Monday, 13 March 2023

Review Time

Advanced Adventures Compendium Three 💓💓💓💓
Another in these hardback Osric compilations with lots of juicy scenarios.

The Obsidian Sands of Syncrates
Takeover and operate a giant greek statue to fight another statue. An awesome memorable adventure.

Stonepick crossing
A intro lakeside town for low level adventurers with investigations and interesting sub levels and crime. A good start town especially for thief players. Lots of NPCs to meet and interact with. 

Down The Shadow Vein
Linked to the shroom adventure in Vol1 one a huge cave crawl in style of the D series. Lots of underground civilisations to meet, fight or trade with.

The Mouth of the Shadow Vein
A sequel to the above with more locations and a vast cavern with ruins and a crashed UFO

Beneath the Heart of Empire
A sewercrawl for low level players

The Witch Mounds
A series of barrows but one teleports you into a larger dungeon complex. Some nice traps  

Bitteroot Briar
This is awesome and I cant wait to run it. Goto get some herbs and get shrunk or turned into animals. Lots of creepy weird cursed animal people to meet and deal with and magic items. Quite tricky and good weird faerie stuff 

Redtooth Ridge
Low-level wilderness with an exploration of an inaccessible outcrop in a forest with some ruins. Good wilderness crawl for low levels

The Doom of Red Rauthim
High-level raid on fire giants with interesting twists and moral dilemmas

To End the Rising
low-level party visits a village currently suffering raids vs fish folk. A bit of imaginative defence scenario and exploration with a ruined manor, swamps and caves

Creature Feature Vol1  💓💓💓💓
A digest size several inch thick B&W monster book with excellent art, a good monster format with a spread of art and statblocks followed by a spread of description, tactics, lore, ecology, adventure seeds and loot.The format and design are very good. Many of the creatures look quite alien and are extradimensional. My only gripe is even with glasses I find a tough read so maybe if i get a new pair tomorrow I might read it better. Some monsters have huge over sized final fantasy swords which usually bug me but mostly the monsters look horrible and strange and not much to do with mythology or folk lore. It is a stunning looking quality book even though monster gooks are not really my bag. It does a few things I like in my own longform statblocks.

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