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d100 Strange encounters in or under no man’s land

d10 Quick strange encounters in and under no mans land
1 Madmen
2 Undead
3 Supernatural
4 Black Science 
5 Dimensional
6 Lost Race
7 Formless Horrors
8 Future Tech
9 Mystery Men
10 Mythic Entities

d100 Strange encounters in or under no man’s land1 Criminals (civilian or military) searching for loot opportunities
2 Madman berserker hiding in darkness
3 Crazed cannibals gnawing on rotten corpses
4 Robed cultists with prisoners
5 Robed cult assassins out to kill meddling intruders
6 Cult mercenary kill team in uniform led by robed cult masters
7 Lost soldiers totally spooked and wary
8 Sappers and trench fighters who have broken through into strange tunnels
9 Ill soldier carrying contagious disease like bubonic plague
10 Enemy explorers looking for weirdness
11 Skeletal soldiers make bayonet charge
12 Zombie soldiers risen from no man’s land graves
13 Reanimated insane troops from Herbert Wests Formula
14 Phantom troops marching eerily, immune to normal bullets
15 Spectral horde of insane gibbering madmen
16 Ghost seeks fresh flesh to inhabit so it can methodically murder more men 
17 Franken-soldiers made up from sewn together corpses made by black science
18 Black mould encrusted grinning ghouls joyfully screaming with hunger
19 A horrid wraith of evil darkness leading reanimated corpses of those it has eaten the souls of
20 Vampire officer leading thralls on a mission 
21 Powerful robed cult sorcerer will use spells or summoning
22 Naked witches having a ceremony
23 Werewolf soldiers hunting for intruders will change if shot
24 Ancient insane golem wandering underworld
25 Gargoyles from ancient catacombs guarding tunnel
26 Cave trolls or ogres or giants from Jotunland called by wizards to eat intruders
27 Dark elves that shape shift into soldiers of either side
28 Horde of goblins cackling insanely
29 Doppelganger spirits in form of d4 1=dead friends 2=living friends 3=family 4=superior officers
30 Summoned demon enjoying the hell on earth conditions
31 Dinosaurs summoned by time warp
32 Special trained and bred apes with military uniforms and kit
33 Anachronistic troops from long past battle charge
34 Rossum’s Universal Robotics corporation synthetic infantrymen
35 Dr Moreau made beast men in uniform on savage killing spree
36 Cyborg troops with mechanical body parts and armour, often controlled
37 Cyborg zombie troops reanimated by mechanical means
38 Superhuman soldier made in black lab destroying his enemies horribly
37 Tentacled Martians with heat ray projector seeking answers to strange phenomenon and human blood
38 Large automaton with two legs or tracks or tripod legs, with death ray
39 Mechanical spider with machine guns or heat ray
40 Temporal or dimensional gate way sucking in anything nearby
41 Effects like a Tillenghast Resonator, Visible otherworldly horrors from beyond
42 Superhuman adventurer attracted her by cult trail of clues and plot
43 Superhuman possessed by being from overspace, hostile arrogant claims godhood
44 Shoggoth feeding on corpses in between tunnel expansion chores
45 Dimensional shamblers walk through the walls to devour and steal away mortals
46 Odd men actually fungal lobster like alien beings from Yuggoth
47 Strange man looking for something actually possessed by time traveling member of the great race
48 Black liquid horror guarding tunnel for lord Tsathogua
49 White lumpy undead figures inscribing a glowing yellow sign
50 The god Nyarlathotep in form of the black beast, a clawed shadow demon unharmed by ordinary weapons
51 Morlocks hunting for human flesh
52 Serpent men sorcerers (possibly in human form) looking for ape dupes to fight enemies
53 Degenerate albino reptile men looking for food
54 Derro a race of psychic evil dwarfs assembling a hate ray broadcast antenna to spread war and terror
55 Hyperborean’s or Atlantean’s or Lemurian’s visit surface world to assess humanities growing weakness
56 Fish men hybrids disguised in uniform perform ritual to use sacrifices of war to revive the corpse city of Cthulhu
57 Tcho Tcho troops in colonial native uniform, deserted to perform horrible ritual
58 Mole men have heard thunder from from the surface and want to know what evils surface folk up to
59 Reptilian guardians protecting cryovault with dinosaur pets
60 Psionic grey skinned aliens using illusions of humanity to explore area
61 Hideous tentacle mutants, obsessed with food and sex, contaminative taint infects victims
62 A cultist has used formula to become a psuedo-shoggoth  horror but will attempt to pretend to be human a bit
63 A patchwork fleshy horror creature is collecting and rebuilding corpses into new monsters
64 Giant worm thing burrowing beneath erupts to eat men
65 Psionic giant land squid uses powers of illusion to attract victims
66 Psionic giant land squid bursts tentacles through the walls and try and snatch someone
67 A huge slimy mass of giant eggs or larvae will hatch into a strange swarm
68 A gigantic gelatinous mass of a creature fell from the sky like a weather balloon
69 A amorphous bobbling mass of no man’s land comes to life spawning creatures, mutagenic spores, mass growing
70 A invisible amorphous tentacled horror roams no mans land by night killing men for food
71 Aerial armoured dreadnauts rain hellfire of shells from above
72 Paratroopers and gas rain down from aerial dreadnauts in heavens
73 Troops with sealed suits and respirators transporting and spraying germ weapons
74 Mole machine bursts through ground and heavily armed and armoured sapper troops pour out
75 Mechanized combat suit or walker with heavy weapons
76 One man mini tank with machinegun, improved ones implanted with a human brain and a mechanical voice box
77 Streamlined deco tanks glide over area effortlessly
78 Rocket men soldiers with jetpacks and helmets, each with radio and low light goggles
79 Land leviathan tank, a mobile fortress or land ship spewing out troops and shells
80 Heavily armoured and armed troops with respirators lumber about clumsily seeking enemy
81 Cloaked and masked superspy with secret weapon skulking about, possibly in disguise
82 Masked psionic mystery person on some mission uses two pistols
83 Arrogant strange person in armoured black suit with web spinnerets and winches
84 Strange man with trench coat and protective magic crystal in hand seeking cause of anomalies
85 Intelligent bullet proof robot with boy sidekick come to lend hand to the cause
86 A flag man, dressed in colourful national hero costume for patriotic splendour with honorary rank
87 A famous stage magician and master of the occult
88 Agent X fights in a black flight suit with a gas mask and trick gadgets
89 Man of Gold, a superior man with awesome powers including flights
90 The “Professor” a strange eccentric genius respected by the establishment with civilian and military assistants
91 Angelic warrior woman fighting enemy and saving almost doomed allies
92 Prehistoric lord of the hunt and underworld with pack come to signal doom
93 Skeletal reaper leading soldiers away glances at you then vanishes
94 Dragon awakened by artillery  enraged and confused
95 Disappointed mythical god of past come to witness human kinds  failure
96 Devil dogs seen in dark howling for victims souls  keep everyone awake
97 Wotan (or something) in divine vision offers you power now and a short heroic life for victory
98 Weird shapeshifting telepathic grey Martian from parallel dimension has been adopted by one of the powers
99 Liogor entities feeding on psionic energy of war and channelling in hopes of restoring lost continent and god
100 Old spirits of underground like gnomes and kobolds or pixies secretly sabotaging human equipment


  1. I like this run of "No Man's Land" tables.
    I have a regional map I made for a similar (but aborted) project a few years back wat to see it? There's a snippet here:

    1. thanks - appreciate ppl liking what im doing here
      love to see anything like this

    2. wow you well trod this territory
      i included link in current one


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