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Where do i find an oath-giver around here

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Dallas one of my players has been using my oath system and putting locations in his setting tempting players to take them as a world feature. I quite like this. I am also considering use my oath system for most religions and how clerics pick a specialty cult but fo could a fighter or thief. 

These are presented as rumours and you could set a frequency of unreliability 1in3or 1in4 or 1in6 etc are really deathtraps with cults.

You can help facilitate an oath with a lower-tiered person possibly with rituals and you may demand goods or a service of some kind intended to be a test.

also see this

Oath Basics
Most oaths are alignment ones but there are also elemental and specific religious versions

The more points of oaths you put in an alignment your fanaticism increases. You can use this to impress others of the same type. The higher a score in Law the more trustworthy their word should be. 

Some alignments and powers are incongruent like law & chaos, good & evil. Elements vary per local cult wildly with tolerating alignment or other elements. Some deities or spirits or powers hate each other. Usually Good-nuetral-evil are opposed to each other as are Law-balance-chaos. If you take more than one element some sects will brand you a heretic. You can have an element and any alignment but might conflict with some sects whos idea on the right element and alignment are more serious.

You can have an oath and a gift derived from it per level 

Each Patron power or alignment has a table of basic oaths and a list of possible gifts

Being forced to break an oath is more forgivable than casually breaking oath out of convenience.

You can break or renounce an oath with supernatural consequences and loss of benefits
If you change alignment and oaths and deal with all the oathbreaker risks and a new demanding patron who might abandon you if you fail them. Finding a patron power is harder once you've renounced an oath and lawful beings might not forgive this. Chaotics are more likely to forgive this and some chaotic evil ones only accept traitors and betrayers.   

You find a person or relic or spirit or place who will help you make the oath and provide them whatever they desire or require of you. 

Roll a d10 on the oath table for the patron power
If you roll the same one twice you can choose any you don't have on the same table
If you have all ten oaths or you choose to roll on the second oath table 

Now select one gift, you can pick the same one more than once in most cases though some have a specific gift for each level. 

Once you have the gift be careful not to lose it by breaking your oath, renouncing your oath or losing any material gifts. If this happens the oathbreaker may get a warning or 

Gifts are ranked in tiers
First (1-4th Lv) from local shrines or weird loners 5th+ Lv 
Second (4-8th Lv) from a priest in a small temple or a 9th+ Lv loner
Third (9-12th Lv) from priest of a large temple complex or 13th+ Lv loner
Fourth (13-16th) from the church leader of nation or a 17th+ Lv loner
Fifth (17th-20th) given by direct communion with powerful patron entity

The gifts improve with higher tiers

Items you adopt at lower tiers can be improved by later oaths and if you replace an existing lower tier item with a newer one you get bonus abilities. For example improving a +1 sword to a +2 sword you would qualify for a bonus ability live the weapon leaps into your hand at will instantly within 10m. Intelligent weapons are a common product of this. 

If you lose a unique item as part of your oath you are required to find it and will receive warnings if you don't. Avoiding searching for your item is breaking the oath.

d20 What does the oath-giver want?
1 Take these drugs in a ritual and report your dream visions
2 Hunt a dangerous monster or unusual animal
3 Hold a ritual festival day and perform a dance
4 Perform a generous act of charity or aid to a community in need
5 Presents usually cash or some symbolic treasure they like
6 Fight a ritual combat or duel (usually non-lethal)
7 Perform a feat of physical strength or endurance or survival
8 Enter this mysterious dark hole 
9 A magic item or multiple disposable ones (scrolls or potions)
10 Treasure, piles of nice looking loot
11 Requires a feast with vast volumes of food and drink and company
12 Win several contests in local games (or tavern games)
13 Produce a work of art such as a song, painting or rock art
14 Run a gauntlet of attackers and survive
15 Run them an errand or side quest
16 Answer a riddle or have a scholarly debate or poetry contest
17 Punish enemies of the oath-giver 
18 Meditate in a certain place undisturbed for a period of time
19r Your soul or a sacrifice provided to them (perhaps a rare animal)
20 Wants to romance with the applicant (maybe they fancy someone else and want help hooking up or maybe they want you to marry someone they know or symbolically marry some deity or the land or a tree or river or monster)

d12 Places to make an oath on the frontier 
1 Visit the old hermit who lives among the old dolmen on a plain of ancient strange stones
2 Go to the valley of stone heads and find one that is not a liar and obey it
3 Find the river spirit at their holy place or they will flee your advances
4 Visit the shaman in a dark cave complex with ancient art and ancestral remains
5 See the lone llama at the ancient ruined stupa in the haunted wasteland
6 Visit the earthwork and log temple of the tribe on a feast day when they kill strangers 
7 Visit a demihuman, humanoid or abhuman tribal holy folk but beware they don't just kill you
8 Visit the sylvan woods on full moon and find one of the kinder woodland spirits 
9 Perform this secret rite and contact a totem animal or plant spirit in the wilderness
10 Visit the prehuman graveyard ruin and speak to the undead or demons there
11 From a fellowship of hunters who have a secret lodge house you must find
12  A supernatural being living in ancient ruins has been known to help some people

d12 Places to make an oath in rural areas
1 In a small crossroads shack there is a wise woman healer who can help you if she has time for strangers
2 A woodland forest hermit often is seen at the standing stones and dolmen sites
3 A small shrine on a roadway has an old priest who might help
4 An ancient shepherd in an isolated valley they say knows the way
5 Near the local common lives a quaint village elder who can help you but they do like to interfere in your personal life after
6 Beast folk elder living in a nearby wild place who can help you if they let you find them
7 There is a secretive hooded order of some kind who some see moving at night
8 Their is a haunted old cave where a monster dwells that can advise you if you crawl on your belly into the chambers under the hill for three hundred paces
9 Their is a spirit in animal form will whisper secrets through a crack int he wall, just say this name three times when alone at night when you stay in the village and it may answer
10 There is a wise but shunned elder living by the swamp who might help you 
11 Visit the witches of the fell woodlands but watch for evil false witches who will eat you
12 Some say if you visit a faerie place on a full moon they might help or take you away to be their pets (a mushroom or flower circle, a bridge or crossing or in a wood clearing)

d12 Places to make an oath in the city
1 In a small hard to find shrine dedicated to an obscure saint
2 In a small hard to find shrine that has relic visited by swarms of pilgrims
3 In a small secret shrine in a sewer or a poor area alley
4 In a guild hall shrine dedicated to a patron god, guests must be with members
5 In a secret door to a shrine guarded by a cult   
6 In an obscure shrine built into a bridge or docks or lighthouse
7 In a small temple with lines of pilgrims, may see groups or long waits
8 In a small temple graveyard at midnight call this name and a spirit will comee
9 Temple complex but by appointment only with the patriarch or matriach
10 Temple complex but applicants are searched for impure bodily marks or mutations
11 Large temple complex if the theocrat in charge approves or will even see you
12 Ziggurat ot local wonderous holy monument such as wall or statue but only nobility or heroes approved by the ruler 

Atonement, Punishment and Renouncing Oaths

Breaking an oath thoughtlessly will result in punishment
If coerced or forced or ignorant might get a warning and you'll know its a sign
this table is for a first offence or warning. The ones in link for serious breaches or renouncing the oath.

d12 Warning Omens of dangerously close to oathbreaking
1 See an animal that is a symbol of divine wrath
2 Develop a d4hp wound won't heal for a month
3 Bolt of lightning or thunder or earth rumbles
4 Food and drink all spoil for a d3 days on touch
5 Receives dreams at night and has difficulty sleeping
6 Wracked with d4 rounds of spasms and pain
7 Vission flashes before eyes of the patron's anger
8 Gifts don't work d4 days
9 Attacked by an enemy sent by the patron
10 Agents of patron appear to bring you to trial
11 Spirit of the patron appears to warn you of patron's wrath
12 Transfixed by eerie light and a booming voice scolds you

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