Saturday 1 April 2023

D&D Game & Movie Day


So we had a noon start on a game for our regular game, Dallas was snatched away by adult obligations, and Hugh popped in, and Richard and JB all made it. We gamed a few sessions had a roast and walked to the cinema aiming at 930. We were a few minutes late without snack shopping and missed the organ show sadly. The film was very enjoyable and I had some manly sniffles and some long laughs as the fat dragon did his thing. Lots of lore dumps I liked. Lots of details for fans and monsters and a good mix of real fx creatures. Very dense and I will watch it a few times again. Having one bad guy survive without any cackling felt like a novelty. The review that said zero character development or personality seems BS now I've seen it. A monster manual drinking game might be possible and some references I did not get.

Our game before was my Bronze ake city state heroes on session 3 of the Frost Giant Glacier (G2). We had our wizard have a mishap with their transpacial dimensional place and as a party for out back to the glacier something went wrong, a different wizard came out and the door collapsed with the regular wizard. I'm sure they are having an adventure somewhere.

So the 12th party was
A barbarian turned to a civilized charioteer and archer 
A draconic changeling with druidic magic most recently become a monk
and the new wizard, a foreigner fire wizard from a tropical land who had a teleporter mishap
+ thief and cleric followers and usually a few elementals
Massacred some guards and found a frozen mermaid in a giant snack sack. Met stone giant ambassadors who in the name of neutrality stayed in their cave while the party killed more giants. Were several spectacular big battles with firewalls, fireballs and lost a fire and earth elemental.

Got a prisoner to say where the boss was and did some divination to find the best route to kill the jarl after most of upper glacier cleared. So the wizard polymorphed into a fire giant and someone else enlarged his staff. Summoned 2 fire elementals and led party tied up down to the lower level. Guards were pretty nervous about the unknown giant ambassador and the sacrifices and let them through. Chatted to a storm giant princess who told them to kill the Jarl the rest will fall. The thief invisibly sneaked up to throne and noticed a pet polar bear was able to see him and it winked. It was in fact one of the dragons they befriended earlier. He fled battlefield and the thief stabbed the Jarl. Party targeted the jarl and his wife with fire spells, arrows and elementals. The Jarl at one point fell unconscious only to have the invisible thief behead him with his giant slayer sword. Was a huge bloody battle with burned giant corpses everywhere by the end. Surviving giant women and ogres fled. They got maps of the other giant tribe castles and made a deal to see the stone giants in the future. The storm giant princess was interested in her giant wizard liberator but he awkwardly revealed he was a human. "Aren't you a little short for a giant". She flew away to her father's house and promised part a reward if they visit her castle. Let the dragons mop up and nab the treasure party left.

Some very awesome loot piles are enough for several castles and magical pigments that might let them paint a castle which becomes real. Everyone levelled up to 13th. Contacted lizardfolk and human kings on either side of the frost giant controlled pass and brokered a non-aggression pact freeing up human troops for the coming war. Probably will visit the land of the dragon templars or the elves next. Thawed out the mermaid and restored her to life and she offered to tell her people about the wonderful heroes who saved her. So lots of cash magic loot and new supernatural and non-human allies were gained. We did have some snappy dialogue this session, especially for our guest player. 

Also speculated with my house rules about giving familiars their own familiars in some inception-like chain. While unable to get them to infinitely smaller down to the nanoscale, it was amusing to have a player work a way to get more than one familiar and wild speculation. We also considered tapeworm familiars to keep them safe in your belly.

Next session they may well be ready for more diplomacy or even start a war with the undead templars.

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