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We are All Going to the Moon Tomorrow Part 1

So what is the moon like in your setting? Is it literally a god in a chariot, the eye of Horus or the diadem of Sin that changes depending on his phase and underworld influence. Or is it a place you can literally visit?

Some games have done this and Glorantha for RQ has images and descriptions of the red moon but I'm not sure any product used it. You could travel to some dreamlands version of the moon or a lunar plane you can reach from the world tree. I do like the

d12 How to get to the Moon
1 Ride on a giant moth, bug, dragon, cloud or bird
2 Climb the world tree and find the right branch
3 Find a magical staircase or escalator
4 Find the means to climb moonbeams into the sky
5 Teleport spell or platform or gateway that opens on certain nights
6 Contact a divine being to carry you in their celestial ornithopter or other vehichle
7 Be turned into winged animals and fly to the moon
8 Ride a fantastic machine like a rocket, balloon or airship
9 Find a wonderous painting of the moon's surface that you can enter at certain times
10 Drink a mysterious potion and your spirit can travel to the lunar realm for an adventure
11 Eat a certain mushroom and awaken on the moon
12 Fired in a capsule from the largest cannon ever built

d12 Wonders You Might See
1 Fabulous palace of a moon god populated by non-human servants of the god
2 Sprawling ruined civilisation of doomed ancient non-humans
3 Vast crater or canyons with fungus forest and thriving ecology inside
4 Great desert with broken crystal palaces, tombs and monuments
5 Vast pyramids of some ancient moon monarch or cult
6 Great tower of an alien wizard
7 Alien temple complex of primordial gods of the outer void
8 Great canyon with cliff face ruins and statues, some still occupied
9 Collosal worms or other monsters
10 Wrecked airships or machines crashed here long ago
11 Vast symbols and markings gauged into the desert plains
12 Ancient canals are often full of sand but a few locations are still oasis

d12 Interesting Features of the Moon
1 Has inconsistent gravity fields and some spots are dangerous
2 Prone to moon quakes or moon storms 
3 Moon has surprisingly vast seas in some of the biggest craters
4 Physically travels to the underworld each dawn and returns each sunset and can be used to get around the cosmos. The moon god born of both worlds bears the balance to maintain the world order
5 Moon is a vehichle or the body of a great deity 
6 Many lunar creatures graze on the nutritious soil deposits for food which are also edible for humans. With an illusion to make palatable, you could live off these deposits. Sometimes a mentor or comet hits the moon sending some of this to earth for the needy
7 Collosal monsters and titans roam the moon and tiny humans are just like ants to ignore as they battle each other
8 Mobile cities of all kinds wander the surface of the moon gathering resources
9 A secret empire of moon creatures rules vast areas of the moon with dark magic from when the world was plunged into darkness by evil for a few centuries. The secret empire is ruled by pre-humans who worship the outer void and invented wizardry allowing you to call on god-like power without some god or patron devil. 
10 Moon life is not mortal and much native life visits several planes like a shadow, nightmare lands, underworld, hell or the elementals
11 The presence of the outer void is ever menacing and influencing all on the moon unless protected by wards or the magic of powerful star spirits. People here have dreams of encountering horrible hungering horrors from beyond. The moon shields the mortal world from wicked comets and plunging star stones or star spirits fallen from the celestial dome  
12 A merciless moon emperor or empress rules the moon kingdoms that pay the ruler tribute yearly. The ruler covets the stars and the firmament of mortals. They send spies to the mortal world and watch waiting for the right moment to strike. The agents of this wicked empire seek certain artefacts to make the empire mightier 

d12 Intelligent Life
1 Grey gnomes from under earth have colonised the moon with their elemental powered airships and automatons
2 Selenite insect folk who grow fungus and herd giant caterpillars and fly giant moths and build vast underground hives
3 Moon elves related to star spirits and aloof to the pathetic grubs crawling on the earth below
4 Hideous worm, slug, lamprey and leech folk worshipping the hideous gods of the outer void
5 Human cultists colonised by teleportation and gates. Strange-robed peoples with alien-looking monuments came here to escape persecution on earth
6 Elemental abhumans are constantly at war with other elemental folks
7 Gelatinous amorphous species dwelling in alien architecture and ruins
8 Prehuman species once owned large amounts of earth and were forgotten still have remnants here
9 Hideous mutant humans who rode giant moon moths here long ago became warped by strange auroras and the influence of alien stars
10 A wizard came here long ago and made an orc army to conquer a region. When the wizard finally died the orcs took over
11 Lunar goblins who flew on giant bats to the moon long ago and established fungus forests vaster than those of earth
12 Automatons or golems left by some long lost people in their ruined cities. They may be locked in pointless behaviour or free-willed and resentful to living beings who once enslaved them

d12 Lunar Travel Hazards
1 Dutbowl sands or ash that you can sink in or produces vast dust storms
2 Zones of uneven gravity
3 Zones of thinner air
4 Great caverns into the deep
5 Crater walls are difficult to climb with microclimates and own ecosystems inside
6 Desert of salt from former dried-up seas
7 Volcanic vents release steam, smoke and sulphurous fumes
8 Crystal pillars and structures often with strange abilities or inhabitants
9 Mutageic auroras produce strange life
10 Portal to another plane, world or mortal world, might seem to be a staircase
11 Star spirits in their celestial palace curious about strangers on the moon
12 Meteor shower, sometimes includes alien life from the void or other planes

d12 Moon Life Ecology
1 Gigantic microbes, mould and slimes
2 Huge fungi including ambulant and carnivorous types
3 Alien plants some ambulant or have strange abilities
4 Gigantic worms, slugs, snails and other boneless life
5 Artrapods including insects, arachnids, scorpions or crabs
6 Giant frogs, toads or salamanders
7 Reptilians and dinosaur-like life
8 Mammals, possibly prehistoric-like giant creatures or even bat-based ecology
9 Mechanical constructs and golems
10 Crystalline life
11 Strange hybrid life combining two types on this table with a d10
12 Elemental or other planar life hybrids with one type on this table with a d10

d100 Strange discoveries on the Moon
1 Mysterious, glowing crystal formation that hums with strange energies
2 Abandoned lunar base filled with malfunctioning robots and creepy messages left behind by its missing crew
2 Small, isolated colony of human settlers who have developed strange and disturbing customs over generations
3 Ancient, buried temple that appears to be dedicated to a forgotten moon deity
4 Twering, enigmatic obelisk that radiates an aura of otherworldly power
5 Group of lunar miners who have discovered a strange, sentient mineral with the ability to control minds
6 Alien spacecraft that appears to have crash-landed on the moon centuries ago
7 Mysterious black monolith that appears and disappears at random intervals
8 Mysterious black monolith that appears and disappears at random intervals
9 Strange, shimmering force field that separates a section of the lunar surface from the rest of the moon. Possibly a stasis bobble or artificial climate inside
10 Abandoned laboratories filled with bizarre experiments and strange, mutated creatures
11 Strange, translucent bubble that seems to contain an entire city inside it
12 Ancient, underground labyrinth that is filled with deadly traps and strange, ancient technology
13 Crystalline structures rising from a deep crater, glowing with a strange, otherworldly light
14 Ancient observatory with a massive telescope, its lenses cracked and its gears rusted
15 Temnants of a towering citadel, now reduced to a single crumbling tower
16 Labyrinthine network of tunnels and chambers, etched with hieroglyphs of an unknown language
17 Colossal statue, its features obscured by the passing aeons and the harsh lunar winds
18 Series of massive pillars, carved with intricate patterns and covered in a layer of lunar dust
19 Sprawling complex of underground chambers are filled with forgotten technology and strange creatures.
20 Vast crater, filled with a viscous, pulsating substance that seems to defy all known laws of physics.
21 Remains of a crashed spaceship, its twisted metal hull still smoking
22 Circular depression in the moon's surface, surrounded by strange, glowing runes
23 A series of pyramidal structures, each one connected by a network of tunnels
24 Ruins of an ancient city, its towering spires now reduced to rubble and dust
25  Village made entirely out of translucent crystal with glowing orbs as streetlights and floating platforms as transportation
26 Village built into a massive impact crater, with buildings made of a strange metallic material that reflects light in unusual ways
27 Village with domed structures and gardens filled with strange, luminescent flora and fauna
28 Village made of interlocking hexagonal rooms, connected by tunnels that lead deep into the moon's surface
29 Village built into the walls of a vast underground cavern, with glowing fungus providing illumination
30 Village consisting of interconnected, dome-like structures that seem to be made entirely out of a strange, pulsating membrane
31 Village surrounded by a force field that keeps out the deadly vacuum of space, with buildings made of a smooth, black substance
32 Village built atop a massive plateau, with structures carved from the rocky surface and connected by bridges and platforms
33 Village with a massive central tower that emits a constant hum, with strange symbols carved into its surface
34 Village with buildings that seem to be made entirely out of giant crystals, with patterns and designs etched into their surfaces
35 Village built into a massive crater, with buildings made of a shimmering metallic substance and a central plaza filled with strange, pulsating sculptures
36 Village consisting of interconnected, dome-like structures that are made entirely out of a shimmering, iridescent material that shifts and changes colour in the light of the moon
37 Lunar Asylum, a sprawling medical facility where the crazed and delusional were once treated. Rumours say that the patients still haunt the halls and those who venture inside risk being driven mad themselves
38 Lunar Monastery, a place of worship for a long-forgotten religion, the monks who lived here are said to have dabbled in forbidden practices. Strange symbols cover the walls, and ghostly chanting can sometimes be heard in the dead of night
39 Ghost Mansion, once the home of a wealthy eccentric, this mansion is now overrun with ghosts and poltergeists. The interior changes every time someone enters, and some say that the mansion is alive and feeds off of the living
40 Lunar Laboratory, a research facility that was abandoned after a tragic accident. Strange experiments were conducted here, and the ghosts of the scientists and subjects still roam the halls.
41 Lunar Opera House, an elegant theatre that was once the pride of the moon. Now, the ghosts of the performers who died on stage put on phantom performances every night and those who dare to attend risk being dragged into the afterlife
42 Lunar Hotel, a luxurious resort that was left to decay after a devastating accident. The ghosts of the guests and staff still wander the halls, and strange apparitions can be seen in the swimming pool
43 Haunted Mansion, a grand estate once the home of a powerful aristocrat. The mansion is now haunted by the spirits of the family and servants who died there, and the air is thick with the stench of decay
44 Lunar Prison a high-security facility that was abandoned after a massive riot. The ghosts of the inmates and guards still clash in spectral battles and those who venture inside risk being caught in the crossfire
45 The Lunar Casino, a popular gambling destination was closed down after a string of mysterious disappearances. The ghosts of the unlucky gamblers still haunt the slot machines and card tables, and some say that the casino is cursed
46 The Lunar Mall, a sprawling shopping centre that was left to decay after a devastating fire. The ghosts of the shoppers and employees still haunt the stores, and the smell of smoke and ash lingers in the air
47 Lunar Library, a massive repository of knowledge was sealed off after a mysterious incident. The ghosts of the librarians and scholars still linger among the stacks, and the books themselves seem to come alive at night
48 Science Palace, an imposing manor that was once home to a reclusive scientist. The mansion is now filled with the ghosts of the scientist's failed experiments, and those who enter risk being transformed into something monstrous themselves

49 Tower of the Moon Mage, a towering spire of white stone surrounded by a network of crystal bridges and floating platforms
50 The Spiral Keep of the Starlight Sorceress, a sprawling castle carved into the side of a lunar mountain, featuring a winding staircase that leads to the top of the peak.
51 The Celestial Observatory of the Lunar Lorekeeper, is a domed structure filled with strange telescopes and magical instruments for observing the heavens.
52 Mansion of the Lunar Lich, a grand estate built from black marble and glowing lunar crystals, surrounded by a moat of shimmering liquid silver. Undead alien humanoids toil and make war for the lich
53 Palace of the Ice Wizard, a glittering fortress made entirely of ice, with rooms carved into icy caverns and magical fountains that never freeze.
54 The Lunar Scriptorium of the Stellar Sage, is a vast repository of knowledge hidden beneath the surface of the moon, protected by ancient wards and guardians.
55 The Starry Skydome of the Serpentine Sorceress, is a dome-shaped structure that creates a simulated night sky filled with stars and constellations. The sorceress lives here with her cultists far from cities they were persecuted in, and now live lives of pleasure and drug abuse
56 Crystal Castle of the Selenite Enchantress - a castle constructed entirely from lunar crystals, with intricate crystal gardens and fountains throughout. a great insectoid queen rules here with her millions of children in deeper sublunar caverns
57 The Lunar Lodge of the Moonstone Mystic - a cosy cabin built into a lunar cliffside, with an enchanting view of the lunar surface. A zone of pleasant gardens and farmland exists in a bubble of controlled weather where students toil in fields for the master's vegetarian diet
58 Lunar Laboratory of the Arcane Alchemist, a sprawling complex filled with bubbling cauldrons, crackling tesla coils, and mysterious experiments. Moon goblin servants trade for and serve the master and sell discount potions 
59 Silver Spire of the Outre Seer, a towering spire made of polished silver and black obsidian, surrounded by a thick mist and guarded by spectral warriors. If you can get in the seer may answer one question truthfully about the nature of the beings of the outer void 
60 Crystal Cavern of the Lunar Geomancer - a network of shimmering crystal tunnels that twist and turn through the lunar crust, filled with strange crystal formations and glowing geodes. The wizard enjoys watching people navigate the maze and gifts survivors with magic crystals
61 Singing crater with strange echoes that create an otherworldly melody when sound waves bounce around its walls
62 Shimmering crater filled with a pool of liquid that shimmers in different colours, its properties are unknown and it emits strange mutagenic energy
63 Glowing crater filled with glowing mushrooms that emit a dim light, strange creatures have been seen lurking within
64 Smoking crater that constantly emits a thick smoke-like substance, the air around it is toxic and can cause hallucinations
65 The Crystal crater is filled with large crystals of various colours, some of which emit a strange hum when touched
66 Silent crater with no echo, sounds made within it disappear completely, making it difficult to navigate without a light source
67 Fossilized crater filled with ancient fossilized remains of unknown creatures, some of which seem to be completely alien in nature
68 Twisted crater with distorted walls, walking near it can cause vertigo and disorientation
69 Magnetic Crater with a strong magnetic field that disrupts machines and can cause compasses to malfunction
70 Buried Crater appears to be completely filled with dirt and rocks, but upon closer inspection, strange ruins and artefacts can be found buried within
71 Crystalline crater with a strange crystalline structure that seems to change shape and colour depending on the position of the moon and the angle of light
72 Maze crater with a complex network of twisting tunnels and caverns, navigating it without a map can be a dangerous task
73 Crashed lunar juggernaut long-abandoned lunar rover, its wheels and hull twisted in strange ways, lying among scattered debris. 
Its weapons lying broken and useless.
74 Wrecked rocket engine that was part of a larger vessel, its metal hull now twisted and torn
75 Dilapidated lunar lander of gnomish design with a cracked windshield and a bent landing strut. I
t's antennae bent and its solar panels ripped off
76 Shattered and twisted lunar module, its metal skin punctured by micrometeoroids and littered with debris. Dead aliens in sealed suits lay in the wreckage
77 Once-impressive cargo sky ship now lying broken and battered, its cargo spilling out onto the lunar surface.
78 Crashed once-important flying giant castle, giant bones and servants are scattered about. Degenerate descendants of the giants hide inside the cavernous ruin
79 Torn-apart rover: A rover that has been torn apart and scattered in different directions, 
80 Smashed gnome airship, its metal ribs exposed and shattered gondola parts are scattered. Tatters of moth silk fabric hang onto the ribs and flutter in the cosmic wind
81 Ruined mole machine once operated by gnomes, a mining vehicle, its drill bit and scoops now rusted and broken
82 Destroyed skyship with intact magical lift-helm, its equipment and cognitive mapping engines are scattered and broken
83 Crushed habitat module of some lunar visitors. Inside in cramped conditions, they take tests and send heliograph messages to some distant place
84 Glittering cavern is filled with sparkling, gem-like crystals that refract the light in dazzling patterns
85 Lava tube cavern was formed by ancient lava flows, leaving behind a winding tunnel that leads deep beneath the moon's surface
86  Ice cavern is filled with frozen pillars and icicles, and the air is chilled to freezing temperatures.
87 Mushroom cavern filled with enormous, glowing mushrooms that emit soft, eerie light. A civilisation of fungus people live here with a few other sentient humanoid allies 
88 The Glass Cavern is filled with smooth, glass-like walls that shimmer in the light, giving it a surreal appearance. After explorers visit opposite mirror people come through the glass walls and hunt their originals in 25 hours or they must return
89 Abyssal cavern is so deep that it seems to go on forever, with no visible bottom, and strange, phosphorescent creatures swim in its depths
90 Crystal cavern is filled with enormous crystal formations that grow from the floor and ceiling, casting prisms of light all around. A cult of non-humans gather here and guard the crystals against thieves. They will hunt any taken away
91 Underwater cavern is completely submerged in water, and schools of strange, bioluminescent creatures swim through its depths
92 Fossil cave filled with ancient fossils, including the remains of long-extinct creatures and even ancient pre-human artefacts.
93 Glow Worm cavern is filled with small, glowing worms that cling to the walls and ceiling, creating an otherworldly glow.
94 Lichen Cavern is filled with luminescent lichen that covers every surface, casting an eerie green light throughout. Many are edible or magic, some narcotic or poison or both. Moon creatures graze on the lichen mats some with alien shepherd protectors
95 Fungi forest cavern is a sprawling maze of twisting passages and towering, glowing mushrooms that reach towards the ceiling. Great caterpillars come to graze on house-sized mushrooms and many moon people come to hunt here
96 Fortress of Arcturus, the Burning One, a giant red star spirit who radiates intense heat and light, is feared by many for its destructive power. Minions and cults worship them and enjoy constant war
97 Citadel of Polaris, the North Star, is a steadfast and dependable star spirit who serves as a guide to lost travellers and provides a sense of direction and purpose. These shining citizens are kind and helpful and willing to fight evil
98 Castle of Betelgeuse, the Red Giant, a massive star spirit with a fiery temper, is known for their unpredictable outbursts and violent mood swings. Some fear when they die they will explode into a supernova, unleashing untold destruction upon the cosmos
99 Tower of Sirius, the Dog Star, mischievous star spirit with a playful nature and a reputation for causing chaos and upheaval wherever they go. This tower actually can move and be in more than one place and is often used and a portal between places on the moon, the mortal world or other planes
100 Megopolis of Vega, the Shining One,a  dazzling blue star spirit who emanates a serene, calming energy and is said to bring good fortune and prosperity. Worshipers come here to bask eternally in the light of Vega

A robot using my 12 years of work helped me with the d100 bit
Editing it probably as long for me as writing but was helpful

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