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Quick Class backgrounds for Exilon

Probably not what i wanted by the end but here it is.

d12 Priest
Most priests are from religious families and are recruited for a life as templars to crusade against the church enemies. Many are found to be talented at letters as a child and show a talent for language and learning. Most priests lives are subject to more powerful priests, especially in the city states.
1 Had a talent for literacy as a child
2 Found to have a body free of marks the gods find displeasing
3 Sent to serve the temple by your noble family
4 Spoke in the language of the scriptures without being taught
5 Had dreams calling you to serve the gods
6 Adopted by the church as a child
7 Joined the warrior priest order during a war
8 Joined church in penance for some great mistake
9 Performed minor miracles as a child and was sent to the temple
10 Priesthood found you as a child and took you in
11 Parent was a priest and raised with temple orphans
12 Swore to serve the church for a miracle 

d12 Rogue
Most are from urban crime guilds but may also include other specialty criminals, con artists, killers and worse. Most start young as urchins and are recruited after being tested. Many don't reach adulthood as they are used as expendable when there are plenty of them. Your family were probably a crime guild.
1 Child urchin on the streets worked way up through various gangs
2 From a family of thieves involved in a faction of the city crime guild
3 From a clan of tomb robbers thieving from the dead for generations
4 Raised by bandit gang plundering merchant caravans 
5 Living on fringes, stealing food from houses and fleeing to wild
6 Hunter and trapper of beasts in the wilds, often poaching to afford to live
7 Grew up parentless with siblings and you all learned to be thieves
8 Raised by travelling grifter and charlatan who used you for scams
9 Raised by a clan of snake charmers and entertainers who dabble in crime and fraud
10 Worked on a ship at sea or a riverboat and occasionally as a pirate
11 Raised by a gang of small-time robbers and burglars in big city
12 Family killed by gang then adopted by assassin-spy clan adopted you

d12 Warrior
Professional fighting specialists, elite skilled soldiers who mostly are recruited from bastard children risen to age one parent then taken to the mercenary to educate. Some recruit youths form orphans. From being servants to veterans they gain experience and their own reputation
1 Years lost in the underland surviving in caves with strange allies and enemies
2 Raised a steppe nomad horse archer from the Sythron tribes who guard their huge wagons
3 Axe warriors from the frontiers often living as barbarians on the fringe of civilisation
4 Warrior from a wasteland tribe who protects herds and land and from civilisation
5 Found as an urchin picking valuables on battle fields, adopted by mercenaries
6  Phalanx soldiers from a city state, disciplined freemen
7 Adopted as urchin to be personel servant of a well off warrior
8 Swordsman for hire a mercenary serving highest bidding cities at war
9 Archer from an army, often scouts and food gatherers, disciplined regular troops
10 House guard of a warlord or noble sworn to a now dead employer
11 Youngest child of a noble clan of an urban millitary aristocracy
12 Charioteers from a city part of a war or sport chariot team in service of a lord

d12 Wizard
Wizards generally learn from the written word or the proto-writing of glyphs and runes of the ancients, Wizards are either from rich families or selected from talented youths with tests. Wizard apprentices work like slaves for years for their masters to get their first proper spells. 
1 Born under the right stars and bought by a wizard who became your master
2 Performed well in school so recruited by the local wizard
3 Family sent you here for an education and the master favoured you
4 Came from a family of wizards who hide their arts
5 Studied at a prestigious wizard school in the city in hopes of getting a royal commission
6 Studied with a shunned master on the frontier far from wizard guilds and schools
7 Born with a prestigious birthmark and family gave to the local wizard to be raised 
8 Mother dipped you in water in moonlight as a baby then sent you to study in a small wizard school
9 Wizard noticed your knack for languages and made you an apprentice 
10 Taught by a wizard in secret in a magnificent palace until you finally escaped
11 Taught wizardry by imps who tried to tempt you to accept lessons in the black school if you would just sell your soul to hell for free tutorials
12 A family member knew a smattering of magic and found your talent and a proper master

d12 Bard
Most are selected from youth for looks, charm and musical ability. They often are selected in competitions or service of a master or a bardic school a temples/ Once they finish study most go wandering to learn new songs and perform in as many places as they can for reputation.
1 Served in a noble house as a cupbearer learning your trade
2 Learned performing in taverns with a broken instrument you found
3 Heard the singing of a supernatural being as a child and inspired to music
4 Trained in a formal school for bards and in demand for performances and rituals 
5 Were a barbarian tribal skald, glorifying your master's ancestors with stories
6 Learned secrets of the universe from tribal druid priests of the wild  
7 Trained in a temple for ritual performances
8 Began as a lecherous tavern brawler who eventually was trained by a master
9 Zealot troublemaker from the city who stirred up the mob 
10 War orphan raised as child marching musician for the millitary until finally left service
11 Servant for courtier and learned arts of diplomacy and espionage
12 Professional mourner who wailed at funerals, temples and theatre performances

d12 Druid
Druids may have various signs of their destiny and many of these signs is likely. Druids are most often part of a wild faith worshipped in rural areas, gardens, parks or firlds. Druids study in schools for years to learn their secret lore and abilities
1 Was a shepherd and noted by  the druids as good with animals and living in the wilds
2 Adopted by tribal holy person from a wasteland barbarian tribe
3 Worked in courtyard perfumed gardens of a vast private palace or temple
4 Hermit of the wasteland had the calling from spirits in dreams
5 Served in the great garden of a city caring for mysterious and rare plants from around the world
6 Born to an ancient line of druid priests and kings of an urban nature cult
7 Spent years missing in faerieland but learned unusual things and is wary of fey creatures 
8 Served a druid sage since a child and taught secret druid arts
9 Feral child tamed by druids and animal spirits who taught their secrets
10 From mountain forest tribes, dedicated to protecting woods from civilisation
11 Grew up with simple rural farm folk and chosen to assist the druids for gifts of caring for animals and plants 
12 Survived days of fevered dreams after a mysterious snake or spider bite

d12 Savant
Often from a school or temple or from a lone master in secret fighting techniques. A life of discipline from a young age is the most common start and eventually graduated. Many wander world before returning to serve a temple or perhaps they might be founders of their own.
1 Chosen to be temple guardian as an orphan in a distant mountain temple
2 Family factions were killed but some survivors were taken to serve in secret assassin schools
3 Studied an image of a great master and developed your skills alone
4 Trained with a master who duelled other fighters to test skill and finally was killed by enemy
5 Served in royal bodyguards and learned secret techniques
6 Studied in a school specialising in a single weapon or martial arts
7 Abandoned baby at a temple taught secret fighting techniques   
8 Street fighter for money when young, then tournaments to becoming a serious martial artist                  9 From a family of martial artists killed by a rival family who think you are dead
10 From a secret cult guarding a holy site from robbers
11 Family killed and adopted by a secret fighting order disguised as a village
12 Orphaned and taken by a noble to a secret village where secret agents are trained by an order

d12 Sorcerer
Sorcerers are the indolent natural spell casters who require little training just some kind of blood ties through generations (the blood pact) or they made contact through dreams with otherworldly beings or local spirits who are the source of their power. 
1 Born to line of sorcerers who made a blood pact generations ago
2 Made a pact with an entity during a moment of desperation or crisis
3 Born under an ominous sign and recruited by witch cult
4 Belonged to a vast cult and tested and found to be a chosen one
5 Found a secret family tree linking you by blood to a supernatural ancestor
6 Spirits spoke to you in dreams offering you revenge against those who wronged you
7 Bred for generations by a cult who believe your magical blood has useful purposes
8 Told the secret way to contact strange powers who made a bloodpact with you for generations
9 Casting spells as a baby so sent by kin to train with supernatural beings until safe
10 Taken by supernatural beings until bored and they abandoned you to the world but but with a bond to their powerful nobility
11 Aided a disguised supernatural being who was impressed to give you a pact
12 Increasingly over time spirits came to you to teach you about the pact until you accept quite young 

d12 Dwarf
Dwarves come in many typed but mostly underground or inside hills or mountains and far from humans if possible. Their are still many intact dwarf kingdoms at this time just out of reach of humans. Dwarves often come to trade, or see what humans have been up to with their stolen technology like metal.
1 Grew up a feral dwarf living in ruins of a ancient city until found by travellers
2 From a clan long lived among humans in cities and master crafters
3 Grew up with magical forest folk in a cottage under a huge tree
4 Grew up prospecting in lonely hills and mountains with poor social skills 
5 From a strong but isolated citadel surrounded by constant enemies
6 From grubby mining folk in a subterranean shanty town trading minerals 
7 From an isolated village who avoid outsiders with suspicion
8 Live inside a bridge, dam or wall
9 Lived in a vast underground city a bastion against enemies
10 Grew up living on edge of a dwarven ruin full of monsters with small family only
11 From evil clan of slavers and demon worshipers long fallen to chaos
12 Clan lived in vast monster filled cavern with many monsters and peoples

d12 Elf
Faerie are a branch of nature spirits with their own world who serve the gods and nature. Over time many became earthborn and mortal and established their kingdoms in places of great natural power like forests and stars and reefs and other more hidden places. There are many kinds of elves descended from many faerie from various faerie worlds and other planes. They tend to be snooty and act like they are better than everyone but also know their numbers are reduced and they are vulnerable so they are polite about their contempt. 
1 Human baby was taken by elves and reincarnated as elves sometimes with a magic ritual
2 From the fair forest bright elves who fight for light everlasting
3 From the grim forest dark elves fight for darkness and vengeance everlasting
4 The last born child in your small doomed community in centuries, rest are fading away
5 Fell from the heavens, servants from celestial palaces from the stars
6 Sole survivor as a youth of a massacre of your centuries-old family home
7 Sent to the human world to learn if they are worth supporting or eliminating
8 The forest you frolicked in was cut down and humans built a town there instead
9 Lived in a citadel grown from a great coral reef surrounded by sea
10 Lived in an underground citadel hidden from humans 
11 Lived on an invisible citadel on an island hiding from humanity
12 You lived in a secret borderlands tree or hill fort helping humans and elves keep apart without war

d12 Gnome
These small hidden folk come in many tribes some good, evil or indifferent. You can reskin a gnome as other small magical humanoids such as brownies or small mystical trolls. Mostly gnomes are famous for hidden homes, magic craft and small size. Gnomes are often harmless but not always.
1 From a greencap clan in the forest living with smaller animal and faerie friends in a tree-stump or mushroom cottage
2 Came from a browncap crafting clan burrow complex under frontier hill country
3 Froma a browncap mountain trade citadel with strange surface and underland peoples visiting
4 Lived underneath a city unknown to huge clumsy humans but dress much like them
5 Craggy mountain redcap clan robbing victims who travelled through the territory
6 Family lived in a city operating a respectable business and well-liked and dress like local guilds
7 Blackcap burrow clan would enslave human children using magic to trap them inside
8 Frozen northlands whitecaps who hide from humans and enjoy whiteouts and snowstorms
9 Clan who used magic to infiltrate and influence humans, use similar material culture to humans and will use magic deception to trade with humans and hide their existance
10 Came from greycap Underland clan who use alchemical, clockwork and steam devices
11 From a greycap clan in the underland famous for being gloomy thralls who farm fungus and insect. Many are enthralled by more numerous invading peoples
12 From a greycap colony who lived generations on the moon but you escaped via a ballon or giant moth

d12 Abhuman
Abhumans are hybrid humanoids of great stature and might made to fight and serve. They were first created by gods, nature spirits, elementals, giants and dragons in the dawn times. Monster kings in the age of forbidden magic made human minions to serve and the orc and human ones rebelled. Even in more recent times, wizards keep making servants. Some methods are cruel and the confused abhumans are usually manipulated to obey
1 Ancestors in the dawn of time made by totem powers to protect a great wilderness
2 Ancestors made from the intermingling of animals and nature spirits who became earthbound 
3 Ancestors made to wage wars by wizards in ancient times now hate all masters and magic
4 Ancestors were slaves of wizards waging war, until they revolted
5 Ancestors made by druids to protect a wilderness from civilisation 
6 Ancestors made by faerie folk to serve but many of you have gone feral
7 Ancestors came from another world and hybridized with a local life form 
8 Clan finally killed the immortal wizard overlord and has roamed the wastes and frontier since seeking a home
9 Clan in service as elite warriors for a king of another people and are held in respect
10 Live among humans in cities in non-human-gettos and certain districts as poor labour and muscle
11 Gladiator since a child working in a pit fight scene while master got rich and you escaped
12 Clan served a wizard who was kind and allowed you to work his estate away from angry mobs until the wizard died

d12 Changeling
Changelings all shift between a human/elf form into another true form or any transition in between they wish. All are highly magical but earthborn spirit or faerie folk. The most common are animal and plant spirits but planar hybrids are possible (elemental, demonic, angelic, faerie or other types are possible). Most hide on the human world among humans or in wilderness. There are secret villages of them and larger communities in faerieland and other planes. 
1 Child of a great spirit in the dawn age performing your earthly duties since then
2 Child of planar and mortal beings, born in mortal world and raised in no time at all in the other world
3 Child of a minor divinity or spirit or planar noble
4 Child of a regional land spirit and part of the royal court  
5 Family toiled ceaselessly for generations in service of the being who created them in a magical kingdom
6 Family for generations live in the wilderness occasionally meeting distant kin and talking to humans
7 Family lived as humans in frontier keeping their origin secret for generations gathering information
8 Family live in a location they guard from some enemy under orders of a god or great spirit
9 Family of artists famed for craft living in secret among humans but really assassins and spies
10 Family hide in wilderness training to fight and cast spells. Some may even adopt a few humans
11 Serve in a fantastic palace of divine beings who have not been home in centuries
12 Banished from the secret otherworldly kingdom you have to face the mortal world

d12 Giant
Giants grow and eat lots and many end up changing their class so they can enter buildings and some other perks. Some giants are more acceptable than other types. Some are brutish and enjoy man's flesh. Some are hideous chaos monsters others are civilised and take after the Titans of old
1 Clan wandered the mountains gathering honey and meat living a simple life
2 Clan live among ancient ruins of Giantland and keep out defilers and vermin 
3 Clan lived in deep underland caves but had to move on as food was scarce
4 Clan lived in isolated family homesteads with pets avoiding humans
5 Came from an island of giants who were descended form the gods and titans long ago
6 Clan of brutish chaos giants who wallowed in filth and depravity
7 Clan of giants who work for cities building walls and other constructions for gold
8 Clan pf giants in service of a dark lord but you escaped captivity
9 Clan of high giants living in a hidden mountain citadel ruling a domain
10 Clan of giants live in an invisible flying castle in the clouds but left you behind
11 Clan of fallen high giants once glorious, now filthy drunks with claims of nobility
12 Clan of giants from another plane have assimilated to life in the mortal world

d12 Tako
Octopus fairies from undersea magical kingdoms where they and other beings serve the sea gods and the great spirit rulers who administrate them. Tako from time to time come onto the land to flee problems under the sea or to trade or from curiosity or greed. Many tribes have stayed on land for generations but they are more common near salt waters. Many find the surface strange and alien and most people find them to be weird.
1 From an honourable clan in service to the imperial undersea bureaucracy for generations  
2 From a clan of undersea barbarians waging war against fish and eel folk and other enemies
3 From a millitary clan in the imperial undersea emperor's army for generations of glory
4 From a clan of surface explorers who communicate with native life
5 From a family of fisherfolk who occasionally interact with humans in stories
6 From a clan hidden in a forest lake who watch over the wilderness 
7 From a clan living like human villagers who just want to be left alone
8 From clans in the underland seas and rivers who gather information in secret
9 From an evil clan who take human slaves into the deep forever
10 From a great cave lake underground beneath a dangerous wilderness
11 Clan who occupied a strange semi-sunken swamp city of some prehistoric civilisation.  Many are exposed to strange occult lore
12 From a clan of merchants who trade with surface folk for goods the emperor of the sea desires

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