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d100 Druid Eggs and things

A few days of work ahead hopefully quieter and less pressure. Applied for my job again and flu over so i can get back to gaming and blogging. Seem like i can feel financial secure for a bit.  Tax back might be good for a trip. I've always liked idea of Japan-Korea-Palau-Indonesia.

Druid EggsAncient druid cults could magically create these eggs that tradition says only nobles and heroes may open them. They are found in ancient hordes, barrows and grave mounds as great treasures for the next life. Scholars debate did the magic allow men and/or women to lay eggs or could they used spell on anyone possibly as a punishment. The earth goddess temples seem to have stockpiles of them. All tales could true among the old tribes. Kings claim all eggs found in their borders so you probably should get approval or never get found out if you open it.

A Druid Egg has a level minimum score limiting lesser level adventurers from opening a egg. Typically 1d6 but that still limits zero level typical humans to being unable to open properly. You know by touch if you could open the football sized terracotta hard painted eggs. If you smash it anyway you take the egg's level limit in d3 if within one yard radius blast per egg's level limit. When a true hero opens the egg by crumbling the terracotta as if unfired or like a chocolate egg. A clash of ancient vocalisations, drums, horns and cymbals is head when opened. Light might flash from inside the egg when the shell is opened. Inside is a magical reward of the old druids or a forgotten subcult. When a egg grants an effect on the openers body the released energy appears to enter the mouth as the hero eats the egg. Druids might used these eggs to become viable creature eggs with spells to create hybrid monsters so a few of them get mixed up. Some say Dragon eggs might have similar properties they are just harder to steal.

Identify will not predict the egg's contents. Divination might. Druids just look 
embarrassed if you ask. They wont tell.

d10 Druid Schools
1 White druids or high healers
2 Red Druids or blood druids
3 Green Druids of the land
4 Brown druids of the beast lords
5 Dark druids who commune with the dead
6 Yellow druids who dwell in wetlands and savage jungles
7 Scarlet Druids who command fires of war and craft
8 Blue Druids of the waterways and seas
9 Grey Druids who command weather and air
10 Black Druids who dwell under the hills

d100 Druid Eggs
01 Heals all wounds
02 Reduces physical age to equivalent of 15+1d4
03 A cloud of 5d6 doves fly out, each dove can heal 1d8 on a person 
04 A dove companion familiar hops on your shoulder +1 to all your saves and AC
05 Sunlight pours out illuminating  5d6" radius for 2d6 days where nobody can start a fight
06 Struck by light, if save now have true sight if fail blinded with white eyes
07 A freed angel arises and grants you +1 on your lowest stat 
08 Power of Law and ultimate finality flows into you, 2d6 next dice rolls auto-succeed
09 Brings back a loved one from dead (d4 1=resurrection 2-4=reincarnation)
10 Heals disease, breaks curses of undead or lycanthropic or planar taint 
11 A geyser of blood erupts bathing opener, grants agelessness if they drink human blood
12 Regenerates as a troll 1HP per round for 1d3 days
13 For 1d6 days can smell blood within 1"/lv, can taste different species and flavors
14 Over next 1d4 days a adult clone buds from the opener with identical memories
15 For 1d6 days caster has a +1 attack in the form of a 2d6 bite from hideous unfolding jaws
16 For 1d6 days half all damage you inflict that draws blood you heal half that amount
17 A great red gem which grants +1 STR if implanted in your body
18 Once a day you can change to and from a animated red liquid which cant carry anything
19 Whenever you sacrifice enemy blood to a tree you get 1HP (Max of 1HP/lv/day)
20 Will age but will not die of natural causes no matter how decrepit 
21 Opener can speak with one species of plant per day
22 By meditating can tell if any unnatural affronts to the land within 1 mile per level
23 Can sleep for any amount of time in the form of a tree, can set time or awake if harmed
24 A seed that will grow in d6 days into a pod plant that will grow a dream lover inside
25 From each of 1d6 seeds will grow elven harlots who will hang around for 1d6 days
26 From 1d6 seeds will grow some kind of monster plant being full grown in d6 days
27 A tasty nut if eaten user becomes a plant being not needing to breathe or eat
28 User can sense elven or faerie gateways or plane shifting within 10"/lv
29 Grow a metal tree in d6 days, fruits worth 1d6x100gp rest can make a +1 weapon
30 Great black seed that will grow a mile wide thorn forest in 1d6 months
31 May shape shift as a druid once per day and back into ancestral spirit beast species
32 Adds +1d6 HP to characters maximum
33 A intelligent animal familiar inside bods to opener, typical under 2lb
34 A fabulous adorable mount or guard beat leaps out growing full size in d6 days
35 A fabulous hostile beast emerges to full size with at least one magical power
36 Opener engorged with power and 1d6 days later gives birth to a beastfolk or abhuman
37 A fabulous animal reproductive body part if eaten gain +1CHA
38 Can speak language of one species of beast per day
39 Always produces more children +1d4 in a birthing with every coupling
40 When you die a younger version of you bursts from the skin after 1d6 days (only once)
41 A d6 skulls each will grow to a wight if dropped on the ground, might cooperate with evil
42 A bag of 5d6 teeth if dropped will grow instantly into a obedient armed skeleton warrior  
43 A necklace of 3d6 ears each becomes a obedient zombie if dropped
44 Vapours emerge allowing user to speak with any residing in the land of the dead for a bit
45 You are immune to one level of energy draining touch
46 You are immune to mummy rot and lich touch
47 You can feign death at will fooling even undead and most means of sensing life
48 You can see the delicious life force of the living and can use it to target in total darkness
49 You are immune to all forms of paralysis: ghoul touch, crippling spinal injuries and spells
50 Shadows and darkness are drawn to you which looks cool but some will be afraid
51 You are immune to nauseating effects like stinking cloud spells or monster musk or rot
52 Spattered in sulphurous ooze, gain +1CON
53 You are immune to man made injected poison from edged attacks or missiles
54 You are immune to poison bites and stings of natural or giant creatures
55 You are immune too non magical diseases
56 You are immune to poison food and can survive off anything organic
57 You can emit a 2" radius stinking cloud musk around yourself once per day
58 A great froggy steed and fighting companion comes to serve you
59 You can turn into a swamp beast of pne species once  a day and back d6 1=duck or marsh-hen 2=eel or fish 3=mosquito or leech 4=turtle or frog 5=deer or boar 6=dog or cat
60 You can walk on water at will
61 You can breathe 2d6 fire as extra attack once a day per level
62 Your AC increases by one your skin is hardened like metal
63 Your DEX increases by one as you move like flame
64 Your INT increases by one as you mind is expanded
65 You take half fire damage and always feel warm
66 You can cast zero level cantrip ignite, at will by touch
67 You can shoot a 2d8 fire shuriken once per day
68 You blaze with mystical flame at will, lighting 10"/radius per level as will
69 You can once a day shoot a blazing spark that others can see for miles away at night. It can be shot at people for 1d8 damage and 1pt a round for 1d6 rounds, will ignite a mummy, 1" light/lv
70 A blazing crown around your head will demoralise zero level characters like guards and bandits, one per level will bow before you if they fail a morale test.
71 You can breathe water
72 You can talk to one type of  marine creature per day
73 You can cause a spring with a tap of a wooden shaft on the ground or rock, provides one person a days worth of water per level
74 You can heal 2HP per level per day, you may spread these HP as you please by touch
75 You move with free action under the water as if you were on land at will
76 You can see and sense location of gates to the fairy world of the waters and lead others through them if the stars are right
77 Fish men came and give you 1d10 x 1000gp in gold handy crafts of their priests
78 You dream of locations of lost treasure, when you find it a new dream starts
79 Your WIS increases by one as a pearl of wisdom, eat it to gain wisdom or sell it for a quick buck or bribe a priest
80 You can cast charm person once per day
81 You can predict weather for 24 yours
82 Cast Fog Cloud once per day
83 Cast Shocking Grasp once per day
84 Cast Levitate once per day
85 Speak to any bird or flying species a day
86 Can call 1 minute of rain per 10" radius per level
87 Half damage from electrical attacks88 Voice booms with power of storm, adds +1" to command radius per level
89 You are immune to magical fear
90  You can turn into a sky beast of one species once a day and back d6 1=crow or raven 2=owl or bat 3=kingfisher or gull 4=pigeon or sparrow 5=hawk or vulture 6=swan or goose
91 -1HP per dice from blunt attacks from weapons, spells or animal attacks
92 You always stabilise below zero HP if laying on the bare earth
93 You sense the presence of unstable rocks, earth or mud, invaluable if exploring or underground
94 You are reincarnated 
automatically on death
95 You can hibernate all winter if you wish and you don't age while asleep
96 You absorb sustenance from the earth through touch so you dont need to eat
97 Cast Climb once per day
98 Cast Web once per day
99 Inside are fine +1 quality tools of a openers craft or if talentless just has a d6 hundred gp
100 You can 
intuitively detect entries and exits to the Underland and underworlds 

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