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Urban Spirits

When a city is founded it covers the homes of ancient spirits  of nature who are smothered but may survive thousands of years. Especially if it can get a few followers or a shrine people leave some offerings and thoughts at. Some spirits might have aided a founding hero or a god and might have bigger shrines, a gatehouse dedicated to them with a shrine, a temple or even a shrine within a gods temple complex. Other spirits may arrive from lands far and wide and other beings may seek to corrupt or influence people. Some spirits might contact the dreams of a sleeping person to scare them or send a message. Some might haunt a lonely garden or ruin or abandoned haunted house. Some might live in an attic or under a stove or in the sewer. Some are adorable and will live like animals or pets. Some are paternal and even neutral and evil ones have an interest in those who leave offerings. Some might be ancestors whose remains are buried under a floor. Those who like the spirit may seek vengeance if it is angered or harmed. Civilised peoples might acknowledge an ancestor or loved one but think petty spirits are for children or commoners.

Long ago when spirits came to form bodies and live as mortals and the children they bore became spirit folk or changelings. These spirit folk often linked to a beast or an element or some planar beings. Many are loners or live in small families for decades. Many spirit folks serve dragons and faerie nobility and gods. They are embodied in the world not the spirit planes of ether so can achieve many tasks like travel with less trouble.

When I revise Shadelport I will along with local gangs and I will put in local spirits
Drain maps might be required at some point too

d12 Spirit Strength
1 d4 HD AC+3 have invisible spirit form, possibly appear or communicate to mortals
2 d6 HD AC+4 +has a material form as a small creature like a cat or dog or goat or toad
3-5 d8 HD AC+5 one 
minor  power, form medium size or a even a human
6-7 2d8 HD AC+5 d2 
minor  powers, can form the size of riding a horse or smallish cow
8-9 3d8 HD AC+7 d3 
minor powers can form a big cow or war horse or an elk
9 4d8 HD AC+8 d3+1 
minor powers can form a bear or dire wolf or lion
11 8d8 HD +12 one major power d4+1 
minor powers form huge beast or monster
12 16d8 HD AC +20 three major powers six minor powers petty gods and can be giant or gargantuan

The size guide is just a maximum size form but bigger spirits will have d4+Lv forms that could include animals, humans, demihumans, inanimate objects, insect, a cloud of odour, a shadow but all can turn invisible or material by shifting to the ethereal plane where it's true spirit form dwells. 

Spirits are immaterial beings, travelling between the ethereal and material worlds

Invisible normally but superior ones may create a body, animals sometimes detect them
Spirit has an Axis Mundi point that anchors them where there recover or hide
Spirit is associated with artwork, shrine, building, stove, boat, wagon, rock, well, tree
Spirits can be good or evil or indifferent or weird. 
Spirits can be friendly or hostile or hidden.
Spirits may be upset and cause trouble.
Leaving offerings for spirits pleases and feeds them 
-good spirits will help you and your family and will take an interest to your wellbeing
-bad spirits will leave you alone and accept as tribute or a bribe
-neutral spirits will ignore you but may form bonds and protect those who make offerings
Spirits can grow or shrink over time or can change the alignment
Spirits may be tainted, purified or join a religion or a faction. May have friends
Spirits may be affected by people living in the area and the condition of the land
Spirit shrines are not considered
Spirits and petty gods can communicate
Great spirits are served by lesser ones like a court or a gang or temple
Spirit folk while embodied and living as humans birthed changeling spirit folk

d10 Common Types
1 Ancestor
2 Land
3 Water
4 Cthonic
5 Magical
6 Haunted
7 Infernal
8 Light
9 Darkness
10 Heavenly

d10 What Locals Know
1 Nobody heard of it
2 Children sing about it in their games
3 Old folk mutter about it
4 Local gossips have heard stories
5 Local residence have all seen odd things
6 Gangs in area all know about it
7 Graffitti in area mentions or depicts spirit
Their is a small fetish in area people know about
9 Small hrine someone attends to and some scraps for offerings
10 Large sheltered shrinw with a statue with offerings

d100 Petty Spirit Powers (same as previous one)
1 Material small animal form can manifest 1in6 can become any small animal
2 Material medium animal form can manifest
3 Material monster form can manifest
4 Material demihuman or human form
5 Natural feature resides in like a stone, hill or tree
6 Contact humans in dreams
7 Summon local creatures
8 Invisibility in spirit or material form
9 Hit only by magical weapons or made from d4 1=iron 2=silver 3=wood 4=stone
10 cast spells as a wizard or priest or druid Lv d4 with 1in12 being d4+3
11 Spirit resides in like a totem pole, shrine, fetish, borderstone or idol
12 Detect d4 1=one alignment 2=treasure 3=secret doors 4=invisible
13 Spirit has a magic weapon often is +1 with a 1st Lv spell power
14 Has a monster ally who comes to friends aid
15 Worshipped as divinities by local villagers, abhumans, elves or wild folk
16 Material plant form can be manifest or bound to a tree
17 Related to a minor divinity, great land spirit or faerie folk nobility
18 Can influence local weather by 4d6 degrees or call dark clouds or rain
19 Can conjure fierce winds, especially when angry, reduces movement in area
20 This spirit knows a local tribe of monsters and how to manipulate them
21 Flight with wings that spout at will, often like a butterfly or transparent bug wings
22 Speak any language
23 Knows a secret hidden treasure will tell location to save own life or a good cause or deal
24 ESP three times a day
25 Magical item (valuable but not for combat) d4 1=mill makes 3 meals a day 2
26 Curse three times a day
27 Charm Person three times a day
28 Charm Animal three times a day
29 Entangle three times a day
30 Animate a d6 fetishes or a scare crow or straw doll idol to life AC+3 2HD d6 scratch
31 Summon a swarm of creatures d6 1=wasps or bees 2=beetles 3=squirrels 4=finches 5=bats 6=flies once a day for d3 rounds +1 per HD bites for 2 damage a round
32 Immune to 1st level spells
33 Reanimate ancient corpses beneath the ground usually d4 zombie or 2d4 skeletons once a night
34 Grow as wizard spell at will
35 Shrink as wizard spell at will
36 Invisibility once per day until dispelled or broken as per spell
37 Teleport back to home once per day
38 Protection vs Alignment - opposite of their own
39 Cast illusion lasts d4 rounds three times per day
40 Contact dead requires fragment of body or descendant present once a day
41 Telekinesis spell 3 times a dato move stuff about and haunt places
42 Ventrliquism and voice mimicry to trick people at will
43 Trap crafting expertise - mostly made to target upright humanoids
44 Slow spell 3 times a day use to people trying to flee
46 Remove curse once a day they use this to trade
47 Cause disease once per day by touch
48 Has a familiar lesser spirit ally often appears as a pet or servant
49 Sleep spell three times a day
50 Make mortals by touch see any invisible spirit beings or homes or gates

d12 Greater Spirit Powers
1 Raise dead or reincarnation
2 Commands local lesser spirits
3 Illusion at will
4 Plane shift
5 Cast as magician HD=Lv
6 Cast greater curse once per day
7 Cause a major mutation once per person or any amount of minor mutations
8 Summoning - can call lesser spirits, spirit folk, friends or children to aid
9 Create magic items using secret techniques may give some to worthy
10 Gate - can open portal possibly call a greater being through like demon lord or a god
11 Shapeshift into anything but has a few favoured forms
12 Wish - make a pact to grant a wish if superiors on other planes will forfill wish

d10 Quick Petty Urban Spirits By Location Types
01 Waterways - canals and rivers through the city
02 Sewerways - drains and sewerage below the streets  
03 Gateways - guarded portals where people meet and make deals 
04 Bridges - structures provide crossings but also hide
05 Rooftops - things among the chimneys and attics
06 Highways - the main roads
07 Laneways - the lesser side streets
08 Alleyways - often one-way service lanes
09 Squares -   open areas including parks and parade grounds
10 Parks - public greens

d100 Petty Urban Spirits
01 Villy Sorenis - daughter of river spirit saddened by pollution, muddy nymph people hear sobbing 
02 Ulero - the ghost river porpoise a remnant of a breed now rare sometimes turns over boats especially fisherfolk 
03 Tanaril Fortarnil - a great spirit bullfrog at night sings loudly to his children and eats rats
04 Old Varney - a mysterious fisherman people see about who seems to vanish and appear
05 Gulper - a giant cod spirit who snatches dogs and giant rats and sometimes children of those who hurt the river 
06 Elora - a popular nymph with a local secret water well shrine and cult who provide her lovers and shiny trinkets
07 Great Shunk - a scaly hairy beast part fish part clawed beast said to attack those in secluded waters sometimes
08 Caleroris - a fish spirit who at times lives among the fish and at times as an attractive spirit woman strolling the docks. Those who offend her or take too many fish she turns into fish. Fishermen are strict about size and catch limits here
09 The River God - a figure of water, muck and reeds that sometimes forms when displeased and starts as human size but can grow to 9m tall
10 The Water Worm - a pale long-necked beast with a tooth filled orifice and baleful glowing eyes like saucers sometimes looks through windows even upper stories, if it spies on you its gaze causes madness. It has snatched many elderly persons 
11 King Rat - a terrible ten-headed chaos ratman spirit who commands rat swarms to steal food
12 The Sewer Serpent - a snake creature that people hear in drains and while in privies, people say it will bit your bottom while you make toilet, children worry about being swallowed
13 Old Sam the Bog Man - they say children teased this old homeless man to hide in shame in the sewer where he died of loneliness, people hear him sing and sometimes see a limping old man in a coat with rats hanging from his belt
14 The Great Cockroach - a huge creepy bug in the area who changes from a huge roach to a swarm that steals food
15 The Black Slime - a living shadow thing that lurks in drains and eats your scraps and vermin, some sewer workers have learned it is a spirit not just a slime 
16 Mister Stinky - a sewer-dwelling pixie covered in feces that sings and blows raspberries and pranks those in privies especially adventurers in the tavern who don't drop a copper coin in the potty first
17 The Foul Miasma - a vapour with the properties of a stinking cloud that lives in the drain, occasionally some evil-doers house erupts in foul gasses. Fire will ignite as a fireball and the miasma reforms in a month. It preys on evil doers who hide evidence of the crime in sewers
18 The Stool Golem - seen walking streets during mist as a humanoid but mostly in liquid form it roams seeking unholy undead or cultists using drains
19 Old Shabby - a rat cloaked hunchbacked figure some say has a hideous face. Was a gong farmer who drowned and now wanders the sewers scaring away wrong doers and vermin but aiding authorised sewer workers in trouble
20 Angus Mac Rattus - wererat cultist killed by mob long ago returns when cultists aid him form a new body with human sacrifice. Rattus appears as a giant sickly looking rat or a degenerate albino savage 
21 Dragon Gate Spirit - decorated with dragon tiles and banners. For generations, one of the local watch keepers based in the gatehouse has been a shapeshifting spirit drake. It likes human gossip and likes to meddle in the petty human drama
22 The Masked Ones, twin spirits one sad one happy who preside over oaths made under gates and punish oathbreakers, locals meet here for this service and donate to the shrine
23 The Moloch Gate is a grim gargoyle infested fortified gateway with a portcullis and murder holes. At times of trouble, the gate has been known to shut and lock of its own accord especially at night. Sometimes the portcullis gate has dropped on certain wicked men. Some looking at the gate by night are overcome with a sense of dread and see the gate as a grim devil-like face
24 Wolf Maid - wolf spirit who protects prostitutes who work around the gate, some see a huge shadow or hear snarls, remains of serial pests are sometimes found in area. Some men hear her whistling at them by night
25 The Watchman - a spirit killed on duty being negligent cursed to remain as a spirit, now it rattles bars and chains alerting local guards of suspicious persons near the gate  
26 Weird Goose - ancients kept geese as alarms and people near this gate have seen and heard the weird goose and some wicked ones have been bitten by the phantom goose on the bottom
27 Tinder Girl - a sobbing orphan selling bundles of sticks, seen at dusk and dawn, if you see her face under her head scarf she may appear sweet and give someone in need a minor blessing or to the wicked her face is a skull which causes fear  
28 The Irongate Shadow - this shadowy figure is seen here atop the gate by night or among roofs and balconies watching people, a few see it for a moment
29 Gallows Gate Phantoms - petty spirits hung, beheaded or had their heads on pikes displayed here long ago, sometimes in the dark they appear as desperate broken dead and frequently scare drunks and youth gangs
30 The Flayed Man - man wrongfully flayed then burned here long ago haunts here by night and sometimes in th basement and seldom-used rooms in the gatehouse. It appears as a screaming skinless burning phantom an it appears when there is a recent murder in the area
31 Troll Bridge Spirit - long ago a troll was killed here and the city grew and a troll spirit has been seen eating fish and frogs and the homeless using the bridge for shelter
32 Gibbet Bridge Moaners - cries of former gibbet victims who were kept on the bridge long ago
33 The Bridge Imp - once a year a chicken or dog is sacrificed here as part of a deal with a devilish imp spirit who leaves all alone if sated with sacrifice. It would prefer human sacrifice and some seek the spirit to make pacts with hell or infernal powers
34 The Trash Sprite - under a bridge overgrown with reeds and strewn with garbage and homeless campers. This sprite who lives here helps the homeless from gangs and the law and is left offerings of shiny scrap 
35 The Candleman - seen around the bridge at night but also in the dark crawlspace inside and under the bridge which were often locations of sweatshop. This light is often seen by locals and seems to follow people 
36 The Good Dog - a guard dog spirit seen mostly as a shadow or heard when there is trouble alerting the watch, there is a shrine to the "Good Dog" under the bridge among garbage
37 The Bridge Wizard - a magical being appears as a wizard and invites adventurers to his shop under the bridge to trade magic. Regulars will never have seen stairs below before and once found the wizard and his tiny shack store rarely uses the same bridge twice. In some places magic students gather and wait just in case 
38 The Falling Woman - a weeping woman seen on the bridge edge who jumps if anyone gets close. Nobody ever reaches the grounds and the locals are used to it and all debate what her story could be
39 Billy the Bridge Boy - heard scuttling about inside the bridge through vents outside. If any gain entry the bridge has workshops, slave cells and forgotten storage inside. Billy may talk to that inside but he will scare away any who disturb or damage the bridge condition 
40 Weeping Spirits - when the bridge was built criminals were sealed inside and the dozen condemned faces to appear as carvings on the bridge and locals know all their crimes. Some have come here to speak with the spirits but they are hostile and deceitful. Occasionally some fool sleeps under the bridge and the spirits may speak to the sleeper or the spirits will take the body if it is evil enough. A serial killer cult come to worship here weekly in hooded robes
41 Jimminy Chimney - a scruffy dirty child chimneysweep who lurks on busy rooftops
42 The Roof Storks - a pair of bird spirit that nests on the roof and blesses those inside with a baby, druids come and speak to it about events in far off lands
43 Spring-Heeled Jack - a long-legged clawed killer who hops from roof to roof. At other times the spirit adopts human form and lives among the community. It enjoys sport and a good hunt so will encourage fools to hunt it's monster form
44 The Roof Phantom - a shadowy shroud figure that lurks on the rooftops and nobody knows why
45 The Straw Brownie - lives in a thatched roof but moves if it hears swearing or unseemly gossip. When in a roof it helps with chores and labour but it is very lawful and easily offended
46 The Old Owl - it has always been here on rooftops listening and watching us, locals leave it mice. Occasionally it takes human form to help locals and has recruited adventurers before
47 The Old Crow - people say it is good luck to see it and give it some bread and so get upset if anyone scares it away as so many enjoy its blessings. Those that do not share bread suffer short terms ineptitude. It makes frightening caws demanding bread
48 Old Flumpkin - a ginger tom who is very curious and will follow people on rooftops. He will observe people then try and steal or beg for food and meow. Local thieves all carry mice for him. The thieves guild is quite old and Flumpkin is in their most ancient ledgers for mice received
49 Sammy Slate - a shabby roof sprite who is friends with birds and rats and cats, she likes to make new friends and will appear to non-evil persons happy to advise or give directions
50 The Bat - a sinister were bat serial killer was killed by the mob long abo and it's restless spirit now lurks as a shadow scaring night travellers in the area and snatching cats or babies or elderly left near windows a few times a year
51 The Messenger - a running messenger who seems to appear when someone needs a message sent urgently and all are busy, once the message is handed over the spirit vanishes

52 The Running Man - a man running urgently in fear is seen daily and the local law and vendors ignore it. Many wonder what the story is and only locals know it is a spirit 
53 The Headless Horseman - on lonely quiet nights a headless horseman will chase those on the royal road, beheaded from treason here long ago, mostly people are frightened but some died fleeing too hard
54 The Blind Girl - a small scruffy dressed girl collecting money in a cup with several pet geese who guard her. Locals fear upsetting the geese and warn outsiders away. The geese are spirit emanations of gold dragon dreams from far away who take turns guarding the child 
55 The The Highwayman - a spectral bandit who tries to rob people by night but cannot touch money which makes the spirit angry and chase victims away, only appears on gloomy evenings and the locals know the signs
56 The Knight Challenger - this phantom ot faerie knight appears by a bridge or gate ot square and challenges any mounted warrior to a battle, after the fight it vanishes leaving a gift for the victor or a waggon load of rotten vegetables for the loser
57 The Phantom Carriage - a black coach pulled by black horses passes this way by night at times and some say it is an underworld spirit transporting other spirit beings
58 The Templar - a grim warrior priest in crumbling armour in a cloak of darkness is seen searching the streets by night but nobody gets close 
59 The Strange Lady - a spirit woman known to locals is seen often sometimes known by a coloured garment or her activity. Only a few have got close and those that did were terrified 
60 The Grey Monks - a group of chanting monks, most would not suspects but they are pilgrim spirits eternally travelling from church crypt to church crypt  
61 The Butcher Woman - a nasty woman who sold pies with the meat of her murder victims, killed by adventurers but some see her pie cart occasionally or rarer still someone is mysteriously killed and butchered in the lane by her spirit
62 Old Tom - spirit who looks after horses, fixing shoes and other chores if the owners leave out treats and a small opening in the stable if his hideous features are seen it will not return
63 The Grey Goat - a canny billy who wanders about sniffing out and exposing chaos cults with his bleating and butting, nobody knows who owns him but really it is a spirit animal who adopts a human form for some investigations
64 The Scuttling Horror - a crawling multilimbed nightmare thing that snatches victims from the streets with long spindly arms. Sometimes it reaches at someone through a window leaving a scratch
65 Hobbe Lane Devil - an impish creature who appears when people fight or are angry to egg on the combatants and enrage them more. The imp is rarely visible 
66 Bartle Coxwaggle - a spirit goblin who throws faeces and abuse at any rich entering this street 
67 Gunter Shlumpen - hurls chamber pots at wicked landlords and rent collectors, a strange hairy fairy thing
68 Heddly Hamhock - steald bones from local dogs who all bark if they sense Hedly close. Hedly is a gremlin-like spirit creature who collects bones in some secret place
69 Maddy Bloodscarf - a running woman holding a bloody scarf is sometimes seen by strangers and locals. Locals know she appears to alert all that a killer walks the streets. Some even contacted the spirit for more information
70 The Nachtwurm - a bat-winged worm thing that bites strangers by night and drinks some of their blood. The spirit has never harmed a resident and is thought of as some prehuman epoch fragment of the past
71 Grimbold Greyfang - a street cat of large size actually a spirit who minds local urchins and sings horrible cat music to annoy those mean to urchins trying to sleep at night. Often just sitting in alleyways 

72 Granny Goodbeard - a wizened old bearded woman who lurks in alleyway collecting scraps for her trolley. Stray animals often protect her but many think she might be a witch or secretly have treasure. Locals leave her alone and look away
73 Old Alf - looking like a filthy old tramp really they are a spirit goblin in human form. Knows many strange things and locals don't know Old Alf helps other in secret in invisible spirit form 
74 Skalkin Thorkin - a sprite who in return for treats stops lighting strikes to the whole block which is quite a worry for some. Mostly Skalkin is invisible or in animal form 
75 The Grump - a hairy grumpy beast who lives in an alley trash heap. Locals are not sure what it is but local kids sometimes talk to it 
76 The Shambler - seems to be a pile of rotting hay thrown in an alley but has eyes and can move about to eat garbage. It seems harmless, cleans alleys and locals give it scraps
77 The Alley Ape - exotic chimp lost by a sailor so people say lives off garbage in the alley but really is a spirit watching are for sailors long returned from sea to gve them a gold coin each if they return to their families
78 Pogo the Mutt - a large vicious alley dog who chases urchins and homeless and is rewarded by landowners with scraps, really the dog is a spirit who sometimes appears as a human so he can beat up bigger dogs or steal food
79 Enid the Cat Girl - a popular thieving urchin who is, in fact, a cat spirit who has used magical charms on local for decades. Locals spring to her defence if they hear her cry or complain as a cat or a girl from the alley she lives in
80 Galban Throgg - an alley spirit who charges homeless scraps of food to stay under its protection. When displeased it can assume the form of vermin or a shadow and will inflict enemies with swarms of fleas. Some say the spirit was a murdered landlord exorcised from their own home
81 Gargoyle on the Green - a gargoyle on a plinth occupied by a spirit who sometimes occupies the statue to punish evildoers in the square at night. A small patch of grass and shrubs are maintained by locals for the gargoyle
82 The Equestrian Phantom - the spirit of a state dedicated to some mounted war hero, sometimes the spirit makes the statue talk to lonely people who visit it. Some have seen a phantom rider in th fogs of night
83 The Trough Thing - spirit protects and purifies and fills a stone horse trough made to commemorate war horses. The spirit has not been seen by humans but horses seem to see it and like it as it sometimes gives them treats
84 The Satyr Spirit - a statue on a plinth in a small fenced square with trees and shrubs. Some say they hear pan pipes and locals are wary of youths dallying here as a strange horned man has been known to cringingly flirt lone visitors. Some here at night are struck by panic and flee the area 
85 The Old Thing - a tiny fenced graveyard with ancient worn headstones and a stone megalith and a tree are all packed into a small square. A spirit in the stone protects the graves and hooligand who tried to damage the grave markers or tree are found broken with looks of terror
86 The Trash Thing - lives among garbage on an empty lot and can form a body from trash to punish any starting fires or dumping bodies which it dislikes. The spirit will even follow the wicked home to return their misdeed
87 The Fountain Spirit - guards the fountain and keeps the water moving and pure. Some wonder how the fountain works. The spirit likes those who enjoy the water and respect the fountain and garden around it
88 Foxy Loxie - not her true name but this fox woman spirit is seen by night as a fox but most don't know she lives as a human in the area by day, sometimes she helps common women but sometimes she ruins men. She lives in a burrow in a small overgrown vacant lot or square 
89 Uncle Ren - a tiny yappy dog spirit who all locals around a square know and dred but it does alert them to evil doings and people leave it treats in hopes it sleeps quietly. Local dogs and cats all hate it
90 Lanternman - spirit lights street lamps and gets fuel from somewhere and locals know not to question or mess with the lamps. Once it 
91 Shep Clawfinger - a hairy beast seen through cracks in walls and it yells abuse at house residence 
92 Cellar Ice Toad - chills a cellar and eats rats, this toad spirit is popular and people try to tempt the toad into their cellar with shrines and offerings. This spirit is an elemental

93 Stove Troll - a spirit creature mostly hair and feet eats scaps and guards the family against intruders and helps fuel the stove. Once a living thing now it is often non-coporeal mostly
94 Jenny Vinegar - a house spirit like a naturally shrunken old woman who moves like a spider scuttling about a house. She protects babies and children from vermin and bad spirits
95 Tom Underfloor - a knocking spirit that knocks on the undersides of floorboards. Tom is never seen but residents know him and stomp hello back. Tom warns householders of fire or intruders with loud noises

96 Sally Boken - an angry teen spirit who died in squalor and now disturbs a house as a poltergeist
97 Chowder Mother - surprises residence of a house with a delicious stew to feed them all. Many locals sing about her and leave her a guest seat in hope she comes 
98 Cobie Scrubpox - seems to be an old woman living in the upper floor of a building, Residents and landlord have no idea who this person is and cannot find the room she seems to inhabit. She also is seen feeding local cats
99 Brown Fluffkin - a furry rat like creature with a repulsive human like face that bites sleepers and pets and babies but nobody can catch. Some say it is a familiar spirit of a burned witch
100 Cuckoo Child - spirit pretends to be a child and runs with the urchins aiding them. It often enters buildings with many children and dwells among them. When any find out it moves on


  1. Delightful and just as useful for a modern fantasy/weird/horror setting.

    1. i guess i customise my mod horror to be more specific but yes - other versions of this table and haunting tables too

  2. Excellent stuff. It's an interesting way to add a lot of stuff to a otherwise mundane city. Don't need unicorn taxi's and dragon couriers to dress up a medieval city in fantasy dress when there are city spirits.

    1. yes and a very flexible creature for horror whimsy or strange

  3. This is amazing stuff! I am currently formulating a homebrew setting dominated by animistic beliefs with spirit callers and shamans instead of traditional clerics. The campaign will even begin in a large city, so this work is perfect.

    1. RQ does this better but i did like oriental adbentures had spirits quite a bit - id like them to be standard monsters


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