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Eldren Enemies For Planet Psychon

Eldren on planet Psychon are hated. For some who were not uplifted to their semi divine status it is jealousy. For others eldren are to be exploited, eaten, enslaved or vivisected. Others see eldren as the greatest threat to their plans.

d12 Eldren Enemies

1 Humans - old pre apocalypse humans with lots of specializations classes or casts. Some humans might worship eldren but more civilized ones are jealous or spiteful of eldren. Eldren are aloof to human and think of them as inferior but they admit humans are more like them and share enemies. Humans are tougher and fast breeders so make good troops and slaves for eldren who find reproducing naturally distasteful.

2 Elder Orcs - oldest type of orcs were made from fresh reanimated eldren or eldren corpses and are more elf like with long life spans and magic. Orcs or Operational Recon Constructs were difficult to create and the orcs were sterile. The method of creation was forgotten long ago and their internal nanites are limited. These orcs often lead nu gen orcs using their miraculous powers. Eldren find them the most offensive non eldren race.

3 Nu Orcs - vat grown or made from fresh human corpses ready to fight to the death with brute strength. Also these orcs have developed a crude ritual where they fill a pit with orc and human dead with blood and mud and the recently dead humans become orcs from the active nanites in the orc corpses and blood. Natural true breeding ones are new development and have a more matriarchal society. They still naturally hate elves even though they have no use for their corpses.

3 Morlocks - are a blue skinned white haired dwarf race prone to technology fetishism and cannibalism. They breed eloi type eldren for meat and create them habitats where they live in a state of drug induced hedonism and idiocy. Morlocks think all eldren look tasty and delicious. Eldren who are in the know are wary of morlocks.

4 Returned - humans who went to the stars aeons ago have returned as a race of cyborgs designed for space travel. The first few scouts hare returned to explore the solar system and establish bases. they plan to terraform the earth to their preferred atmosphere and harvest all the protein on earth. Most are brains in vehicles or drones, some are humanoid and some are huge bloated sacks of nutrient rich fat plumbed into their bases to process food for the other units. They find humanoids repulsive and primitive. Eldren are only just begining to become aware of the returned and are trying to warn others.

5 Goblins - related fairie creatures engineered at first for life underground and later to survive and recolonise the nuclear wastelands of the apocalypse. They eat fungus, ferns and meat. They are crafty and cruel if survival is questioned but easy going if well fed and breeding without threats. Eldren have used them as slaves to reclaim areas or keep out other races from tunnels or caverns leading to their secret bunkers. Goblins have also been useful space crew and eldren have equipped some with saucers and ray guns for specific missions and work on lunar and asteroid habs. Sometimes the eldren have long gone and many goblin tribes now hate eldren as enslaving overlords. Eldren tend to under estimate goblins or ignore them.

6 Hobgoblins - militaristic aggressive goblins well armed and equipped. These larger more disciplined goblins have been adapted into dangerous labourers or militaristic soldiers who serve on frontline of goblin enclaves. They are considerably more aggressive and easily offended. They often see Eldren as a threat to goblin autonomy. Eldren think they are just bigger dumber eldren.

7 Bugbears - giant goblinoids bread for stealth intrusion and elite combat missions. They delight in ambush and terrorizing tactics and can survive as loners or in elite units. They actually develop from lesser goblins by acts of cannibalism. A goblin tribe under siege might develop more bugbears by devouring their own dead. Bugbears are hairy and tolerate extreme heat or cold better. They think eldren look tasty but manage to restrain themselves if needed. In wartime they gorge themselves on eldren dead and especially like to collect humanoid heads for later. Eldren are wary of bugbears and try to keep them distant, eldren seem to hav experienced dreams of bugbears as children, some remnant of their faerie heratige.

8 Reptilians - lizard and serpent men with pet dinosaurs, a rival elder civilization. Reptilians have mythology that they predated mankind for millions of years but eldren know this is untrue. Reptilians hate eldren for their conceit and denial of their race epics. Eldren think reptilians are just beastmen with a silly grudge.

9 Beast Men - often develop aggression to eldren possibly from times as eldren slaves. Beast men were developed to replace the billions of humans lost in the apocalypse. Beastmen are tough and many were well adapted to wilderness or some like otter folk made good aquatic labour. Eldren bare beast folk no ill will any more than they would worry about animals.

10 Githyanki - astral plane dwellers who live in psychic realms and war on elder abominations. They are a eldren race exposed to warp space and were enslaved by the alien mind flayers. Now they are free and hate eldren who didnt help them. They will temporarily ally with eldren fighting mind flayers however. Githyanki are basicly similar to eldren but use psionics and are scarified by the warp.

11 Selinites - insectoid moon men who like to eat eldren and find all visitors to the moon a threat. Eldren dislike them as monsters and do their best to avoid selinites. Selinites have come to earth and created many sub breeds like mantis men, ant men, moth men who all like to eat eldren.

12 Mind Flayer - psionic brain eaters, children of the elder gods, often use advanced tech. They were drawn through warp space to earth by increasing psionic emanations from Earth. They eat any brains of earth born homnids but enjoy eldren the most. Eldren hate them in turn and try to destroy them or employ other races to destroy them.


Faerie breeds were part of a gene hack program just before the apocalypse.


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