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d100 News Headlines River CIty 1949

Just some more possible case leads or background for river city

d10 News Headlines River City 1949
1 Brutal murders
2 Terrible accidents
3 Street Crime 
4 Corruption
5 Investigations
6 Scandals
7 Science
8 Weird
9 Adventure 
10 Unbelievable

d100 News Headlines River CIty 1949
01 Brutal murderer sawn-up victims found in a refrigerator 
02 Remains of 30 tenants' ashes found in Missing landlords basement
03 Slasher surgeon takes missing organs, leaves rest for police to find again
04 Mystery head hunter strikes again, police baffled
05 Red Hand Luke guns down eight cops in their own police station
06 Frozen victims of the Winter killer found in an ice factory
07 Violent new youth drug turns teens into bloodthirsty killers
08 The Grey Widow slaughter another Mob boss gathering 
09 Jimmy Stripe arrested as child killer, police scramble for more evidence 
10 Mystery Butcher skins three wanted criminals alive
11 Serial vehicular killer runs down the record in one night
12 Construction sabotage on building site kills 11 workers
13 Building collapses after corrupt city approves safe
14 Train hits drunk car on tracks 30 killed in a horrendous accident 
15 Joyrider collides with a service station, destroys block in fireball
16 Condemned buildings collapse on their own saving thousands of dollars
17 Drug dealing pilot kills all in a plane crash 
18 Land speed record disaster on salt flats kills daredevil pioneer
19 Mystery toxic waste in river kills five children and a dog
20 Highway bus accident kills nuns and orphans on way to holiday
21 Dangerous gangs on street murder spree
22 Delinquent killers in new shock murder scandal
23 Couple shot by killer leaves orphaned grandson survivor
24 Joyriding youths murder spree kills six 
25 VIolent gang shootout with police kills bystander
26 Drunken mob brawl slays five in city pub
27 Gang violent murder spree alarms public
28 Armed robbers shoot three during robberies this week
29 Police gun down elderly pensioner
30 Gang vs gang gun violence on the rise again
31 Councillor caught on film in high-rise whorehouse
32 Police bribery scandal runs deep say investigators
33 Politicians taking commie money for state secrets
34 Pollution mystery will scar community for generations
35 Vote rigging by crime syndicates rampant
36 Police prosecutor worked for MrBig
37 Police raid human rights campaigners
38 Politicians gave missing funds to own family and mob for favours
39 New casino approved in record time with Mayor intervention
40 Judge exposed in the sex dungeon by a corruption probe 
41 Committee to probe vigilante problem
42 Investigation to mass escape from asylum
43 How secret army drugs get into ghetto gang addict's veins
44 Archbishop claims city rife in weird cults and devil worship
45 More nazi war criminals found living in river city now awaiting trial
46 Strange lights near airforce base under investigation
47 Hearing for war hero accused of turning communist agent continues
48 Muder nurse investigation reveals full surprising death toll
49 Wonder drug proven to cause addiction and dangerous psychosis coroner reveals
50 Investigation into Carlotti family ends as last survivor killed in hotel
51 Mayor caught in sexy millionaires scavenger hunt party
52 Film studio executive finally imprisoned after four-year trial
53 Operah's biggest scandal this year! Blackmailed singer was enslaved by mob!
54 Cities' favourite clown turned cannibal killer on the loose!
55 Radio funny man found hanging in the home, 5th to die this year same way!
56 Silver Screen favourite star Hannibal Lothar found dead naked on the rooftop, police search for clues 
57 Star chef found beheaded in own restaurant oven by cleaners!
58 Celebrity crooner opium haze daze, star family humiliated
59 Starlet entrapped by weird cult, family say they are helpless
60 Team struck by 5th heart attacks since record victory score
61 Routine rocket test explodes on launch killing six crew
62 Joint US and AUS science thinktank to help win the Cold War opens in the city
63 Work of dead scientists seized by the military to protect the security
64 Professor loses tenure for wild theory rejected by world scientists
65 Largest computer in the hemisphere to be turned on today, opening a new era in science
66 Experts refute claims of a professor who talks to Martians by radio
67 Extraordinary discovery found in train tunnel digs
68 Thinktank for captured nazi scientists officially shut down
69 Scientists plan to reach moon in only four years
70 Artist depicts life on other planets seen in dreams
71 Contact the dead, "as long as you are rich" says mystic
72 Cult killed in fire during police siege
73 Haunted house kills again
74 Man killing homeless says "they were not human"
75 Big magic show cancelled after stars sudden death
76 Four killed trying to steal magic book from private library
77 Astrologer enthralled heads of industry and state says the investigation
78 Cult gunned down by police in unholy swamp orgy
79 Cult claims they have the power to see the future
80 Priest explodes during exorcism
81 Private detective recovers lost idol
82 Former antarctic explorers foil a criminal gang
83 Nazi treasures recovered by swashbuckling scientist
84 Vigilante stops sick subway serial killer
85 Professor finds rational explanation for Hell House
86 University retracts story of prehuman ruins found in desert
87 Adventurer recovers treasure lost underwater
88 Retired boxer beats bank robbers
89 Mad scientist forced to stop secret experiments by law
90 Vigilante gunned down by gangsters in cold blood
91 Strange lights and kidnappings at sea continue
92 Nightwatchman who saw fish monsters in river taken to madhouse
93 Top industrialist jumps of skyscraper, 5th this month! 
94 Disappearances on the highway, special report on where cars found
95 Journalist gunned down, office burned. Paper owner offers reward to find killers!
96 Ship found adrift, all crew missing
97 Test aircraft down, saboteurs evade capture again
98 Atmospheric test balloons missing, scientists ask public to look report if found
99 Hollow Earth "expert" disappears without a trace
100 Miracle serum tests halted indefinitely due to subject deaths

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