Dim-witted modern giants know the mountain is taboo to humans and they must be kept away
64 Bald Mountain - craggy difficult mountain but riddled with caves. A civilisation of subterranean cave folk with various tribal minorities among them. Each tribe has own clothing and fighting style with flint weapons and animal skins  
65 Moon Mountain - a crater pit on the peak drops into a deep chasm where subterranean and aquatic species come for worship on certain nights in the hope she will drop a celestial tear down to reward them. Ancient moon glyphs cover mountain rocks and caves
66 Dolem Mountain - a rough woodland mountain where strange fairy folk and peoples dwell. Even the humans living on the lowers slopes are fey touched and odd. Ancient dolmen and standing stones are common
67 Fallen Mountain - where a giant sky castle fell on a draconic enemy in a pyrrhic victory long ago. Draconic monsters in the caves and fallen giants on the surface in ancestors ruins. All are still here but are the more stupid and evil sort as their great ancestor's intellects were destroyed. A tribe of humans has dwelled here too as most civilisations shun it. They know the ways of dragons and giants but shun metal and any who use it
68 Darkwell Mountain - a crater peak has a supernaturally black pool choked around shores with blackened human remains. Cults come here seeking to worship the ancient spirit of darkness here that cannot leave. Strange monoliths cover the lower slopes and a tribe of subterranean cave cannibal folk guard the mountain by eating intruders
69 Frostspear Mountain - no humans have ever reached the peak as it is surrounded by blizzards and darkness and even the air is so weak some vomit up blood. Some who turned back saw ferocious white apes and other fabulous creatures the local tribal villagers fear. These villagers themselves are of an unfamiliar people with stone tools that say they came from slaves escaping the Sunderland who took generations to escape and only their shaman will touch metal
70 Devils Knob Mountain - A fiery volcanic peak with a peculiarly elongated blunt peak where occasional fiery discharges can be seen erupting. Each time new lava flows solidify into surreal shapes. Vava vent and tube tunnels riddle the interior and a strange wicked tribe here wear devil masks and came to have escaped hell. They hate devil worshipers who visit to kidnap the tribe members and learn tribal secrets. As far as they know all outsiders or intelligent species serve hell and they are not sure they really have escaped. They associate metal to use with devilry and use magic molten rock to make helmets and plates of armour over leather and have razor-sharp obsidian edged warclubs
71 Burningstar Mountain - a star fell into this mountain burning into the deep where the forces of Underland defeated and imprisoned it. A great sprawling prison citadel where guardians from the coalition of Underland species served for centuries here but fell apart leaving a handful of fanatic demihuman and abhuman monks. Somehow people have been getting dreams to free the star that wants to burn the world but pretends to be good. The gods may have to intervene if it gets loose but they tend to not bother
72 Sludge Mountain - rich in springs and streams the lower areas are marshy and hostile. Inside the mountain is a secret Newt folk civilisation ever wary of humans outside. The smaller scouts seem primitive with slings and darts and poison blowpipes and arrows who skirmish. Inside newt guards wear chain coats and helmets and ride semi-aquatic striders. Many fortifications assume amphibious assault and the scouts use hidden flooded sinkholes everywhere  
73 Horseshoe Mountain - has a huge stone arch that can be used to reach the upper reaches and home of a village of satyrs who secretly kidnap lovers for themselves and bring them back here where they cannot escape. They are brutish drunken louts and evaluate visitors as mates or compost
74 Witch Top Mountain - a steep mountain with a flattish top with a secret village of witches who fly up here {possiblt with help[). Their goblin servants grow strange fruits and vegetables and look after witches magic goats and familiars. There is a small pond for their giant toads which they like to dunk witch hunters in declaring the toads only eat hypocrites 
75 Devil Mountain - a strange village of the damned here is really a trap. Once inside there is no way out except through the Hellgate in the tavern 
76 Golem Mountain - among strange ruins here are a community of near-immortal golems who are drawn here to live free and to help them be free. Humans sometimes trade here but most golems regard most humans as slavers. Golems work on upgrading themselves with mods and magic to expand their minds
77 Bat Mountain - full of caves including many ruined temples of the ancient bat folk who used this as a stronghold when they once arose to the surface world to conquer. A secret village of vampires is built in a gorge with only an hour of direct sunlight if not cloudy
78 Glimmer Mountain - some see a shining light on the peak at times from the very inaccessible secret library-observatory of an order of wizard seers. Heroes trying to scale the mountain meet many tests that are more than just encounters and those who fail never find the secret route to the top for wisdom they seek 
79 Spiderhole Mountain - people shun this mountain full of huge bugs and spiders covered in web choked pine trees. Hidden spider chagelings live in shacks and caves and use illusions to make their homes seem less threatening. They delight in adopting elf or human form to lure victims in with dinner invitations
80 Dragonfist Mountain - on this bizarley eroded and difficult mountain are numerous secret martial art orders who compete once a year to face the dragon master. If the challenger impresses the dragon in human form master, they are taught a secret martial technique
81 Diablo Mountain - red-hued rock spike, lacking easy to find routes up by foot. Devil cults flock here to try and gain entry and meet real devils inside the secret wizard tunnel system within. A great occult library was kept here by diabolic scholar monks. The area was ruined in a disaster and most of the books were taken to the other inter-planar black library
82 Wraith Mountain - a black frightening peak covered in craters and dead trees where evil lords were destroyed in a great battle despoiling surface. These lords returned as wraiths and have awoken other buried dead in crypts here as wights and ghouls. A great statue to the demon prince of undead is an entrance to the catacombs the growing undead army sleep in by day
83 Spirit Mountain - a shaman holy place with various shrines and campsights on sacred story trails. Many nature spirits here who encounter and test travellers who dare visit
84 Hunter Mountain - sadred to ancient hunter tribes and revered by modern hunters. Caves in here have ancient animal paintings at at times the ghosts of these long gone great beasts haunts the mountain
85 Ghoul Mountain - once had many villages on its sides and a great graveyard on the lower slopes. After a plague killed everybody, undead arose from the ancient deeps and the graveyard crypts and moved into the ruined homlets and farm houses living a dread parody of rural life
86 Banshee Mountain - an elf queen and her ladies in waiting were murdered here by a rival nation and their angry spirits roam here killing all who are brave enough. Very few animals live here some merely leave or hide at night
87 Corpse Mountain - an avalanche buried a mining town here and when people came to build a new mine on the graves the angry hungry dead arose and nobody has returned since
88 Doomwalker Mountain - a reverent ranger here hunts any mortals who try to pass withing the mountains shadow or near it at night. Even if slain it always returns sometimes hunting even those who flee for days
89 Vile Mountain - a ruined castle here is the home of lord Knorri Knutson a berserker undead doomknight who hurls fireballs at those intruding on his domain. Sometimes he chases victims across his lands riding a nightmare
90 Gloomy Mountain - a difficult to reach castle is home to a vampires and her succubi lover who spy on travellers looking for unaware people they can trick into visiting them. They might try a dinner invite or pretend to have family tortured by an evil lord in the castle. Anything to get them inside which can be magically sealed and they can with their thralls hint the victims
91 Dragonbrood Mountain - the labarynthian chasms within include a passage to the dragon spawning pits of hell. Seasonaly dragons are seen going to or leaving. One adventurer priest wrote a book of her adventures within the mountain in a rare illuminated forbidden book
92 Grandfather Mountain - a great titan was slain here by the gods and its body became stone. Lesser giants still come here hoping to contact the spirits of their divine ancestor
93 Sidequest Mountain - the gods protect something here and all why seek to reach the glowing gates on the peak are turned back by continual distractions in the form of alternate adventures. At first they are simpler and less demanding but eventually have increasingly manipulative plots hooks like victims about to be sacrificed by robed weirdos. Some say there are only so many quests to overcome like 777 or some random another number 
94 Fantasy Mountain - where a god was distracted by lust on an urgent quest giving evil another foothold into the world. Inside is the remains of a subterranean pleasure park built by goblins and gnomes featuring magical and mechanical and aquatic rides. Some creatures have got into the works and things break a lot which can be tragic or funny. Chaos cults regard the mountain as holy
95 Imp Mountain - where cultists come seeking a familiar from hell. In a grim castle of red knights various pilgrims visit to choose an imp of their own. Sorcerers, wizards, witches and cultists come the most. A great portal to Hell opens on full moon and the pilgrims come to trade would for imps 
96 Wolf Mountain - a great one eyed wolf demon from the underworld came here and killed the inhabitants. Since then werewolves only live on the mountain and while on it they may change back and forth at will. A great cavern in the deeps holds the sleeping wolf demon and awakening it will hasten the apocalypse
97 Stench Mountain - a god-ancestor of the subterranean troglodytes was slain here and its descendants still dwell here worshipping its remains. Travellers hear drums coming from caves and shun the place
98 Venom Mountain - decapitation of a chaos god happened here, the slopes are wretched festering bogs full of vermin and slime. Inside the mountain chaos cultists come to bathe in the festering pool become mutant plague carriers and wait for the day they sweep over the earth to unleash death. One of the foulest places ever discovered and some of hells sewers exit here 
99 Savage Mountain - thickly vegetated with rough rocks and many isolated hard to reach places where strange creatures frolic or lurk. Was sacred to a druidic order and they claim here was where the earth goddess mated with the sky god long ago
100 Abadon Mountain - a nightmarish jagged peak with obsidian spikes and basalt pillars on its slopes. On top is a point where the the lords of darkness tried to snuff the sun and call down an age of arcane evil from beyond. The effect was temporary and the temple at its peak was destroyed when the sun returned


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