Thursday 30 March 2023

d100 Monsters doing their own thing in dungeon

I've done a few of these before but I wanted some innocent things for monsters to do without any excuse to kill them for it. Will do a wilderness version. Possibly nicer than previous versions and more kid friendly.

d100 Monsters doing their own thing in the dungeon
01 Drying underpants and socks over a fire to dry 
02 Trying to remove some blood stains
03 Grinding flour on grinding stones to make bread or seed cakes later
04 On way to empty chamber pots
05 Peeling vegetables
06 Brushing pet's hair and trimming claws
07 Collecting pets dung
08 Cracking shells off nuts and throwing waste in a fire
09 Removing graffiti offensive to the boss
10 Counting jars of copper coins
Monster making a finger necklace
12 Sharpening weapons with a whetstone
13 Making a doll of someone they dislike for a curse
14 Carving an idol
15 Practicing on a femur bone flute
16 Drawing fake treasure maps
17 Writing a rude poem on the wall
18 Appreciating a naughty foreign scroll
19 Flailing and scraping a skin for leather
20 Making an erotic fertility fetish
21 Trimming each other's toenails 
22 Brushing teeth
23 Brading hair or beards
24 Giving another monster a tattoo
25 Piercing another monster's ears or nipples
26 Scrubbing clothes with lots of suds and a tub of water
27 Fixing boots with cobblers tools
28 Sewing patches on clothes
29 Oiling body all over while naked
30 Admiring self in a mirror
31 Cuddling a baby to get it to sleep
32 Telling children a story
33 Kissing passionately 
34 Making toys for their children
35 Supervising some young children playing
36 Teaching child chaos alphabet
37 Family mourning for dead loved one in best dress in front of coffin
38 Trimming an older monster ear hairs
39 Sharing meat with some young ones
40 Scolding a child who broke a weapon
41 Preparing a gift for a relative
42 Making biscuits for a holiday
43 Playing ball game in preparation for inter-tribe match
44 Making a festive hat for a holiday
45 Making a decorative wreath for a holy day
46 Preparing a corpse of a friend for burial
47 Watching a pudding boil on the fireplace for hours
48 Singing a jolly holiday song about good times and family
49 Making a diorama of an orc deity bringing gifts to children
50 Writing a letter to the family wishing them well and hoping to be home soon
51 Chatting about plans for the farm when goes home
52 Talking about their sweethearts
53 Discussing the losses of their friends in the frontier kingdoms
54 Complaining about evil wizards enslaving monsters
55 Can't wait to make grandpa a zombie to help with chores and mind the kids
56 Hoping to try out a new head-shrinking recipe this holidays
57 Chat about a family relic and how it has been handed down for generations
58 Discussing the name choices of their parents (Skull eater! I don't even like skulls) 
59 Discussing their craving for peace and returning to family life
60 Keen to get some leave home to fix grandma's roof
61 Taming some dungeon vermin with food scraps
62 Nursing a sick pet or farm animal
63 Making a game pie with various birds and vermin in layers
64 Waiting for a chicken to lay an egg with a frying pan and a fire
65 Tending baby animals
66 Milking a goat
67 Tending huge mushrooms in pots
68 Brewing beer or mead and cleaning bottles
69 Pressing oil from vegetables or olives
70 Caring for tubs of edible insects or worms
71 Scrubbing blackened pots and pans
72 Sharpening tools on a whetstone
73 Using a spinning wheel or a loom
74 Polishing semiprecious stones
75 Practicing a musical instrument
76 Whitling almost finished chess pieces
77 Polishing teaspoon collection
78 Decorating ceramic pots
79 Arranging decorative fungus
80 Preparing bandages and herbal remedies
81 Dividing a joint of meat to share with friends
82 Doing first aid or changing bandages
83 Blowing nose and miserable with a terrible contagious flu
84 Giving a child medicine
85 Pouring out drinks to celebrate some family event
86 Impersonating a dungeon boss for a laugh
87 Telling scary stories about humans living under beds and in wardrobes
88 Initiating new members into the gang with a fake zombie costume and makeup
89 Playing a new dice game for copper coins
90 Collecting money for a funeral feast for a dead gang member
91 Dressing as ghosts to scare children
92 Reading a farmers almanack        
93 Trying on dresses in a sack of loot
94 Having a cheese fondue party
95 Inventing a new cocktail
96 Performing comedy dressed as a parody of a human
97 Having a farting and belching contest
98 Preserving sauerkraut in jars to ferment
99 Playing darts with a target and betting for beer money
100 Making an adorable costume for one of their pets


  1. This is great stuff. For some reason I'm always at a loss when I need to know this sort of thing off the cuff.

  2. I really enjoy giving the monsters activities that aren't stereotypical. This is great!


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