Friday, 27 January 2017

Markets of Xor

So playing Xor realized a few things missing. Some stuff for market places are a likely necessity. This would expand into lists of goods and what seamy goods and even carousing might involve so get set for a bunch more magical meat market posts ahead. 

d10 Quick Races of Xor Table

01 Common Human
02 Exotic Humans with unfamiliar skin colours
03 Mutant Humans (odd tentacles, pointy teeth, horns, hairy or hairless)
04 Hybrid Human Freaks (mongrel men
05 Abumans (beastmen, orcs, cavemen)
06 Diminutive humanoids (dwarves, halflings, goblins, bush trolls, small beastmen)
07 Fey Folk (elves, changelings, tree folk, mushroom men, faeries)
08 Goblinoids (Kobolds, goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears)
09 Giants (ogres, cyclopses, foemarians)
10 Weird Races (dopelgangers, kenku, steal from Spelljammer, Dark sun or something)

d100 Markets of Xor Encounters
01 Guineapig men selling sweetmeats and 
02 Quadruple breasted prostitutes
03 Giant caterpillar selling hallucinogenic compounds
04 Goatman selling home made aphrodisiacs
05 Minotaur selling buckets of milk
06 Fishman selling buckets of fish eggs
07 Old woman selling hairless mole rats from basket
08 Old man selling used teeth and making dentures
09 Tall robed blue bald man cast spells for blood or fingernails
10 Walrus man selling scrimshawed whale tusks and teeth 

11 Unicorn man selling magical healing feces
12 Shifty grifter selling fake neural peptides and hormonal secretions

13 Woman with pushcart of severed living limbs for transplants
14 Mantis man selling living human hearts in clear resin jars
15 Old man selling tiny pellets of meteoric iron
16 Woman selling hungry rust monster (might escape from her)
17 Man selling cages of creepy naked vampire bats
18 Old goblin selling a human looking baby no questions asked
19 Mutant selling mutagenic potions
20 Halflings selling smoked meat and leather pants
21 Kobolds selling air bladders for floatation
22 Girl selling live pigeons in cages
23 Old woman selling duck feathers
24 Old Dwarf selling boots
25 Creepy goblin trading scabs
26 Youth selling woven hair ropes 
27 Boy selling cooked giant fleas
28 Girl selling eggs from a basket
29 Hunchbacked hobgoblin selling dirt and rocks
30 Boy selling beetles tied to string
31 Dark elf selling fist sized baby fighting spiders
32 Old filthy man selling logs of smegma for fire starters
33 Woman selling buttered grilled tentacles from a bucket
34 Old man with bag of noses offers to trade what you have now
35 Old man with flesh golem offering services as labour team
36 Boy selling tongue sandwiches on bone meal bread 
37 Girl selling headcheese blocks of mystery meat
38 Bone pierced savage selling smoked ribs
39 Pigman selling cooked suckling piglets
40 Orc selling BBQ dog brisket
41 Wizard apprentice selling alcoholic fermented saliva froth
42 Orange haired caveman offering his best at everything skills for hire
43 Legless cripled boy selling butter from a bucket 
44 Boy selling ice blocks wrapped in hail bundles
45 Apeman selling bundles of bones tied with hair cord
46 Molerat men selling skinny human child in a bone cage
47 Elf selling shredded weasel flesh
48 Dwarvern whitesmith selling bone, tooth and sinew weapons
49 Cultists selling d6 healing potions, prefer to trade for slaves
50 Goblin massage with hot rocks and neural peptide tea
51 Elf fortune teller with astrolabe, runes, cards and dice
52 Robed mystic of uncertain race in tent offers magical advice
53 Serpent man selling obsidian daggers and live snakes
54 Owl priestess offering wise advice for trade
55 Cultists of Xor ofering blessings for donations
56 Cat person selling spindles of spider silk and flashy shirts
57 Hairless beaver man selling bone carvings
58 Jackal man selling amber holy symbols of Xor
59 Goblin selling best quality barley used eyeballs
60 Hobgoblin selling woven hair hammocks
61 Bugbear selling pickled severed heads from a bone barrell 
62 Man selling carved bone boxes, urns and jars
63 Hyena man selling fresh sausages
64 Dogman selling boiled possums
65 Cheery old man selling deep fried scorpions
66 Halfling woman selling tooth jewelry 
67 Old man carving bone idols of gods has 2d12 in stock
68 Woman selling bloodwurst sausage and dark bread
69 Crazy bearded wizard selling drugs
70 Strange tall robed woman selling polygons and lenses made from bio resin
71 Blow fly man selling semi digested liquid food in bucket
72 Dwarf selling dancing girls
73 Hyena men selling a crippled dwarf crafter slave
74 Friendly octopus tako folk selling strange vapours in resin bottles 
75 Crab folk selling chitin plates for armourers
76 Goblin selling scab cakes
77 Drooling fly man selling maggots and grubs
78 Bling man selling ointment
79 Cyclops man selling lung oysters
80 Girl child selling lamp oil and fire drills
81 Shifty wizard selling gremlins and imps in bottles
82 Old man selling cured demon skin with mystic sigil tattoos 
83 Blind goose girl and her seven geese (all gold dragons)
84 Old men swapping skulls to play a game
85 Crystal people selling mathamagical formula on leather scrolls
86 Orcs selling mundane adventurer non metal items from outside world 
87 Hobgoblin selling dung as fuel or for building
88 Hobgoblin selling fermented urine for cleaning
89 Woman selling baby gelatinous cubes and ochre jellies
90 Man selling beards and wigs
91 Goblin selling dried phlegm snacks
92 Duck person selling cups of worms
93 Cockatoo man selling feather cloaks
94 Old man selling crude maps on leather scrolls
95 Wizard selling scraps of acane scrolls for spell research
96 Man selling theives tools for use on living doors and traps of xor
97 Xor cultist selling phenomena ladened urine samples for hunters
98 House builder wizard offering to grow or build house from local materials
99 Xor cultist offering cleric spells  for trade
100  Motley collection of fighting mercenaries looking for work

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