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d100 No-Mans Land Encounters

Ok so front of house fell off and electricity down possibly helped my imagination. Didn't get my job but they offered to train me in being interviewed. So got my copy of Petty gods  - awesome and thanks to everyone - one of my fave game books already. Did spot typo and a editorial flaw that got bit about Pazzuzu mixed up with his dad. But over all awesome. Got set of Zombie zoo animals to work at 1/72 as animals. A cheap toy blister pack of birds and sea creatures but no 1/72 octopus i can give spare weapons to yet. Now can envisage packs of dogs, lions and other beasties attacking party better. Kinda slightly crude so could be giant rats or lotsa stuff. Lotsa Chimp and gorillas are cool but the polar bear more like a black or smaller brown bear. I might consider modifying toy plastic. Toys on hold for a bit but might try to resolve problems with  drive through rpg . More (early) ww1 Germans and Russian knights coming.

I have more like this coming

d10 Quick No-Man’s Land Encounters 1 Hazards
2 Wounded and lost
3 Soldiers with dirty jobs
4 Fur and feathers
5 Broken men
6 Every day in no man’s land
7 Witness war’s fury
8 Artillery
9 Infantry attacking
10 Vehicles

d100  No-Man’s Land Encounters
1 Minefield
2 Barbed wire
3 Concealed pit
4 Unexploded shell
5 Unexploded gas shell
6 Trip line with grenades or mines
7 Concealed spike filled pit
8 Exposure to horrible illness
9 Slippery mud filled crater
10 Horrible stinking miasma of rotten flesh makes everyone choke
11 Wounded soldier struggling for help in muddy crater screaming
12 Party of medics trying to recover wounded
13 Wounded lost soldiers in hiding burst out of cover for desperate attack
14 Blind soldier crying for help
15 Mule with wounded man on back
16 Wounded men of opposite sides helping each other walk
17 Mortar team sneaking up to drop explosives on enemy positions 
18 Medic running carrying wounded man 
19 Weeping shell shocked enemy trooper
20 Horribly burned victim of flame thrower or gas
21 Observer in concealed position reporting via signals or phone line
22 Team laying phone line for observers
23 Men burying land mines
24 Men laying barbed wire
25 Men digging observation trench
26 Forward observers with binoculars creeping towards enemy lines
27 Men digging up land mines
28 Men cutting barbed wire
29 Foot messengers running for lives
30 Lost sapper escaped collapsing tunnel
31 Wounded messenger pigeon
32 Lost dog of either side with satchel of papers
33 Aggressive enemy dog charges from a crater
34 Lost horse panicked and run away still wearing gas mask
35 Dead observer with cage of pigeons
36 Desperate rats swarm from collapse trench
37 Thousands of ticks and fleas
38 Water filled trenches filled with leeches
39 Lost animal mascot with unit insignia on coat (goat, pig, rat, cat, dog)
40 War dog wagging tail, human face (or other bits) in teeth
41 Man hitting a huge unexploded shell with his entrenching tool 
42 Madman hiding under mud leaps up with live grenade 
43 Soldier tired of it all walking into mine field
44 Madman spotted eating human corpse
45 Madman with entrenching tool hiding under rubble  
46 Crazed officer stabbing or flogging corpses yelling orders 
47 Madman calling for angels to come back and save him
48 Lone lost madman singing loudly ignoring everything around him 
49 Naked man in waking trance, no idea where he is
50 Man hanging in barbed wire like marionette, seems perfectly happy
51 Deserter running in fear 
52 Lost enemy troops surrender
53 Men attempting to loot remains of building
54 Men looting corpses for a cheap gain
55 Officer chasing and shooting at fleeing men 
56 Men disembowelling officer 
57 Men marching into no-man’s land
58 Man with trousers down taking a dump
59 Men resting with rations and drinking from canteens
60 Officer executing trooper with pistol
61 Man in enemy officer uniform insists he is allied spy, needs help getting to your lines
62 See fighter plane gun down men crossing no man’s land
63 See flamethrower attack on trenches and hear men screaming
64 See men working on broken tank
65 See tunnel collapse and sappers squirm out of earth in panic
66 Witness clouds of gas surprise soldiers, many fall screaming and coughing
67 Witness men machine gunned down by hidden soldiers with bipod machinegun
68 See and hear huge explosion from sappers using explosives under enemy
69 See dogfight between fighters
70 See airship or balloon shot down
71 Mortar fire nearby
72 Near miss artillery
74 Near  miss artillery shell blasts mud and rubble everywhere
75 Near miss artillery shell blasts mud and chunks of long buried flesh everywhere
76 Near miss incendiary shell covers area in burning chemicals and smoke
77 Poison gas shells explode chokes area with fumes
78 Smoke shells drown area in smoke
79 Flares illuminate area making it easier to spot targets
80 Continual shellfire drowns out all noise driving men into shelter
81 Sniper in hidden position
82 Wounded soldier in hiding lobs a grenade
83 Trench fighting team skulking about for weak spot to raid
84 Charging squads of men assaulting enemy lines
85 Hidden machinegun nest position
86 Team with rifle grenades fire a volley
87 Flamethrower team with support squad moving to raid enemy bunker
88 Retreating men run back to own lines with wounded
89 Both sides fix bayonets and charge to the death
90 Men locked in close quarter combat
91 Fighter plane strafes area with machine guns
92 Bomber or air ship drops bomb or gas
93 Spotter balloon reports party position to lines
95 Female tank (machine guns only) with infantry
96 Male tank  (artillery and machineguns) with infantry squad
97 Trapped tank with desperate crew
98 Major tank offensive with tanks on both sides
99 Burning tank with screaming crew trapped inside
100 Crashed fighter plane possibly with living pilot    

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