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d100 Sacrifices to Appease Gods

So Im extra homeless at moment unlike the legally homeless living in a warehouse Ive had for years. Im working extra to afford bond/shipping and thinking of which state i will move to. So my posting here become lame. Not gaming much either but hope to resume when i have a place and gaming again.

These are sacrifices of desperation to avoid punishment from the gods. The wrath of the gods is often in the form of a monster (bitter venom of the gods in Babylon). Some societies practice horrible sacrifices of people to maintain power and fear over subjects rather than divine will. Some sacrifices of treasure are made to remove wealth from circulation and keeps people producing more wealth.

Sacrifices in these cases could mean human or treasure or animals on a case by case basis or all.

They might explain the existence of a treasure horde or provide a story hook.

You might roll a few times to account for living and material sacrifices destruction.

d10 Common Living Sacrifices
1 Animals typically common farm animals
2 Animals of prestige such as horse, ox or lion
3 Slaves
4 Criminals
5 Heretics or witches
6 Commoner selected by lottery
7 prisoners of war
8 Children
10 Nobility or royal blood

d10 Common Valuable Sacrifices
1 Piles of mixed coins in pots, sacks or cauldrons
2 Collection of weapons
3 Brass and copper decorated urns, plates and arm rings 
4 Works of art
5 Idols of gods, beasts or nobility
6 Tapestries and rugs 
7 Carved ivory, tusk, horn and teeth
8 Gold neck and arm rings
9 Coffers of silver
10 Chest of gold coins

d10 Sacrificial Ritual

1 Gathering of robed clergy or cult by night
2 Folk festival with dancing, singing and feasting
3 Nobility and priesthood lead solemn procession of commoners
4 Priesthood with choir, musicians and initiates chanting
5 Actors performing mythological drama with sacrifice for finale
6 Crazed drunken mob in a naked frenzy, dangerous to outsiders
7 Warriors in battle dress drunkenly cheering and clashing weapons 
8 Leaders and clergy directing mob to build or move a monumental object
9 Parade with nobles, clergy, guilds, floats, palanquins and idols
10 Wailing mourners with incense burners in a funeral like procession

Sacrifices to Appease Gods
01 Huge Wicker man or animal stuffed with sacrificial beasts and people
02 A giant brazen bull with a furnace and sacrifice burned within 
03 Chain victims and loot in a wild place as sacrifice
04 Sacrifices locked in boat and cast into sea currents at mercy of nature
05 Sacrifices hurled into a flaming pit of burning logs
06 Sacrifices impaled and arranged into a forest of wailing screaming victims
07 Sacrifices bled into a great cauldron as part of a ceremony
08 Sacrifices whipped to death by wild goat men then eaten
09 Hurled into seaside sinkhole to be eaten by the pit kraken
10 Sacrifices burned in a great pit with animals and goods

11 Sacrifices buried in tomb alive with some important person in a huge funeral
12 Sacrifices drowned and corpses hurled into a body of water

13 Dropped into a fearsome dungeon hidden beneath the earth
14 Sacrifices hurled of a cliff and dashed to pieces
15 Sacrifices hurled into arena with savage carnivorous creatures
16 A huge treasure and sacrifices poured down a sinkhole and sealed
17 Sacrifices buried under huge earthworks inside wooden building
18 Sacrifices ritually beheaded and innards read by by soothsayers
19 A ancient gate is activated by ritual, sacrifices hurled in never seen again
20 Mummified sacrifices alive and seal in coffins then stone sarcophagi in a tomb
21 Sacrifices cooked and ritually eaten by community 
22 Sacrifices flayed and turned into craft items and artworks for shrine
23 Sacrifices hunted and torn apart by hysterical mob
24 Sacrifices chased by devout warriors and hunters over hunting ground
25 Sacrifices hunted by creatures across wilderness or ruins
26 Open cave has sacrifice victims sealed inside monsters stone labyrinth
27 A huge monument is built and many loyal workers accidently killed
28 A huge monument is built and many slaves are worked to death
29 A huge monument is built and sacrifices are required during construction
30 Ox wagons with goods are sent into the wilderness
31 Left in wooden cages on old pagan grounds just beyond civilized roads
32 Left on cliffs at low tide, high tide will cover sacrifices
33 Victims crushed by stone slabs
34 Victims crushed by statues of divinities
35 Statue with articulated arms holding weapons dismember sacrifices
36 Statue with axe or sword beheads victims
37 Statue with animated mouth chomps victims and blood runs down stairs
38 Victims cooked with huge lense that lights burning pit
39 Collection of human hearts left for creature
40 Victims with weighed legs hurled into flooded pit
41 Bloody skulls in heaps piled up as sacrifice
42 Acid dripped on sacrifice till dissolved
43 Victims and treasure hurled into acid pit
44 Victims and treasure hurled into volcano
45 Tied to wild beasts and sent into to forbidden land
46 Dropped down pit with giant snake or worm
47 Victims hurled to undead or lycanthropes to create more
48 Victims hurled into huge stone mill turned by chanting workers
49 Sacrifices frozen in blocks of ice then sawed up and/or set adrift in sea
50 Sacrificed weighted and hurled into sea or lake or well or rapid flowing river
51 Victims strangled and fed to animals
52 Virgins staked out with treasure for dragon
53 Attractive youths sealed in labyrinth with minotaur
54 Hurled from mountain top
55 Staked out for giant birds to carry away
56 Staked out for giant ape or kaiju to carry away
57 Sealed in vault with tentacled forgotten elder god
58 Hurled from boat into waiting arms of fish men
59 Demons called to carry sacrifice to nether realms
60 Sunk int a swamp, living sacrifices possibly strangled first
61 Sunk into septic pit of sewerage
62 Buried under foundations of temple
63 Fired into ravine or wall by trebuchet
64 Thrown into huge kiln or forge
65 Burned in huge wicker man figure in ritual
66 Thrown through entry to the underworld
67 Left in sacks by faerie circles or elf mound under full moon
68 Hurling sacrifice into lair of monster with petrifying or death gaze
69 Hurled into pit of hungry lions or bears or other monster
70 Local high wizard and apprentices destroy with fireballs or other spells
71 Hurled int spike filled pit
72 Hurled into pit of snakes or scorpions
73 Hurled into pit of giant spider webs
74 Slaughtered by soldiers on sacred field
75 Driven through gauntlet of holy men with flails
76 Forced to battle each other or gladiators in arena 
77 Staked then fired at by archers or slingers or javelins or darts
78 Staked or buried up to neck then mob hurl stones at
79 Staked to iron pole or tree in lightning storm
80 Hurled into bottomless crack in the earth 
81 Covered in honey and left out for bears or insects to eat
82 Hurled downs steep staircase and torn apart by mob at bottom
83 Servant of the gods in chariot comes from heavens to collect sacrifice
84 Destroyed by wizards summoning elementals
85 Lowered into cauldron of boiling metal
86 Sealed in trap filled complex
87 Hurled into green slime pit
88 Hurled into pit of rot grubs
89 Hauled int pit overcrowded with plague carriers
90 Hurled into septic pit with neo-otyugh
91 Hurled into subterranean ruined elder city roaming with shoggoths
92 Tied and hurled into carrion crawler pit and Implanted with eggs
93 Chained to rock exposed to sun to slowly die and desicated
94 Hurled into magical hole nobody knows where it goes
95 Sealed in cave with living lake of protoplasm spawning monsters
96 Hurled in a pit, actually digestive tract of titanic slumbering beast
97 Sealed in ancient tomb full of mummies or a lich
98 Hurled though a hellgate to the nine hells
99 Hurled through gate to elemental plane (or quasi or demi or para plane)
100 Lashed together in cage filled with hundreds of stirges

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