Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Final Patreon PDF 2020 Good Riddance

This is my current Patreon book a 128 table compilation
-has an index of every table and page numbers!
-unedited and ethically dated words i try to use less often now
-will be doing bunch of revisions/updates for various comps

Also, i thought id done my emo links page but somehow a window somewhere undid 2 years of links so probably my bad and will try to fix.

Seeing a few tonal changes in my work over years and reminded of some forgotten projects.

Have caught up with some old friends this holiday which has been nice.
One friends dad gave me pick at boxes of broken toys i can model with

Sea Tables Id Still Like To Do in next edition possibly

a-z undersea ruins
seafloor encounters
ocean sea encounters
trade route ship encounters
frozen sea ship encounters
monster sea encounters
sea hazards
sea mutations
sea wonders
more island generators
things in a Seamans sack
sea chests
older list
sunken city dungeon zone
d100 Captains
d100 weird odd and nonhuman sailors
d100 sea undead
weird ships
d100 pirate captains of shadelport
d100 Pirates
d100 booty chests
d100 Maritime Criminals - smugglers, pirates, wreckers
treasure islands island kingdoms 
octopus adventure trail
Fist of the octopus god 
Gauntlet of the octopus god 
The octopus god's daughter 
wrath of the octopus god 
wrath of the octopus god 

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  1. LOVE IT!!! I sent you a message on Patreon, I can't get on FB right now...


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