Thursday 19 March 2015

d100 Childhood Tragedies for Savages

So this is for tribal folk, nomads, orcs, beast men and other savage non text using people.

I could do a similar table for barbarian nobility and town dwellers or vikings. For the slightly more posh barbarian.

I'm working on a big set of monthly farmer and seasonal domain tables. Also another class of magic items to make players suspicious - Otherworldly Treasures.

Pardon the dino erotica. I'm assuming they are consensual tingling tales.

d10  Childhood Tragedies for Savages
1 Genocide survivor

2 War survivor
3 Hunting tragedy
4 Wilderness survivor
5 Great Journey
6 Clan lore
7 Clan life
8 Will of the gods
9 Spirits of the wastes
10 Magic problems

d100  Childhood Tragedies for Savages
01 Your tribe were wiped out by other evil tribe leaving you last of your race
02 Your tribe were killed by civilised forces leaving you last of your race
03 Your tribe were killed by humanoids leaving you last of your race
04 Your tribe were killed by a monster leaving you last of your race
05 Your tribe all perished in tribal warfare leaving you last of your race
06 Your tribe were killed by starvation leaving you last of your race
07 Your tribe were killed by plague leaving you last of your race
08 Your tribe were enslaved by other nation leaving you alone
09 Your tribe joined a evil horde-cult leaving you alone
10 Your tribe lost honour and you left from shame
11 Tribal duel was fought and lost, banished by tribe
12 Failed tribal gauntlet ritual and banished
13 During battle you were horribly maimed and left for dead, tribe wont take you back
14 During a terrible war you showed cowardice and were banished
15 During a terrible war you were left behind and lost tribe
16 Your tribe were mercenaries for others and lost tribal ways
17 Your tribe were scattered in war and are still hunted by enemies
18 You were captured and tortured and your tribe failed to save you
19 You were enslaved as a war prisoner for years, home tribe rejected you on return
20 Foreign adventurers destroyed your tribe with war, booze and disease
21 Failed to return from initiation with questing beast and banished
22 While hunting terribly injured and left for dead by tribe
23 Accidentally wounded important person in hunt, now banished
24 Hunting party attacked by monster and you were blamed for deaths
25 While hunting was kidnapped by spirit beings for years, tribe fear you now
26 Killed a tabu animal on hunt now banished for murder
27 While hunting was lost in forbidden sacred lands and cursed by tribe
28 You divided up kill wrong way and leaders banished you
29 When hunting was tracked back home by enemies then blamed for those killed
30 A monster craving revenge for your hunting it's kin killed your tribe
31 Lost for days exploring caves when you escaped tribe thought you were undead
32 Poisoned while gathering food and lost tribe while recovering
33 Trapped and lost tribe d4 1=under a tree 2=rock slide 3=in a pit 4=sinkhole
34 Shelter collapsed and tribe assumed you were dead, now they fear you
35 Tribe insisted you be new taste tester so you fled
36 You prepared bad food and many died, tribe banished you
37 You over-harvested a valuable species wiping it out and were outcast by tribe
38 You shamed others finding more food and water and they resent and malign you
39 You accidentally spread a species which impoverished natural food supplies
40 You destroyed a magical resource forever by your sin
41 Tribe crossed a great deadly wasteland over a year
42 Tribe crossed a great body of water fraught with peril
43 You were carried away and wandered half the world trying to find home
44 You left your hidden tribal lands and never found your way back
45 Lost for years in secret valley full of monsters, family didn't want you back
46 Travelled for months in a great cavern complex filled with wonders, lost your homeland
47 Travelled spirit roads across the world, you were among last mortals to use so one way path
48 Discovered a fabulous resource and others want to torture location from you
49 Your chief discovered a cursed treasure mound of the old ones and your tribe were wiped out
50 You were tested with ordeal and failed, outcast from tribe
51 Tribe members spread rumours about you using evil forbidden magic
52 Your siblings claimed you breached tribal lore to take your birthright
53 Tribe leaders tortured you and murdered your kin for breaking tribal tabu
54 You were obligated by honour to kill your d4 1=best friend 2=parents 3=siblings 4=self
55 Your family killed for defying the chief
56 Uncles killed your family to assume your parents wealth and status
57 Couldn't pay legal damages for killing would be murderers so you fled your death sentence
58 Spent years negotiating a hostage settlement to save your family that left you paupers
59 Terrible divorce and custody battle between d4 1=parents 2=ex lover 3=dead sibling lover 4=shaman
60 You discovered innovation but were outlawed for breaking traditions
61 At a great tribal gathering you were humiliated and your reputation is ruined
62 Inter clan blood feud has diminished both tribes to near extinction
63 Refused demands of shaman who banished you
64 You loved someone tabu to your bloodline and your lover was killed
65 You loved someone from another tribe and both tribes hate you now
66 Married against your will but you hated them so much you fled
67 Your tribe traded you as a slave when times were tough
68 Your close family or lover sacrificed themselves to save you
69 Your beloved wonder beast chum was killed and you killed the killers starting a blood feud
70 Other tribal members kept trying to murder you over some grudge
71 A tribal god visited you and bid you slaughter your corrupt tribe
72 You became inhabited by a divine avatar during climax or a tribal war
73 You wiped out a race in a tribal war, you were praised then but nobody likes your company now
74 You met a great chosen of the gods hero as a child and your legend seem to live in their shadow
75 A god made you bear a relic for a times and you didn't seem to do a adequate job
76 A god laid waste to your land and their cult enslaved the survivors
77 Tribe found to be hybrids with servitors of the elder gods, other tribes wipe your out
78 A tribal cult wanted to sacrifice you and kept you prisoner but you ran away
79 Your tribe converted to the new faith except you who fled
80 Only your unique bloodline may kill a evil god so they torment you with tragedy and danger
81 Spent years with tree and spirits and tribe did not welcome you back
82 Spent several years possessed d4 1=ghost 2=demon 3=spirit 4=ancestor
83 Nightmares of great primordial spirits seeking to return haunt your dreams
84 Ancestral beast spirits turned on your tribe facing a battle for breaking a tabu
85 A evil shaman terrorised your community with disease and spectral possession
86 Mighty evil spirits haunt where ever your clan stay too long anywhere
87 Your tribe had a special relationship with folk spirit lords which made them outsiders
88 Beast spirits raised you and human wish to force you to tell the spirits secrets
89 Evil spirit of elder times was disturbed, it tormented then killed your tribe
90 A spirit loves you, ever stalking and trying to trick, seduce and kidnap you
91 Travelled through a magical gateway and lost far from tribe
92 Lost in fairy land, when returned your race had long died off
93 You carry the last taint of pre human bloodline and non humans treat you differently
94 A wizard killed your tribe then built a tower on top of your clan burial grounds
95 A sorcerer sacrificed your lover to summon a demon
96 Your tribe became lycanthropes, evil animal monster men
97 A necromancer killed your tribe and turned them into undead minions
98 Your family was killed and their souls and heads taken by the killer
99 Your tribe had many magicians and worked with many wonder workers out of mostly awe
100 Your tribe hate spell users of all kinds and prefer them dead and burned

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