Wednesday 16 June 2021

Living Walls & Drama Bombs

Before I get onto the meat of this post a few notes. I'm trying to finish three big posts some taking months - desert ruin a-z, village horrible customs, 100 strange shops of shadelport. Recovering from a foot injury and fluid on my lung and grumpiness post my birthday. Playing in a new CoC game and met several new gamers who seem keen and I enjoyed the company of so that's a good outcome.

My to edit list is years ahead of me now and hardcopy prints are bigger than my head and none really came close to my satisfaction to publish properly. Had some more ragequit thoughts (not the first time and blogger issues like deleting a few thousand links I had to rebuild was one of them). Playtesting a pretty important editorial step for games. Several of my book ideas I have sat on have had similar (possibly derivative in places) works released 

I've stopped my Patreon at moment (but money crept into the amount again I will start again soon). Im pretty unsatisfied with recent work and lack of engagement. To the 4 or 5 who do give me feedback and encouragement thanks. Im rethinking what I do and branding again at moment. I'm taking any immediate action but I don't feel a need to write daily on this blog or watch metrics like I'm trying to game outcomes. Possibly I have scared ppl away with my deliberate dickhead filters. I've turned down several teaching jobs because I don't feel I can teach when I don't believe in my authority or the institutions.

I do like collaborations and have had some good dealings on some jobs writing for others but lots of these experiences were awkward and weird and ended promptly on completion. Various dramas in the scene just confirm to me that the creator you enjoy the work of might have harmful beliefs and to assume they don't seem risky. People telling me I should murder family members and co-workers for their false beliefs did not encourage me to participate in a few groups. Groups complaining they are nonpolitical but drop hatebombs and complaining about young people every post I can't follow anymore.

This stuff happens when you are creating for decades. I don't really feel safe discussing lots of these thoughts with the"community" and quite a few ppl I know have backed away and I am feeling this urge. In G+ days I spoke to creative peers lots and got support and inspiration and now It doesn't really happen. Even someone who said happy to talk anytime never replied to my immediate reply. I'm not looking for support or any feedback on this it is what it is. Really I do this for myself and my own use so other peoples interest is a bonus.

Actual content for Tax:

I don't know why this didn't already exist....a mimic relative but dumber and not sticky.
Imagine the Thing but hid as stone walls.

Stone Devourer
neutral dungeon monster

AC+ +4 HD 7-10 Att 1 Bite 4d4 or grapple Mov 3
Appears as a typical wall for a surprise attack. More cunning older ones will fake features like a secret door or relief art of open-mouthed faces or may have a chained prisoner or treasure as bait. Once a victim is close will bite or grapple them. Once grappled get a free bite every round or attempt strangulation. Larger 10 HD ones are 3mx3mx1m to 
block tunnels the 7HD ones only 2mx1mx30cm thick and will cover doorways. They have low intelligence and often don't notice movement outside their ambush reach. When they give up mimicking dungeon decor they are slimy mucous covered shambling grey masses with eyes and mouths. Rumour of entire living dungeon complexes are just drunken tavern talk. They eat mimics and consider them rivals. Often they block strategic choke points or even dungeon exits. They can ooze through bars and drains and enter through openings of only 10cm but it can take time.

1in4 think dwarves taste disgusting and spit them out
1in6 have a d4 tentacle attack d6 damage or grapple range 3m
1in6 can duplicate detailed inscriptions, artwork and have higher intelligence
1in8 can spit a glob of lime range 6 each round, save or glued to ground d4 rounds or STR feat, if save MOV slowed d4 until cleaned off with vinegar and ten minutes of scrubbing
1in10 is tougher with +5AC and 12-16 HD and 4d4 damage
1in12 learn to assume the form of a bridge or floor or ceiling
1in12 have paralysis touch save or paralysed for 2d4 rounds
1in20 are conjoined twins with an extra attack and face in monster form
1in20 undead constructs with all defences and weaknesses
1in20 can heal a d3 damage by touch once per person per day some use as a form of bait eating only a few people

d12 Adventure Hooks
1 Quarry workers have been vanishing where have they gone?
2 The local goblin hole has been abandoned, go make sure it is cleared out and nothing valuable is left
3 A new strange bridge appeared over a stream and locals surprised and curious
4 A local dungeon boss has had minions vanishing and wants some adventurers to help, will try paying or kidnapping them
5 Local necromancer has lost all his favourite zombies he left in a crypt and needs help finding them
6 While at a tavern the innkeeper sends servants into the cellar for more beer and they vanish without a trace
7 A local thief ran around town screaming with no hands then died of blood loss. Investigations reveal he was planning on breaking into a gate in the garden wall of an old sealed manour house
8 A wizard has sent several expeditions to collect rubbings of ancient stone wall in a cave
9 A prison warden thinks prisoners are escaping, needs undercover agents to join the population to find out how (make warden who knows scheme disappear and other wardens don't know for extra fun)
10 A menagerie got a recent delivery of creatures and many missing from cages and nobody knows how they got out
11 A miraculous wall with prophetic signs on it appeared in the region and many pilgrims see it daily. Some pilgrims never returned and the church thinks heretics are killing them. They say touching the wall in prayer with eyes shut helps gods hear prayers
12 A building site has had some workers finished after they completed a wall section, locals are worried they have been pressganged


  1. "People telling me I should murder family members and co-workers for their false beliefs..."

    Are you serious? Maybe you need to contact the proper authorities.

    1. it not much different to being told my family deserved extermination are from a country or prostitutes and many other wonderous things ppl claiming moral superiority have claimed to me

  2. Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit burned out, Chris. I miss G+ too - I feel that losing it took a lot of the wind out of our collective sails. Most years you put out more content than five regular bloggers combined and you're more than entitled to a rest if you need one. I've got a lot of use out of the stuff you've posted over the years, though - large chunks of my current campaign world are populated by your beastmen!

    On teaching, and speaking as a teacher myself - your decisions about institutions are yours to make, but please don't let doubts about your own authority put you off doing it. All-knowing authority figures frequently make terrible teachers, and students often learn best when their teacher is learning with them...

    I look forward to the horrible village customs!

    1. thannkyou very much is appreciated
      ive had dr see mee finally at new local clinic my broken foot no longer red, and my lungs are less phlegmy so my attitude is improving. Some stuff to work on


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