Saturday, 14 January 2017

A Xor Game Set Up

I'm going to have a go at running Xor shortly using Lamentations of the Flame Princess hopefully. I'm possibly using for con game in future. I will start putting all Xor stuff into a document shortly.

So I will allow a character to have any European or Insular Isles European origin. Non-humans will be pretend to be human mostly. Monsters are rare mostly products of wizards. I will start at 4th level and let them burn some money and time on research before game.

The party will be in northern England in the Employ of a wizard in late 1600s. Players get to battle a summoned being to get to know abilities while under employ of a wizard. Witch hunters will be about also. They will impress nobility and be sent to investigate a demonic invasion caused by dimensional breach. They will find Xor and be taken into it's otherworldly vastness meeting peoples and dealing with resources.

Another possibility is will be a ship crew who find strange Spanish ship damaged and repaired with bone and skin with mad mutated crew and hints of fabulous treasure and knowledge. Will lead to finding Xor as an island.

A crazy idea is having party in 1700 test a balloon and blow off course.

I think a historical setting will make Xor stranger.

Also the 1600 are bloody horrible which suits my grimy Rabelaisian aesthetics.

Xor appearing in Psychon or as a local reality in a Psychon hex but would just be another gonzo region. Xor on Carcosa might be nice fit too. Or Greyhawk perhaps. Of course it might be fun to destroy Forgettable Realms or Dragonlance settings. I could bait in players with classic DnD canned setting then flip it into the horrible stuff i normally do. I'm hoping when I am not homeless on finally buckling and getting 5th ed, mostly as that is most popular game at club and very few interested in anything home made or old even if they have never tried it. Though Ive had some requests for my version of BX. I have been trying to use Lamentations to use a name brand and to jerk around ppl not into adult dnd but still too obscure for my club. Still have problems with my old players unable to mix anymore so i need new ones.

Will see how this goes - Im head hunting players for early next month when my school holiday work and murals all done.

My ad for players at club had problems again - i tried to scare away potential problems by promising sex, gore, hammer horror and visual aesthetics of heavy metal yet ppl i know wont like this expressed interest because they didn't understand references and did not research or ask what this meant. Sigh.


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