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Secret Orders: The Green Veil

Current DnD5 Studies:
So I've got through books of character making stuff in several books. Good stuff is it is inspiring. Some fantasy tropes a bit modern for me or reminds me of Diablo pc game but that's fine. I do get bugged by same abilities with different names, Also some choices duplicate results so you end up losing if you want an urchin thief. Id do it anyway as build for optimising seems silly to me but i can see power gamers with spreadsheets choosing stuff. I like Tashas book mods to ranger, psionics classes allowing dark sun games (no psionacist needed) plus build your own race. Sadly I keep thinking how to streamline and simplify but must resist. Oldschool thief abilities seem pretty common. I could put thieves tool proficiency on any class now. So many things nerf charm, invisibility in-game too. Have some friends to pick about combat section that shuts my brain down. Tempting to make dnd5 mods but doesn't seem worth it really. I do get a bit magic the gathering vibe from various rule combinations. Just when I get used to non-maths rounding I find abilities that say round up like in maths. I wanna do a Psi fighter and a green paladin. I wonder why they bothered with multiclassing when so many classes can be built so be more sneaky or green or fighter or wizardy.

As dnd5 and cthulhu7 are more complex than early versions it's not a surprise light gaming popular and many just don't want tactical detailed combat in games. A basic dnd that primary aged kids could read and start play in an hour would still be good. It amazes me that a game company thinks a $50-150 to start play and weeks of study is normal.

Also I'm gonna get a yeti mike setup im determined to play online and podcast 2021 - can i just read my tables on tube?

Patrons section in Tashas did inspire this post.

Fraternal orders for high-level pals
So when you get to that stage of name level when you start to move into powers of a kingdom and get to know rulers more. Then around 14th you should be established and creeping into power range that is rare. Those nobles you could wipe out with their whole castle become possible and you don't need to be impressed by them anymore as you start invading other planes and lich wrestling. It is then various secret organisations might think you are worthy. Such offers might be rejected or create new enemies. Obviously, high-level types vary from game to game how common they are and apparently 30% of play is over 9th lv but you might still use these.

Name - you got it
Membership - who gets an invite?
Public Goals - what do they tell the public?
Real Goals - what are they really up to?
Leaders - who is in charge?
you should decide where they are based and how many members there are

Order of the Green Veil
Public Goals
To help spread good faith about fairy kind and promote peace
To aid in situations where conflicts arise 
Real Goals 
To help fairy beings in human kingdoms
Don't kill faerie beings, driving away monsters and dark faerie is ok
Espionage for elvish nobles and divinity
Each kingdom has a high-level elf noble and a council of name level elites
Any who claim fairy blood may serve, most agents are elves
Many common folks serve them some are deceived with tails of faerie bloodlines, some addicted to faerieland food or pretty things though more fanatic ones trusted more. Dwarves, gnomes and halflings are neutral but humanoids outside fairyland are enemies 

d12 Missions
1 A faerie creature has been the source of gossip in a rural area and agents are to locate the beast and see what can be done to reduce its notoriety
2 Prankster dark elves have been performing grim gags on farmers with zombie farm animals, convince them to tone it down a bit
3 A Dryad has been overdoing it a bit go and distract her a while and convince local women not to burn her
4 Put on these orc masks and raid some farms on the opposite side of the kingdom to fae forests
5 Take these elf gifts to these nobles and charm them to the cause of peace
6 Contact bandits and robberknights and pay them to harras these fiefs whose lords have anti fey sentiments. Don't let these scum know why
7 Someone has been spreading iron filing around every crossroad just to hinder faerie folk or insult them, find out who and stop it
8 A new logging operation is to be stopped. The quicker the better before the forest smothers them forever with natures fury
9 An anti faerie preacher needs to be stopped, whatever it takes. He has refused our gifts and is wary of our efforts. Make sure you don't stir up more anti fey sentiments
10 Wizard stole an elf book of forbidden faerie lore, recover it
11 A noble is planning to build a watchtower has experts picking a new site. Find them and encourage them away from the forest edge
12 A naughty pixie has been playing pranks in the city, bring him home before he causes more trouble

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