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d100 Dungeon Vice

So a reader asked for a d100 monster sex club table which is kind of odd and some others when i mentioned it suggested such a table need not exist. So after a bit of a think I modded it to this. In the dungeon monsters get up to funny stuff the boss monsters dont always kow about. Some dungeon communities even have a thriving criminal underclass and black market, robbing their co-lurkers and skimming from the boss. If adventurers wander into these areas monsters might just treat them as typical dungeon dwellers and even help wreck the joint for a proffit or sell information. Some bosses tolerate a little fun among minions but sly LE types in turn skim off the mob and even run them in secret to give the illusion of freedom and prevent other criminals setting up shop. Some occupy unused areas or set up in corridoors. Others take over multiple rooms or build structures in open areas. You could use these for shifty side of town or sewers too.

Tiny Operation 50% chance of a d4 customers and 50% chance of a thug enforcer nearby
Typical Operation has 2d6 punters and 1d4 security thugs
Large Operation has 5d6 punters and 2d4 security thugs

Most of my sex worker entries are gender neutral so you can apply your own preferences
Shadelport is fairly sexist but comparable to Caligula era Rome for sex trade
d6 1-3=for hetero males 4=non hetro males 5=hetro or non hetro women 6=all clients welcome

d10  Quick Dungeon Vice
1 Gambling - various games of skill or chance

2 Sly Grog Shop - place to get a drink, possibly a meal or sleep
3 Shopping - Unregulated shopping
4 Fight Club - fights for entertainment with man or beast
5 Drug Den - drug abuse, first hit for free!
6 Redlight - sex traders
7 Bath House - relax with a scrub, 1in3 also offer drugs and sex
8 Cult - quasi religious groups using popular entertainment to get members or perform secret vices
9 Club House - relaxing private clubs for shared interests
10 Black Magic - shonky magic dealers

 d100 Dungeon Vice
01 A cup and ball man - a flimsy table, punters bet on which cup has ball
02 Toss Up game - 2 coins tossed into chalk circle on ground, punters bet on heads/tails combinations
03 Card Carny - with a crude table, a dealer plays various card tricks with bets for money
04 Card Game - four or so monsters playing poker or some other card game
05 Potion Guzzle - patrons bet on what happens to a goblin who drinks a reject stolen potion
06 Carny Man - operating a rigged game of skill for novelty prizes, many customers are children
07 Chess Challenge - two monsters play and others bet, other boardgames or local rules might apply
08 Gambling Den - with many tables with games of chance, drinks and criminal gang members
09 Carny Stalls - with various mostly rigged games of skill for novelty prizes fro whole family
10 Casino - multiple games of chance and skill, restaurant and lots of kitsch faux glamour
11 Sly Grog Shop - a lean-to where a ale wife offers company and drinks for a few coins
12 Goon Barrel Man - has a barrel and a cup, offers cheap grog but rents out cup if you dont have own
13 Sly Pub - several monsters around tables drinking with a barman and a wary bouncer
14 Seedy Bar - long bar with choice of drinks and lonely drinkers in a row
15 Ale House - with several long tables with benches and monsters serving large beers from a barrel
16 Tavern - with counter meals and boarding facilities for visiting monsters (possibly just floor space)
17 Bar and Grill - long bar with flame pit with meat o the spit and various forms of charred mystery meat
18 Strip Bar - overpriced grog but dancers on podiums or tables and aggressive bouncers
19 Dungeon Inn - a quaint eatery and drinking place with private booths and even place for pets
20 Hotel - large scale busy hall full of eating drinking monsters and adjacent rooms for rent
21 Dungeon Butcher - with push cart and mystery meat, will pay for found meat no questions asked
22 Pet & Familiar Stall - bedraggled rats, bats, cats, wolf pups, rippy fish, huge snails & bugs from cart
23 Junk Dealer - from pushcart sell and buy bits of traps, broken locks, rusty weapons, rag and bone
24 Pornography Dealer - wears a long coat and hat, offers dirty scrolls, smutty prints and erotic etchings
25 Relic Dealer - from his stall sells old holy symbols, shreds of holy scrolls and body parts of saints
26 Idol Shop - sells small idols and statues of many faiths, some obscene, many fake to look ancient
27 Poison Shop - sells venom for blades, pests, monster bait, wells whatever of various quality
28 Slave Post - sells humanoid of many types, specialize in d4 1=kids 2=women 3=eunuchs 4=labour
29 Sly Potion Shop - selling coloured unpleasant fluid in bottles d4 1=quack 2=petty fx 3=poison 4=real
30 Sly Magic Shop - selling magic items d4 1=fake 2=petty fx 3=cursed 4=real from a cart or counter
31 Critter Fight Booth - bet over tiny animal fights on a table top, d4 1=crab 2=spider 3=rat 4=scorpion
32 Cock Fight - punters betting over two aggressive he chickens or other birds, losers get eaten
33 Dog Fight - group around a pit or fenced off circle bet over animal fights
34 Monster Fight - punters betting on captured dungeon monsters who will pay for interesting creatures
35 Knuckle Fight - a few gather to bet on two humanoids in a bare knuckle fight 1in6 female
36 Duelists - crowd gather for knife or sword fight with bets, snack sellers and pick pockets 1in6 female
37 Gladiators - slaves are forced to fight often with exotic weapons to the death 1in6 female
38 Target Shooting Contest - crowd bets and contestants compete with missile weapons for prizes
39 Fight Pit - venue has bar, food and pit with all manner of staged fights
40 Kill Club - all manner of restrained creatures and humanoids can be murdered or tormented for a fee
41 Dealer - Humanoid with long coat and hat selling catnip, pipeweed, hemp, shrooms and herbal highs
42 Lotus Den - Humanoids laying about with pipes in drug comas while servants refill pipes
43 Drug Lab - wary humanoids brewing and refining drugs and selling fresh and large batches
44 Love Adviser - old woman selling love potions, erotic charms and love tips
45 Shroom Den - tended by goblins and/or mushroom men, a fungi garden with layabout high monsters
46 Addict Den - sickly addict monsters waiting for dealer, beg for d4 1=coins 2=work 3=drugs 4=death
47 Rehab Den - addict monsters are locked in cages or chained up, orderly cares for them
48 Dodgy Dealer - dealer offers drugs in booth, d4 1=braineater 2=vampire 3=doppelganger 4=demon
49 Warrior Potion Hut - bar serving pain killers and fear nulling kava-like drink from dirty bowls
50 Pleasure Garden - decorated in fanciful style with servants selling exotic expensive drugs
51 Creepy Pervert - humanoid has a farm animal on leash, offers it's questionable services
52 Lone Prostitute - walking corridors up for a quick knee trembler against a wall
53 Prostitute Booth - prostitute has set up a small booth with mattress, water jug and love deity idol
54 Pimp - in flamboyant dress offers favours with his workers catering for all tastes and prices
55 Crossroads - gathering of street walkers offer to come to their house or quickie in side passage
56 Dance Hall - bright coloured hall with band, workers will dance or perform other favours for cash
57 Whore Den - pornogrphic murals and booths line walls with pimp and gang on hand to collect cash
58 Debauchery Den - lavish erotic mural entry into lavish booth d4 1=succubi 2=vampire 3=werewolf 4=dopelganger
59 Brothel - madame parades customers her workers with private rooms for customers to enjoy them in
60 Follies Show - rich nightclub with dancers that the rich can buy for night after a show
61 Bath Attendant - humanoid with buckets and sponge and soap will scrub you for a copper
62 Delouser - attendant offers to remove lice with chemicals folk remedies and good scrubbing
63 Bath Barrel - attendant with barrel of water charges more for clean water, soap or warm water
64 Bathing Shack - with large warm bath and attendants serving cheap grog and thrashing with birch
65 Steam Bath Room - with brazier, water buckets and wooden benches with attendants
66 Steaming Love House - a luxury bathhouse with erotic murals frequented by prostitutes
67 Peepshow Bath House - puts on erotic shows viewers can watch and drink with option of private booth
68 Gorging Pit - pit full of rotten food, mud, corpses and other muck popular for monsters to wallow in
69 Deluxe Bath Club - with decorative fittings with aquatic and sexual themes restricted to classy patrons
70 Public Bathing House - a large pool possibly with separate male, female, boss and religious areas
71 Sorcerer Cult - patrons offered sex and drugs while master tries to recruit them with offers of power
72 Mystery Cult - offer delights of membership if you go through secret initiation
73 Sex Cult - offer new paying members to attend orgies, demons only attend the important gatherings
74 Love Cult - offer varying degrees of sex and money to finance their church of a love deity
75 Monster Sex Cult - secretive nature religion where members fornicate with sacred monster
76 Wisdom Cult - offer to teach initiates secrets of universe, commune with slumbering elder gods of evil
77 Blood Cult - offer initiates secrets of life and death, mostly just murder people in horrific rituals
78 Knowledge Cult - offer to study mysteries but really leaders keep to themselves and abuse low ranks
79 Demonic Cult - offer members promises of power and magic, mostly sacrifice victims to demons
80 Necromantic Club - necromancers offer members undead sex rites and promise immortality
81 Swingers club - opulent dining hall where members swap partners for orgies
82 Torture club - with a dungeon where members can d4 1=be tortured 2=torture 3=both 4=just watch
83 Warrior Brotherhood - feast hall divided into areas by rank, lower ranks submit sexually to leaders
84 Skull Brotherhood - private feasts for members to discuss control of area by fair and fowl means
85 Devil's Clan - debauched secret vice loving feasters who plan conspiracies to gain power
86 Hunters Club - where members feast and display trophies from victims, drink and eat
87 Sisterhood - where female monsters and humanoids meet to talk free of male harassment
88 Art Sanctuary - monsters work on and contemplate depraved sculpture dedicated to vile gods
89 Torment Club - monsters and creatures come here to torture, maim and mutilate themselves to please horrid gods
90 Man Slayers Club - were monsters unite for the purpose of slaying intruders to their realms and ritual human sacrifice is a art form
91 Witch - lone wandering woman offers treatments, advice, curses, identifies magic and other services
92 Witch Coven - like the witch but more power and services and more dangerous with guards and pets
93 Chaos Wizard - dwells here and offers gifts of mutation to any willing to take the challenge
94 Necromancer - has a workshop and servants where monsters try to get their fallen chums resurrected
95 Golem Maker - has a shop where he creates automatons, not just guards but builds lovers   for rich and alone
96 Priestess of Love Deity - channels the divine power through her body for dangerous love rites that drive survivors mad
97 Archon Servants - where beings of Law enhance supplicants with lawful features and abilities
98 Dream Trader - where priests of secret long forgotten gods help dreamers contact the dream lands or the nightmare kingdoms
99 Dark Druids - perform wicked services for the desperate such as reincarnating lost friends, or allowing unnatural sexual unions to bear fruit
100 Reptilian Wizard - offers to help awaken your inner reptile and ancestral memories, unleash your inner dinosaur Raaawr!


  1. I like this -- an excellent spin on what the monsters might be doing when the PCs barge in on them.

  2. This would also work very nicely as a random perfectly legal and bog-standard business table in Erelhei-Cinlu, Menzoberranzan, or any other debauched Chaotic Evil/Drow city...

  3. This is triple aces. This is a great fit for dressing up an undercity of the deep dark or a good old community dungeon.


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